I own an operate a small internet sales business with a storefront in a shopping center. As a hobby, I also co-host an online radio show once a week. In order to communicate with our Producer (who is halfway across the country) during the show, I need to be in a chat room. Since I currently don’t have a computer at home, I do the show from my store instead.

A couple of weeks ago, I met Kate through a mutual friend. She is my age (48) and in nice shape…great ass, small breasts, mischievous grin…we seemed to have a lot in common and we ended up running into one another 3-4 times over the course of a week. It began with some flirting that quickly turned into intimate conversation about our turn-ons. We discovered that we both have a passion for exhibitionism and voyeurism…particularly surrounding masturbation and public places. General talk soon turned to possible scenarios and I suggested that it might be fun if she joined me at the store during an evening when I was doing my radio show. Kate challenged me…saying there was no way I could keep my focus on doing a show for an hour if she were there “distracting” me. I countered that she might be right but it would be awfully fun finding out.

The following Tuesday night, she texted me and told me to make sure I “behaved” that evening because she had plans for the next night (during my show). The following morning Kate texted me again to let me know she’d be meeting me at the store at 7:45pm and instructing me to bring a six-pack of beer…lager or ale, whichever I preferred…but just make sure it’s in long-neck bottles!

We met at my store that evening and settled into chairs facing one another. The computers are about halfway back from the front of the store with some shelving and a counter partially blocking the view of anyone who might wander past the store front…but if they were to stop and look hard isveçbahis enough, it wouldn’t be too tough to see us. We cracked open a couple beers and chatted as I prepared to go live. As I phoned in to the Producer and connected with my co-host, Kate grinned and undid the top button of the button-fly jeans she was wearing and slid her right hand down into them. Taking a long sip of her beer, she pushed her hand all the way into her jeans…I could see her fingers wiggling against the fabric. She then set the beer down and whispered, “yep, getting a little wet…”

For the next 10 minutes, Kate was content to casually caress her pussy inside her jeans and sip her beer…updating me on how much wetter she was getting. Half-heartedly listing to my co-host, I allowed my right hand to fall into my lap and massage my stiffening cock through my sweatpants. Kate took her left foot and pushed my hand away, shaking her head no and whispering, “just watch.” She then allowed her hand to ease out of her jeans and with both hands, pull them completely open and revealing her trimmed bush. As she spun her chair away from me so that her back was too me, I glanced at the computer screen…my Producer messaging me that we had 3 callers holding. I quickly introduced the first caller and let my co-host take over as I watched Kate slide her jeans all the way off and kick them aside. She glanced over her shoulder at me and then spun the chair around. Now naked from the waist down, she had both hands covering her pussy. I watched intently as she pushed the middle finger of her right hand between her lips and let the left hand fall aside.

She mouthed, “you like?” as she worked her finger in and out of herself slowly. I took the phone away from my mouth and whispered, “you are so fucking hot!” I leaned in closer and put my hand on her thigh and she put her foot on my chair, pushing me away and again isveçbahis giriş grinning, “just watch!”

For the next 15 minutes, Kate casually fingered herself with her right hand while massaging her clit with the left as she sat with her back to the storefront. My eyes darted from her now dripping pussy to the computer screen to the front window…people would occasionally walk past but no one seemed to take notice of us. I was barely listening to anything going on with the show and fortunately there were plenty of callers that night and I only had to jump in now and them to introduce them and allow my co-host to take over. As I glanced back to the computer screen to get the name of the next caller, I noticed my cell phone laying on the counter. I quickly grabbed it and clicked the camera on, holding it up to show Kate. She smiled widely and pulled her finger from her wet snatch…using both hands to spread herself open as I clicked a picture. I set the phone down and she immediately went back to work with her right hand…reaching for her empty beer bottle with the left.

“Should I?,” an evil grin spread across her face. I eagerly shook my head in approval and she slowly lowered the bottle to her thigh and slid up to her swollen lips. Sliding forward in the chair, she eased the top of the bottle into herself. As I took a deep breath and drank in the site of this amazingly sexy woman putting on a show for me, I realized that nobody was talking on the radio show I was supposed to be doing! I quickly looked at the computer…no callers on hold. My mind was a blank and we still had 15 minutes to fill. I asked my co-host a meaningless question, hoping she would ramble for a bit.

Kate was now out and out fucking herself with the empty long-neck and asking me if I wanted her to cum? I shook my head yes as I attempted to also pay attention to what my co-host was saying…a isveçbahis yeni giriş losing battle, to say the least.

Kate whispered, “can you handle this…are you sure you want me to cum?”

It was ALL that I wanted…the show be damned. Fortunately, a message popped up in the screen from my Producer, “Jay on line 1.” I immediately welcomed Jay to the show and returned my focus to Kate, who was now violently shoving the the bottle in and out of her soaking pussy with her left hand as her right dug at her clit. I quickly reached for the cell phone camera again and clicked a quick picture of her fucking herself for me. She was clearly close now as her hips thrust up off the chair with each stroke of the beer bottle.

Again, I took the phone away from my mouth and looked her in the eye, “cum for me, Kate, do it! Cum for me now!”

With a final thrust, she pushed the bottle deep inside of her and then her thighs slammed together as she twisted in the chair…biting her lip as she tried not to make too any noise.

It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed in person and I sat staring…mouth open…cock throbbing. Jay was gone and my co-host was asking me a question. I shook my head and tried to concentrate. I apologized for being a little “out of it tonight” and checked the clock. Three more minutes to kill.

Kate was laying back in the chair now, huge smile on her face, running her tongue up and down the neck of the bottle which was glistening with her juices.

“Is this too distracting?,” she teased. I decided it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we wrapped up the show a little early and thanked everyone who listened and called…inviting them to tune in again next week. After the Producer faded us out, I quickly apologized to him and my co-host for being a little distracted…claiming it had been a long week and I was just tired. I quickly got off the phone and turned to Kate, still leaning back in her chair, legs partially spread, pussy lips still wet.

She smiled and placed her foot on my crotch, “ready to do something about that now?”

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