Diary of a Teacher 01: VacationDiary of a Teacher 01: Vacation


I had a date set up tonight, but he called and said he couldn’t make it. Oh, well… his loss. I already picked out a nice skirt and shirt, with lovely black suede low cut boot with a pretty nice heel. I’m making my way through 2nd glass of wine, and reading naughty stories. This house is pretty empty when my son isn’t here. Checked the door and windows twice cause I thought I heard something earlier. I was reading a sexy story about a guy seducing his aunt, and I decided I’m gonna write out how it happened with my nephew few years ago.

I was 33 at the time, and youngest of 3 – I have brother and sister, both older than me. My sister is 11 years older than me, and brother is 7 years. I’m a strawberry blonde and keeping in shape, regularly going to gym. I can honestly say I look good, with medium sized breasts (C cup for curious) and I’m 177 cm tall.

I was on vacation with my son, 2 nephews, and a niece at my brother’s vacation house on the coast. Mostly it was quiet, I was relaxing from school year, and kids were all day at the beach, only coming in to be fed. Oldest nephew was taking care of his cousins and sister, so I had a lot of privacy. He was 20, and was there with us to get away from everything since his girlfriend dumped him few weeks before that. He’d stay up late, and we’d talk about his studies at university, his ex, and so on. I was teaching him difference between decent and crappy wine, so most alanya escort of time we were tipsy.

After a week, there was a party celebrating town anniversary, so we were all out partying. Kids were back home somewhere around 2 am, but two of us stayed till about 3 am. Dancing, drinking, and having fun. I had little too much to drink, so I needed a little help walking back home in my heels. We took longer way back so I can get a little sobered up. I hate when room spins after I get into bed, don’t you? Took us about half an hour, and during that he had his arm around me to keep me steady, and share some warmth. It was a warm night, but chilly breeze would come from sea here and there. It was a little funny because I’m taller than most guys when I’m in heels, and I could look down on him.

At some point I realized he was really good built, better than my boyfriend back home. Boyfriend hasn’t done his duties in over a month at that point and I knew that relationship was dead, just didn’t get to the point where I had courage to say it’s over. I was still drunk, and having very un-auntlike thoughts about my nephew. But I wasn’t doing anything, just chatting, complaining about my boyfriend. He was listening and saying oh, ah, idiot, etc… at proper places while I talked. Such a sweet boy.

Close to the house is a nice little cove, and I suggested we stop there. I wanted to take a little antalyajazzfestival.com swim to clear up my head, and he didn’t mind. Only, he realized he had no bathing suit, and I said to him that neither do I. But if he’s shy, there’s no light and it’s too dark to see anything properly. He was unsure, but we were already there, and I was already out of my shoes and dress, undoing my bra. He had no choice but to start undressing.

Water was amazingly warm, and we must have been in there 10 minutes, horsing around, splashing each other, talking, when I tried to dunk him underwater jokingly. That backfired, and it was me who was under the water pretty fast. I tried to get even, but while we wrestled, he managed to dunk me twice more, and then I noticed he was excited and standing at attention when I was trying to grab him and my hand got a hold of something. I realized pretty fast what I grabbed, but not as fast as him.

That was a little embarrassing. I let go of it immediately, and started apologizing. He also said he was sorry, he didn’t mean to get hard, blah blah blah… But I sad it’s ok, that young guys get horny easy, and I was naked, and it’s a compliment that he finds I’m sexy enough to have that happen. And I guess it was still the wine in me, amplifying my horniness, cause I was going to kiss him on the cheek saying I’m not angry at him. But while going for his cheek, I turned a little and gave him a peck on lips. I was looking in his eyes, feeling his hard on barely touching me, standing between us, and we kissed. My hand was around his dick again, stroking him, while he was rubbing my ass.

After a few minutes I made him stop, saying we can’t. Then we got out of the water, pulled on my dress, with underwear and shoes in my hand, and we got back to the house in silence. Inside, I said we shouldn’t have done that, but thanked him for making me feel wanted. I was going to give him another kiss on cheek, saying goodnight, but he turned and kissed me full on lips, which turned into full on make out on couch. He was on top of me, and I could feel his hard on against my pussy, with only his pants between us. I didn’t want him to stop, but didn’t want him to go on, either.

He didn’t wait for me to say anything, I just felt him move a little, and then his pants were off and his dick was against my pussy with nothing in between. I panicked a little, but he was sliding it up and down and his tongue was in my mouth… and he slid in. After that was pretty much a blur.

It was quick and fast and desperate and I was horny enough, and feeling dirty enough that I came hard. He pulled out and came on my stomach between us while kissing me hard.

We fucked twice more in my bed, not so urgent, but still very energetic, and I’ve let him cum in my mouth once, and all over my ass and back other time.

After that we fucked for 2 weeks before we went home. I had fun with him a few times since, but that’s rare. His birthdays, and couple times when we had opportunity at family gatherings.

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