Debra and MeDebra and Me


Debra was not a very pretty young girl. She was somewhat mentally challenged but since she lived next door to us, we would often sit and talk together. We had a game that we would play sometime where it would begin by us calling each other silly names. It would soon progress to slight pushing where should would push me off the steps or off what ever I was sitting on. I would do the same to her. It would go pushing and shoving to out right wrestling. Debra loved pinning me down and making unable to move while she bounced on top of me repeatedly.

Debra was only 15 but for some reason her body seemed much older than her brain. Her breast always looked heavy with milk and no matter what top she wore her nipples looked as though they wanted to pop right through them. When she walk they would sway back and forth like they were live or something. Yet her waist was small and her waist carried the hour glass shape that black women just can’t get away from, neither her ass nor thighs sagged! Yet her butt cheeks would ripple with every stride.

Debra was heavy handed too; meaning she was strong.

As I said Debra was not very attractive but I always found her full lips, which seemed to always stay juicy, a sexual turn on for some reason. Her slurping on a Charms lolly pop was always noisy and I would secretly watch and listen to how her lips smacked and slurped at it. Sometime she would slurp it then quickly turn to me and say “have some!” – And poke that wet lolly pop into my mouth before I could say yes or no. Licking her long tongue out, she would stick it back into her wet mouth as she slightly would drool and happily lick and slurp away.

Debra was my friend and we had great fun together.

My mother had gone shopping and left Debra and me at home together to watch things. As usual we were clowning around like always. Debra had on the knock around dress that she wore sometimes and sneakers. I liked the dress because Debra wasn’t very reserved, and often behaved more like a Tom boy than a girl. I noticed that I would sometime catch her pressing her dress into her crouch. I don’t think she was aware she doing it though, as she would do this while playing or engaged in whatever it was that we were doing at the escort time. As we sit on the floor in my room I picked up a faint smell that was unusual and seem to excite me – A smell like sex! It was Debra. She sat on the floor with her knees bent and those pretty and thick thighs seemed to beg for attention. I felt my cock stir in my sweat pants! I never thought of doing anything to Debra until this moment, and the feeling became overwhelming! As she sit watching TV I noticed that she kept poking into her crouch so I asked her what was she doing.

She says “Let me she you something, OK”. Sure I said. She got on her knees lifted her dress, and in front of me was her white cotton panties with a big wet spot in the crouch. The cotton had wedged into her pussy lips slightly and in the middle of the wedge a bump that seemed to poke out the way her nipples did. She pulled them down slowly and I peered into her cotton panties. The aroma escaped into my nostril and my cock stiffened so much that it hurt! In her panties was a pool of clear sticky stuff. Her clit was throbbing as she held her panty line down for me to see. Debra was breathing slightly heavy and would occasional moan and hiss as the pink wet and slippery button throbbed! The skin over it had folded back and it gave off a pinkish look. It stood out from her dark skin and black Afro centric pubic hair.

She said “Touch it!” She grabbed my hand and forced it into her panties. I expected a cold slimy feeling but to my surprise it was warm and slimy, as she squeezed her cheeks together and that clit throbbed as my middle finger ribbed over it. I looked at Debra as she was look down. Hissing and moaning, Drool was sliding off her juicy lips and on to her dress. Her hips begin to move in circles as my fingers played in her wet slimy cunt, and her pussy lips seemed to spread open exposing her clit even more.

I noticed that my cock had by now formed a tent in my sweat pants.

Debra reaches over and in one swoop pulled then down to my knees. My cock sprang free! A string of pre-cum running down the underside of my stiff cock! Debra was complete fascinated. She reached out with her big hands and slowly strokes it, tenderly. I was surprised by that since normally she was so heavy izmit escort bayan handed.
I held her by the shoulders with my middle fingers still sticky and slimy from playing in her wet pussy, as she slowly and gently stoked my stiffening cock. I could feel my nut sack tightening and my cock was so rigged, threatening to bust and spray her dress any minute. “Stop! Debra don’t!” It will make a mess on your dress.

As we sit on our knees facing each other I put my hands back into those sticky wet cotton panties of hers. OMG, her pussy smell just filled my nostrils causing them to flare open, Debra now grinding on my fingers. Sticky wet sounds are the only thing I can her in the room, as the sound of the TV seemed faint in the background. Debra was now making these deep grunts and moans that really made her sound retorted! I could see in the mirror across from us her but cheeks: bouncing, flexing and grinding. The hem of her skirt raising and falling as she is grinding on my fingers. Her pussy lips are thick and swollen around my fingers. I thought it couldn’t possibly feel any better. Then Debra graded my hand roughly and pressed her pussy onto my fingers. I stiffened my middle finger which had no where to go but into her incredibly slippery whole! I can only describe it as tight and slippery. I gripped my finger like a vice grip!. “Grrruuunt! Ohhh. Grunt! …. “ She would say. Debra was forcing my fingers into her big wet pussy, using my hand of which she now had control of.: pushing and grinding it into that big tight naughty pussy , I could see her ass cheeks wiggling in the mirror behind us, opening and closing her ass! She was doing it so hard that “Faarrrrrrr……” A fart escaped her ass but not once did it break her concentration as she strained, poked and grunted and grind her hips, covering my fingers in her hot sticky pussy cream. One arm around my neck and the other around my wrist as my hand stretched her cotton panties, poking into the wettest and tightest pussy whole ever. Debra’s face was buried into the crevice of my neck, I could feel the clammy drool of your mouth on my neck, mixed with a sudden stab of her warm wet tongue; licking at my neck smacking and grunting next to my ear. My own hips now izmit sınırsız escort moving and pressing into her belly, wetting the front of her dress with pre-cum!
I pulled my middle finger from her pussy with a loud “Thooop!” I noticed a little blood mixed with her pussy cream. I got up and sit on the side of the bed. Debra was now on her knees between my legs, my cock sticking out pointing at her and throbbing. I put my head in my hands wondering to myself Why am I doing this to Debra. Before I could finish my thought Debra crawled up between my legs. Sniffing around my cock.

I said “Debra. Stop it OK we shouldn’t do this! Please Debra …” She replied “I Like the way it smells! Can I suck it?” No Debra, No. Before I could finish she grabbed it at the base squeezing it very hard. Her big strong hands gripping it tight, making it stiffen up. I tried to pull away but she would not let go. Drool escaping from her lips Debra sucked in my hard cock and “Sucked! … and Sucked1 … and Sucked!!” Sluurrrp, slurp, Grunt… grunt… “ Tugging at it – making it stiffen up and I could feel my helmet expand in her mouth” “Oh No!” I said, please Debra…. You gonna… Ohhhhh” Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!, and with one jolt forward Debra deep throated my cock. Her throat muscle squeezed and she gagged, and I was more than I could take! “My thighs and legs stiffened … My balls went tight and up into my body, my whole body went rigid on the bed …. Spurt …. Squeeze…. Spurt, Spurt Squeeze …. Spurt, Spurt, Spurt …. Squeeze.“ Ohhh Debra, Ohhh Debra …. Ohhhh….God Ohh, Was all I could say as drool and cum escaped from the side of that girls lips as load after healthy load of cum erupted in that wet, drooling, sucking mouth. As it soften she let it go with a loud “Plop!” along with a slurping sound as she slurped up cum that was hanging from her big wet and sticky lips, lips now sticky from my cum load and her saliva. I heard the door key turn and we quickly got up. She pulled up her panties. The sticky wetness still in her cotton panties as she straighten out her dress in front of her. I could see the small pre-cum spots that were still wet on the front of her dress. Her cunt smell was still in the room, now mixed with the heavy smell of a 15 year old boy’s cum load.
Robert, Debra are you still here!” Yes Mom, we are watching TV. “OK I’m back”, OK Mom. We both laughed a giggled as we stretched on the floor to finish watching TV.

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