Daughter’s Sexy Sight Pt. 03Daughter’s Sexy Sight Pt. 03


Joleena called me on her cell phone at 9 PM and told me she had to come home early from her date, and not to expect another hot view from her closet. She walked in, and her face was troubled.

When I asked her about her date, she replied, “No date tonight Daddy, we broke up!”

She started crying, and I held her tightly while she sobbed. She told me about how she discovered that he’d been doing 2 other girls at the same time, and telling all 3 of us that we were the only girl for him.

“He was in the shower, and the phone rang, I answered it, and it was one of his other girlfriends, who wants to know who the hell am I. I kept her on the line, and when he came out, I told him it was his girlfriend. He went pretty white, talked to the other girl, and quickly hung up. Since he was busted, he admitted to having another girlfriend, 3 of us, who he led to believe that each of us was the only girl for him! I told him to NEVER call me again, we are through! So, that is it for him, the cheater!”

She dried her eyes, and before I could ponder the lack of view, my daughter came up with a much better idea.

Joleena gave me a smile, and said, “Of course, the whole thing has a very bright side. Daddy, you know how much Daddy’s little girl loves to be fucked by you. Well, without a boyfriend, I will be ready for a lot more loving. And Daddy, I want to be the woman in your life in every way, especially in the bedroom. Would you like Daddy’s little girl to be your constant lover? I will love you a lot more than that bitch who had the nerve to call herself my mother ever did!”

I saw the flash of anger in her eyes as she referred to her mother, ten years later, and that bitch had never even so much as once tried to find out if her daughter was a well-adjusted teen, let alone wonder what I was up to.

I could feel my cock firming up accordingly, and she noticed.

“Ooh, yes, I can see your answer is yes!” Joleena giggled, “Let’s go to bed early Daddy, so you can make hot sweet love, the kind you’ve always wanted to make, to your little girl.”

In the bedroom, she cooed with pleasure as she was stretched out naked on my bed, and I gave her a tongue bath, licking all over her soft, smooth curves, planting a line of kisses from her neck to her breasts, licking, sucking and lightly nipping at her tight, hard nipples. She grunted with pleasure as the feelings shot straight to her churning pussy.

“Daddy, get down there, and lick your little girl’s pussy! Fuck, you are making me so hot, lick me!” Joleena grunted.

Between her spread thighs, I ran my tongue all over the tight labial lips, licking at the sweet cream that was slicking up her tight entrance. kilis escort Her moans increased, as I gently parted her tight lips, and swept my tongue deep into her hot, wet cleft. My tongue licked at her lovingly, over and over again, licking out all her sweet cream that was flowing very freely.

I wanted to give my daughter a g-spot orgasm, so I slipped a towel under her firm teen ass, in case she was a gusher. I licked gently at her, as my finger penetrated her. I had no trouble finding the g spot and started to slide my finger over and over it.

My daughter gasped, “Daddy, I’m going to pee!”

I said, “No you’re not baby, Daddy’s little girl is going to have her first g spot orgasm, go with it baby girl, and let the orgasm take you.”

I continued, my finger polishing her g spot, urging her on.

“Let it go my sweet little girl, cum for Daddy!”

Joleena’s body started to shake, and she screamed as she came, her pussy convulsing around my finger, her cunt gushing out 6 squirts of her hot cum.

As she came down from her climax, she whispered, “Oh my god, I’ve never felt anything like it!”

I smiled and told her, “Daddy’s little girl is a real squirter, you covered the towel with 6 squirts of hot cum.”

My cock was rock hard, and my daughter spread her legs invitingly.

“Now your little girl needs her Daddy’s big cock, fuck me face to face Daddy, and kiss me a lot, I love being kissed and fucked at the same time. Impale my aching cunt with your nice stiff cock! Fuck your little girl’s cunt Daddy, give me a loving fuck, and make me cum!” Joleena whispered huskily.

Getting between her spread thighs, I guided my cock head up to her lower lips. Notching against her entrance, I pushed in. My daughter gave a sigh of pleasure, as I penetrated her, my cock spreading open the walls of her tight teen cunt. My grunt of pleasure joined hers, as my 7 inches was engulfed right to the balls, by the fiery hot wrap of her steamy teen cunt wrapped tightly around my aching prick.

“Oh fuck yes, Daddy’s cock feels so fucking good! Now, power your cock in and out, slide your throbbing cock up and down my slick burning cunt until you explode, then shoot your hot load deep inside your little girl’s eager cunt! Pump and squirt every drop of your hot spunk up my pussy! Your little girl’s burning cunt is going to milk your big prick of every drop you can pump into me!”

Listening to her sexy words, and seeing my daughter spread out, in full heat, with my cock deep inside her, urging me on to fuck her deep kept my prick steel hard. As I drew back, I could feel her legs wrap tightly around my waist.

I kilis escort bayan started a rhythm, powering deep into her, over and over again. She was as tight as a virgin, I felt her eager pussy stretched wide around my hard cock, the tight hug of her around my shaft was something else. My excitement spurring me on, I took great pleasure in power fucking her tight teen cunt.

She gasped and made wordless sounds of passion as I fucked her wildly. Every plunge into the exquisite tightness of her burning fuck-hole made me grunt with pleasure, her tightness was out of this world. As we fucked wildly, I mashed my lips onto hers, and we kissed wildly, her hot panting breath and slithery tongue setting my balls boiling.

I was consumed by the way her teenage tightness stroked my cock, making my spunk sizzle, the soft feel of her skin, hearing the liquid sounds from her cunt as I drove in and out of her, over and over, how it felt to fuck the steamy depths of my daughter’s teen tightness, the passion she fired in my loins. I could feel my cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency to steely hardness, I was at the boiling point, ready to explode.

Breaking the kiss, Joleena howled, “Oh my God, I’m cumming, yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes, yes YES!!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, her cunt clamped down tightly around my cock, virtually sucking at my shaft, urging me to explode my burning load. The knowledge that I was fucking my little girl’s well of pleasure, seeing her beautiful, angelic face in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy, the tight hug of my daughter around my throbbing shaft, and the wild spasming of her pussy, milking at my aching cock greedily, became too much, and it took me over the edge.

My balls let go, and I could feel the hot spunk sizzling up my shaft. My wild groan of pure pleasure joined her cries of orgasmic delight as my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, and I slammed as deep as possible inside her, my spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into her burning fuck-hole, I felt like I would never stop.

I grunted and groaned, squirting 8 thick ropes of spunk deep into her tight gripping receptacle, splattering my load against her cervix, emptying my cock deep into her womb. She squirmed around wildly on my prick, her body shuddering in orgasm, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, sucking and milking greedily at my throbbing cock, draining my balls into her eager, hungry tightness.

I flopped back on the bed, my cock drained, riding the wave of orgasmic release as escort kilis my daughter snuggled against my side.

After a few minutes, she asked me “Daddy, there’s something else I’d like to do right now, could we take a shower together?”

With a smile, I pulled her to her feet, and soon, we were laughing and soaping each other up under the warm spray of water. My daughter’s exploring hands quickly brought me back up to a hard, ready state. Getting down on her knees, she swallowed me, licking and sucking my cock, her hot, moist, pliable mouth molded around my throbbing cock, her tight pouty cocksucker lips sliding up and down my throbbing shaft until I was ready to explode.

Getting back up, her face bright, she said, “Now Daddy, pin your little girl against the shower wall, and fuck me standing up!”

I wrapped my arms around her, and her lips pressed against mine. The kiss grew hotter and deeper, her tongue slipped out, and started to probe my mouth. I could feel myself responding. I could see in my mind’s eye a vivid picture of father and daughter locked in a forbidden, incestuous embrace.

It didn’t feel wrong, it felt right, the feel of my daughter’s body, so close to mine and so willing, so ready to be fucked by me, made me unable to stop it anyway, it just made me even more turned on, the very forbidden nature of what was happening between us. I clamped my hands around her ass cheeks, lifting her up, nudging the head of my cock against her steamy fuck-hole.

“Yes Daddy, fuck your little girl, I’m Daddy’s little girl, and I want your cock, NOW!” Joleena panted.

Fired up, I brought her down, impaling her. Our cries of pleasure joined, as my daughter’s furrow was once again split open, and the fiery tight wrap of her engulfed my cock. I could feel my daughter’s eager pussy stretched wide around my shaft, and I pulled out slightly and rammed it back in.

I could hear Joleena’s cries of pleasure as I pinned her against the wall of the shower stall, and started to power fuck her, reaming out the steamy depths of her creamy pleasure center. I could feel another orgasm building, as I drove my cock in and out, power fucking my little girl’s tight cleft, my cock was throbbing. I felt my cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency, fuck, it felt like my cock had become a steel hard pipe as I reamed out my daughter’s fiery fuck-hole.

“Yes, yes, I’m cumming, fuck me, Daddy, pour your hot incestuous spunk up your little girl’s cunt, cum in me, fuck, fuck, fuck, YES!!”

Her voice rose to a shriek, her cunt clamping tightly around my shaft, quivering wildly, her inner muscles spasming and milking greedily at my stiff, steel-hard shaft. That did it, and I could my cock pulsing, exploding, tossing off wildly, gushing thick streams of spunk as I splattered my little girl’s insides, my cock pouring a gusher of cum into my daughter’s very depths. The tight spasms of her burning pussy greedily milked my shaft, sucking out every drop I could pump into her.

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