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Author’s Note:

I stated earlier that I was going to try to make the chapters a little shorter, so I could upload more often. Part 18 is split, 18A and 18B I hope you understand. Doug, aka o2byoung

Coming in Part 18A

The start of spring semester

DJ and Jamie receive pleas from Bryan

Jamie finds himself in a dilemma

DJ Part 18A

Carl’s alarm went off at 6:00 AM Monday morning and he slipped out of bed. He hustled to the kitchen, still naked, and flipped the switch on the coffee maker. Karen had been thoughtful enough to prepare it the night before. He then headed quickly to the bathroom, and back to his bedroom to at least put on his briefs, especially not knowing when Aggie might decide to come out.

Carl leaned over the bed and gently kissed his wife’s lips and Karen stirred.

“Is it 6:00 already?” Karen mumbled.

“Yes, sweetheart, I’ve started the coffee brewing.”

Karen put on her robe, and Carl got fully dressed and they walked to the kitchen, poured cups of coffee and sat down. They were discussing the wedding, and how beautiful it was.

“Karen, did DJ or Doug ever mention to you that Randy was gay?”

“No, they never told me, but I guess, after yesterday, everybody knows, That was such a touching moment, when Daryl proposed.”

“I thought it was kind of funny,” Carl remarked, “especially when Randy’s eyes turned into Niagara Falls, he shed a pile of tears. I always thought that gay guys just liked to have spontaneous sex with each other, but I guess, at least some times, when they get romantically involved, it turns into real love, just like regular couples. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months.”

About 7:00 AM Jamie’s alarm sounded. He silenced it, turned to DJ and kissed DJ’s lips, waking his boyfriend.

“Baby, wake up!” Jamie exclaimed, “we have to leave for school in about an hour and a half.”

The boys pulled on their boxer-briefs and headed to the kitchen to join Carl and Karen. About 5 minutes later, Granny came in and told DJ to slide over, so she could sit between the two boys, after she shared a loving kiss with each of them.

About 7:30 Carl, getting up from the table, “I have to leave, I’m picking up the newlyweds at 8:00 to take them to the airport, I’ll see you all later.”

“Karen,” Aggie asked, “Did you tell the boys?”

“About what, Mom?”

“That I might stay around here, and not go back to California.”

“I didn’t think,” Karen commented, “that you were really serious.”

“Well I am, I want to live around here, where I can be close to my Sons, and my wonderful grandsons.” DJ is smiling, ear to ear.

Jamie spoke, “Mom, maybe Granny could stay here, permanently.”

“No Jamie,” Granny stated, “I would want my own place, like I have out there, but here in this town. There has to be some senior residences around here.”

DJ, tears forming again, “Granny, I don’t want you to go back to California either!”

“Mom,” Jamie suggested, “DJ and I have to leave for school in a few minutes, could you maybe check around, and maybe take Granny out to see if you can find a nice place for her to live?”

“I guess I can do that,” Karen answered. DJ smiled again.

The boys grabbed their backpacks, kissed Karen and Granny goodbye and headed out to school in the Tracker.

“Jamie, it would be terrific if Granny could stay around here.”

Jamie, snickering, “Joe and Doug might be in for quite a surprise when they return, I know Granny isn’t really my grandmother, but I’ve grown to love her, as if she was.”

“She calls both of us ‘her grandsons’, kind of like our parents call us both their sons, it’s really kind of cool, it makes me feel loved.”

The boys arrived at college, and found the room for Algebra 1, and selected bursa escort seats next to each other. They were a little surprised to find that Matt was in the same class, and he sat next to DJ. Matt told the boys that Algebra is required for engineering students.

The professor stated, at the beginning of the class, “Elementary algebra is generally considered to be essential for any study of mathematics, science, or engineering, as well as such applications as medicine and economics.”

At 10 they found their English 101 class and then the computer software class at 11, getting ready to leave campus at noon, to head for the city and return the tuxedos. Just as they were ready to enter the Tracker, they heard their names being called.

“DJ, JAMIE, WAIT UP!” Bryan hollered from a couple of rows of cars over, and trotted over.

“I couldn’t call you guys cause my Mom found those cards with your phone numbers and destroyed them. I still want to hook up and talk with you, are either or both of you available today?”

“Bryan, my Dad’s wedding was yesterday, and we have to go to the city and return (pointing) these tuxedos to the rental place. Would you like to ride up with us, and we can chat?” DJ suggested, “I’m scheduled to be at work at 3:00 PM today.”

“I can’t, Mom knows my schedule and is expecting me home from school shortly.”

“I’m not working today,” Jamie mentioned, “maybe you and I could get together later, probably sometime after about 3:30. Is there someplace we could meet?”

Bryan, pointing, “That’s my bright red Pontiac, could you maybe pick me up at Applebee’s parking lot, and we could go someplace to talk? If one of my parent’s drive by there, they’ll think I’m working and won’t bother me.”

“I can do that, DJ, when we get back, would you have time to drop me back home so I can get my car? Then I can pick Bryan up.”

“Sure, baby, I need to put on my work shirt anyway.”

“What does your car look like, Jamie?” Bryan asked.

“It’s an old brown 98 Honda Civic, with a loud muffler, so I’ll pick you up about 3:30 or a little after at Applebee’s, OK?”

“Great,” Bryan smiled, “I’ll be waiting in my car.”

“DJ, on their way to the city, “Bryan seems really anxious to talk, I wonder what is going on with him?”

“I don’t know, baby, but I think I’ll soon find out, that poor kid is an emotional wreck!” DJ agreed.

* * * * * * * *

The boys drove to the city, returned the tuxedos, and drove back to Jamie’s house. Jamie started his car and headed to Applebee’s, and DJ hustled to the house to change for work. He grabbed a dish of leftover potato salad, and explained to Karen and Granny that Jamie was spending some time with Bryan, to try to help him with some personal problems. He kissed Karen and Granny goodbye and headed to the store.

Jamie drove to Applebee’s, spotted the red Pontiac and pulled along side of it. Bryan jumped out and right into Jamie’s passenger seat, wearing an Applebee’s shirt.

“Bryan, are you working sometime today?”

“No, I’m off, I put on my work shirt so Mom would think I had to work, Jamie, you have no idea all the shit I’m going through!”

“I have a feeling I’m going to soon find out, where would you like to go?” Jamie asked.

“Someplace where we can talk, alone.”

“How about DJ’s house, his Dad’s are on honeymoon, and it would just be you and me there. Are you hungry?”

“Yeah, I haven’t had any lunch, what are you thinking?”

“WAWA subs always go down good, and there is one on the way.”

The boys stopped at WAWA and picked up subs, and Jamie told Bryan that he knew there was drinks in the fridge. They got to the house and Bryan followed Jamie in the back door, they dropped the subs on the table and removed their jackets, Jamie görükle escort got them some Pepsi’s from the fridge, and they sat at the table.

“OK Bryan, start from the beginning, what the fuck is going on between you and Phil?”

“It’s not really Phil, it’s my parents, you know Phil and I have been living at my house, and sleeping together, since we started college last fall, and I thought everything was cool.”

“Well,” Bryan continued, “about 5 weeks ago, Phil was fucking me, and my father burst into the room, and turned into a madman. He accused Phil of being a pervert, and trying to turn me gay. He told Phil to get his shit together and get the hell out! So he did.”

“Wow!” Jamie blurted, “That’s fucked up!”

“I tried to explain to my parents, that Phil and I loved each other, and that we were born that way, and they wanted to accept none of that. They even threatened to send me to conversion therapy.”

“So I guess your parent’s are, like, super religious?”

“Not at all,” Bryan replied, “I’ve never known them to go to Church, they’re more like super homophobic! Dad forbid me to have any close male friends, and told me there was no way I was gay. I feel like I’m under house arrest, I have no life of my own.”

Jamie suggested they move to the sofa in the den, so they picked up their drinks and headed there, Jamie sat in the center and Bryan sat on Jamie’s right. Jamie couldn’t help notice that Bryan had a boner, and his pants were tented. Seeing Bryan’s boner was causing his own penis to swell a little.

“Bryan, do you wear boxers?”

“Yeah, why?”

“It’s hard to hide a boner when you wear boxers,” Jamie said, pointing to Bryan’s tent, and grinning.

“Jamie, I haven’t been able to release a load since Phil left,” then, slapping at his tent, “I grow about 20 or more of these every day and I have no way to relieve them, I’m always horny!”

“You could masturbate,” Jamie suggested.

“I can’t even do that,” Bryan explained, “my parents won’t let me close the door to my room, and my father says that will make me gay, and he forbid me to do it, I’m afraid he might catch me, I do really need to get a load off.”

“Bryan, if you wish, you can jack off here, and I’ll get you some paper towels.”

“Is jacking off considered the same as having sex?” Bryan asked.

“I don’t think so,” Jamie replied, “all boys jack off, once they reach puberty, I think having sex would be considered an interaction between two people, like a blowjob, or fucking.”

“Jamie, can I ask a big favor?”

“You can ask, and maybe I can comply, what is it?”

“This is kind of awkward—but—never mind.”

“What is it, Bryan, ask.”

“Jamie, would you—would you—fuck, would you jack off with me?”

“Sure Bryan,” Jamie answered, smiling,” I’m a little horny too. Let’s go to the bedroom, where we can lay down and do it.”

Jamie stopped into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, and they went into DJ’s (and Jamie’s) room. Jamie kicked off his shoes, then removed his shirts, and Bryan followed suit. Finally, both boys slid their jeans and underwear off and viewed each other’s naked bodies and erections, grinning.

“You’ve got a right nice pecker Bryan, Jamie commented.”

“Phil likes it, and yours isn’t too shabby either.”

“DJ likes it, and I like his a lot, too, DJ has the sweetest cum!”

Both boys gave each other a quick feel, and Jamie held his hand out, inviting Bryan to get on the bed, Jamie followed him. The two boys started to stoke themselves slowly. Bryan knew he wouldn’t last very long, he had about a ton of gathered up juice in his balls.

They were both watching each other, occasionally glancing into each other’s faces and grinning. Jamie was feeling a little more aroused than bursa escort bayan he expected he would. Bryan had leaked out a large amount of pre, and was using it like lube, sliding his hand up and down his shaft.

“OOOhhhhhh! OOOHHhhh! AAAAhhhhhgggg!” Bryan expressed, as he started spurting rope after rope of cream, the first rope splattering on the headboard of the bed, a glob on his face, and the rest landing on his chest, and stomach, and hand.

Watching Bryan ejaculate triggered Jamie into releasing his own two or three ropes onto his stomach and pubic area. Jamie couldn’t hold a candle to the amount of cum that Bryan had just released. A huge puddle of cum was lying on Bryan’s tummy.

“I didn’t think,” Jamie commented, “that a guys balls could hold that much cum!”

“Me either,” Bryan responded, “I thought I was never gonna stop cumming, and it felt soooooo good! I’ve never cummed like that before.”

Jamie handed Bryan the towel and pulled another one out of the headboard and the boys cleaned themselves up. Jamie wiped the glob of cum off Bryan’s face.

“Jamie, I gotta pee.”

“Me too, DJ and I often pee together, you wanna?”

With no reply from Bryan, the two stood in front of the toilet and drained the pressure from their bladders, watching each other.

“How about a shower?” Jamie offered.

“Sure,” Bryan answered.

Jamie turned on the water and the two boys stepped in. They showered together, but didn’t clean each other’s bodies, nor did they dry each other off. They returned to the bedroom and Jamie put on a clean pair of boxer-briefs and offered Bryan a pair.

“I can’t,” Bryan said, “Mom would question where they came from.” He pulled his boxers back on.

“Bryan, that was fun, really, it’s the first time I’ve jacked off with another boy since way back in school. I had a friend, back when we were about 14 or 15, and we used to get together sometimes and jack off, but that was all we ever did.”

“You and DJ never jack off?” Bryan asked, in surprise.

“Not really, we mostly have oral sex, and we have finally tried out a little anal sex. We both like to sixty-nine.”

“Phil and I sometimes jack off together—well we did—until my Dad kicked him out.”

“Bryan, let’s lay down, I don’t think we’re done talking yet.”

The boys climbed back onto the bed, both wearing just their underwear. Bryan seemed so distraught, and Jamie couldn’t help placing his arm around Bryan’s torso, and caressing him a little, Bryan responded by snuggling closer to Jamie, their bodies touching, and Bryan was soaking up Jamie’s touch like a sponge.

“Bryan,” Jamie asked, “how do you feel toward Phil, now?”

“I still love him, but under the circumstances, we can’t see or even talk to each other.”

“You’ll see each other at school, that might not be ideal but…”

“We can’t now, Phil sent me word by a friend. He said he can’t afford to go to school and pay for a place to live too, so he’s dropped out of school, at least for this semester.”

“You guys have more problems than Carter has liver pills. I’m not sure I have a solution,” Jamie remarked.

Jamie is in deep thought, continuing to caress Bryan. He’s having some disturbing thoughts he never expected to have. It’s even crossed his mind to wonder what it might be like to have sex with Bryan, something he’s never considered about any other guy. Why is he thinking like this? He’s suddenly feeling like he is in a gay Payton Place, he’s finding himself attracted to Bryan, way too much attracted.

Bryan is an attractive young man, and possesses a charming personality, has a bundle of problems with his family, and, supposedly a boyfriend of three years. And what about DJ? He loves DJ, and if anything happened between them it would probably kill DJ. He has to bury these feelings, NOW!

(to be continued)

Coming up in Part 18B

Jamie finds himself in a dilemma

Granny finds a senior home she likes

Joe and Doug are on a Gay Cruise

Randy and Daryl plan a housewarming party

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