Subject: Man Cam ( Didaka (3) This is a fictional story about the guys from an online chat site. It’s pure fiction as all the guys live far away. Some gay, some straight and some bisexual. But all are very hot men. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Didaka (3) ….. After watching the show of the girl and my hot Bulgarian hunk. I went online to check flight costs to his country. Just as I figured, they were very pricey. So I thought I would never get out to see this hunk. Ever. And after watching his get that wonderful blow job from that woman. Watched as she sucked his huge schlong like it was her last meal. I so desperately wanted to have at that log between his meaty legs. Watching as she sucked that man to a nice creanpmy explosion. The blasts hitting her in the face. The thick cream covering her nose izmit escort and mouth. But she didn’t eat it though. The dumb bitch just wiped off the cream he blastedon her face. It was such a waste, I thought. I would have firstly sucked and liked up all his cum splatter. And moreover I would have just sucked it fromhis big cock. Drinking ffrom the tap as it were. “Stupid woman” I said “That cream went to waste on your face” I made the motions of as if his cum was on my face. My hand scooping it up and bringing it to my hungry !mouth. “That’s what you should have done” I said So after I found no flights any time soon with a decent rate to fly, I gave up. I was never gonna get at this hunk and that huge dick of his. But my luck changed some weeks later. The company I work for started doing business in other countries. Then my boss came to me to ask the favor I jumped izmit otele gelen escort on faster than lightning. He needed someone familiar with the device we were selling to go to Turkey and meet with some reps there. “Don’t worry,” he said “They speak English” “But you have dealt with local clients before” “Explaining how the device works” “Sure, great” I said bluntly “More than happy to go” My excitement must have shown as he looked at me funny. He also said to take a few extra days too see the sights of Istanbul. Like is said ecstatic I was to go. Turkey is a neighboring country to Bulgaria. And Istanbul was on the northern edge. So I could go there. Drive across the border and meet up with my hot Didaka. When I got home and signed into the site. He was online as usual. My hunky handsome Bulgarian. But this time he darıca escort was outside. In an wooded area. I surmised it was near his home. He had the monitor set up as he sat down in a beach lounger. The lounger was seat back up and legs out. He was naked and stroking his big schlong again. “Hey stud” I typed to his message board. I looked at that massive cock in his hands again. It was shiny from spit as he stroked it for the masses. Then a message came through with his name on it. Yet he didn’t seem to be anywhere near a key board. “He is big and hard” it said “Waiting for a pussy hole” Then I saw a shadow come in to the left. Someone else was there with him. Then I saw him. Another guy came into view. Smaller than Didaka. And definitely not anywhere near as attractive. He pulled a chair up next to Didaka and sat down. He was naked too. He had a hard on himself. But his cock was maybe 6 and a half inches at tops. The man named Karan sat back in his chair, pulling in his dick as well. “Damn” I said “He has a friend”………………….. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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