Subject: Doctor Kelsey and the brothers – chapter 5 – THE DOCTOR’S PRESCRIPTION Chapter 5 — THE DOCTOR’S PRESCRIPTION. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: or in English Alf smiled when he saw my brother in just his briefs and told him he had as sexy a body as his brother, only without tattoos. -Come to the living-room, Alfred, Bob is waiting for you. After a long corridor our living-room was on the left and when Alf arrived he saw me there naked and totally hard. He smiled. -Hello, Bob. So hot to see Middle-Earth again on the skin of a hot boy. Nice to see you! -We were waiting for you because we wanted you to see something. Come on, Sean, the time has come at last for the third time. Do it and show Alf our new pleasure. Sean removed his briefs then and told Alfred, as he calls him, to be as comfortable in our house as he wanted and if he also wanted to strip he could. But Alf was astonished now at seeing my brother coming to me and with no hesitation and no foreplay, he thrust his big shaft again into my ass. -Please always try and make it painful, Sean, I like it that way –and then I looked at Alf and told him-. You will probably tell me later that I am a masochist, Alf, but this is the way I like my brother fucking me. -It’s a great show, thank you –The doctor was so horny watching two brothers fuck that he decided to strip too. The moment he took everything off I had to praise his also spectacular naked body. But he wasn’t expecting my brother to tell him the same. -Your body just won’t quit, Alfred. You are certainly gorgeous and sexy. See, my friend, I have certainly admitted I am bisexual too and this hot Bob is my lover now. -Tell him everything, Sean –I cried. With my brother’s rod pummeling my ass, Sean started to speak and told him everything from the second blowjob in the car when we left his office to the pigsty events and later our bedtime as lovers and how many times I had sucked my brother’s cock and he had fucked me twice. The doctor’s cock was rock hard now and wonderfully high. -I will also have to tell you some things about myself but it will be later. I have something to do first. And surprising us both he reached for my dick and amazingly took it in his mouth and started to blow me. It was not as good as Sean’s blowjobs had been, but it was being good enough. I told him. -Alf, you don’t have to do this. -I’m sure you want to suck my cock again, Bob. But you will never do it unless I suck yours first. I really need to be your friend and I will also try. So far I can tell you I’m enjoying the taste of your dick and I almost perceive what Nazguls must taste like. -Ok, Alf, you can do anything as far as you feel comfortable. He resumed sucking my cock at the time I still had my brother’s cock giving again exquisite pain to my ass. His hard dick was still getting higher, inside my ass, it that was possible. My dick was about to burst in Alf’s throat; he was beginning to learn and was obviously enjoying. And Alfred Kelsey’s cock was a show to see, reaching his navel of how hard he was getting. We continued at this pace for a longer time, three cocks enjoying pleasure by three boys that only the day before had never expected they could have fun with boys. Alf was new to this pleasure and was on the verge of a big orgasm, I perceived. Sean and I already knew the pleasures of gay sex, but fucking for the first time with an audience made us both hornier than in the two previous fucks. One of us had to lose the battle and it was the doctor, horny as hell at his first blowjob. As soon as I saw him cumming, I filled his mouth with my sperm; hoped he liked it, but his lips were treacherously sticking to my dick, determined to taste every drop of sperm that he was fed. He still had not had any time to thank me when Sean came in my ass again. And even his taking his dick out of my ass was painful gaziantep escort and incredibly I shot a new load. -Thanks, brothers Moreton. The show has been incredible. But I will never be your friend in earnest if I only please one brother. Now when Sean has recovered I will blow him next. -You want a beer, Alfred? –my brother asked him. The doctor accepted and my brother went to the fridge and grabbed three beers and we started to drink them, the three of us naked, the three of us hard. -When will you start therapy today, Alf? –I asked smiling. -No hurry, first I intend to blow your brother too. I have certainly enjoyed and will suck a new cock. But I will tell you one more thing: therapy will be for free today. I cannot charge you any money when I have the sincere desire to be your friend. I started to protest but he answered take it or leave it and I shrugged my shoulders. Just then I saw the doctor kneel on the floor and soon start to lick Sean’s cock. He wanted to make him hard now so soon after having blasted a load inside me. And he was getting it. My brother’s cock was ready now by a new blowjob given to him by a different man. And he let himself be carried away by pleasure when he perceived his friend Alfred was certainly enjoying his gay experiences today and wanted to become our friend and fuck buddy. I seized that moment to suck again the doctor’s cock and he did not complain now. Sean’s massive cock was not easy to swallow and he noticed the doctor’s gagging but he sweetly took it out of his mouth a bit so it was easier for the doctor. I saw again what I already knew: how sweet Sean was, and not only with me. After my brother’s withdrawing his cock a bit, it was easier for Alf to suck it, but even so Sean wanted to make it fun for the doctor, not an ordeal and he shot a load soon in his mouth and Alf then shot a new load in mine; I did not cum then. Meanwhile it was being Alf’s second drink of manly juice that day and he told us later our cums had different tastes but both were delicious. -And now I have to tell you things about myself. -Ok, Alf, you can tell us. -Since I have no girl now, my only recent sex has been masturbations, but scarce, not every day, and the days I did jack off, it was only once. But seeing yesterday in my office how a brave boy sucked his brother’s cock and mine later, and he’d never had gay sex before, made me so horny that I had to wank five times. I was horniest than ever in my life and whacking off so much made me know myself better and I reached a conclusion: I really want to be your friend, but first I had to try gay experiences with you too. I might come more often to your house, if you want –both of us nodded-, for more therapy if necessary but always for free, and more sex. But I must do whatever you do. -I would like you to fuck me too, Alf. -I was sure you would say that, Bob. But I will only fuck you if both brothers fuck me first. We’ll keep Sean a virgin as you desire. -You don’t have to be fucked, Alf, but I’m dying to know your verdict. So, my friend, am I a masochist? -I was expecting first your own opinion about it. -I’m not sure, Alf, I love pain and doing anything for my brother’s fun, both painful and disgusting things. -Well, Bob, as for pain: you admitted yesterday in my office that you love pain and I have just seen you asking your brother to fuck you painfully. That can be a symptom, but that alone does not make you a masochist. I think you don’t want pain dished out at you by any other girl or boy. Only by Sean. You see: the strongest thing I see in you is affection and due to affection you want to do many things, for your brother’s fun and also because you enjoy pain. But you don’t want to be punished, even by your brother, you want nobody to order you about; you want to decide. -As for excrements. You’ve swallowed some and even made yourself ridiculous but it was because out of affection for Sean you can do anything to entertain him. You did not enjoy pig shit though but you had fun with your brother’s shit not because it was delicious but because it was his and you were giving him fun. I think out of affection you can do anything for Sean and of course have sex with girls and boys, but as any other man, because it is funny for you. If you suriyeli escort were a masochist, you would know it by now and would have told me, as straightforwardly as you have told me you are bisexual and enjoy incest. So, curious to say this, Bob, but my verdict is to say you are not a masochist after all. You’re one of the freest men I’ve ever known, Bob; you are a free spirit and in your liberty, one day you tattooed most of your body; in your liberty, you decided to suck your brother’s cock and mine, to fill your body with shit, to become ridiculous for him; to taste excrements. You are able to do anything as far as it is funny for him and as far as Sean continues to be with you the sweet boy he is, something I’m sure about. -It’s a pleasure to know your opinions are the same as mine, Alf. Oh, my god, what am I gonna do now I know I am not a masochist? -Enjoy life, Bob, with that humorous way of looking at everything you have. So that’s my verdict. Are you satisfied now? -I am. -And you too, Sean? -Me too, Alfred. I will always give this hot man, my brother and lover, what he needs. -Now, Bob, if you want me to spend more time in your house today, you have to fuck me, and your brother will fuck me next. -Ok, Alf. Lie on the couch on your back. I was shy to fuck Alf’s virgin ass and I spent a long time touching him and probing his ass with my tongue and going deeper, once I saw the taste of a new man’s ass, a friend’s ass, was also great but he told me: “come on, Bob, fuck me; I need to know now how gay I can be.” I sighed and took momentum and finally pierced his flesh. I saw pain in his eyes and was about to ask him whether I’d better not stop fucking him but he asked me to continue. He told me he was a doctor of the mind and now I was giving therapy to him for his mind was starting to admit he could enjoy everything in gay sex. I only hoped I was not torturing him but I gradually saw the changes in his face and knew in his eyes the moment it did not hurt him. Soon he showed me fun with my dick inside him. So now I wanted to resist for his fun. Maybe my brother’s huge cock later would torture him, but I hoped he was enjoying mine and for the first time I was glad mine was not as long as Sean’s cock. I started to kiss him and saw that Alf really liked me kissing him and thanked me. But after five more minutes I had to fill his ass with my jism. He cried in gratitude. -I’ve just been fucked by a Nazgul. Now I want to be fucked by a new beast. I will take no time to think. You will fuck me now, Sean, whatever the pain. So Sean approached him and after two minutes of foreplay with the doctor’s sexy ass, he plunged his cock in and was getting deeper. I saw Alf’s grimace of pain but he told Sean that he must also cum in his ass. It was me though who started to ease Alf’s road into a new fountain of pain once he had lost his virginity. So I kissed him again and started massaging his whole body. This way he would tell me later he was forgetting the pain and it was him now who kissed me first, then also kissed his torturer, my hot brother who did not want to torture him, and started to grope us both at the same time, his left hand running down Sean’s body, his right hand touching mine till he reached my cock and started beating my meat, asking me not to worry, with this mutual tenderness the three of us were having now he could withstand the pain in his ass better. But again Sean was a sweet boy and shot his load soon in the doctor’s ass, who incredibly came again and he kept jacking me off for half a minute till I also had to erupt. -I want you to fuck me many more times, Sean; do not worry. -So now it’s the time for you to fuck me, Alf; please do it. Feeling a new dick in my ass was a new lesson. I started to assimilate I not only wanted my brother’s dick inside me but I would enjoy other cocks provided they belonged to friends. I was never promiscuous but soon I was fucked by more boys to whom I have told I was bisexual but always hid that my own brother also fucked me. But now I focused on my new friend’s cock battering me, but he also did what I had done to him when he was being fucked by Sean and started to touch my entire body and kiss me with deep affection and his tongue was moving deeper rus escort in my mouth. Then he used his tongue to also lick some of my body, saying he also wanted to know what a boy tasted like. The wonderful rhythm of everything combined made me jerk myself off strongly, just awaiting Alf’s jizz in my ass to cum again. Crying, moaning, kissing him and knowing I had earned a new friend, a new fuck buddy, I thanked him so much for what he was doing that he blasted a big load inside me and of course my dick was ready to cum again. After the three of us were calmer, I asked him whether he would like a new drink. He said he would have a coffee now and I prepared coffee for three and soon three naked boys were having their coffee and I asked him. -Alf, every time I have gone to a doctor, he has ended up giving me his prescription. So, what do you prescribe for me now? -And for me –said Sean. -Ok, I will tell you, but you don’t have to necessarily follow my advice. But I have seen how brave you are, Bob; and you too, Sean. -I’m sure there are certain things I will never do, Alfred. -But you know your brother does now want you to do them. You have no need of ever being fucked, of ever eating any excrement, of ever being tattooed. And you have been brave to admit you enjoy incest, you are bisexual, and even you have become your brother’s lover. So I will ask you both, since you want a prescription, but of course you’re free to go on like this and nothing more: do you have any fear of the word boyfriend? Or even try to become a couple? Sean looked at me then and I knew what my brave brother was thinking. So I spoke. -I think that as any other two people who like having sex with each other so much, we can go one step further and we could try. We may cheat each other with both boys and girls and continue being a couple as far as we don’t find any girlfriend. But of course we may prefer always being together. We do not love each other, Sean, but we could feel love one day but anyhow I think our friend Alf has been teaching us that deep affection is stronger than love. Sean came to me then and kissed me strongly and endlessly before Alf and we signed a deal of becoming a couple now. I felt he had the same security I had that we would need no more girls to love, only to have sex with, and we could always be together. -And I also have a prescription for me. I have learnt in just two days how much I love gay sex. If you become a couple now with the agreement you can cheat each other, I could become a constant lover for both and often have sex with one, with the other, or with both brothers Moreton at the same time. If you ever need more therapy, you can always consult me, for free of course, cause we are friends, and I want to always be your friend, your lover, your fuck buddy. I will tell you whether I have met new girls, but meanwhile I’ll have more sex with boys, with you. That’s of course if you accept me. My brother and I again looked into each other’s eyes and we knew the answer. And he first and me second approached Alfred, my brother’s name for him, Alf, my name for him, and kissed him. We both said. -Welcome to our lives, our hot new lover. Alf said he would leave us today but he would come again tomorrow if we so desired. We told him as far as he wanted to be with us, he could come every day. And so he did. The doctor had improved our lives with his therapy and we had improved his with our therapy. One day I told him I wanted to tattoo Treebeard as I still had some room on my back for the Ent. I would have liked to have three or four more bodies to tattoo each creature of Middle Earth. But I was totally inked by now and did not want any more tattoos. I could start piercing my body now but I had to think much about it first. What covered me was enough and my sweet brother, now my boyfriend, said he liked me being such a handsome boy and he never wanted my face tattooed. So affection was always stronger than love. To the best of my knowledge, my brother never fell in love with me and I didn’t fall for him either. We constantly had sex with girls to never neglect our heterosexual sides but we didn’t need a girl to love. We are now near fifty and Alf is 65 and continues to be our lover. He’s had some attempts with girls but has never had a new girlfriend. And so we live, the two brothers Moreton being a couple and we are so fortunate that besides often cheating each other, and our affection increasing instead of diminishing for that, we also have our daily lover, our hot friend, Doctor Alfred Kelsey.

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