Dirty Little Secret Pt. 02Dirty Little Secret Pt. 02


Hours passed, the shift dragged, but eventually, 5:30 hit. It was finally quitting time. Clover sent Danny her address, and that was all the motivation he needed to start hustling back to his house, take a shower, get dressed, and see if this morning was just some fluke or if he really WAS the luckiest guy in the world. He made sure he looked casual, but presentable, with black jeans and a light blue collared shirt-top button left alone, obviously. He walked up to the door, three light knocks to let Clover know that he was here. When he opened the door, he awestruck with how incredible she looked-beige crop top that was decently lowcut, hair tied up in a ponytail with hoop earrings, and olive jeans that hugged every curve with some dark brown shoes to go along with it all. She looked like a model, but with the face of a young girl being asked to a dance. If she was gorgeous at the office, she was a certified knockout now.

“Wow. Uh, hey, Clover,” said Danny, caught in a daze.

“Hey, Danny,” she giggled sweetly. Even her laugh was heaven sent. He found himself staring at her like an idiot before she asked, “Soooo, ya ready to go??”

Danny snapped out of his lust-induced stupor after a few minutes.

“Y-yeah, sure, let’s go!,” he said, walking to the car with her. He made sure to go to the passenger side and open the door for her. After all, all the ladies love a gentleman! Once she was in, he got around to the driver’s side, closing the door as he asked, “Quick question, you’re not a cigarette smoker, are you?”

“Me? No, Never,” Clover answered, almost sounding shocked at the very notion. “Why? Are you?”

“Not at all, I just like to ask anyone who gets in my car for the first time. The windows don’t work right now, but I’m getting them fixed on my next day off,” he explained.

Danny started to pull out of her driveway and head towards the bar. Clover lived about 20 minutes away from work, so they had some time before they would get to there.

“Ya know, I spent my first day telling you about myself, but I don’t think I learned a single thing about you,” she brought istanbul Escort Bayan up suddenly. Danny glanced briefly over towards her before putting his eyes back on the road and replying, “Maybe I just like that air of mystery.”

“Better than the air that poor girl in the bathroom had to breathe,” she said before making herself laugh. Danny found it kind of odd that she went from embarrassed to cracking joke about that ferocious flatulence, but he laughed along anyway.

“But seriously,” she continued, “I don’t know anything about you besides your funny name. What about your hobbies? Dreams? Secrets, maybe?”

Danny’s eyes must’ve nearly popped out of his head because at that moment, Clover said, “Ohp, definitely some secrets there. I’m not gonna actually ask you any of those, though, that would be terrible!” She laughed a bit more while Danny had to prevent himself from nervously (and audibly) exhaling with relief. She might be his dream girl, so he’d rather not have this be the first and only time they hangout- and that’s not even getting into her potentially telling everyone about his nasty fetish.

“Well, I AM a big sports fan- I never actually played, but basketball is probably my favorite sport to wat-“


A high pitched squeaker happened to slip out from Clover in the middle of Danny’s sentence. The look on her face after the fact practically screamed “it was an accident” towards Danny.

“Oops! Sorry,” Clover apologized. “I think that was the caramel frappe I had at work. I actually asked for no whip cream, but he put it on there anyway, and I wasn’t about to waste $7! Anyway, continue, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Danny said with a smile. “Like I told you earlier, we all do it! But like I was saying, besides that, I’m also a fan of figuring out how things work. Recently, I pulled this old computer desk that that-“


The same squeaking from earlier started to grow into an abrasive, angry wail that came rushing from between Clover’s cheeks, rumbling the seat and probably istanbul Escort putting a hole right through it.

“PHEW! God, these are just sneaking up on me now,” she exhaled before another ripper came through without warning.




One by one and in a continuous stream, Clover ripped three humongous farts that sounded more like a car engine than the actual engine in Danny’s car. They were just slipping out one by one, causing her to attempt to clench her ass cheeks in an vain attempt to stop carpet bombing Danny’s car until he suffocated. All this did was amplify the sound.



Eventually, Clover gave up, realizing that her efforts were for nothing as a couple of wet ones came bursting out of her ass like they were desperate for escape. Danny was desperate for escape too once the smell of shit and rotten milk hit his nostrils, but the erection growing in his pants said different.


Clover moaned in relief, the last,sloppy gas blast taking a lot out of her. She was actually panting a bit from the pushing, causing her to inhale her own gas and start gagging and coughing herself.

“Ugh… Jesus, that was bad!!” She shouted, waving a hand in front of her face. “God, I’m so sorry, it smells so bad and I got you trapped in here!”

She looked at Danny, just catching him as he stopped sniffing the air. The smell was bad enough to make a normal person want to puke, but all Danny could think about was putting his nose in between those fat, juicy cheeks and right on her (probably) dirty asshole while she blew his face off.

“No, it’s okay. It’s honestly not even that bad,” he lied through the tears streaming down his face. He struggled to not gag when he opened his mouth.

Clover, with a slight look of surprised, said, “Oh? Well, in that case, you might wanna pull over. I’ve got a really bad one here, and it might kill ya…”

He wanted Escort istanbul to smell this next one so bad, but it was better to pull over so she didnt find out what a freak he was. He did as he was told, watch Clover hopped out of the seat as the car began airing out. She bent over at the hip, hands in the entrance to the car, biting her low lip, grunting, and sticking her bulbous butt out before letting one hell of an ass clapping fart escape.



Clover was actually red in the face a bit towards the end. She absolutely needed to get as much of this gas out as possible, beginning with a bubbly one that sounded like it spat in the end, then with another, louder bubbler that started to finally die off after 12 seconds. She already felt bad enough for hotboxing Danny’s car, but she didn’t want to risk doing it twice.Now the immediate area smelled just slightly better than a compost heap. She wasn’t indicating it at all, but Danny found himself wondering if she had shit herself during such a nasty-sounding ordeal. The shy she let out sounded like she (somehow) managed to get it all out.

“Whew….. Bet you’re glad you don’t have to deal with that one, huh?,” she said as a sheepish smile formed on her face. Danny had to lie through his teeth.

“Uh, yeah, that was insane,” he said, still in awe of both the hellacious sounds and the disgusting smell that this model of a woman just unleashed. She got back in the car and closed the door, reeling back a bit as she sat down and held her nose.

“I hope this doesn’t ruin the d- Wait, how are you dealing with this right now?,” she asked, noticing Danny didn’t even ATTEMPT to hold his nose despite the foul stench that permeated his car. Obviously, he loved every second, but he felt so stupid for letting her realize it that this disgusting scent was turning him on.

“I’m…. Gonna be honest, I think my sense of smell is just kinda gone for the night,” he said quickly with a tittering laugh. Thankfully, Clover bought it and laughed along after a second of hesitation that made Danny sweat.

“That’s fair. Sorry I burned the hair out your nose. On the bright side, I think we’re good now! I feel so much better,” she said with a soft sigh of relief. Danny was a bit disappointed, but he simply smiled and kept driving off towards their destination.

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