Daughters Beth, Bethany and DaddyDaughters Beth, Bethany and Daddy


Daughters Beth, Bethany and Daddy My first sexual experience was when I lost my virginity when I was sixteen. I became involved in incest with my oldest sister Anna. She had broken up with the latest boy friend. She was furious that he had never satisfied her sexually when they fucked. Even though she would suck and fuck him, he would not reciprocate by having oral sex with her. He did not like the idea of putting his mouth on a pussy.Since I was available at home, my sister trained me to give her the oral orgasms that she desired. I was a readily available and a very willing student. My high teenage level of lust and testosterone made me the perfect male for her to seduce. Anna liked the idea that she was taking my virginity. All of the guys that fucked her had previous sexual experience.She loved 69 best because it ensured her orgasms and Anna loved the taste of my cum in her mouth as I tongued her pussy to multiple climaxes. I liked that also, I loved the aroma and flavor of my sister’s pussy, but I loved to fuck even more. The feeling of laying on my sister with my cock deep in her hot, wet and tight pussy as I pumped away gave me a feeling of exaltation and of really living.For fear of pregnancy, she always would push me off of her when she felt that I was about to cum. I have always hated wearing a condom. I love the feeling of the flesh of my cock in contact with the flesh of any female vagina. It helped greatly when Anna always had me to cum in her mouth as she swallowed it. She told me she loved the taste of my semen, much more than any of the guys that she sucked and fucked.A sort time later, Ethel, my other older sister joined us in a three way fuck. I became even more experienced as they introduced some of their closest girl friends. There would be orgies when the three of us were involved with several of those girls, and occasionally their boy friends.I was seventeen when I was told that I had gotten the girl next door pregnant, she was sixteen year old Cynthia. We had a shot gun wedding. It was then that I found out that her mother had istanbul travesti made her say that she was pregnant. It was so we would be married when the baby arrived. That never happened, Cynthia had lied to her mother and to me, she had never conceived.We immediately became involved in a wife swapping group. The group consisted of couples of various ages from the thirties into the sixties. They welcomed the young teenage couple into their orgies. The men lusted after young Cynthia and the older women loved getting a young and willing male with a big cock. The fact that I could fuck a different pussy, one after another, without losing my erection made a sensation among the ladies.Some time later, I learned that Cynthia was bi sexual. She became heavily involved in strictly lesbian sex with an older woman that she ran off to live with. A year later our marriage was annulled.I soon became involved with Alma, a woman I had been fucking in the swap club. She allowed me to move in with her and her sixteen year old daughter, Joyce, Then Alma and I dropped out of the group thing. Alma’s daughter was now no longer virgin with the full knowledge and acceptance of Joyce’s mother. The three of us were heavily engaged in our own little sex parties Then Joyce became pregnant to the joy of Alma as she became a grandma to our only child, Beth.A week after Beth was sixteen, Joyce died in a car accident. In her grieving, Beth started coming in the middle of the night to crawl into my bed for comfort. I always slept nude. I tried to explain why incest was improper, but it was no use.Things rapidly progressed to the point where she would come to my bed bare ass naked. My daughter would snuggle up close to me in her sleep. I tried to stifle my urges of incest to make sexual advances. It was hard to take, a pair of firm young tits against my back and the rest of a young warm female body molding itself to my back would make me horny as could be. Then she started putting an arm around me, then holding my cock giving me a hard on.One morning istanbul travestileri I woke from avery real wet dream to find the blankets thrown back and Beth bent over my still hard and dripping cock. She had just sucked my cock off. There were still traces of my cum on her lips and chin. She explained that she had heard some girls at school talking about how they liked pleasing their boyfriends with oral sex.Beth told me that she loved me so much that she wanted to make me happy since I was so lonely. I did not tell her that I was getting female companionship with several women that offered their pussy to console me for the loss of Joyce.That very day, the two of us began a life long incestuous love affair. I put her on the pill to protect her from getting pregnant. It was almost impossible to sate her sexual desires, they were almost overwhelming. I taught her all the various ways to have sex. Beth, like my sisters, started to bring some of her girl friends to our bed. The orgies began in earnest.I remember what it was like to have my own harem. To have four young and very willing naked cunts at the same time, One riding my cock, another facing her while my tongue took care of her juicy pussy. Then I using my fingers up in the two other sweet vagina’s while I fingered each of their hot and wet cunts. The four girls would take turns to work on my cock and each others tits and each pussy until we all had our orgasms. I was supplying the birth control pills. They were supplied to me by several older women in gratitude for servicing their sexual needs.After a few years, I had taken a promotion and moved to a different city where Beth and I lived as man and new trophy wife. Beth knew that I needed lots of sex. She knew how much I desired sex with many a different pussy. She had continued to supply many of her new friends over the years. She told me that she was my personal pimp.Beth intentionally stopped taking the pill. She was pregnant with Bethany. It was a hard difficult labor for a fallopian tube pregnancy. travesti istanbul Beth had to have a C Section. We were told that it would be best for her to have a hysterectomy to prevent any chance of another pregnancy of that kind. We were then able to fuck in full abandon, She also liked being bisexual with the women she brought to me. We make sure our young daughter Bethany was never to be aware of the orgies that were taking place.Now, we jump sixteen years ahead I had just returned from one of my business trips. I arrived at our home to my daughter Beth and our daughter, Bethany. It was the day before her birthday. Bethany was staying with a friend for a sleep over. Beth and I did not get much sleep that night. We made up for the fucking that we missed while I was away.The next morning I woke to the sun shinning in the bedroom window and an empty space on the side of the bed where Beth slept.I had a raging erection. I hollered out, “Beth, get your fucking pussy in here and take care of this hard on.”Beth stepped to the door, she was still naked as a jay bird. She was beautiful, 5’ 4’’, slim with all the right curves, beautiful small tits that I loved to nuzzle, light brown hair with a hint of red in the sunshine, gorgeous pussy with darker pubic hair that always tickled my nose when I ate her tasty pussy with the delightful aroma of her aroused sexual desire with the wonderful flavor before we consummated our incestuous fucking.Beth was saying, “Keep it down, Dad! Bethany is home for her birthday. I am wrapping her birthday gift from the two of us. I’ll back in a couple of minutes.”I was slowly stroking my cock when she appeared again “Are you ready for it now?” Beth then gave a “Ta Ta!” fanfare.She reached behind her and led Bethany into the room. Both of them had big smiles of joy on their faces. Our auburn haired daughter was completely naked except for three bright red bow ribbons. One on each breast and one over her pussy. She was a mirror image of her mother, but two inches taller. She gasped when she saw my cock in full erection, it was throbbing with each heart beat as I looked in lust at my own naked daughter.“Mom, I did not know that his cock would be so big!“ Beth replied, “That is why I like dad’s big cock and you will learn to love it too!”“Daddy, mom and I decided that my birthday gift from mom and you today would be me to you.

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