Did the Devil Ride Eileen?Did the Devil Ride Eileen?


Last September we were surprised to receive a call from Alan, the CEO of a magazine publishing house for which we have been carrying out some freelance work, this time not to commission some articles but to advise us that he was selling out to a US media and publishing house. It wasn’t all bad news as he informed me, he had strongly recommended us to the new owner who said he would be in touch.

It was disappointing because although Eileen and I are semi-retired and also dabble in antiques, the work had been both lucrative and as it had involved both domestic and foreign assignments had often been a lot of fun.

We were relieved to get a call from Rob, the new owner, about a week later to say he would be in London for a few weeks and would fly up to see us in Edinburgh in a couple of weeks. He said that we had come highly recommended by Alan, and he had liked what he had seen of our work.

About a week later he called to say he was going to be in Scotland and was keen to meet up and if it was possible could we meet him for lunch in his hotel.

Prior to our meeting we had researched him on google and found he was 43, university educated and had built up his Dad’s publishing business to include a range of sporting magazines from golf to fishing and some TV interests.

For our lunch, I have to say Eileen looked good and with a bit heavier makeup than usual, and her blonde hair fluffed up she looked a lot younger than her 54 years. She had gone for a sexy casual look with a thin cream cashmere sweater, tight cream stretch cord trousers, over the knee tan suede boots and a short suede bomber jacket to match. I told her she looked stunning but when she looked in the mirror she said she thought the outline of the bra holding up her heavy 40cs rather ruined the lines of what was a very expensive sweater. She asked me did I think it would be too much if she went braless.

When she slipped off the bra, I said I thought she looked exceptional in that the cashmere material simply hugged the outline of her big heavy breasts and although you could see a bit of nipple the material was thick enough to make it look sexy smart rather than really daring. I didn’t say but In some ways the way that the very tight trousers emphasised her ripe thighs and pussy mound and clung round her big jutting mature buttocks was more sexually obvious!

Rod was waiting for us in the bar. He was taller than I had thought about 6’2″ and looked in good shape in his smart suit and open necked shirt. He shook hands with me and then pecked Babs on the cheek before I joined him in a beer and she had a G&T.

Over lunch he apologised about the rather rushed meeting as he had a lot to do, to get round all the magazine managers and editors. He said he was sorry that he hadn’t time for a round of golf as he had heard we both played well, but said he hoped to be back in the UK for a longer visit around the end of October and we could catch up then.

We were flattered and it augured well when we were having coffee in the lounge after an excellent lunch and two good bottles of wine, that he produced a couple of magazines with articles that we had written. I saw Eileen blush a little when he asked had she taken the photographs that had been published in a deep sea fishing magazine — she had, just before she had put out for a group of young anglers! I suppose she thought he might have heard about it! But he simply went on to say that it was good that we were both creative writers and competent photographers.

When Eieen excused herself to go to the loo before we left, and we both stood up, I noticed he took a long lingering look at the sway of her big jutting mature buttocks perfectly framed and divided by the tight cream trousers. Catching my eye he smiled and said ” I hope to give you guys a lot more work and work with you myself on some assignments, and it does no harm whatsoever that Babs is so easy on the eye!”

I also noted he unashamedly took in the ripeness and bounce of her mature unfettered breasts as she came back. When I said Rob has confirmed he is likely to have a lot more work for us, she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.

We left the hotel on a real high and as we had taken a taxi in repaired to Rose Street for a few celebratory drinks. She said well done to me for firming up on the work and I smiled and said ” It was an easy sell when he was lusting after getting into your pants.”

” Don’t be silly he is drop dead gorgeous, absolutely loaded and I’m sure he could have all the young ass he wants.”

” Well today I think he was lusting after your ass and tits.”

She was obviously not a little turned on by the thought of our new ‘boss’ wanting her because when we got back home around 7.00 it was straight to bed with a bottle of champagne and where I enjoyed all of the pleasures her ripe body had to offer.

Although we have been married for over 20 years, I never fail to be aroused by her heavy dangling breasts, bonus veren siteler her big ripe shaven box and her ripe creamy thighs and big jutting 42″ ass.

The next morning we were sill on a high over breakfast at the thought of a lot more interesting assignments although Babs still couldn’t get her head round the fact that Rod, with so many other choices appeared to find her attractive and desirable.

Later that afternoon Alan telephoned to confirm that Rod had been impressed by both of us and had confirmed that he saw a big role for us both for domestic and foreign assignments. He said Rob was particularly taken with how attractive Eileen was, and he wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t invited to one of his parties. When I asked what type of party? Alan said Rob’s costumed parties were legendary both for their theatre and anything goes action.

About a week later Rob did ‘phone but it wasn’t to invite us to a party but to advise us that he wanted to have a round of golf with me to discuss some possible golfing assignments and to have dinner that evening with Eileen to brief her on some restaurant /lifestyle features he was considering. It was clear from his invitation that professionally he was treating us as individuals rather than a couple.

I was delighted to host him at my club, where I am on the committee, and had arranged for the captain to welcome him personally. He was immaculately turned out and of course had a great set of clubs. He was good — I play off 7 but he was better, being able to hit the ball that bit longer. He paid me the compliment thanking me for a very good game.

Over lunch he developed his ideas for a golfing series he wanted me to do on wild golf courses initially in the UK & Ireland but also perhaps in other locations. He said he hoped we were happy to take on a few more individual and joint assignments than we had done for Alan and possibly some TV work. And he immediately gave me over 18mths work at roughly double the rate that Alan had paid. I liked his style.

The captain joined us for a drink and I think Rob was impressed that it was a special very good Club branded single malt. He refused a second saying that he had an important meeting that night with Eileen and wanted to keep a clear head. But I think he was impressed when the captain invited him to play at the club any time he was in town and presented him with a bottle of the malt to enjoy later.

When he left, I called Eileen to give her my news to find she was in town shopping for ‘something to wear’ that evening. I had a few more celebratory drinks with the captain before heading home. Shortly after I got home Eileen arrived with a load of bags. She laid out a couple of outfits on the bed before going into the shower. When she came out she held both up against her and asked me to choose. Both were short black and slinky — one lower cut which would show quite a bit of cleavage with a fuller skirt and the other tighter but higher necked. I suggested the one that was tighter round her ass! My next choice was hold ups or stockings and suspenders — easy choice as although women don’t like guys seeing their suspender ‘bumps’ I think women wearing suspenders somehow walk in a much sexier fashion.

When she came out of the bedroom I simply said “Wow!”

With heavier make up on than normal, her hair professionally done she looked a lot younger than her age and the dress was absolutely sculpted to her ripe mature body. To be critical it was a bit too short to be considered ‘business like’ but the soft material held up her unbraed breasts without squashing them and accentuated their ripeness with a hint of nipple while the skirt was totally sculpted to her big ripe rear and thighs. Rob was in for a treat.

When the taxi arrived she gave me a peck on the lips and told me not to wait up as heels clicking she ran to the car.

I had a sandwich about 8.00 with another couple of glasses of whisky and fell asleep in front of the TV. I was rather startled out of my slumber by the ‘phone and looking at my watch saw it was just after midnight. It was Eileen to say she had some exciting news but as she had had a bit too much champagne to celebrate, she was going to stay over and for me not to wait up. I had a rather sleepless night and had drifted off again when I heard the door. It was 8.30am.

She was obviously not long out of the shower as her hair was still damp and her makeup was fresh. And she suggested I get up and we have a coffee while she shared her news. She was buzzing about the work we had been promised whereas I was more interested in what had happened between the two of them. But before I pressed her on that I listened to what she had been offered. Once again she had been offered around 18mths of assignments mainly in the Uk but also a couple of joint ones including one in Spain and one in the US. It looked as if we were going to be busy and ‘well off’.

Then I listened with rising bedava bahis cock while she recounted her evening.

The desk clerk said that Rob was waiting for her in the bar. When she went in he was at a stool in the bar looking ‘drop dead gorgeous’ in a navy suit and white open necked shirt. She was glad she had made an effort because she could see he liked what he saw as he got up to give her a peck on the cheek and murmured ” You look and smell fantastic.”

He asked did she want to have a drink at the bar or go over to one of the other tables at the window. She thought it would be a struggle to get up on the stool so opted for a seat by the window. As she sat down in the rather low seat and pulled her skirt down as she crossed her legs, she noted his eyes went to her thighs and they shared a smile. It was quite romantic sitting with this very handsome American looking down to the lights in Princess Street and it felt more like a date than a business meeting.

After a couple of drinks, he suggested they go through to the restaurant to talk business as he found sitting looking at her legs was quite distracting! As they followed the waiter through to the restaurant she felt his hand on the small hollow at her spine above her hips as he shepherded her to her seat.

While waiting for their starters they discussed some of the ideas he had for her working for him and some ideas for joint projects with me. It sounded both exciting and lucrative. They had a bottle of Sancerre with their starters, a bottle of claret with their main course and by the time they moved back out to the bar for brandies basic contracts had been agreed and she felt he was flirting with her. As they walked out to the bar his hand once again went to her back and he whispered to her “Eileen you really are stunning and you have a sensational figure.”

When they sat down this time, she hadn’t worried about pulling her skirt down on a sofa opposite him and as it rode up she realised that she was showing a bit of stocking top and creamy thigh and was pleased to see his appreciative smile.

Leaning over he pecked her on the lips and said ” I don’t normally mix business with pleasure but since I met you I have been thinking of nothing else!”

When she said she was flattered but surely he could have virtually any woman he wanted he smiled and said “Well believe you me I haven’t wanted anyone as much as I want you for a very long time. You’re intelligent, very pretty, really stacked on top, and have an unbelievable rear and great legs and thighs.”

He went on ” Now I want to work with Bob and you professionally, so it’s up to you whether you want to mix a little pleasure with business.”

Moving over beside her on the sofa he ran his hand up her leg from her knee to stocking top and murmured “I have been wanting to get between those thighs since I first saw you.”

She was really flattered but didn’t want to appear too easy so she said ” I really am flattered and I do find you very attractive but I wouldn’t want it to interfere with our professional relationship.”

But obviously used to getting what he wanted and taking this as a ‘yes’, he took her hand and placed it on his erection murmuring “You see what you do to me, are you going to spend the night with me?”

When she murmured her assent he reached across and taking the weight of one her large breasts in her hand he kissed her and said ” Well you call Bob while I sign the tab.”

As they left the bar she felt a more proprietal hand on her rear as he walked to the lift and as they waited for the lift he bent down and kissed her with his tongue doing exciting things to hers. In the lift and in the corridor outside his suite he continued to kiss and fondle her breasts and rear and she reciprocated by groping what appeared a very large erection.

She smiled when she entered the room to see two champagne bottles on ice and teased him by saying ” You were very sure of yourself.”

Pouring her a glass he said ” No just very hopeful.”

When she finished her drink he very gently took it from her before rather enveloping her with his hands roaming all over her. He groped her breasts and fondled her big ass before she felt his hand go up her skirt to claim her large box. He grunted appreciatively when he felt the size of it and muttered ” Wow that is some cunt I’m really going to enjoy filling that.”

Rucking up her skirt over her thighs he led her to the bed, knelt down and gently removed her g-string. As he did so he murmured ” I think you are as up for this as me, you’re absolutely sodden down here!”

He was right as Eileen had been on a sexual high all night and as he did most exciting things to her clit and cunt with his long tongue she had the first of many climaxes of the night.

He started to lose his clothes to reveal a very well toned muscular body with a very long, thick and slightly curved cock. He pulled her up of the bed to remove deneme bonus her dress and she was pleased when he held her slightly back from him to run his hands over her mature breasts, shaven pussy and buttocks describing her as having a ‘sensational’ body.

Grabbing her buttocks he pulled her crotch tight against his erection as he kissed her before pushing her down on to the bed parting her thighs and mounted her in a surprisingly gentle fashion. She was surprised at the gentleness of his lovemaking as he thrust deep into her he kissed her, stroked her hair and neck and fondled her breasts all the time telling her how beautiful she was.

Rather unused to this style of lovemaking as Eileen has the sort of ripe body which encourages a more physical lustful approach, he brought her to several climaxes before increasing his tempo and climaxing deep inside her. As he lay embedded in her he once again fondled her gently and said she had been everything he had hoped she would be in bed.

Long cock dangling he eased off her to get them more champagne and as they lay back together he kissed and fondled her ‘magnificent breasts’ while she fondled his semi erect cock and balls. She felt him start to harden and to encourage him bent down and kissed the tip of his cock. She started to lick his cock and right down to his balls and he really stiffened and she was able to admire the size and rigidity of the tool that had given her such pleasure. Wanting to please him she started to do her party piece is that she can open her throat and take a guy’s cock right down her throat.

This usually get her face fucked but Rod gently eased her up, kissed her and murmured ” That was wonderful but we have all night so let’s pace ourselves and as you can imagine I want to make love that that beautiful big rear of yours.”

If anything he got bigger and harder when she said ” I thought you might and I’d love you to.”

Flipping over on to her tummy she ran her hands over her hips and said ” If you have some lube it is all yours.”

Reaching over to the bedside table he got put a tube of lube but before applying it, he gently parted her hips and she felt his tongue go down her crack and do exciting things as it licked and entered her anus. As she murmured her appreciation, he gently applied lube and entered initially one and then a couple of fingers into her. She saw him lube his large curved cock and then pulling her up on to her knees he gently entered the head into her tight sphincter. She heard him murmur appreciatively as she eased her rear back on to him and she felt the full length of him ease into her bowels.

Most guys, me included, lust takes over when we mount that big rear with its magnificent soft cool creamy hips and we bugger her rather than make love to her rear but Rod was again extremely gentle easing in and out of her while fondling her big dangling tits, while she stimulated her own clit.

As she got more excited he did up the pace but very much in time with her own movements and she ended up having a combined anal and clitoral climax before he increased his own pace and flooded her bowels. As she fell forward on the bed with his cock still embedded in her he leaned forward and whispered in her ear ” That was truly awesome, I really wanted that fantastic butt from the first time I saw you.”

He eased off her to get cleaned up and brought two more glasses of champagne back to bed. As they lay and cuddled she pressed him as to why when he could have a lot of women he found her so attractive.

He said he hadn’t expected her to be so attractive when we had first met him and he was greatly taken by her big braless breasts, ripe thighs and prominent pussy mound but what really had caught his eye and his imagination was her curvaceous mature rear. He hadn’t been able to think of a lot else other than having it.

When she teasingly flipped over on to her front she ran her hand teasingly over her hips and asked

” Do you really think my mature rump is so unforgettable?”

Bending over he kneaded her ass cheeks before kissing the hollow in her back where she her curved before flaring over her jutting buttocks. He murmured ” I love the deep cleavage between your hips, your pretty little anus and the fact you can take and enjoy cock in your ass, but I really love this little hollow.”

What surprised her most that he said went on stay that he didn’t he hoped it wouldn’t be a one night stand. He appreciated the geography made it a bit difficult but he did hope to visit the UK more and she could come out to the states.

Reaching up she kissed him and said that when they met she had found him terribly attractive but thought he wouldn’t be interested and she was delighted he wanted to see her again outside the work environment. Reaching down she cupped his balls and murmured ” And I hope you have a lot more of that to give me tonight.”

They made love in various ways until almost dawn with him having all her orifices several times. He had her anus for the final time as they had showered and she had found it terribly decadent to be sitting nude except for a bathrobe, with cum oozing out of her rear when the young guy brought them breakfast to the room.

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