Daniel , IDaniel , I


You just never know about people, what secrets they conceal.

I knew Daniel was Bi, but he didn’t know I knew (long boring story). I was just plain kinky, but Dan didn’t know that. We were long time friends and I sensed he was attracted to me, but I wasn’t ready to let him (and everyone we knew) know I was as wild as I was. I have to confess, I enjoyed teasing him; making statements that could be construed as advancements, then immediately closing the door, watching his confusion and frustration.

I was living in a nice apartment at the time and they had an indoor swimming pool facility. One night, Dan and I were watching TV and getting a little buzzed and I suggested we go for a swim. I told him I had a pair of trunks he could wear, and I led him into the master bedroom and tossed the trunks to him as I casually stepped out of my clothes and put on mine. He seemed a little uneasy, but I went right on like it was just two guys in a locker room, no big deal (what a nasty tease!) and Daniel relaxed a little and stripped himself.

I couldn’t believe the size of his cock. It was dark, compared to his pale skin, circumsized ( I like that) and though flacid, it had to be two inches across and four inches long. I guessed when it got hard, it was amazing. His balls were also large. From what he’d told me about his relationship with his girlfriend, he wasn’t getting much, and his engorged scrotum confirmed this. We went to the pool and had a good swim, then back to my place and smoked a little more and he went home.

That night I lay in bed thinking of Daniel’s beautiful cock and how it would feel down my throat, or rubbing between my ass cheeks, or gliding in and out of my ass. I got so horny, I got into my toy collection and selected the largest one I had. As I reamed it in, I thought of Dan between my legs. I wound up taking that enormous toy farther than I was ever able to before, and cumming as hard as I could remember ever having cum. Instead of release, though, masturbation only left me with more desire for the real thing…I wanted Dan and I wanted his cum. Since I knew of his problems with his girlfriend, I figured I could have as much of him as I liked.

Little did I know how much I was actually going to get!

My plan was simple: invite him over, get him nice and buzzed and then..(deep breath) tell him how much I wanted his root.

No, that wasn’t going to work. I wanted him to think he was initiating me, turning me into something, making me his, while I (innocently, Ha!) went along. I hatched a brilliant plan.

We frequently would rent and watch together “Adult films.” The place we rented from was uptight about their approach: Patrons would leaf though binders of titles with some descriptions of their content and then ask the clerk for the corresponding number. For instance, 11670 would be Filthy Cum Whores IV and 10432 would be Blow Job Vixens II. I went to the store and rented 11279, Slutty Co-Eds XIX. Then, I went back later and rented 90943 Butt Guys V. Then I switched the boxes. When Dan came over, I popped in “Co-Eds”, and we settled back and watched the first scene. These two studs got right to business and I glanced over at Dan and he wasn’t saying a word.

“What is this?” I asked innocently. “This is supposed to be Co-eds. God, look at that guy’s cock.”

Dan looked at me.

I looked at Dan.

“I never tried that,” I said, “Have you?”

“In college,” Dan confessed, “I experimented a little. It was the thing to do at the time.” He was sheepish, almost apologetic, cute.

“Did you like it?” I asked, all curious like.

“It was ok. I got off on the kinky aspect, it being ‘wrong’ and all.” He was looking at me strangely now. The video was showing two hunks in bed sucking each other in a 69, not that we were paying any eral attention to it at this point.

“I don’t know if I would be any good at it,” I lied, “Giving a blow job, I’d be all teeth. But I know I could get fucked. I’ve always been anally-oriented…I might get into it, I think…” The guy on the screen shot a load all over the stomach of his buddy who immediately added to the mess with his own spew. I looked Ankara bayan escort at the video and said, “I really think I would get into it…with the right guy.” I looked into Dan’s eyes and he was looking right back into mine.

He was sitting on the couch, and I was across the room in a chair. The lights were already low. Dan was sitting with his feet on the floor and his legs apart. I could see a major bulge in his jeans. We kept looking at each other.

Without a word, I moved from the chair, across the floor and into a kneeling position in front of Dan. The look on his face was priceless, half terror, half hungry. I wasted no time, I didn’t want to break the spell. I reached up and undid his belt buckle and opened his fly.

His erect cock was sticking out above the waistband of his bikinis, pressing into his flat hairy belly. I pulled the elastic out and down and revealed an at-least 9-inch erection. It jumped a little as I freed it from the elastic.

“Wow, Dan, you ought to be in pictures,” I said smiled, and before he could react, put my mouth around the cock I’d been fantasizing about for a week.

Dan moaned softly and gently shifted his position on the couch so that he could rock up and down, gliding his erection in and out of my mouth. I picked up his rhythm and slid my tongue under his head and down his shaft and bobbed forward to meet his thrusts. I slid my hands up the outside of his thighs and wrapped my arms around his waist, moaning softly. I felt my moan vibrate his stiffness. I pressed forward and felt his cock going down my throat. I was determined to give him the deep-throat experience. I raised and lowered my head, taking more and more of his fat cock into my mouth and throat and soon I felt my nose in his pubic hair.

I opened wider and forced the last of his joint down my throat, while I moved my right hand down and gently stroked the underside of his large balls with my fingertips.

“Oh god! Oh god damn!” He sighed, “No one’s ever….oh god, yes!”

I pulled back to let myself breathe, but didn’t let his hot, sweet meat get out of my mouth. His shaft was slick with my spit and I took my other hand and started furiously jacking him off from the base to my lips, all the while playing with his sack too.

I was in heaven. All I wanted to do was make him cum. I sucked and licked his penis like a starving man. I teased his head and his glans with my tongue, and glided my lips along his fat shaft. I pressed the tip of my tongue into his cum hole and lapped out his pre-cum. I stroked him with my hand and sucked him with my mouth and moaned deeply with his organ in my throat. His gentle rocking up and down became more furious and I met his every stroke.

“Oh Ken! Oh Ken!” He breathed, “I’m going to cum!! Ken-“

It was all I wanted.

“MMM,” was all I could say with my mouth stuffed. Dan gasped a couple of times and then I felt his cock stiffen in my mouth and start to pulsate. I pulled back slightly because I wanted to fully taste his load. Both my hands were busy, jacking and tickling, and I pursed my lips tightly around his head as he unleased a thick stream of sperm across my tongue. I immediately tasted the sweet-acidic, thick creaminess. Pulse after pulse his balls delivered into my mouth and I held my lips and tongue there until he had pumped every drop into my mouth.

I pulled my head back and looked up. Dan was looking down at me with amazement in his face. I met his eyes. I raised the tip of his cock, leaned my head back and opened my mouth, showing him his load. Then I closed my lips, swirlled his semen around my mouth, closed my eyes, and swallowed Dan’s awesome sweet wad with a heavy gulp. I licked my lips and opened my eyes. Dan was staring at me in amazement. I smiled up at him and then, for measure, squeezed my fingers around the base of his prick and milked another large drop of cum out of the end, stuck out my tongue and sensually lapped it away, savoring it too, before again swallowing.

Now it was my turn.

I wasn’t about to let him run out the door after a blow job, so I quickly tore off my shirt and pulled down my jeans and underwear. I hadn’t Escort bayan Ankara let go of his deflating cock and I wasn’t about to.

“You have a beautiful cock, Daniel. Sucking you off has really turned me on,” I began as I was kicking off my jeans. I reached for a jar of vaseline I had under the end table and scooped up a generous three-fingers full. I let him see me do this, as I continued to gently stroke him.

He didn’t go limp completely and was in fact stiffening again as I shifted from a kneeling position amd into a half-reclining one. I kicked a leg up and rested it on the seat cushion of the couch, spreading my ass cheeks, and smeared the gooey vaseline recklessly all over my crack and hole. I leaned up and licked his shaft again and sucked his ejaculation-sensitive head into my wet mouth, holding it there while it grew. I looked again into his eyes and smiled around his dick, making a dirty chuckling sound, as I slid three of my fingers up my asshole. He watched me with his jaw dropped.

The vaseline made crackling sounds as I worked it in. I reached for more and lubbed the hell out of my ass while still sucking on his rod, which was once again, hard as steel. I closed my fist around his thick shaft and sensuously jacked it. “Now I want you to screw me, Dan,” I breathed, “I never wanted anything like I want this now.”

I removed the three glistening fingers from my ass and reached up and gave his cock a generous coating of ass-warmed vaseline. “I want to be on my back, ok?” I moved up next to him on the couch, never letting his cock go, and layed back and spread my legs around him, shifting around so he had a close-up view of my hard cock and slippery ass.

I let go of his erection and put the same fingers back between my legs, rubbing up and down, spreading my thighs wider apart and scooting closer to him. He immediately shifted around and got into a kneeling position, his cock waving stiffly, glistening with my spit, his cum and vaseline. I lowered my legs around his waist and opened my arms. As he leaned forward on top of me, my arms went around his shoulders, my hands on his back and the back of his neck, then down as far as I could reach to his ass cheeks, pulling him against me and down on top of me.

“I know you haven’t been laid in a while,” I whispered, “Empty it all into me, Daniel. I know you are attracted to me. I’m on fire for you. I want you to screw me babe, screw me good.”

Dan leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. Involuntarily, I grabbed at the back of his head and pulled him down on top of me, spreading my legs for him. I felt his hot cock touch my asshole and reached with both hands and spread my cheeks apart, still locked in a deep kiss, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I could still taste his cum in my mouth and wondered if he could taste it too.

He shifted his knees one last time, I could feel his cockhead presed firmly against my slippery ass. Daniel pressed forward and his beautiful cock slid effortlessly inside of me. He held it there for a second as my ass gripped him tight, then let out a deep sigh and broke our kiss. He had a strange look on his face.

“That feel good to you?” I asked, with my eyes half closed. “Your cock is inside my asshole. You’re huge. God, you’re so big. Screw me, Daniel, screw me good. I’m so ready for you. Come on. Give me that big cock. I want it all the way inside me.”

Daniel pushed all the way into me in one motion, until lube squished out around the base. I felt his balls against my ass, then felt him grind into me a delicious fraction of an inch more. I felt completely stuffed full. His cock was fat, hard, throbbing and hot inside me. This was a thousand times better than any dildo could ever be. I went wild. All I can remember is grabbing at him, begging him to fuck me, to stroke it to me, to screw me, screw me, screw me.

I whispered dirty things bewteen gasps of breath, how available I was, but for him alone. How I wanted to be his receptacle, how he could use me any time he wanted, how I was his personal slut. I told him I loved his hot, bare cock inside me, how good his cum had tasted and how I wanted more. I Bayan escort Ankara told him how reamed out I felt from his fat cock, how open, how slutty he was making me feel.

I thought about screwing him in a car, in the woods, in a bed, in a motel room. He was sweating now and I lapped it it, wanting him completely. I thought of how nasty I could be for this unbelivable fucking stud.

I kissed and sucked his mouth and his nipples, grabbed his ass cheecks and ground my ass into him. My ass opened up quickly and soon he was pumping in and out of me, our bodies were bouncing up and down on the couch. I was holding my thighs wide open and his weight was on his toes and arms as he thrust, balls-deep and withdrew to the tip, again and again and again.

I really was being reamed out, I was so opened up he was having no trouble sliding into me faster and faster, the friction of his pumping was heating the inside of my ass. I felt like I could take on him and several others. I had never in my life felt this way. This was a completely new experience and I knew I wanted more. I never wanted Dan to stop fucking me, but I wanted him to shoot his cum inside me too.

Suddenly, he stopped.

His rock-hardness was jammed into me to the hilt. He shifted his weight and relaxed, lowering on top of me. He stayed all the way in and I reached around him with my arms and again wrapped my legs around his hips. We kissed deeply and passionately. I felt my heart beating strongly in my chest, I held him tighter.

Then he slowly, very, very slowly, withdrew. My gaping ass grabbed at him tightly and I felt every delicious inch of him pulling out of me. He pulled back until only the head was inside.

I could feel his heartbeat through his cock. He slowly pulled back some more and completely withdrew and I felt this great emptiness and my heart leapt. I held on to his waist tighter with my legs. “Oh yes, lover,” I begged, “Oh God, yes, make love to me.”

He pressed forward gently and slowly, and fraction by fraction filled my emptiness again. After the furious pounding he had been giving me, this was absolutely delicious. This man really knew how to fuck, and he was giving me the “A” game. I just plain melted with lust. I was already looking forward to fucking him again – the night’s possibilities stretched out before my imagination. Daniel was far better than any fantasy.

He slowly and gently screwed his cock in and out of my ass for what seemed forever. Our breathing returned to normal and I was kissing and licking his face and neck, sucking gently on his nipples, loving him, loving him. Loving what he was doing to me. He stopped his slow-motion grooving and looked down into my eyes, then rocked forward until he was again buried to the hilt in my spread open ass. He let out a long, deep sigh.

I felt his shaft pulsing deep in my ass, and I knew he was ejaculating. I spread my legs wide and pulled my knees up toward my chest so he could be completely inside of me. I reached down and stroked his balls gently as they tightened and he pumped his sweet load deep, deep inside of me. I closed my eyes and kissed him passionately as he came.

The look on his face, the feeling of his dick spasming and the sheer thought of Daniel fucking me on my couch pushed me over the edge. My straining hard on, untouched so far, erupted and a stream of hot cum shot up and hit the underside of my jaw, then shot after shot coated my chest. I had never cum so hard or so much before in my life. My ass clenched around his still jerking cock and I millked his cock with my ass.

Daniel kept kissing me as he slowly deflated. My own cock lowered slowly into a puddle of cum on my belly. Daniel’s shoulders relaxed and he gently withdrew from my fucked-open ass. I curiously reached down with one hand and two of my fingers slid effortlessly into my hole. I slowly toyed my fingers in and out until a flood of Dan’s semen gushed into my hand, which I quickly smeared all over my balls, ass, inner thighs and cock. Then I licked the rest of him from my fingers.

He was sitting back on his haunches, watching me with a bemused look on his face. “You’re wild, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Only for you, Stud,” I answered. I then scooped my own cum from my chest with a palm and smeared it on his flaccid penis, then leaned forward and took it into my mouth.

We moved into the bedroom shortly thereafter.

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