Discovering My AuntDiscovering My Aunt


A gap year from college came at a great time for me, it was summer and I had the urge to travel the world but mainly bum around Europe, one problem, lack of funds, I had some help from my family but basically I needed to earn a little cash, trouble was every student for miles around was grabbing the opportunities as they came up.

“I was talking to your aunt the other day, I was telling her you needed some cash and she said she would happily pay you to go and lend a hand at her place for a week or two” my mother said as she served my evening meal, Aunt Jean I thought to myself, I had not seen her for a few years, but the memories I had of my mothers sister were always nice ones. I sat thinking about what my mother had said, I also thought back to the last time I stayed at her house, I was in my early teens then, only just discovering sex and the attraction of women, there was something about Aunt Jean, despite her age she always made me feel horny when I was around her, at the time I was too young to realise why and I wondered if that had changed over the past few years.

“Tell Aunt Jean I would be happy to go and help out, it would be nice to stay with her, I always liked her place” I told my mother. A week or so later I was heading off on the train to the small village close to where Aunt Jean lived, she had now been divorced over five years, a handsome settlement had left her very well off, so I had no worries about taking the money off her, my mother always bitched that Jean had to much money and did not know what to do with it.

I hauled my rucksack of the small train and looked down the platform, there was Aunt Jean waving to attract my attention, from a distance she looked like she had not changed one bit, as she approached me all my earlier thoughts and feelings suddenly came to a head, it was like the pieces of a jig saw falling into place, I was now a lot older and now I knew full well what had made Aunt Jean the interesting lady that I remembered from childhood.

The railway platform was a perfect venue for Aunt Jean, she looked like a scene from one of those old war movies where the sweet heart was seeing her lover off as he went to war, it was like her fashion sense was caught in a time warp, a tight knee length white pencil skirt clung to her curves, as she walked towards me her hips swayed in a way only women of her age know how to do, her heels were high and it exaggerated this movement as she got closer. On top a tight sweater, wow what a pair of tits I thought as they two swayed as she walked, in my mind I slowed this vision down not wanting it to end, I looked across two other men, one young and an older chap both started as they too enjoyed the sight of my aunt walking down the platform.

A kiss on my cheek left the mark of her red painted lips on my face, “Simon, its so nice of you to come, my you have grown up, its been ages since I have seen you, come on lets get going” she said, we came to the gateway of the station and I let her go through first, black seams trailed up from the back of her heel, I recalled this from my childhood but now I was old enough to know this meant nylon stockings!!, as she walked in front of me I could clearly see the outline of her suspenders through the tightness of her skirt, by this stage I was sporting a very uncomfortable erection.

Once in the car I watched the seat belt slide snugly between those large breasts, her sweater was so tight the outline of her bra was clearly visible, “off we go then” aunt Jean said as we drove the short drive out of the village to the converted farm house that was home for aunt Jean. On the way we chatted, she was keen to catch up on the family news, I engaged her conversation but my mind wondered, I wondered if there was a man in her life these days, I also contemplated her age, I worked out from my mothers age that Jean was around fifty two or fifty three years old but boy was she in great shape, sure enough she had a few tell tale lines around her eyes, she ad put on a little weight since I had seen her last but she carried it well.

The house was far to big for one person and as we got out of the car it gave me the opportunity to confirm Aunt Jean’s status, “this place is massive aunt, far to big for one person, any thoughts of getting married again” I asked, she laughed, “gosh no, I like my own company to much, sure enough it gets a little quiet out here on my own but now then I pop down to the village for a social event or drinks with some of the ladies down there” she told me, so no obvious sign of a man her life.

My room looked over the front of the house and the fields beyond, it was a lovely peaceful scene and I gazed out of the window, then I looked down to see my aunt walking out to her car, she had left her hand bag in the Mercedes SLK sports car which had transported us from the station, I watched from behind the net curtains and I could not resist pulling out my cock and giving it a few hard tugs, I was starting to have ideas about my aunt and in my head I started to hatch a plan. I led back Karaköy escort on the bed my cock still in my hand, I recalled the night before and the time I had spent with my girl friend Sophie, our farewell fuck before I went to stay with my aunt, Sophie was great, a real catch and a great looking girl, a stunning body but she was not a lover of sex and she found my rather large cock uncomfortable, she also complained that I tended to be a bit forceful with her, all in all I found my sex life with Sophie a little frustrating, sex did not really interest her though you would not know buy looking at her, I had resigned myself to the fact there was a lot more experiences out there to try but with Sophie things had gone as far as they would go, perhaps Aunt Jean could forward my sexual experiences a little.

For the first few days I watched my aunt, studying her, that was quite a pleasure as each day she would be immaculately dressed in her sexy seamed stockings and tight fitting sweaters and blouses, everything about Aunt Jean was correct and in its place, the house was like a show home and she spent nearly all her time cleaning and rearranging things so they looked just right.

My list of jobs was a menial few odd jobs around the house, a bit of loose guttering on the back of the house, a couple of broken rainwater pipes to replace, this would be easy money and that suited me fine. I had been staying with Aunt Jean for three days, the best part of staying with her was the evenings when we would sit down and chat, she enjoyed a sherry and got tipsy pretty quickly, I used these moments to gleam a little more information on her private life.

I was fixing a small decorative wall at the bottom of the long garden one morning when Aunt Jean came down the garden with a tray and a drink for me, it was hot, very hot, I was sweating as moving the bricks was quite a hard job, I stopped and excepted the drink, rather than make idle conversation Aunt Jean stood there looking at me, I was wearing just a pair of shorts and trainers and not wishing to sound vain I look after myself and years of playing rugby has left me with very defined muscles, I sipped on my drink, I swear she was staring at me, saying nothing she just stood waiting for me to finish, I am not that experienced but I could tell she liked what she saw, inside I smiled to myself, time to make my move I thought.

We ate that evening and then I went and showered, I came down to the lounge, two large white leather corner sofas were the centre piece of the room, they were L shaped and faced each other with a marble topped coffee table separating the two, we sat on one each, Aunt Jean went to put the TV on as she sipped her sherry, “can we leave the TV off tonight Aunt, I thought we could just chat” I said, she laughed, “you must stop calling me aunt, please just call me jean” she said.

Just like every other night my aunt had changed for dinner, tonight she had taken a change from her usual formal tight fitting skirt and top, tonight she wore a summer dress, low cut so those magnificent boobs of hers were on show, the red pattered dress narrowed and was tight at the waist then flared out, the whole dress buttoned up the front, her legs were encased in a fine tan nylon and her high patent black stilettos completed a real horny look, I had decided that tonight was make or break for me, tonight I would make my move, I would put my plan into place and hopefully reap the reward.

We sat and talked, Jean was always keen to talk about the family but tonight I steered the conversation as much as I could to more personal things, I asked her more questions about her divorce and the amount of time she had been on her own, “seems like we are both destined to be on our own” I said, my aunt looked quizzical at me, “surely not you Simon, a young good looking chap like you should have girl kicking the door down” she said. I had prepared this part of my speech to perfection, “well I always seem to get on well with girls, but I take my college work very seriously and don’t really have time for all that dating and going out stuff, so here I am still a virgin, still curious, besides most of the girls that seem attracted to me are not really the ones I like, they are a bit skinny”, apart from not liking skinny girls the rest was total shit, but I got the reaction I wanted. “I cant believe a good looking fit chap like you is still a virgin, not in this day an age” my aunt said, “I cant be doing with all that fumbling about and not knowing where the line is drawn, worrying about if I cross the line will I upset the girl, don’t get me wrong, I am dying to learn things and experience things, but I just don’t want it to be difficult, if you know what I mean” I said, I then put on my best little boy sad look and dropped my head. I had deliberately left my self open to my aunt, I sat there thinking, come on, this is an opportunity you don’t want to turn down aunty, come on give me a sign that you are at least contemplating this situation.

My heart skipped Kayaşehir escort bayan a beat as my aunt got up and joined me on the large sofa, she placed a hand on my leg, “Its very good of you to put your college work before everything else, but you have to let your hair down now and then, there is more to life than just books and studying, yes you are right, there is a lot of fumbling and messing around before you get anywhere, but that’s part of the fun”, she said, not really the response I was looking for, but now she was closer to me, her hand still on my leg, I needed to push the point further, perhaps even make her feel a little sorry for me.

“I suppose I will take your advise, when I get back I might starting dating a few girls, but then again I am here for a few weeks, so things will just have to be put on ice and I will have to remain a virgin just a little longer” I said, she smiled, I waited for her to say something, she didn’t, it was make or break time, things were not really going to plan so I decided to throw something and test the water, “so it will be another wank for me tonight then, these days its two or sometimes three times a day, must be my age” I said. I half expected Jean to launch backwards in shock at my comment but to my absolute delight she stayed just where she was.

“do you do that a lot, oh that’s a silly question, I know young men do it al the time, have you done it much since you have been here” she said her voice sinking into a quiet almost whisper as my aunt tried to keep her enquire about my masturbation habits sound very matter of fact.

“I lie in my room just next to yours and I wank every night before I go to sleep, cant seem to get off to sleep without having a wank since I have been here, I don’t what has caused that” I said and then openly stared at her cleavage.

I felt a warm glow of success that my plan had worked as my aunt moved along the couch to get closer to me, “you have done such a lot for me since you have been here, now I feel bad for using up your college break, you should be out on the town with some pretty young girl, not stuck here with your boring old aunt, but I think may be able to make things up to you just a little” she said her voice trembling, I looked at her with a false sense of surprise on my face, my plan had worked now how far was she willing to let me go.

Aunt Jean looked down at my crutch, the outline of my hard cock could be seen, she reached forward and expertly undid my trousers, I lifted myself up a little to allow her to pull my trousers down and then my pants, my cock sprang in view, “oh my gosh, that’s a big one , a very big one indeed, now Simon, don’t say anything and please don’t mention any of this in the morning” she said and then wrapped her hand around my cock, “oh gosh that’s very hard, its been a long time since I did this” she said and started to wank me off.

Sophie had often wanked me but my aunt was much better, she would speed up and then slow down as she sensed I would come, pre come oozed from the end of my cock as I bucked underneath her expert hand, come on go down on me, suck me before you let me fuck you, I thought to myself. “this is better than doing it yourself isn’t it Simon, my husband always said I was good at this” she said, she kept staring at my cock as she wanked it, her cheeks were flushed and she tried to convince me this was all for my benefit but I could see she was enjoying it too, I reached over and made a grab for her cleavage and she pulled back a little, “oh no, there will be no touching” she said, I looked disappointed but then she undid a few buttons of her dress allowing her bra and cleavage to me more accessible to my gaze, I was holding for the fuck I so desperately wanted but boy she was good at wanking my cock, I could not hold back any longer, my face contorted in ecstasy, “go on Simon let it all go” Jean said.

My cock shot a jet of come in a high arc which splashed across the coffee table in front of me, Peter North would have been pleased with the force and amount of cum I deposited as my aunt wanked me furiously my cum shooting in all directions, some if it shot straight up and landed on the back of her hand as she milked me dry, “Oh my god I never knew you young men produced so much” she said as eventually my orgasm subsided.

Cum was everywhere and in her true tradition of keeping everything clean and just so my aunt got up and grabbed some tissues, she cleaned her hand and then the sofa before mopping the pools of fresh come that had landed on the coffee table in front of me.

“I hope that’s made things a little better” Jean said doing up her dress, I quickly realised that was my lot, at least for tonight anyway.

Part 2

The following day and time to part two of my plan into action, the previous night at not ended in a fuck but there was still time for things to develop the way I wanted them too, we had opened doors as I was determined to keep them ajar even if my aunt wanted things Escort Küçükçekmece to be forgotten about.

My aunt was a little uncomfortable at breakfast, “thank you for last night Jean, you were fantastic, it was so good” I said, “now Simon we said that we would not mention those things, after all it was only a little wank, its not like I did anything any girl friend of yours wouldn’t do” she said trying to defuse things a little. “but it just goes to show Jean, you are an experienced woman, I feel there is so much I need to learn, perhaps we can have a talk, I don’t feel embarrassed talking to you, would that be ok” I asked looking pretty innocent and desperate. “We can have a chat over a cup of tea this afternoon” she said.

I worked hard that morning, I wore just a pair of track suit bottoms, I made sure by the time Aunt called me in for afternoon tea I was sweaty and hopefully in her eyes looking horny. We sat down in the lounge, china cups and saucers and tea from a traditional tea pot, my aunt looked every bit a traditional aunt but this aunt had wanked me off the night before, this aunt wore stockings and suspenders and had a great pair of tits. Aunt Jean handed me my cup, she was wearing a tartan pattern knee length skirt and tight fitting white thin sweater.

“so you want to have a chat Simon, I think that’s a good thing, please feel free to ask me anything, I will try not to get embarrassed” she said and then sat back, I could see and almost feel her eyes wondering over me as I sipped my tea.

“you have to understand Jean that nearly all my knowledge comes from what I have heard of my mates, I am sure most of them are just making things up to sound good but I feel I am missing out on some of the stuff they are chatting about, I just wanted to know more about this sort thing so I don’t put my foot in it if I am with a girl” I said. Jean got comfortable as if bracing herself for an onslaught of embarrassing questions, “well I may be a bit out of touch with what goes on these days Simon but please ask me anything you like and I will try and point you in the right direction” she said. I knew I was entering another important part in my plan to fuck my aunt; I needed to judge her responses accurately and think quickly on my feet if things did not go the direction I wanted.

I put my cup down on the coffee table between, “Pussy licking, all the guys talk about it, I have never done it” I said which was a total lie, “I think I would really enjoy tasting a woman, probing her with my tongue, licking her and generally making her feel good, I suppose most women would like this done to them” I said looking my aunt straight in the eye, I could see her become visibly flustered by what I had said, I now needed to see how she reacted.

Aunt Jean took a deep breath, “Well Simon I think you are right most woman do enjoy oral sex being performed on them by a man and I am sure it will do you no harm to just go for it” she said and politely and smiled, “what about you Jean, do you like it being done to you, is it something that you feel really enhances the sexual experience” I said, I could see her sink a little in the chair, she looked thoughtful, “I remember your uncle was not that keen on performing oral sex on me, of course he always asked me to do it to him, but I do remember on the odd occasions he did it to me how nice it was, yes I do recall it being a very sensual experience” she said her eyes looking away as if she was recalling something pleasurable in her mind, it was just the reaction I wanted.

“so what do I do when I get there” I said showing innocent enthusiasm for the task, “I am sure you will be OK Simon” she said, not the answer I was looking for really, “I have heard its all about stimulating a woman’s clitoris, licking it and flicking my tongue over it” I said, Jean smiled, “In my day boys did not even know what a clitoris was let alone how to find it” she said smiling. I looked her hard in the eye, this was my last shot.

“god it must be a great feeling, you face berried between a woman’s legs, her hot pussy on the end of your tongue and stimulating her, licking her and making her feel wonderful, do you miss those sort of things Jean” I said, I noticed her face change, despite my lack of experience with older women I could tell my talking to her had got her hot…crunch time.

“why don’t you let me lick you aunt, you could show me what to do, tell me if I am doing it right, I would love to be shown by a real woman” I said, despite her slight hesitation at replying I knew I had her, I knew she would not turn my generous selfless offer down. Jean looked visibly flushed in a way I had not seen before.

“well the way I see it Simon is I would be helping you and it would be more of a lesson in technique more than any thing else” she said and got up, I watched her un zip her skirt and watched it fall to her feet, she stepped out of it, all the time not looking at me, she wore what I thought was a deep waist suspender belt which I quickly realised was a corset with white panties over the top, when she took of the panties I could see the corset was open crutch, she sat back on the sofa lifted her feet up and swung them sideways, she led on her back on the sofa her knees up and parted, “come on them Simon, let me help you understand what’s what” she said her voice trembling a little.

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