Dave – I Had Fantasized About HimDave – I Had Fantasized About Him


Usually My wife Lil, and me would go out to the local on a Saturday night. Tonight she is meeting some friends and going out with them.

While I was driving Lil to her friends house. I decided that I would call by the local and see who was out. If there was a few out then I would take the car home and nip back. If it looked like it would be a quiet one, then go home and have some beers there.

So, after leaving Lil. With her promise of the usual wild sex when she gets home. (In reality she is normally too pissed and falls asleep.) I ended up at a very quiet local.

I had more or less decide to go home while I ordered my pint, when Dave come from out of the gents. After the hello’s. It was Dave that started. “It’s been dead in here for the last two hours. I was going to go home, but seeing that there is someone to talk to I’ll have another with you.”

“I’m only having this one. Got the car and it looks like it will be like this for the night. I might as well stay in too.

“Ok can you drop me off on the way please.”

As I drank my beer, I wished that I was staying out. Dave was always good company, and tonight he was in good form. But I had the car.

We finished off our drinks and headed out to my car. “You don’t mind dropping me off?”

“No problem mate. I only called in by chance.”

“Do you want a drink at mine?”

“Would love to. But I have the car. Another time.”

“Leave the car on my drive, you only live a couple of minutes away. And I can show you my t.v.”

“Oh I remember you saying. It has all the bells and whistles.”

“More than that mate. It should have too for the money that I paid for it.”

“Ok if I can get my car onto your drive then I’ll have a can or two at yours, and see this t.v.”

There was plenty of room on his drive. So I parked the car and prepared myself to go into his. As far as I was aware, nobody had been inside Dave’s house. Everyone knew that his wife had left him. But we all speculated that she had took everything with her, and he let the place go.

I can confirm that we were all wrong. The house was spotlessly clean.

I followed him to his kitchen, and he got us some cans out of the fridge.

Dave nodded to a door. “Just though there, make yourself at home.”

he followed me into his lounge. You could not miss the t.v that was hanging on the wall. “You see it best from sitting on this sofa.”

We sat at either ends while Dave showed off all of the features.

By the time he had finished the guide. It was time for another can.

As Dave went to get our drinks I had to ask. “You said that it was brilliant for watching porn on. Is that next?”

“Give me a second to grab my laptop.”

Dave explained all about putting films onto the t.v from his computer and everything about it. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that’s exactly what I done at home. Albeit on a lesser t.v.

Then his phone rang. He looked at me. “The porn site is on there, load what you want. I have to take this. Will just be a minute.”

Dave was already signed into the site. I never had the time for that. Or if I did then Lil would quiz me why I was watching porn without her. She Ankara rus escort could never take it in that I liked to relieve myself from time to time. If I did log in to that same site then it was to find some lesbian porn for Lil and me to watch. That always turned her on.

I looked through what Dave had already viewed. He had been on here regularly going by the history. Then I come across some unexpected porn for Dave. He had been looking at gay porn and bisexual stuff too. Lots of it.

I come to a film that I had already seen myself. Shot in H.D it was two couples. Where the girls went with each other and the men done the same too. I had found it such a turn on, and I had seen what he had been watching.

It caught Dave by surprise when he come back in the room. I felt that I should put him at ease. “It’s what I fancied watching from your history. That’s ok isn’t it?”

“So long as nobody else finds out. I’ll just get us another can.”

The girls on the screen were getting to know each other better when Dave gave me another can. Then he settled down on the other side of the sofa.

“It’s rare that I get to see porn on the big screen. I normally have to make do with my laptop. Unless Lil is feeling horny then I have to put it on our t.v for her. Yet I know that she looks at porn when I’m out.”

“Its one rule for them and one rule for us mate.”

“I have to tell you that this screen is brilliant for watching porn on. I feel like I am there with them.”

“Most films are pretty much normal, just a lot bigger. So is the telly. Football is good to watch too.

By now the men were beginning to touch each other. As far as I could remember from now on. I was so turned on by the film. I prayed that Dave didn’t want to watch something else.

I could feel myself getting harder. I wondered if Dave felt the same way. From out of the corner of my eye, I could see that he was trying to adjust himself.

“You ready for another one?”

“If you are. Shall I pause this for you?”

“No just leave it. I’ll just be a minute.”

I could not miss the bulge in his pants when he handed me the can. I hoped that he never saw mine.

In the film, the women would stop and watch the men, then they would take over and the men would watch them.

I did not expect Dave saying. “Have you ever been with a man?”

“No not really. Have you?”

“I haven’t no. What did you mean by not really?”

“I have rubbed cocks with someone. And wanked another off while he wanked me.”

“What? When was this?”

“You have to keep this to yourself mind. But when I was away at Uni. With the first guy we were daring each other to do things. Then just after we rubbed our cocks against each others he lost his bottle and fucked off. I wouldn’t care I wanted to go a lot further that night with him. After that he hardly ever spoke to me. The other one was where we were reading some wank mags. He just pulled out his cock and started stroking himself. So I done the same. Then he asked if I wanted to touch his. We ended up making each other cum. But he had to leave Uni. His mother passed away and he never come back.”

“So ankara ucuz escort what is it like touching another dick?”

“Do you want to find out? You can touch mine if your curious.”

I pulled my cock from out of my pants and gave it a slow stroke.

“Or we could just do this.”

Dave copied me and had his cock free. I would say that he was slightly bigger and fatter than mine. But more than I ever wanted. I needed his cock. I had previously fantasised about cock while watching gay porn. But I never ever acted on it. Apart from swapping an actor in my mind for Dave.

And only Dave because he lived alone and out of all my friends he was the only man that I wanted to try it with.

As Dave played with himself. I slid along the sofa beside him, and carried on stroking myself. It was difficult not to touch his. But I didn’t want to scare him off. There was plenty of time left.

I could feel Dave letting himself relax more, his breathing changed too, before his hand wandered over to me and he held onto another mans cock for the first time.

He was so gentle at first, with his grip.

To try and put him at ease I made a move for his cock. Like I was the expert! But I held him firmly and wanked him like I would have wanked myself.

“Are you ok? We can stop if you want. Anytime.”

“I’m ok with doing this. Enjoying it really. How can I get a better look at yours?”

“We could lie on the floor so we can see each others close up.” Just as the two men in the porn film lay on their sides ready to suck each other.

“What just like them two?”

“You want us to suck each other?”

“Do we have to get naked like them?”

“Dave we can do whatever you want. I’m happy with leaving my clothes on. If we ever do this again then get naked.”

“It just seems strange. If I was with a woman then I would still be kissing her. Maybe feeling her tits. With you I’m about to suck on your dick. No messing about.”

I never gave that part much thought. I only wanted to suck him. Taste some cum.

I lay on the floor. Still dressed. I did manage to free my balls though.

Lying there, playing with my cock. Dave gave in and lay down in front of me. Once he had freed his balls. His beautiful cock was there right in front of my face.

Dave was ahead of me. I could feel him holding my hard cock, his body adjusting, then a gentle kiss to the swollen tip of my member. Before he took me in his mouth.

I slowly wanked him for a moment. It was all I could do. I was so turned on. I had a friend sucking away on my cock and I had his cock just in front of me waiting for me to please it.

I ran my hand once more up and down his solid shaft, making sure that the foreskin covered his helmet, then once it was exposed again I kissed the tip, just like Dave had done. Then ran my tongue all over and around. It had a slightly salty tang to it, and felt firmer to my tongue than I had always imagined what it would feel like.

Then after taking a gulp of air I began to suck him. Bit by bit I took in my mouth with each nod of my until I couldn’t take any more.

As ankara yabancı escort I thought about what we were doing, still sucking Dave. I felt as though I could cum any second. I grabbed hold of my cock and pulled it away from Dave. “What’s wrong? Is it me? I haven’t hurt you?”

“No I almost started to cum. I want to hold on a little bit longer.”

“Would you have just emptied your load in my mouth?”

“No I will tell you when I’m going to cum. So you can decide what’s going to happen with it.”

“Do you want me to tell you that I’m cumming?”

“If you want. But I want to swallow your load. I need to know if there is any difference in taste to my own.”

“So you have eaten your own cum?”

“I thought that every man has at least once in their life. I don’t do it as much as I used to when I was younger.”

“I still like to spurt straight into my mouth at lest once a week. I just wish I could suck myself. Fuck knows I have tried.”

“I can’t manage that either. Sick of trying now. But this is better.”

That was enough of a break for us to carry on with giving each other oral.

I would take as much in my mouth as I could until I had to swallow all the excess saliva building up. Then I would wank him nice and fast, mesmerised with his foreskin slipping back and forth.

Then as Dave gasped he managed to say “cumming.” before spurting his load into my mouth. As he pumped away I kept a gentle hold of his shaft just in front of my lips, in case he thrusted too far. The first couple of spurts surprised me when they hit my tongue. Then it felt like it was not going to stop after that. It was still the same tangy taste to my own, and it went down the same as my own when I swallowed.

Then as I swallowed it sent me over the edge. I gave more of a warning that I was going to cum. Dave sucked me harder as I cum. I don’t know if he thought that it might help me get more out of my cock, or perhaps thats what his ex wife used to do. But as I cum I licked the very tip of Dave’s cock making that one of the best orgasm’s to date. I heard Dave moaning as he swallowed my load.

I managed to get a few droplets more of cum out of him before either of us could take any more attention down there.

I lay on my back for a moment. Just to get my head together. After all I had just sucked off a good friend of mine and he had done the very same thing to me.

Once I had calmed down. “Wow that was a million times better than I had ever thought. Thank you. You were great.”

Dave was beginning to sit up as I spoke. “That is something that I have always wanted to try. And you are the one who I always wanted to do it with.”

I sat up too. Now we were facing each other. Dave smiled at me before he gave me a gentle little kiss. “That is our little secret.”

“Oh yes. Next time we are in the pub we should not sit staring away at each other like some loved up teenagers either.”

Afterwards, we had another can of beer before I made my way home.

Once I got in I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Just in case Lil managed to be sober enough. I washed away the toothpaste taste away with a good few vodka’s too. All the time thinking that I had only gone and sucked off a friend not so long ago.

Then would we ever have our cocks in each others mouths again. Or even would we ever get around to fucking.

But until then I knew that I would be wanking myself off at every chance I had thinking about Dave’s cock. And then licking up my own jizz wishing that it was his again.

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