Subject: Man Cam (Didaka (11) This is a fictional story about sex with guys from an online chat siteIts purely fiction as all these hit guys live far away Some gay, some straight and some bisexual. But all the guys are hot. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Didaka (11) …. I stared at the valley between Didakas thighs in awe. Looking at the dick that was so much bigger in person than online. It lay there in his lap and aacross his thick upper thigh. I swallowed a heavy ball of spit as I was both scared and in love with it. “My God. You are huge” I said again. “No. Just average” he stated again “Well if this is average here” “I am afraid to see huge” “Cuz this is like a small horse” I grabbed and picked up his huge dick. I had to finally have it. So I swooped in and sucked up his schlong. I held at the base to make sure I didn’t choke. The thick shaft was a glorious thing to hold. It was hot to nthe touch and throbbed as I sucked down part of him. kocaeli escort bayan “Yeah man” he sighed “That feels really nice buddy” “Suck. Hmmm” I worshiped his big thick cock. Like a kid sucking on a lollipop i was. Relishing in his huge meat stick. “Soo good” I gasped as I came up for air “Soo fucking good” I was ravenous for his dick I wanted to eat it up entirely. To take him down to his meaty balls. But his cock was too big for that. But I swallowed what I could. Having to come up for air constantly. Gagging when I went to far. Didaka groaned happily as my mouth slobbered over his huge dick. His hand caressing my head and hair. His deep heavy sighs showing how much he was liking my mouth onn his big dick “Yesss baby. Suck!” He huffed “Get me very hard for fuck” And he was pretty damned hard now. I could feel as his cock continued to swell in my hungry mouth. Still seeming to grow more. The area just under his big cock head was so wide too. My hand could bare get around the shaft there. I izmit sınırsız escort pulled off his big dick and licked up and down the huge shaft. Gazing at the beauty of his large cock. “Going to fuck you soo hard” he then said as I licked his dick I looked up at his handsome face. He smiled down at me. I returned to licking his cock. The big meaty head and then back down the shaft. Then I went down at his nuts. They were a good size. I kissed the orbs tenderly as I nuzzled into them. I heard Didaka moan again “Hmm fuckk yeah man” he sighed “Kiss my balls buddy” “They are filled with cum for you” I did kiss those beautiful orbs. Then I opened my mouth and inhaled one. “Ughnn” he chirped as I did His hand gripped at my head and his hips thrust forward. It appeared that my European Studs balls were sensitive. This made me more hungry for them. So I began to feast on his balls. One then the other and then back again. Pulling each into my hungry mouth. Licking at the fleshy izmit anal yapan escort nuts. My tongue moving over and under them.rolling them around as I sucked each one. “Awee fucker!” He growled That’s soo fucking good” “Eat my balls. Eat my balls, ughhn!” I still held his bug dick in hand as I was worshiping Didakas nuts. I could feel the huge angry cock getting harder. Continuing to swell in my hand. And when I pulled from his balls I looked at the monster. The over 8 inches of schlong seemed so thick now. I licked my lips as I gazed at the huge shaft “Fuckk me. That is so fucking massive” I declared “Sit on my cock fucker” he then ordered of me. “Siton my dick you American whore” “I want to fuck you bad” I again licked my lips as he said this. Then I went back down his huge cock again. He groaned once more. But he pulled me from his dick “Sitt!” He yelled He gripped his huge angry dick. It stuck uo from his body like a shiny obelisk. Tall and imposing. Didaka was so horny for a fuck now. He again ordered me to sit on his cock. I looked at it. It was so damned big. I feared the pain I would have trying to take it in my ass. For it would be the biggest cock I ever had. “Sitt!” He shouted again….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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