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Subject: “Dads underwear CHAPTER 5” – Gay Male, Incest Dads underwear CHAPTER 5 By ibe [Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. If you are under the legal age of eighteen or if the stories of gay father and son incest do not appeal to you, please leave immediately!] Then, I was just visualizing what I had just seen no more than ten minutes ago made me so horny. I began to stroke my dick and it wasn’t long before I shot my load. My cums exploded out more than ever I had made. Four spurts of cum hit my headboard and face, the last three blasts landed on my chest and stomach. I reached up to my stomach and tried to scrape as much cum as I could into my mouth. I was truly turned on by my dads little sexy whiteys. Then, I was thinking to keep it as long as I can. But, my mom would be questioning if she did not see my dad’s dirty underwear in the laundry basket. To keep it like nothing ever happened, I went back to my dad’s bedroom and I took a pair of clean underwear belonging to my dad. Then, I placed it in the laundry basket to mix with other dirty clothes. So, this could probably work out for a while gaziantep escort to keep it from mom or dad before they knew one of dad’s favorite underwear was missing. Since my dad got a dozens of underwear in his drawer, they won’t even notice that. I was trying to keep my dad’s dirty underwear with me as long as possible until the smell had gone. I put his sexy whiteys under my pillow and it accompanied me throughout that night. Since that day, I will collect his fresh sweaty underwear after he had changed it. Each time I heard the shower stop in his bedroom, I will wait for him to come out from his shower. Once he left his room, I retrieved his dirty underwear from the laundry basket and replaced it with the one that I took previous week and it had already lost its sweaty smell. I also found out that the longer my dad wore his underwear, it would smell stronger and that really got me intoxicated. But, it would be more excited if I could get a pair of his cum laden underwear. Anyhow, I never managed to get it even once. Gradually, it became my habit to sniff my dad’s dirty underwear and enjoyed suriyeli escort his manly scent in my room while I jacked off. Holding my dad’s sweaty underwear in my hand and hearing my dad groaning, moaning and fucking my mom in his room totally turned me on. Then, when I heard my dad cumming, I would cum together with him with his sweaty underwear under my nose. I was so excited each time I got my dad’s fresh dirty underwear, but I still had little regret for not able to see his dick even once. I tried to made it a habit when I could get a chance to sneak into his room and hid in closet before he was about to take his shower. I hoped to be able to repeat the experience that I had that night, if I was lucky. Unfortunately, it always happened to me that the opportunity came at the wrong time when my mom was at home; it was just too risky to do that. My nervousness really got the best of me. I was afraid that my mom would catch me spying on my naked daddy. It would certainly get me killed. All along I knew that my mom loved me so much, and I hoped that I won’t do anything rus escort to hurt her feeling. But, I just couldn’t stop taking and sniffing my dad dirty underwear as it was just too excited. The next few weeks went by as usual. Nothing special happened until the day when my mom left to Europe for a trip with her friend Mary. She would be gone for a week. So, I would have the whole house by myself. Dad was still looking great, sexy and hot to me. He was, after all, the first adult man I ever saw so posed hot in the flesh. I had seen pictures of naked men in gay porn magazines but they always seemed so artificial to me. Since my mom was not home for a week, so it would be the best and also the safest time for me to spy my naked daddy again. I would adhere to my previous plan of spying my dad when he came back on that weekend. By the time I got to Friday, I was anxiously waiting for my dad to come home. As usual he would only be back after 9pm. That night, I was in the living room, watching night news. Half and hours after 9pm, I heard a car pulled into the driveway and then front yard. It must be dad! When he entered the front door, he looked tired that day and smelled a mixture of dirt and sweat after working a day at his workshop. Then, as usual he took off his dirty t-shirt, pulled it over his head slowly revealing his hairy chest and plump nipples. … to be continued

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