Damn DesireDamn Desire



Harry Marshall was happily married with one kid in a buggy who loved it when he ran her through the park each day, a younger son who mainly sucked his thumb or cried and his wife had another one in the pouch. That planned third kid was due in three months and currently making his wife Bren (Brenda) a pain in the ass.

Usually sexy Brenda had an unsexy sister called Iggy (Imogene) but these days as Harry drove Iggy into the city each day she was beginning to seep sex appeal.

Unbelievable, he thought.

Iggy was also an attorney and worked for a different firm and she usually caught a bus home because they finished at different times, Harry often working later than she did. Iggy was married to dull Lance and perhaps not surprisingly Lance doted on his lively wife with her big tits.

Accepting her was a jerk for thinking this way, Harry wished those big tits had gone to Bren and then Bren would have been the dream wife because she was also lively and also great looking with a great body apart from coming up short in the tit department. He believed comparing women’s bodies like cuts of meat wasn’t really unfair of him because he wasn’t perfect himself. Oh no. He slouched, he had a 5-o’clock shadow by 3:30, had a tendency to pass wind and was already developing a beer belly. Oh and Bren complained his dick was too big.

Always a bit of a dreamer, although he called that being a creative and lateral thinker, Harry decided had Bren being blessed with Iggy’s tit pack he would have strutted beside her, thereby losing his slouch and that would have also pulled in his belly… um permanently. They then would have been in the top ranks as Mr and Mrs Suburbia.

Iggy had a son aged three and her parents who lived nearby came over each day and looked after Damien and Harry and Bren’s Sara often ended up there because those two kids loved being together and were then more manageable.

It had been Bren’s suggestion that Harry drive Iggy to work each morning. On this morning when Bren was in such a foul mood she’d even refused to jerk him off Harry was in a mood himself and only offered a cheek for Iggy when she climbed into the car and leaned over to kiss him, a position that allowed Harry to glance down the curvaceous mounds straining beneath the dress or business suit and have obscene or at least improper thoughts.

“Oh where are the lips this morning?” she teased. “Bren slept with her legs crossed I suppose or sought sanctuary in the spare room?”

He ignored the taunts. “Did your cunt end up permanently stretched after you had Damien?”

Not unexpectedly she flared.

“God Harry, back off. You can’t talk to me like that.”

“I just did and the sky didn’t fall in.”

She gave a small nervous giggle and said no it didn’t. “I don’t think it did and I’ve had no complaints from Lance.”

“Do you enjoy fucking?”

“God Harry, back off.”

Harry allowed his bottom lip to protrude sulkily and remained quiet.

“Oh I’m sorry sweetie,” Iggy said. “I guess the problem is Bren is not interested in lifting a leg for you.”


“Oh my poor boy. Why don’t you suggest she jerk’s you off lovingly?”

“She refused for the first time last night.”

“Oh my poor boy. Look here’s a suggestion. Why don’t you discuss this with your mother? I’ve read that some mom’s become surrogate substitutes during the pregnancy of their daughter-in-law.”

“What you want me to fuck my mother?” Harry roared.

“Harry please calm down. All I suggested was you talk to your mother about this.”

“Jesus Iggy, I’d fuck you before I’d consider fucking anyone else, I’m telling you.”

“Me?” Iggy said in disbelief, sitting back in her seat to tighten her seat belt as they came alarmingly close to a vehicle stopping for a red light.

“I apologize. I ought not have said that.”

“You are an attorney trained not to say things you don’t mean or don’t want to say.”

“Get off my back Iggy. I meant to say that.”

“But you’ve never shown any sexual interest in me, apart from my tits. God I wish Bren had been given these instead of me.”

Harry had a thought about that but wisely did not say he’d wished that had happened.

Instead he said, “They are an amazing pair Iggy.”

“But Lance complains about that and alleges they are getting bigger.”

Iggy said there must be something wrong with Lance and Iggy gasped and said she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Do you want me to talk to Lance about that pathetic attitude?”

“Yes um I mean no. That’s definitely a no Harry.”

“Okay there’s no need to get off your bike. I would have thought after all this time I’ve known you that you would have shown them to me.”

“Omigod, I can’t believe this. Let me out please.”


“Because we’ve just passed the place where you always let me out.”

“Oh yeah.”

He pulled over and Iggy said excitedly they’d never had such a revealing, intimate conversation.

“So I can fuck you then?”

“Jesus Harry, that’s a no. A huge no.”

“I’m sorry Beşiktaş Escort for asking.”

Iggy snorted she’d wanted him to ask. She got out and slammed the door, walking off without even waving or turning back to smile.

Harry felt like loosening his tie. What the fuck had he done? Iggy would never talk to him again. She was probably already on her cell phone calling Bren; those two were as close as two gulls on a seawall.

Fuck, he’d lost the plot utterly.

* * *

Iggy headed to her office feeling like she must be sleep walking. The dream guy of her limited social world had just confessed he desired to fuck her. Okay he had sexual pressure behind that and obviously couldn’t get the satisfaction he wanted by jerking himself off. But until now she’d believe Harry wouldn’t distain to touch her naked. It was bad enough kissing him; he was always pulling away at the first moment of contact.

Blushing, Iggy recalled there had been times when fingering herself she’d imagined Harry entering the room waving his dick at her but then that thought would crash as she exploded on to her agitating fingers.

Well if she really wanted to fuck him she was presently within an ace of having that happen. Did she want that to happen?

Iggy stalled on that thought. She just didn’t know and would have to think about it. God she knew Bren had taken it up the butt on their wedding night. When Iggy had suggested to Lance they experiment with anal she’d thought for a moment he was about to vomit over her. Men and uptight or morally on the high perch women were so childish.

Represented a defendant in court that morning on a serious traffic violation she caught herself addressing Judge Holman as ma’am. She’d looked at him aghast and drew a finger over her throat. He just nodded and smiled. She gritted, right bitch, slaughter that anorexic female prosecutor and the case is tossed out. She ripped into Miss No Tits’ submissions and arguments and quoted law and the poor prosecutor was astonished and gradually began to appear caving in. Then the time came down to Judge Holman having to demonstrate was he a darling or simply grossly stupid. Judge Holman smiled at the prosecutor. Fucking Judges, Iggy fumed. They were so pro-prosecution but then she heard him declare no case to answer. Only then did she realize what a darling Judge Holman really was.

Iggy had lunch with two other female attorneys and food and intelligent conversation plus the morning’s courtroom win really lifted her confidence and focused on her aspirations. Yes she really should fuck Harry.

Harry took the call and sounded confused. “You want me to leave work early this afternoon to go for a drink?”

“Yes, that’s what I just said. Is this your bad hearing day?”

He snorted and actually managed to turn that into a laugh.

“I thought the manner in which you shot off this morning that our relationship was dead in the water.”

“Oh Harry darling. That conversation this morning was rather intense and you stirred deep emotions within me and although you are only a guy you ought to now how female’s emotions can weave out of control occasionally?”

Iggy realized she’d just called Harry darling instead of the usual sweetie. Although surprised, she regarded that lapse as such a good sign.

They arranged a time and place to meet.

* * *

Harry had stood up when Iggy entered the bar and when they kissed she had her mouth partly open.

Harry looked at her cautiously. She winked and that drew a tight grin from him, probably telling Iggy he was as nervous as she was.

“So you wish to fuck me?”

Panic grabbled Harry and he look around but no one was within easy listening distance because most people were still in their offices looking at a clock or their watch and wondering why did time dragged so much near the close of the working day.

“Only if you have thought through everything through including the consequences should our gross act become known.

“Are you aiming to butt fuck?” she exclaimed, finding it impossible to restrain from testing the water.

“Why do you ask that?”

“You used the term gross.”

“Used in the sense of morally gross. We both have families. Um are you interested in anal?”

A heavy blush seized Iggy’s face and she said nothing.

Harry just grinned as if sharing a very private secret.

She asked how could they set up for the event.

“Don’t bother. Come out to the men’s toilets now.”

Iggy raised her martini to her lips and gazed at him frostily.

He didn’t bother saying it was a joke. Instead he said, “There’s a weekend regional law seminar on productivity down at Midway in two weeks. When we meet at your place for lunch this Sunday I’ll mention I’m going as I’ve already registered and Bren knows that. She just may suggest you should go too and you ask me what’s it about and I’ll say ways to become more efficient in charge-out hours and increasing one’s charge out hours. That ought to interest you and Lance because you’ve been talking of adding a room on to Beşiktaş Escort Bayan the house. Either Lance of Bren will suggest we share transport. I think Bren said you guys have a great-aunt living there.”

“Ohmigod yes, we can stay there and she can watch us tearing into one another.”

“Or you can wear suitable clothes on Saturday that will do for the Saturday night dinner. There’s a four-hour gap between the end of the last presentation and dinner. Also we can miss the Friday night cocktail party.”

“Oooh, did you arrange the program?”

They laughed but the laughter died when she said, “This damn desire for sex can go awry as in this instance, can’t it?”

Harry grunted yeah.


As they drove on to the freeway just after midday Friday, Harry said he’d been thinking about what Iggy had said about this damn desire.

“If you wish to pull out of adultery that will be okay.”

“No I’m committed. Er adultery is not exactly new for me.”

Harry glanced at her in surprise. “Me too. I’ve broken out three times. What about you.”

“Twice and I know this could be imagined and goes contrary to what I think many know-all people would believe but it refreshed my marriage.”

“You know refresh is an appropriate word. I couldn’t say the experience of being a pig going rutting weakened my marriage or strengthen but I returned home feeling a little guilty on each occasion. I worked to make life a little more interesting and varied for Bren and gave her a little bit more attention but had to be careful not to make her suspicious.”

“God what a greasy pole you are,” Iggy giggled. “You know I thought my little adventures were appropriate and yet I know I would be devastated if Lance told me he was having an affair.”

Harry laughed and called her a two-faced bitch. He glanced and saw her bite her lip as she nodded.

They swapped stories about their sexual experiences but as the journey continued they broke into other topics, including sharing thoughts about improving productivity to increase billings. They eventually concluded the seminar could be of little advantage to them.

“We appear to know it all,” Harry gloated.

“Perhaps,” she said, “but we must get the summary papers from any session we miss and I’ll read them aloud on the journey home.”

They stopped off for coffee and in the passage to the toilets Harry stopped and asked, Iggy to show him her breasts.

Iggy looked a little nervous but got them out and said she didn’t mind him calling them tits.

“Jesus Iggy, they are mouth-watering.”

“Well yes but can you imagine that weight being on your chest permanently?”

He grinned and said someone had to carry the burden in life. He sucked one noisily.

Iggy groaned and then pushed him away and said to go and have his pee.

“Why do you like them big? Women like me would love to have 32A size like Bren. Mine were 36B two years ago but are now 36C.”

“It’s a sexual attraction thing with me I guess.” Harry confessed.

Harry dropped off Iggy at her great-aunt’s home but he didn’t go in. She said she’d go to the seminar hotel by cab, arriving about 6:30. They thought they’d have a couple of drinks before disappearing.

* * *

Harry unzipped the back of Iggy’s cocktail dress and pulled it down. She stepped out of it and he found she was wearing just a bra and thigh highs. He pulled up the bra and began to gobble while she reached around and began removing the bra.

“Come on,” she said, pulling him toward the bed and adding, “Before I lose my nerve.”

Harry picked her up and dropped her on the bed and raced to remove his clothing.

“Omigod,” Iggy said, licking her lips as she saw his impressive erection.

He ignored her excitement because there was work to do quickly, in case she did lose her nerve.

He jumped on to the bed, sat on the back of his legs and pulled Iggy squealing on to his lap. She then propped up on her arms and watched, wide-eyed, as slowly he fed it in.

“Am I wet enough? Oh yes,” she giggled as they heard the disgusting sound of a cock-in-cunt squelch.

“Sorry about the noise.”

“Don’t apologize and don’t worry about cunt farts. It’s all part of fucking. I love disgusting noises and a woman saying disgusting things to me, telling me what she wants me to do to her.”



“Well I’m not sure about that pole going up my tiny butt but push it into my larger opening now right up to your balls. Gosh your balls are big.”

Harry wondered about that. He was under the impression all guys displayed big balls when fucking.

He pushed the last third in with a bang.

Iggy groaned and waggled her very wet tongue against her top lip rather provocatively.

Harry began banging her in earnest and before he could tell her what to do she was doing it.

She matched his tempo skillfully and propped back on her arms stared at him and occasionally waggled her tongue at him signaling for him to lean forward to be tongued.

Harry was delighted Escort Beşiktaş she felt so tight and could fuck even better than her sister.

After a while he began to puff and liked a natural-born fucker Iggy knew what to do. She pushed down and squeezed him and launched into her release and then she pulled his chest hair along with his nipple and he bellowed into his ejaculation.

“Jesus,” Harry said in admiration, caressing Iggy’s cheek.

She appeared delighted but then pouted and asked wasn’t he interested in her tits.

“Oh yeah,” Harry said, “but it’s your cunt that has now captured my interest.”

Harry had pre-ordered meals from room service and they arrived on schedule at 8:45.

“This is adultery how it’s meant to be,” Iggy sighed as she watched Harry put some sauce from his steak on to his cock and indicated she was invited to deal with it.

Forty-five minutes later Harry licked and sucked Iggy into a writhing heap and she came hugely. While she was still heated up he pulled on a condom and lubed her butt and began mining to get the tiny orifice wider and encourage her to relax but keeping up a soothing commentary. Slowly he worked in his dick and was half-way in when Iggy called a halt and suggested they try some other time.

She immediately fell asleep and Harry awoke her an hour later to shower. He then took her home and he returned to the bar and drank with some couples he knew.

Next afternoon Iggy and Harry skipped the last presentation and went to his room. This time with Iggy’s consent he tried the butt without using a condom and applied plenty of lube. He placed Iggy on her side, with a pillow between her knees. He buried two-thirds of his length, not without some toiling, and decided that would be enough. Iggy called for a temporary halt and five minutes later she was receiving her first-ever butt fuck.

Harry kept talking to her, encouraging her and she began hitting her clit without being asked and eventually she shook into a juicy release and held out dripping fingers for him to suck. Harry failed to come but he didn’t mind; he’d delivered what Iggy had requested.

* * *

Home again and after the kids had wandered off after their excited greetings to daddy, Harry kissed Bren and she almost caught him by surprised when she snapped, “Did you fuck her?”

“No way but I couldn’t help looking at her big tits.”

“Well at least that’s an honest answer. I often see you looking at them furtively.”

“Hon you know if I tried to hit on her she’d immediately call you to blabber and then where would I be? Also she would hate me touching her. Iggy doesn’t appear to like me very much.”

“Are you blind? She adores you although she holds signs of that in check. I once told her you had seven and a half very thick inches and she was almost slapping her pussy and the foul bitch… and yes my younger sister asked if I would consider a threesome with you.”

“Jesus. Are you sure that was Iggy?”

“Yes dummy,” Bren laughed.

She was back to frowning. “God it’s a while since I’ve had a laugh like that. But don’t get encouraged. I still don’t feel at all like having sex. Perhaps in another couple of weeks or so. I realize this is very tough on you.”

“It’s okay but having you jerk me off if far more emotionally fulfilling.”

“Well yes I can understand that because I’m much better at pulling your meat than you are,” Bren smiled, looking at her husband thoughtfully.

Early the following evening Bren said, “Would you like me to talk to Iggy about coming over and fucking you?”

“Yeah do that baby if you wish to make your sister vomit and threaten to never talk to you again.” He wanted to yell yes and to call her, but knew he had to exhibit disinterest.

Sara came out rubbing his eyes and said Gavin was singing and calling her names. Harry returned her to bed and then went into the bedroom opposite, tucked Gavin in and said he was to go to sleep and not to turn the light back on.

“Sara is only four Gavin and you are a big boy. Young kids need sleep. Mommy and I would like you to be quiet and let Sara get all the sleep she needs. You can lie here with your eyes open all night if you wish but make no noise. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy,” Gavin yawned heavily. “I’m happy you are back home. Mommy swears at us when you’re not here.”

Harry kissed Gavin and grinning returned to sit beside Mrs Foul Mouth.

She was putting down the phone.

“Iggy is on her way and sounds very excited. You will wear a condom, won’t you darling?”

“Oh yeah unless she wants me bareback.”

“Well then I guess that will be okay. Er will it be okay if I watch?”

Harry was horrified.

“Jesus Bren, why?”

“It might be sexy for me and awake my interest in sex. In fact you can do it in our bed beside me. You know it’s quite some years since I last had fingers up Iggy’s pussy.”

Harry, bug-eyed, worried that his dick was about to burst out of his pants.

“Um I guess if Iggy says it’s okay with her then it will be okay with me.”

“She’s already approved that happening Harry. I’m off to get ready for bed. As soon as she arrives grab her and get her in the mood for sex. I don’t want you two coming into our bed and acting like two experimental teenagers. Try to hit over her G-spot with two fingers Harry. She just adores that.”

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