Dining with the Mother in LawDining with the Mother in Law


I was talking the phone with my wife and she commented that her mother was going to spend at home. On that day, my wife would not be home, because she does graduate studies at night, 02 times a week…

I got home, took a shower and went to the kitchen, prepare something, for when it arrived. She arrived at 6:00 p.m. and was very well dressed, She was wearing a short skirt, shirt, blazer, makeup, smelling.

She came and sat down in the kitchen, waiting for me to finish preparing dinner, and we were talking furies… When I served her, I asked her if she wanted anything to drink and she said she would drink whatever I wanted. I told her I’d take wine, but she said she’d have a drink with me.

I sat down beside her and could not help but notice her legs in her black pantyhose and her breasts, for the shirt was ajar, and she could see the crack. We bridged and we started to dinner. She said that for some time she could not even kill the will, because she did not feel well.

I, stupid idiot, asked, “want to kill what?” and she did not think twice and said “to fuck, right?” with the greatest naturalness in the world. But both me and her, we turned red, but she still completed “even seems not to know that we all need.”

We mersin escort continued eating, and that single cup turned into two. She was getting high… Then, out of nowhere, she said, “I do not think I’m a throw-away.”

I did not know what to answer, but looking down (because I was awkward), I saw her legs again, and the horn was loud and I said, “Of course not”.

She replied: “If we were not relatives, would you take it?”

I, seeing that the situation was drawing interesting, I answered “I get up to be”. She blushed too… But I could not miss the opportunity, so I held her hand and squeezed. She did not say anything and kept looking at me, so I kissed her hand with a kiss, then with a long kiss, letting my tongue go through her hand and she did not react, just looked at me. Then I pulled her hand in and brought her close to me and I left her with my face close to mine.

I could feel his breath close to my lips and then, I took courage and began to kiss her. It only corresponded, but as if it were a doll, without reaction. So I stopped kissing her and apologized. And that’s when she said, “It’s over, it’s over,” and she pulled me back and started kissing me like a beast, squeezing my back and pulling at my hair.

I mugladh.com began to nibble on his ear, suck on his neck and open his shirt. The bra was those with the clasp at the front, so I opened my shirt, opened my bra, and began to suckle her breasts.

She moaned and said quietly, “Hot man, you’re going to make me a woman and eat me for real, you do not even do it to my daughter.”

Then she lowered my shorts and my underwear, releasing my cock and said, “How beautiful! But, it will look more beautiful inside me “and began to suck hot.

I unbuttoned my skirt and lowered it. She was in tunic, but with a huge damp spot on the front that denounced her wet, horny state. I pulled on her panties and I could see her smooth, beautiful pussy, which dripped and smelled delicious, inviting me to suck it, which I did not think twice about.

As I pressed my tongue into the doorway, she said, “Long time no one puts his tongue there! It makes me cum in his mouth, and I started to play with his greengroc and with my tongue inside. She squirmed at the kitchen counter and moaned, saying “how horny, how horny, I’m going to enjoy it,” and in a moment, she shook and shook my head in the middle of her legs enjoying and talking “delicious Luis, what a delight of mouth you have!”

As soon as she let go of my head, I pulled her to the edge of the counter and opened her legs wide and began rubbing my dick in the luscious bucket. She looked at me, as if waiting, and I said, “If you do not ask, I will not.”

She said, “Get in, but get in, for God’s sake.”

And so I put it all at once. It came in hot, it was too hot, harsh, hot. She wrapped her legs around my back, hugged me and we began to kiss, alternating to moments where I sucked her neck and her breasts… I was cadenced, now strong, now I took almost everything and got deep again.

She just said, “What I wanted was inside the house, and I did not know.”

And I pushed harder and harder, until it became unbearable, my dick throbbed, it hurt a lot, horny and I warned her I was going to cum.

And she said, “Enjoin me!” Fill my fucking shit, I need it! I’ll fucking want this always! Eat me hot, make me a woman! She owns me, she wants me, she kills me hard, little girl! “

And I felt her body trembling again, announcing the joy, which to me was fatal and exploded inside her, falling wearily over her and kissing her again.

After that, we kissed and passed each other’s hands, like two boyfriends… I took her to take a shower and she was gone.

We are mother-in-law and son-in-law, but a man and a woman, which I desire in terms of sex.

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