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When I am on stage I feel like I am in vacuum. My fellow dancers almost seen like they are surreal, the audience is dimly light to the point that they are blurred faces. I often feel like I am alone moving with the music, feeling it’s vibrant impulse on my body. My senses are alive; when it is going good I feel it in my heart. A feeling of completeness a feeling of joy.

On opening night last winter that whole experience for me changed, and changed in a way that it will never go back. It changed with a glow of a face in the crowed. A face that stood out where faces never have in the past. A soft beautiful face with a glowing smile, warm, inviting and intriguing. It took me out of my rhythm and subsequently helped to contribute to one of my personally worst performances. Oh, while everyone congratulated me on another great performance I knew better, and I knew because I didn’t feel it nor sense it. Rather my mind and body were focused on that face.

As we stood in finale and bow to the audience I looked for the brightness I so was so intrigued by. It had vanished, however, gone like the passer by who you feel and want to approach but have gone never to be seen again. My heart sank, knowing that this too was one of those times. And now a bad performance and all had gone for naught.

I went through the normal routine after the show, turned down a few invitations from friends to hang out; I frankly wasn’t in the mood. Upbeat nonetheless after much fanfare over the overall performance on opening night.

We had had a party with the sponsors beforehand so I put back on the dress and ¾ length cashmere overcoat I had worn. I loved this outfit; it makes me look pretty and made me feel much better. Grabbed my dance bag and opened the stage door to the alley that leads to the street. The sounds of cars and people filled the air as I walked down the alley, as I approached the street I saw a woman in sillouette. She was coming clear the close I got and as the light hit her face a tingle ran down my spine, it was the face. Yes, the face that mesmerized me earlier. I could not help but smile as I approached her. She looked so beautiful, in black boots and a Burberry plaid coat with a turtleneck underneath. Wow! No wonder I was taken by her.

She warmly smiled back. “Hi, I’m Rachel, and I wanted to make sure I told you in person how much I enjoyed your dancing. Thank you.”

“No you don’t understand, I felt like you were dancing for me and me alone up there. It made me feel very special.”

“Again, thank you so much, that means a lot – I felt like I wasn’t into it tonight. My name is Ashley, by the way.”

“Not into it! Wow… I want to be here when you are into it – I can’t imagine it getting any better.”

“Oh, there are days when it is better, I assure you.”

“Ashley, I don’t have flowers to give you but I would like to say thank you formally… can I buy you a cup of coffee or something?”

“Oh, that’s ok but you don’t…”

“No, I insist. You made my night.”

“Well, ok, I have to walk downtown to my place anyway so why don’t we stop by my favourite martini bar for a drink?”

“Great, thank so much for letting me do this.”

“No problem, I could use a drink… bursa eve gelen escort Hey, great coat, it is very becoming on you.”

“Do you think so?”

“Oh, yes… well, it’s the whole ensemble that does it.”

We interlocked arms and began to walk down the crowded street.

It was a weird feeling, but we seemed to be long lost friends. I felt very comfortable with Rachel: she was funny, warm and very in tune with what was going on between us and around us. It was a huge turn-on. We arrived at ‘Martin’s’, a hip little place near my home and sat in my usual spot near the fire. John, the owner, greeted me and inquired about the performance.

Having some time to really look at Rachel gave me a much better feel for her. She was far lovelier that I had imagined. Her soft chestnut hair went perfectly with her hazel eyes and warm complexion. Fit as can be! You can just tell when great clothes look good on a great woman.

“So tell me, Rach, where do you live?”


“A bit far from home, aren’t we?”

“Yes, I’m here visiting family.”

“Well, lucky for me!”

Was I pushing it too much? Rachel is so beautiful, sexy and sophisticated. Has she been with a woman before? What should I do?

“Believe me, Ashley, after seeing you dance I am the lucky one.”

As we talked I could feel us connecting at a different level. We were becoming friends… if it wasn’t the warmth of the fire it was warmth between us, and I believe that was the case.

Our coats were flung over the chair; we sat close to one another as we talked and giggled and made fun of our fellow drinkers. After a couple martinis I felt an impulse to test the situation. I uncrossed my legs and let one fall against hers. To my joy she let hers linger against mine. Our conversation was full and fun. I asked her to point out the most beautiful woman in the room.

“Well with out a doubt, Ashley, it would have to be the woman sitting next to the fire in the black dress.”


“Er…and what makes her so beautiful?”

“I can tell that she is sensual, caring, and smart – smart in the way that she uses it to help not hurt.”

“What do you mean, Rach?”

“Well, you have helped me tonight to get out and enjoy a great evening.”

I held her hand, letting it linger as my gaze flushed and desire went from the fire to this beautiful woman. As I drew my hand away, Rachel pulled it back and began to caress me.

The tension was electric between us… both of us were warm, each desiring the other. Hell, I was horny and wanted to take my new friend home for a proper thank you. So I threw it out there…

“Rachel, would you like to go somewhere where we could be alone?”

Caressing my hand, she answered: “Yes, Ash, I would love to.”

We settled up, put on our coats and headed to my place down the street. As we walked we held hands, knowing that soon we would be deeper into this that both of us had anticipated, and the thought of that made both of us hungry for what was next. I could feel her desire as we walked. She placed her head on my shoulder and snuggled up close to me. I wanted her and I knew she bursa escort wanted me. Wow… what a feeling!

As we entered the hall of my building holding each other tightly she looked into my eyes and said: “Ashley, thank you for sharing this with me.”

I said nothing, opened the door led her in, turned her towards me and kissed her. A long deep kiss. Soft full lips touching, parted… and we longed to touch each other. Holding her hair I moaned… “Oh Rachel you are so beautiful.”

Our kiss deepened as our tounges delicately met. It felt so right – we could both feel it. Our connection was total; her skin felt so soft, so sweet, she was holding me tightly as her hands moved down my back and caressed my tight butt, pulling me closer to her. “OHHHH you feel soooo gooood,” she said as our soft, deep, wet kiss lingered.

I moved my hands down and undid her coat. Sliding my hands up over her sweater I brushed her hard nipples as I slid her coat off her shoulders. Down it fell as it hit the floor. I moved my hands up to hold her face… mmmmmmmm, I moaned as I touched her. I was getting warm in every sense of the word… I could feel my body respond to hers, my breasts were swelling, my legs tingling and my love was burning and I was getting wet. I wanted to feel her next to me.

Our kiss broke and I lead her into my Sitting Room, a large space a fire burning in the fireplace and a window looking out over downtown. There we stood looking out and I held her from behind, my hands sliding up her legs, feeling her body in front of me. She leaned her head back on my shoulder and whispered: “Ashley… you know I’m yours… don’t be shy.”

I was nervous and so turned on… my lips found her ear… “Rach, I am going to make love to you, deeply, magically… with all of me.”

With that my hands gently brushed her lovely pert nipples as I moved them down to her grey skirt. Kissing her neck, I moaned “Do you like my fingers on you?”

I unbuttoned her skirt and it fell to the floor, revealing her pantyless shaven love glistening with moisture in her reflection in the window. I pulled her chin upwards and began to kiss her neck as my warm hand moved to the waiting lips of the most amazing pussy I have ever seen. She bucked slightly as my fingers met her love. She tasted like flowers as I kissed her… the tip of my finger getting wet as I left it on her lips. Rachel slid her hand off of my head and pushed my finger into her moaning “Oh Ashley… fuck me, fuck me like I fucked myself in the audience tonight, make love to me like you dance.”

I pulled her sweater off with my other hand as she massaged my finger into her pussy. Oh, this woman was amazing, so sexy, so beautiful and for tonight mine. Her breasts were perfect and her nipples were swollen waiting for me to violate them with lust. I watched myself love her in the window reflection as she kept her head back against me her hand driving my fingers deep into her pussy.

I was so hot my own was burning to be licked and nibbled. I turned her around and brought my wet finger to her mouth… “Ohhhhhhh, lick your love Rach, suck it, taste it…” I kissed her deeply while we both sucked her wet finger… görükle escort ohhhh, she tasted good, like rain when you open your mouth in the country, clean and sweet. We kissed while I moved over to my couch… pushing her down she fell on my oversized sofa deep enough to sleep on… oh, I love to fuck on that couch.

“I am everything you want Ashley… now are you going to fuck me or am I going to have to do it myself?”… and, with that, she looked up at me with a look of desire I reached down and slipped her boots off one by one, stood back and began to move… I danced as if I was making love to her, slowly… sensually… I slid my dress off my shoulders… mmmmmmoving. She couldn’t resist… she started to finger herself.

“Stop Rachel – wait for me!” My hands slid down my stomach sliding my dress off my naked body, revealing what soon would be hers. I moved slowly to her as my dress fell to my feet. Sliding my hands to my breast I pinched my nipples to make sure I was not dreaming. I moved over to her, now straddling her leg and lowering my wetness over her… placing her hands on my breasts and began to grind. “Is this what you wanted in the theatre, Rachel? Is this what you needed?” Ohhhhhhh, my pussy began to swell as she held me and caressed me.

I could hear her finger herself with one hand and knew she needed more from me. Laying down on the couch opposite her I slowly slid my legs between hers, inching ever closer. She knew. I wanted our pussies to touch… I wanted our juices to mix. And so… we moved closer and our pussy lips, wet and swollen, met… kissed as if they were alive, our hands meeting and pulling each other closer, rhythmically grinding out our slippery love together… “Ohhhhhhhhh, Rach, fucccccccck meee!!!” As my clit began to grow with her pussy lips suckling on it. “Rachel, you are fucking my clit…. ohhhhh. don’t stop!!!”

“Ash, uhhhhhh fuck me”… Our love was hot… we were soooooo wet… our juice flowing, grinding… making love… with each other… our mounds together…. inn… out… in… outtttt, our clits fucked by each other’s hot love. We needed it so much… “Fuckkkkkk… it feels goooood, don’t stop Ashhhhh donnttt stopppppp!” We were pulling each other deep into our pussies, bouncing on each other out of control. Wanton.

Deep within me my pleasure was building, deep within I felt the intensity arising. My pussy was contracting, wanting a fingers yet not needing them… no, no, I was experiencing something far deeper…

“Ohhhhh, Ash don’t stopppppppppp… I’m goingggg to….!”

“Rachel, fuck my clit, fuckkkkkk my pusssy, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am goinggggg to cummmmmm.”

“Go, ASSSSSSSSSSSSSH GOOOOOO… spread your cum all over my pussy!”

“Oh, FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK… I can’t take it… OHHHHHH…. I am cumming, Ash… DON’T STOP!!!!.”

“Uhhhhh… Rach, I am CCCCCCCUUUMMMIIIIIIIINNGGGGGGG… can you feel me my pussy kissing your clit?….. I can feel you sucking on mine…. Ohhhh… myyyyyy… Godddddd…. FUCK ME RACHEL!!”

We were grinding each other in a dance of sexual love – her juice was my juice as we came together. Her love was my love as we both shuddered with desire…

“OHHHH… Ash I am cumming inside of youuuuu… fuck I need you, baby…. fuck meeeeeeeeee!!!!”

My head was spinning when I came to… I had blacked out in the most intense orgasm I have ever felt. Rachel laid there. Our legs still interlocked, she had fallen asleep. She is so beautiful. I will let her rest, but the night has just begun…

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