Debbee and CharlotteDebbee and Charlotte

Arabelle Raphael

A faint frown of concentration crossed Debbee’s beautiful face as the eighteen-year-old carefully applied her lipstick, running the small, salmon-pink tipped tube across her full lips until they were bathed in moist colour. Pressing her sensuous lips briefly together, Debbee’s slim fingers took the maroon lip pencil from the table before her and began to painstakingly outline her carefully painted lips, finally pouting with satisfaction at the pleasing reflection in her dressing table mirror.

Debbee scrutinized her face for any flaw in her fine, smooth skin, in her carefully applied eyeliner, in the subtle hint of near-flesh toned eye makeup, in her freshly painted lips, and finally stood up, satisfied. Her pretty face was perfect.

Debbee ran her slender hands down over her hourglass waist, smoothing the sheer material of her semi-transparent white blouse over her taut belly. The more solid white of Debbee’s flimsy brassiere was clearly visible through her filmy blouse, the tiny cups barely containing her full, plump breasts.

Her pencil-slim fingers continued down over her curvy hips, the shapely lobes of Debbee’s buttocks straining against the skin-tight lycra of her short, black miniskirt, the hem of which ended high up on Debbee’s smooth, tanned thighs and left her sculpted legs bare all the way down to her mirror-polished black stilettos.

Debbee lifted her slender arms back up and slid her fingers deep into her rich, mahogany-coloured hair, stroking the sleek mane of loose waves into shape until it tumbled over her slim shoulders like a silken waterfall. Debbee smiled indulgently at her reflection in her dressing table mirror. She knew she looked stunning.

Perching daintily on the edge of her bedroom’s single chair, Debbee uncapped the tiny bottle of deep carmine nail polish, and carefully drew the cap’s brush over her long, manicured thumbnail several times until it shone with glossy lacquer. Repeating the process another nine times, Debbee finally recapped the bottle and gazed back at herself, her pretty brown eyes growing distant as she waited for her nails to dry, and her mind began to drift.

* * * * * * * * * *

Shortly after beginning sixth-form college Debbee had struck up a friendship with another girl in her year, Charlotte, who sat several of the same classes. It was generally accepted by the college’s male students that Debbee and Charlotte were the two most beautiful girls in the whole place, and many a debate raged between those who preferred the blue eyed, bleach-blonde Charlotte and those who favoured the brown eyed, dark-haired Debbee. But it was generally either Debbee or Charlotte’s fabulous bodies which centred in most of the young men’s minds later in the evenings as their soap-filled hands gently tugged at the contours of their eager erections, Debbee or Charlotte’s gorgeous faces their minds focussed on as they suddenly whimpered with exquisite relief and their semen hosed onto the tiled wall of their shower cubicles in long, hot squirts.

However, whilst both girls enhanced their naturally beautiful faces and superbly fit bodies with extensive personal grooming programs, and both loved to tantalisingly encourage the attentions of any man who approached within their orbit, one major difference separated them. Although Debbee was devastatingly sexy in both appearance and manner — she had that kind of open, flirty self-confidence around men that, combined with her beauty, drove them crazy with desire for her — at three months past her eighteenth birthday Debbee was still a virgin. By contrast, when presented with an appropriate suitor, Charlotte was prepared to go a lot further than just flirting.

A tall, handsome student had taken Charlotte’s virginity on their fourth date when she was barely fifteen, and by the time both girls celebrated their eighteenth birthdays, just a few days apart from each other, Charlotte had had over a dozen lovers whilst Debbee had gone no further than several prolonged bouts of smooth French-kissing.

‘Honestly, Debbee,’ retorted Charlotte one Friday night shortly after they had both turned eighteen, as they prepared themselves for an evening at one of the town’s nightclubs. ‘You’ll heal up if you don’t have a boy in you soon.’

Debbee giggled, sliding a foot into one of her polished, white shoes. ‘We’ll see,’ she replied, gazing across at Charlotte as the girl continued to brush her long, pale blonde hair until it shone like silk. ‘I’m just choosy, I suppose.’

‘Yeah,’ sighed Charlotte, ‘but there’s choosy and there’s impossible.’ She put her hairbrush down, finally satisfied. ‘Anyway, there will be loads of fabulous men there tonight, all desperate to pull us both. Come on.’ Linking arms, the two gorgeous young girls went downstairs and left Charlotte’s parents’ house, teetering in their tight miniskirts and tall stilettos.

They never, ever bought their own drinks — there was always a selection of young men willing to pay the price of two casino siteleri cocktails in order to enjoy the girls’ company for a while. After a couple of hours of drinking, dancing and flirting, Debbee and Charlotte had finally chosen a pair of tall, dark-haired men in their early twenties to squire them for the rest of the evening. They smiled and flirted with their handsome suitors, the two girls presently separating as their new partners began to steer them away from each other and into a pair of boy-girl couples.

As the slow dances began, Charlotte allowed herself to sink luxuriantly into her new man-friend’s waiting arms, smiling encouragingly up at him as he tentatively squeezed her firm, tightly sheathed buttocks, allowing her sensuous, painted lips to part invitingly just inches from his face. She pressed her hips lightly against his burgeoning erection, her eyes locking onto his, then snuggled against him as he leaned towards her and kissed her, gently slipping his tongue into her open mouth for the first time.

Later, Charlotte was leaning against the wall in a dark corner of the club, her carefully outlined eyes almost shut with contentment, her pretty face rapt as her new suitor’s tongue explored the contours of her heavily scented ears. He was breathing hard with excitement, his hands eagerly stroking her curvy hips, and Charlotte already knew that she was going to let him fuck her. Her pretty head rolled to one side as her partner’s questing lips began to slide over her neck, and through her barely open eyelids Charlotte spotted Debbee.

Her dark-haired friend was further along the same dimly-lit section of wall which Charlotte leaned against, the lack of lighting so obviously deliberate that it was known to everyone as the ‘make-out corner’. Four or five couples stood between her and Debbee, all in various stages of foreplay, and at the very end Debbee and her new male friend were locked together in a complex embrace. Her pretty, brown eyes were closed, her lips parted, and the handsome young man was gently licking Debbee’s sensuous, open lips before slipping his tongue unhurriedly between them for a few seconds of probing exploration, then pulling back to lick Debbee’s soft, pouting lips again, then slithering his tongue all the way back into her mouth…

Charlotte smiled as she watched them, Debbee’s slim fingers stroking her suitor’s neck, her lithe body arching gently against him as his tongue disappeared between her sensuous, painted lips once more. Debbee’s closed eyelids were fluttering with enjoyment. Go on, thought Charlotte. You know you want to.

Charlotte felt a hand slide into her rich, silken blonde hair and turn her pretty head back towards her own partner, and then she was sucking his slippery tongue deep into her mouth once more, her eyes sliding languidly shut at the sensation of him eagerly mapping her. Charlotte could feel herself becoming impatient now to leave the club with her new man as they began snogging gently once more, her breath beginning to quicken, her soft vulva glistening with anticipation beneath her flimsy panties. She and Debbee could compare notes on Saturday.

* * * * * * * * * *

‘You mean you didn’t go back with him?’

Debbee smiled, lowering her pretty eyes demurely from Charlotte’s shocked face. ‘I might call him,’ she replied softly. ‘He gave me his number.’

‘I bet he did,’ snorted Charlotte. ‘Fuck, Debbee. It looked like you were ready to eat each other whole last night. I thought you’d been well and truly pulled.’

Debbee gazed up at her friend’s pretty face. It was Saturday afternoon, and Charlotte still looked a wee bit tired. Within an hour of leaving the club, Debbee was contentedly asleep in her own bed, whilst Charlotte was slowly lowering her smooth, naked body onto her new boyfriend’s throbbing erection, her sensuous, painted lips opening at the sensation as his purple dome parted the flower of her soft, wet vulva. As Debbee’s fabulous body moved slightly in sleep on her cool sheets, Charlotte had whimpered with joy as her new man’s strong hands closed over her slim hips and began to pull her down onto him again and again, slowly at first and then faster and faster… By the time the gorgeous young blonde had staggered unsteadily from his apartment into a waiting taxi, it was beginning to get light.

‘Are you seeing him again?’ asked Debbee after Charlotte had enthused in graphic detail about her prolonged sexual manipulation and gasping orgasms of a few hours earlier.

‘Oh yeah!’ giggled Charlotte, ‘he was great. He wants to see me tomorrow but I want to keep him hungry.’ She began to brush her long, white-blonde hair with firm sweeps. ‘I’ll get him to pick me up from college in his car on, say, Tuesday I think. Then he can take me out to dinner once I’ve got changed.’ Charlotte switched the brush to her other hand, and began to groom her opposite side, studying her reflection in the bedside mirror. ‘Then on the way back I’ll güvenilir casino get him to stop the car, and I’ll really snog him hard and let him put his hands wherever he wants. In fact, I’ll encourage it. Then I’ll make him stop at a little pub and buy me a drink or two, just to make him wait a bit longer, so by the time we get back to his place he’ll be nearly squirting in his pants.

‘…Then,’ Charlotte turned to Debbee with a wicked smile, ‘I’ll let him take me to bed.’ She leaned forwards. ‘For hours.’

The two gorgeous eighteen-year-olds giggled with delight.

‘Honestly,’ laughed Charlotte, tossing her blonde hair over her slim shoulders. ‘I almost couldn’t walk when I left his place this morning. God knows what he’ll do to me on Tuesday.’

‘Charlotte, you’re terrible!’ laughed Debbee.

‘No I’m not,’ the young blonde admonished with a grin. ‘Look Debbee, you and I can have any man we want. Any man at all. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of that now and again.’ Charlotte glanced at Debbee. ‘You should try it some time.’

‘Yeah, yeah,’ Debbee smiled. ‘One day.’

‘Go on,’ purred Charlotte. ‘Give that gorgeous hunk you were snogging last night a call, arrange a date with him, and let him stick it all the way into you. You’ll love it.’

‘Maybe,’ sighed Debbee. ‘We’ll see.’

* * * * * * * * * *

Debbee drifted from her reverie back to the reality of her bedroom. She hadn’t called the gorgeous hunk, of course. In the six weeks since that night, Charlotte had grown bored with her own gorgeous hunk in less than a month, dumped him, and — precisely six days and seven hours after their split — was giggling with excitement and wrapping her long, smooth legs around the naked torso of her geeky older brother’s visiting University friend, a handsome youth whom Charlotte had just allowed to strip her at the end of their third date.

And that, thought Debbee, was the essential difference between the two of them: Charlotte loved the pleasure and power of sex. Debbee loved the pleasure and power of denial.

After spending an hour sucking on the tongue of her gorgeous hunk at the club, allowing her luxuriant hips to press lightly against his erection until he was moving against her in tiny, dry thrusts as he hungrily licked Debbee’s open, pouting lips, she managed to slip away from him without revealing her address or phone number (‘I don’t have a mobile,’ she had lied). Debbee had then walked briskly home, gone straight to her room, drawn off her flimsy panties, and sighed with long-withheld relief as her slim fingers found her soft, slippery vulva.

Debbee had begun to gasp softly with pleasure as her fingers teased the exposed bulb of her clitoris, thinking of his face and the way he had used his fingers and mouth on her. Presently she had rolled onto her back and spread her long, smooth legs wide across her bed to give her swiftly manipulating fingers more access between her sculpted thighs, her stretchy white miniskirt riding high up onto Debbee’s luxuriant hips as she began to squirm helplessly, her sensuous mouth opening with enjoyment. She thought of the lust filling his eyes as she had flirted and flirted with him, smiling and teasing and letting him kiss her and put his tongue in her mouth, and Debbee’s gorgeous, painted lips parted wide with excitement as she began to spiral out of control.

Debbee’s back arched clear of her duvet and she suddenly clapped her free hand over her open mouth to stifle a cry of ecstasy as she began to peak. She whimpered plaintively through her tightly-clamped fingers as her orgasm rose up and engulfed her, and it was the desperate, unrequited lust in her partner’s eyes that had filled Debbee’s mind as her pretty eyes rolled up into her head and her fabulous body began to shudder with glorious release.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sitting by her bedroom mirror, Debbee smiled faintly at the memory, glancing at her glossy fingernails to see if the rich, carmine lacquer had dried. Her tiny toenails, tucked away inside the long, pointed tips of her polished stilettos, had already been painted earlier. Yes, thought Debbee with satisfaction as she stood and admired her curvy profile in her bedroom mirror, she was ready.

It was going to be an interesting evening. Since Charlotte’s whirlwind romance with her brother’s University friend — she had met him, dated him, fucked him on several panting occasions, and dumped him in under a week — the gorgeous blonde had been unattached for several days before grabbing Debbee’s slender arm at college that morning.

‘Debbee, I need a little favour.’


Charlotte smiled radiantly, her pretty, blue eyes sparkling. ‘I’ve met this great guy.’

Debbee raised her delicate eyebrows. ‘Another one?’

‘Yeah, yeah.’ Charlotte waved away Debbee’s disapproving look with a slim hand. ‘I know you think I’m a slut, sometimes. And you know I think you’re uptight-‘


‘- canlı casino But he’s tall, handsome, witty, fit, and he’s completely besotted with me already. The thing is…’ Charlotte turned to Debbee. ‘He’s got this friend who’s single and he’s asked me if I know of someone for a double-date.’

Debbee gazed at Charlotte, waiting for more. ‘Yeah, okay… so you suggested me?’

‘Yes!’ Charlotte affirmed happily. ‘It’ll be great.’

Debbee shrugged her slim shoulders as the two girls sat down at a canteen table, both of them slowly and deliberately crossing their long, smooth legs, encouraging their already short skirts to ride fractionally higher up their tanned thighs. Across the noisy canteen, several dozen pairs of male eyes were already closely observing Debbee and Charlotte’s perfectly sculpted legs, and the girls smiled secretively at each other, fully aware of the attention and enjoying it.

‘So,’ said Debbee, a faint smile still on her full lips. ‘What’s he like, this guy you’ve volunteered me for?’

Charlotte’s brow wrinkled. ‘Well, I don’t know, exactly…’

Debbee leaned anxiously forwards, her tight skirt easing a little further up her supple thighs and causing the male eyes to redouble their attention. This time, however, Debbee was oblivious. ‘You mean you’ve not actually met him?’

‘Well, no not yet,’ admitted Charlotte. ‘I mean I’ve only known James — my new guy — for a couple of days. But don’t worry. His name’s Paul, and James reckons he’s very nice.’

‘Oh great.’ Debbee slumped back into her chair, her plump breasts oscillating delightfully at the action. ‘Charlotte, he might be a right minger.’ Debbee tossed her magnificent mahogany hair back over her slim shoulders, pouting sulkily.

‘Oh for heaven’s sake, Debbee, what are the options?’ Charlotte raised one perfectly French-manicured finger. ‘One, he’s fucking gorgeous, you’re swept off your feet for once, and you spend the following week permanently impaled on his undoubtedly huge cock with your mouth wide open at how good it feels.’

In spite of herself, Debbee burst into loud giggles. ‘Charlotte!’

The beautiful young blonde held up another slim finger. ‘Two, he’s anything from just short of fucking gorgeous to a total minger, in which case you can flirt and tease and turn him on all night until he’s almost shooting his load just looking at you, then you can dump him at the end of the evening, all of which we both know gives you some kind of obscure thrill. Either way, you can’t lose, right?’

Debbee sighed, smiling. Charlotte perhaps knew her better than she had thought. ‘Assuming the second option as the most likely outcome, won’t James be a bit upset with you when your friend is a complete bitch to his friend?’

‘Nah.’ Charlotte waved a dismissive hand. ‘Because I’ve made sure that James knows he’s going to fuck me for the first time tonight, and once we arrive that’s all he’ll be thinking about. Any sympathy for his dear little buddy will be overridden by his wondering just how hard he can squeeze my bum when his cock starts squirting like a fire-hose inside me.’

Debbee laughed. ‘All right. What time?’

‘I’ll be round in a taxi at eight. We’re going to that nice wine bar on the other side of town. The boys are meeting us there.’

‘Okay then,’ smiled Debbee. ‘I’ll be ready.’

* * * * * * * * * *

As they entered the expansive bar, Debbee and Charlotte felt the dozens of eyes immediately crawling over them like a physical presence. Debbee’s tight, semi-transparent white blouse, her tiny, stretchy black miniskirt, and tumbling waves of mahogany hair was complemented by Charlotte’s brief, skin-tight white cocktail dress and hair of gleaming, pale blonde silk. Both girls’ outfits showed off their magnificent young bodies to perfection.

‘Now then,’ mused Charlotte as she scanned the rows of alcoves alongside the main bar area, careful not to catch any of the myriad eyes ogling them. ‘Ah, there we are.’

Linking her slim arm with Debbee’s, Charlotte led her friend over to a secluded alcove in one of the far corners of the room, where two men sat. One of them was waving.

Debbee felt her heart sink as the approached the isolated booth and the guys stood to greet them. Neither of them met the glowing description Charlotte had given of James earlier that morning — they were both tall, over six feet, and not fat either, but both were much older than Debbee had expected, and neither were remotely what she would have described as handsome. The man on the right — close-cropped hair obviously balding, who was ogling Charlotte like he wanted to devour her, was presumably James. Which meant — dear Lord – the one on the left with the big nose and the short hair with honest-to-God visible grey, who was looking at Debbee with unbridled delight, had to be Paul.

‘Hello ladies. Charlotte,’ James greeted, turning his gaze onto the gorgeous young blonde as she stepped close to him.

‘Hi James,’ Charlotte purred, placing one slim hand on his shoulder as their open lips brushed lingeringly together and his fingers gently squeezed one of her glorious buttocks through the thin lycra sheath of her brief cocktail dress. ‘This is Debbee.’

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