Damaged Goods Pt. 02Damaged Goods Pt. 02

Group Sex

The first half of part two is sex, sex, and more sex. It turns into more than an erotic adventure during the second half. Some will say I ended it too abruptly, but then it’s not their story, it’s mine. How many ways are there to describe sex before it becomes mundane?

Damaged Goods part two

I did as I was instructed. After showering I took a long nap waking just after four. Shaved, dressed in the only pair of dress slacks I owned and a dress shirt I had recently worn for a wedding. My dress shoes weren’t new, but a quick polish left them shimmering in the light. Beyond screwing her as often as I could I wasn’t sure what the night held. Pulling up in front of the building I was looking for a parking spot when a middle-aged gentleman approached.

“Good evening sir. Are you Gil?” I nodded. “Please leave the keys in your truck. I’ll put it in the secured garage, just text the number that will show up on your phone when you’re ready to leave.”

I stopped him, “You don’t have my phone number. How will you do that?”

“I have the number sir, please, I’ll take your vehicle. After you’re inside the security guard will buzz you into the lobby. Have a pleasant evening sir.”

Walking into the vestibule I felt like I was in Fort Knox. I’d been around enough secured spaces to know the glass was thick enough to be bullet proof. The armed guard that buzzed me in was huge, I mean six foot something huge with a thin waist and massive arms. After scanning me with a metal detecting wand he stepped back and smiled.

“Good evening sir. Miss Stafford told me to expect you. May I see an ID?”

After perusing my driver’s license he pointed toward a corridor, “You’re going to the sixth-floor sir. The elevator code is 3697, she’s the only one on that floor. The code to Miss Staffords apartment is 2743 today. Don’t bother memorizing it beyond this evening as it changes daily for visitors.”

Stepping off the elevator I walked a dozen steps straight ahead and punched 2743 on the keypad, the lock clicked and I walked inside. The penthouse was every bit as opulent as Miss Will’s place, and in some ways more. Standing behind the kitchen island in blue jeans, a simple cotton blouse and long dark hair cascading past her shoulders she smiled.

“You’re early, that’s good. Hors D’oeuvres will be ready in five minutes. That’s one of my weaknesses, I love to cook. Would you like a beer, wine, maybe something stronger?”

Her heavy Oriental accent sent shivers down my spine, it was like an aphrodisiac. I shook my head, ‘No thanks. I want to make sure I’m clear headed tonight.”

Wagging her finger at me she smiled, “Ooo, yes, this going to be a good night. Have a seat, I be right back.”

Five minutes later I wasn’t sure if the food was the snack, or her. Wearing nothing more than a see-through red robe and a pair of red bikini panties with thigh high stay up stockings she walked into the kitchen area. Her breasts moved with every step, the nipples looked firm pressing against the thin fabric. How I wanted to get my hands and lips on those beauties. Removing the food from the warming oven she set it on heating pads and walked around to my side.

“You like what you see? Yes?”

With a shit eatin grin I nodded, “I love what I see. I’m ready when you are.”

She patted my cheek, “We have food, then we fuck.”

I suddenly remembered something else Miss Will had said to me before leaving the office. And I quote her.

“Behind closed doors Kin has a potty mouth like you wouldn’t believe. Conrad says her foul mouth would put the 7th fleet to shame.”

The Hors D’oeuvres consisted of large shrimp wrapped in bacon, covering each was a light glaze of barbecue sauce with a kick I’d never tasted before. There were four on the plate, we each ate two. Standing she took my hand and pulled me up.

“Come. Now we fuck. Prime rib be finished when we are.”

Prime rib? Where the hell was that? Then I noticed a full-size oven below the warming unit. I followed her to the bedroom which looked more like an entire small apartment than a bedroom. With an attached bathroom and separate large walk-in shower the place was complete. In the middle of the room was a king size four poster bed, red satin sheets with a bright white contrasting duvet. I quickly surmised that she liked red, a lot. Standing a few feet from me she reached forth her hand.

“Strip me. Show me why I want to fuck you every night.”

I had been told she had a potty mouth but I was still surprised at how easily the vulgarity left her lips. I began putting a plan in motion, I needed to be something different, perhaps something more than previous fuck toys. I made a mental decision that instead of simply ramming my cock into her until she reached a climax I was going to seduce her. I took her hand turning her body so her back was against my chest. Nuzzling her neck I slowly opened the bow holding the baby doll closed. I then moved my hands to batıkent escort her shoulders slowly sliding the cloth away from her body, she let out a soft moan as I continued kissing her neck and nibbling on her earlobe.

Pulling the sheer fabric away from her body I let it drop sliding down her arms onto the floor. Moving my hands under her arms I gently cupped her lovely breasts, they were heavy, warm, soft and squishy. Moving my hands forward I molded them into cone shaped spheres with taut nipples pointing out like bullets. Rolling them between my fingers she moaned louder and pushed her ass against my hardened cock. With the nipples firmly between my fingers I pulled outward which caused a loud gasp to escape her lips.

Kissing her neck along the shoulder line I moved my right hand down over the slight roll of her belly to the top of her very tiny bikini panties. She sucked her tummy in as I snaked my fingers under the elastic. I slowly and deliberately moved my hand downward until my fingers invaded the tick curly bush I knew awaited. I slid my fingers side to side slightly tugging a few hairs before pulling my hand back. She squeaked a soft “noooo” as my hand left the panties.

With my hand flat on her abdomen I slid it further down until I was cupping her sex over the panties. Her body automatically pushed forward against my hand, when I slid a finger between her legs and began to rub the clit through fabric I felt her knees weaken. Yes, my plan was working. Moving my hand away from her nether region I slowly turned her body to face me. Considering how much shorter she was than me I put my finger under her chin and tilted her face upward. There was no resistance whatsoever when I kissed her, in fact she opened her mouth and was sucking my tongue like I hoped she would my dick. With her arms around my neck, those ample breasts smooshed against my chest and her pussy grinding against me I made my next move.

Hooking my thumbs in the elastic of her panties I began pushing them down slowly, when they were at the bottom of her butt I broke the kiss and knelt. Pulling her panties down she leaned on my shoulder and flicked them to the side, my face was immediately in her muff, the tantalizing aroma of her arousal flooded my senses as I growled my approval. With her hands on the back of my head she opened her legs slightly, my tongue made contact with her elongated clit as she shrieked. Her body stiffened when I sucked it in like a tiny penis, the grip on my head tightened and then a loud AHHHHH filled the room.

Her legs opened wider as her hips rapidly convulsed against my face, warm succulent liquid was dribbling between her legs. I smiled to myself, a gusher, lucky me. She tried pushing me away, I pushed her back walking on my knees until her legs hit the bed and she fell backward. Using my hands to open her legs I licked the labia a few times and then growled at her.

“Stop fucking around Kin, spread your legs and take it like a woman.”

In a flash her hands were behind her knees lifting, before me was a pink pussy with a light strand of hair on either side of the labia glistening with girl cum. I bit the inside of her left thigh and then gave her huge hickie an inch below the junction of her leg. Her moans were becoming more frequent in between the constant murmur of “oh fuck, oh fuck”. When the flat of my tongue made contact with the labia she let go of her legs and grabbed my head with her legs still alongside her body. It was as if my head was being cradled between her thighs, a pussy cradle if you will.

I had seen and licked many a pussy but never one with a clit at least 3/4 of an inch long. It was hard, erect, and waiting to be sucked on. I wasted no time drawing it deep into my mouth, my teeth gently grazing it, my tongue dancing around and swirling the erect protuberance. The room was filled with constant moans, yelps, eeps, and groans from her mouth. An occasional “oh fuck” would fill the gaps. The constant roll of her hips stopped, so had her breathing and the barrage of noise that had existed. Her body stiffened, her thighs clamped against my head and a primal scream filled the room.

The thick warm juices had coated me to the point I could feel it slowly making its way under the chin headed for my Adams apple. With her clit still in my mouth I gently sucked until she yelled “no more” and physically pushed me away. I used my hands to open her thighs enough to extract myself, with her lying in absolute bliss I stood and disrobed. Standing at the side of the bed I was consumed by her nakedness. The little roll of tummy fat was flattened by gravity, her large breasts flowed slightly to the sides.

Looking at her I realized the majority of lower tit flesh was because they were so heavy on her tiny frame. The nipples were still hard with the areolas scrunched around them like a ring of tiny bubbles under the surface of skin. I wanted to suck those beşevler escort tasty looking nubs deep into my mouth, but I was going to make her do things my way now that she was ready for a good fuck before we ate supper. I was staring at her spread legs, the hair around the labia matted with girl juices, I envisioned my clock sliding through the few strands overlapping the vulva.

I couldn’t get over how black her hair was, both on her head and between her legs. It was then her eyes opened, smiling as she sat up, my stiff cock was directly in front of those smiling lips. With a kiss to the head, and a snaky lick of the precum she grabbed the base with both hands. Looking into my eyes she said with a grin.

“Nice cock Gil, I like. Long, wide, cut, lotsa veins on sides. You going to make Kin happy tonight. I suck you a little then you fuck me hard from behind. Yes.”

As she took my cock into her mouth she hummed softly, the vibrations along my cock felt lovely. With a loud pop she let go of my dick and stood. On her hands and knees she wiggled her ass and giggled. I decided to see how far I could push things and gave her ass a solid slap. Her head looked back over her shoulder.

“Too soon Gil, maybe later. Fuck me now.”

Considering this was an interview for a job I gave it all I had. Grabbing her hips I slammed my thick gnarly cock balls deep with the first stroke. She gasped and froze in place, I didn’t stop, within another two strokes she was once again moving, her body rocking with mine. Pushing her ass back to meet my thrust, the room was filled with loud slapping noises. She’d gone through one body shuddering climax when I felt mine building. She’d been moaning and making noises from the moment she relaxed, I heard her speak as my dick thickened.

“You getting bigger. Cum in my pussy, fill my cunny with strong young semen. Fuck Kin, make her feel good, let me feel it inside.”

Pulling her hips back for a final thrust I jammed my cock as deep as possible and let fly. She let out a yell as her body was enveloped in a second climax. I felt like I’d cum more than ever before, this tight pussied little Oriental woman had fucked me like no other woman before her. The way her vaginal muscles firmly gripped me with every stroke, the non-stop words and sounds encouraging me to continue fucking with gusto. Though Penny and the others had been fantastic lays, I had never before experienced a woman like Kin. Yes, I was going to love fucking her every day, maybe several times every day if it didn’t kill me.

I let go of her hips as I softened, she immediately fell forward onto the bed, cum slowly making it’s way from her tiny slit, creating a river across her stiff extended clit. Moving back I stood on wobbly legs headed for the bathroom, I washed off and took a warm washcloth to Kin who was still on her tummy breathing deeply. When I applied the warm soft cloth to the vulva her back arched slightly causing her pussy to push upward. With a soft murmur she said, “Thank you.” With her cleaned I went back to the bathroom for a quick pee.

I no more than moved to the side when her butt hit the seat, as she squeezed I could hear plop after plop hit the water. She looked up and said with stern face.

“You have lot of cum, my pussy still full. You go to the kitchen, take out the prime to rest a few minutes before we eat. I be right there.”

I noticed on the bed next to my underwear were a pair of sweatpants. I put the clothes on and went to the kitchen. Opening a few drawers I found the hot pads, removed the prime rib and set it on a cooling rack she had left on the counter. By the time I had finished doing that she was back in the kitchen in a robe tied at the waste. I reached to kiss her but she pushed back.

“No kissing, only when we fuck.”

I decided for an instant evaluation, “Speaking of fucking, how did I do?”

“Oh, you very good. See, I put panties on, lots of cum still inside.”

I looked as she opened the robe below the tie, my eyes were greeted by bright pink cotton bikini panties. Feeling brave I took ahold of the waist tie and opened the robe. Those breasts, those fabulous breasts, I wasn’t about to wait any longer. As short as she was dropping to one knee left those magnificent heavy tits directly in line with my mouth. I put my hands at the small of her back and pulled her body to mine. With a stiffened nipple in my mouth her hands went to the back of my head. After sucking a minute she moved my head to the other one.

“You do both.” She said.

Pulling my head back after a minute I kissed each nipple and stood closing the robe. I gently tied the robe shut and winked at her.

She was smiling as she commented, “You naughty. boy. I think we’ll get along okay. After we eat I’ll give you blow job, you eat me again and then we fuck. If you pass the test, I hire you. Let’s eat, Kin very hungry, you fuck me so good.”

We büyükesat escort had prime beef and nothing else, which was fine with me. I was determined to continue the seduction even as we ate. Twice I cut a small piece and fed it to her, she was smiling and making soft approving sounds. Toward the end of our meal I took her finger, swished it through juice on the plate and sucked her finger clean. Her face beamed as I did that. Opening the robe she put juice on a finger and circled a nipple with it. I slid off the chair, knee walked to her and sucked the nipple clean. I was learning she could play the game as well.

After clearing the table we loaded the dishwasher and sat on the couch. I commented that I thought she would have a maid.

“I do. She goes home at five. I like to cook and with you coming by I told her not to prepare anything. I usually don’t get home until later, she always has something waiting for me.”

I began to understand what Miss Will meant when she said that Kin was very well spoken but often reverted back to her heavy Chinese accent. She seemed to drift in and out of each type of sentence structure. We sat on the couch facing each other, and she began to speak.

“I like the sex we had Gil. You’re attentive and thorough. I loved the seduction, nobody has ever undressed me like that before. I don’t think you knew, but I love having my tits played with and mildly manhandled. You used just the right amount of pressure, I creamed my panties when you did that. I need to ask a few questions.”

She continued speaking, “If I offer to hire you do you think it’s something you could accept. Wilamena probably told you I’m not looking for a boytoy, I want someone who has integrity and will always be available to make love to me or protect me. I’m a sexual creature who sometimes wants to be fucked three times a day and other times not as much. I have a feeling you’ll pass the next test so I may as well give you more information.”

I raised my hand enough for her to stop and listen, “Um, where will I live? The apartment I have is completely across town.”

“Good question. You’ll be in one of my eight plex units, they’re all high scale with a locked lobby similar to this one. You will live there rent free. As for where you work, I will put you in contact with Clarence who oversees all of the building maintenance. I’ve already told him you may be coming on board and that you’re experienced so there won’t be a lot of questions. Do you have more questions?” She asked.

“Uh, yeah. What about wages, a place to park, where will I be working, what will my hours be?”

She laughed, “Oh, you ask good question.”

There it was again, the broken Chinese mixed with English, something I would need to get used to. Which I saw no issue doing, it would be a matter of listening and learning.

“You work in this office building with rest of crew unless Clarence need you at apartments. There will be parking for you at the apartment and office.”

I was chuckling to myself, her change between speaking styles was becoming interesting and kind of cute in my estimation.

“As for your hours. They will be 24 hours a day. Not working 24 hours a day, but available if I need you. Clarence already knows I might take you away from maintenance and he is okay with that. He’s worked for me 15 years and knows what I need. For this I will pay you handsomely, if you go out with or travel with me I cover all costs.”

She had moved next to me, her hand was in my underwear tugging at my dick, to my pleasure it was rapidly responding.

“What do you mean to be available 24 hours a day?” I asked.

“If I need you to fuck me in the office, or on the way to a meeting, or after dinner. Whenever I need you I want you. If we going to fuck all night you stay with me until morning. My closet is big, plenty of room for more clothes. If you have somewhere you need to be tell me and we can work around that, but basically I want your body available as much as possible. If I call for cock I want you to respond right away. Can you do that? Can you live like that? I need to know before we go any further.”

I lifted, slid the pants and underwear to my ankles and whispered, “You bet your sweet ass I can. Now where’s that blow job you were talking about?”

Pushing my back into the corner of the couch she crawled between my legs and engulfed half of my dick. She sucked my cock like it was a soda straw, long slow strokes, lips only, one hand on my tummy above my dick, the other gently playing with my balls. The hand on my abdomen playfully moved back and forth through the pubic hair, something I’d never had done before. With over half my cock in her mouth she pulled back and looked up.

“You have big cock, Kin like this.”

With the teasing of her fingers and the deep slow bobbing of her head it didn’t take long before I was ready to cross over into the land of euphoria. As the blood engorged head of my dick thickened she began to hum, mm-hmm, while maintaining a steady rhythm. When my legs stiffened she pulled back and locked her lips around the head, gulping each shot splashing against the back of her throat. With the heavy spurts done she began to gently continue bobbing her head, licking along the shaft. I became so sensitive I finally had to push her away.

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