Daddy’s reawakening – Chap 12Daddy’s reawakening – Chap 12


Chapter 12 – Weekend at Shannon’s (Part 2)

I woke up the next morning next to Shannon, a beautiful full figured redhead. She was wearing a purple negligee with black lace trim that clung to her figure. Exhausted from a long week of work with very little sleep she was still totally passed out. She looked like an angel sleeping peacefully. She looked good even when she wasn’t trying. The way thick red hair spilled about her body it was as if some photographer spent hours positioning her perfectly for a cover photo of some tasteful artistic nude magazine.

I got up and showered and then considered making her breakfast in bed, but there was very little in the apartment, clearly she had been too busy to even go shopping this week. I thought about going out to the store to pick up some groceries, but I didn’t have a key to get back in and I didn’t want to leave the door unlocked behind me, so I settled on just taking her out for brunch after she woke up.

It was nearly noon and Shannon was still asleep, so I went into the bedroom to see if I could gently wake her up. I started by planting very small kisses on her cheek, then her neck, then her collar. I worked my way down her body kissing her soft flesh, and when I got to the negligee I just kissed her through the material.She started to slowly stir as I continued kissing down her back.

“Good morning daddy.” She said, happy like a ray of sunshine in the early morning. I was glad to see she was still playing our game.

“Morning sweetie.”

I continued to plant small kisses down her body, until I eventually reached her ass. Then I pulled up the negligee and continued to shower her bare skin with my love. Shannon just chuckled, my kisses were so light that they were probably tickling her behind.

“What are we gonna do today daddy?” She asked, changing the inflection of her voice to sound younger.

I responded by putting my face in her behind, my nose brushing up against her anus and my mouth by her pussy and shook my head and blew a raspberry.

Shannon squirmed and rolled over to her side, letting out a belly laugh. I dived on top of her and gave her a big squeeze. Then I began to tickle her. She tried yelling stop, but couldn’t get the whole word out at once. I tickled her midriff, I tickles her legs, I tickled her underarms, I tickled her feet, I tickled whever I could get my hands that I found was effective in rendering her speechless with laughter.

We rolled around the bed tickling and wrestling for about 10 minutes or so before she was so out of breath we had to stop. When we finally called a “truce” her hair was a mess and her negligee was all twisted around, her right boob popping out. Her nipples were large and dark pink, and to me they tasted like candy.

“Why don’t you get ready to go and we might still have time to catch a late brunch.”

“Ohhh, that sounds yummy!”

“To be honest I’d rather stay in and eat you out all day, THAT sounds yummy. But you deserve a big breakfast, plus you will need the energy, and since your kitchen is pretty bare…”

She made a “got caught” face and got up and stretched. It was so cute the way she got up on her tippy toes and raised her arms to the air – which pulled her negligee up once again letting me drink in that round ass of hers. God I loved it!

“OK daddy, I’ll go get nice and clean for you, so maybe later YOU can have the meal YOU deserve.” She winked and walked away.

About 40 minutes later we we walking into a diner on the other side of town that served brunch until 2pm. The waitress, a plump girl in her late teens or early twenties greeted us with a very chipper attitude. She was wearing an apron with the diner’s name across it over tight fitting black dress pants and a green button-up collared shirt with the top 3 buttons undone, revealing massive cleavage. Her auburn hair was up in a bun and she had a pen in her ear. She showed us to our table , which was right under a stuffed moose head that I wasn’t sure if it was real or not.

Shannon was wearing a yellow sun dress and had her beautiful thick red hair up in a ponytail. Her ears were adorned with gold studs, and she wore a tinge of blue eyeshadow.

The waitress handed us to menus and turned to leave, but I interrupted her, “Excuse me?”

She turned with a jerk, “Yes, I’m sorry?”

“Can we have a kids menu please?”

The look of befuddlement on her face was priceless. I saw her eyes look over to the door and then back at us. “Oh I’m sorry are you expecting company? I can get you a bigger table.”

“Oh no, its just the two of us.” I stated matter-of-factly.

Shannon just smiled at her and twirled her hair.

The waitress just turned and walked away, mumbling something under her breath. she returned two minutes later with a kids menu. It was one of those paper menus that if you flipped it over had a picture to color. She said, “Here you go. One KIDS menu…” rolling her eyes.

But as she turned to leave again Shannon spoke up, “Umm… Could I have some crayons please?”

The waitress didn’t even look back.

“Daddy, she’s rude!” Shannon said, flabbergasted at the lack of hospitality.

You see, on the drive over here I told Shannon that our role playing would be all day as she agreed, and that the better she played the part the better her reward would be at the end of the night. Clearly she was aiming high.

“Why don’t you figure out what it is what you want to eat sugar? They aren’t serving breakfast much longer.”

“Ok daddy.”

Shannon and I each browsed our respective menus.

“Sow-saggie… s-OHs-age..” Shannon was whispering.

I looked up and saw her using her finger under the words to help her track where she was reading.

“Daddy, what’s this say?” She held up her menu and pointed to a word.

“Sausage honey.”

“Ohhhh, thanks.” Then she went back to reading.

The waitress returned with a pack of 3 crayons, red, blue, and green. “Are you about ready to order?” She asked, with a thick layer of judgement in her voice.

“I think we need a couple more minutes. Thanks.
“Where’s the yellow?” Shannon blurted out at the waitress.


“The yellow CRAYON.” She said, like “fuck you, duh.”

“Look, you just get what’s in that package.”

“Yeah but there’s red and blue and green. Why green and not yellow? You can MAKE green if you have yellow!” Shannon throw her hands up in the air and shook her head.

“We don’t have yellow.” The waitress Ankara escort said flatly and then just walked away.

Inside I was dying laughing. Also, for some reason, I was incredibly turned on.

“How am I supposed to color her in like me if there’s no yellow?” Shannon asked turning the paper around, showing a picture of a little girl in a dress and a little boy in overalls on a playground with a giant bunny rabbit and a bear, both of whom looked very friendly.

“I don’t know sweetie.”

“Hmph.” She started coloring, but left the dress blank.

I finished deciding what I wanted and then just watched her in action. She was adorable. Her tongue was stuck out a little and she was coloring the bear in blue. Her ponytail was slung over her shoulder and she had both elbows on the table.

We were seated in a booth toward the back of the diner, there were only two other parties in the restaurant. An old couple near the entrance and a trucker-looking guy sitting by himself in the middle.

Shannon moved her arm to color the slide and her elbow knocked a crayon to the floor. “Ooops!” she said.

“I’ll get it.” I reassured her.

I ducked down below the table to find her crayon, but what I found instead was her legs spread wide open and she wasn’t wearing any underwear!

Her pale white freckled legs V’ed, exposing a hairy red bush and a glistening pussy. Due to the extreme angle of her legs, her outer lips were spread open as well, revealing her pleading pink hole. Her lips were moist, reflecting what little light was under the table, but there was also a single droplet of wetness slowly running down between her lips.

Next to her feet on the floor was the green crayon. I picked it up and brought it to her slit. Her soft pink flesh recoiled like a sponge when I pushed the tip of the crayon to it. I traced her outer labia, being careful to scoop up all the excess moisture, until the green crayon was glistening like it was covered in morning dew.

She squirmed a little at the touch of the crayon, but I could see her trying to hold it in as to not draw attention to what was going on under the table.

Satisfied with myself for the moment I sat back up in the booth seat and held the crayon up and proclaimed, “Found it!”

Shannon gave me a look, I think she was hoping that she would shock me with flashing me her pussy, but was caught off guard when I violated her with the crayon. She reached over and grabbed the crayon from my hand. “Thanks daddy” she said in a low voice, and then brought the crayon to her mouth and sucked the wetness off of the tip.

A couple minutes later the reluctant waitress came over and asked us for our orders. I gave mine and then Shannon spoke up, “I’ll have the pancakes and sausage kids meal.”

The waitress wrote it down while not making eye contact with Shannon.

“Oh, and can I have an extra sausage?”

The waitress looked up with her eyes, “It comes with 2 sausages, if you want more why don’t you order from the regular menu?” Her voice was thick with disdain.

I was mostly taking the opportunity to stare at the young woman’s gaping cleavage. Her breasts were a little bit bigger than Shannon’s. I would guess big D’s, borderline DD’s. God, I’d love to fuck them.

“Because that’s what I want. It says at the bottom of the menu that I can add an extra sausage for fifty-nine cents. That’s what I want. Please.” The please came out more as an order than a polite request.

The waitress quickly scribbled something and then abruptly left.

We sat there talking about what we might want to do with our day for a while and then all of a sudden the waitress was back with our meals. This was by far the fastest service I had ever had in my life. Maybe it was the lack of customers, or maybe it was the fact that they were getting ready to stop serving breakfast, but I felt very sure that it had more to do with the fact that the waitress was very uncomfortable and just wanted us out as soon as possible.

The meal was decent, nothing to come back for, but after what we were pulling I wouldn’t ever show my face in here again anyways. I was about halfway done with my meal and the waitress hadn’t come by to refill my coffee once.

When I saw her bringing the check to the old couple I flagged her down.

Shannon was eating slowly and finishing coloring the last little bit of her menu when the waitress arrived with the pot of coffee. She began to refill my cup, I tried to play off nonchalant, as if I was having a normal conversation, but I was just trying to make her even more uncomfortable.

“How do you like your sausage sweetie?” I asked like an attentive father.

Shannon looked up and realized the game I was playing right away.

“It OK I guess. Not as good as your sausage though, daddy. I love your sausage. It always tastes so good in my mouth. So warm, and much bigger than these little things. How are these supposed to be satisfying?” She said, lifting her last sausage up with her fork and twirling it around, before bringing it to her lips and slowly taking it in.

The young chubby waitress finished filling my glass and made a very obvious sigh and stormed off again. I was having fun, but also beginning to feel bad for her. I figured I’d leave a really big tip.

The diner was getting emptier. The old couple had left and the trucker was clearly paying his check and getting ready to go. The waitress brought over our check and said nothing.

I ran my foot along Shannon’s leg and said, “Finish up, I have an idea.”

“Yes daddy.”

I watched out of the corner of my eye. Once the trucker exited I threw down a $100 bill and wrote “keep the change!” on the bill. “Follow me honey bunny.” I directed Shannon.

The bathrooms were down a little hall on a side of the restaurant, secluded from the rest of the place…

I brought us to the men’s room door and stopped looking at Shannon to make sure she was comfortable with the idea. I could see her hesitate for a second, but just a second.

The men’s bathroom had one stall and two urinals on one wall and a counter with two sinks against the other wall. It was remarkably clean and fresh smelling for a public bathroom. I walked into the middle of the room and stopped and turned to look at Shannon.

I watched her eye the place up and down, and watched her face carefully for any signs that she might want to back down, but then she spoke up, “Gee daddy, why did you bring me to the boys room?” She twirled Ankara escort bayan her hair and made a face of pure innocence.

With just one finger I motioned her to come over to me. She took two steps forward. I motioned closer. She took one step closer. I motioned again.She took one more step but couldn’t go any further or she would knock me over.

“Get on your knees.” I commanded.

She got down on her knees like she was told.

“Unzip my pants.”

She brought her hands to my crotch and unbuttoned my fly and then unzipped my pants like an obedient daughter.

It was so bright in the restroom, so empty, and so sanitary with the smell of bleach. It was almost like being in a hospital.

“Now take out daddy’s penis.”

She carefully grabbed the waistband of my underwear and pulled it over my already stiffening dick. She brought the elastic under my balls and let it rest there.

She looked up at me, eagerly awaiting her next instructions.

“What now daddy?”

“Daddy wants you to suck his manhood babygirl.”

She licked her lips and responded, “But it’s so big daddy! I can’t fit it all in my mouth!”

I liked where she was going with this.

“You can and you will fit it all in your mouth, or else you will be in big trouble young lady.”

“But daddy…”

“No buts.”

She made a pouty face at me for a second and then wrapped her cool fingers around my warm hot cock.

Her lips surrounded me wrapping me up in a warm wet blanket of tongue. I exhaled as a warm flow of energy ran through my body.

Her mouth began to slowly move up and down my cock, each time bringing my cock deeper into her mouth. I grabbed her thick red hair with my right hand as hard as I could and I rested my left hand on her shoulder. Her other hand cupped my balls as I inched my way toward her throat.

I just stared at her full red lips working my member while enjoying the suck and feel. She was beginning to gag, little sounds of which escaped between the sound of wet flesh and suction that echoed throughout the diner’s men’s room.

“Come on baby doll, you can do it.” I encouraged as I grabbed her hair even harder and began to jerk my hips.

The tip of my rod touched the back of her throat and I could feel her whole body shutter.

“Agck agck agck…” Escaped from her mouth as I fucked her face.

Suddenly she found herself choking and used both hands to push me back. My dick slipped out of her mouth and she brought her hands to her mouth and started coughing.

She spit a little on the bathroom floor, her saliva shining on the white tiles. We met eyes.

“Sorry daddy. Its just so big.”

I didn’t know if she was just putting on a show for my benefit, or if she had really had a hard time taking it all, but I was turned on so much I didn’t really care.

Standing over her, my dick hanging out and covered in her spit, I just shook my head in disappointment.

“Daaaaddyyy. I’m sorrryyyyy. I’ll do better next time.”

“I’m so disappointed that you failed me. I don’t know how I’ll punish you, but I promise it will be memorable.”

“No please! Please daddy! Give me another chance and I’ll –”

Shannon stopped mid sentence and we both froze as the men’s room door swung open and someone walked in.

There was no time for us to cover up, but even if we did it would be obvious what was going on. We just panicked like a deer in headlights.

In walked a man with a big beer gut wearing a flannel and a mesh hat. His boots clacked on the tile floor and he made his way into our sight.

I was expecting a look of shock -wide eyes and raised brows – but instead when the trucker from earlier saw us, caught in the middle of a blowjob, he just smirked and said, “Well well, whadda we got here?”

He and I locked eyes for a minute and I could see Shannon was stiff, ready to run or fight.

I needed to figure out a way to get out of this situation without a problem or the cops being called…

I looked down at my beautiful redheaded sex toy and said, “Now listen up babygirl. You gagged on me and I told you that you would be punished, but since you asked me so nicely for a second chance here’s the deal: You will try to take my whole dick in your mouth again without choking this time. If you fail, you will suck this nice gentleman’s cock…”

NOW his eyes widened and his eyebrows raised.

“If you succeed you will only have to let him cum on your face.”

Shannon’s eyes burned a hole in my gaze. She was obviously freaking out.

“You will jerk him off while you suck me. He will treat you with the utmost respect and when we are said and done we will all go our own way as if none of this ever happened.”

Her voice trembling, Shannon started to speak, “Daddy, I-”

“I don’t want to hear it. Start sucking my cock.” I interrupted.

The trucker waited, cautious to see if this was for real or not, but I could see the anticipation in his eyes.

Shannon gulped and once again brought her lips to my wood and began to suck me off.

I wanted to show that everything was ok, so I began to put on a show.

“Mmm… that’s good baby girl. Daddy loves the way you suck his dick.” I gently ran my fingers through her hair until I found a spot on the back of her head to grab.

The trucker slowly walked over next to me and looked down at her, and then over to me.

“Be a good girl, and take the nice man’s cock out. We don’t want him to think you are rude.” I instructed.

She licked and sucked me while she simultaneously fumbled with the man’s pants. Eventually she got them open and a fat wrinkly dick flopped out. It was semi-hard already.

“That’s it baby girl. Look at you! I’m so proud of you, two men at once!”

She pumped him hard, and he began to began to mutter in a low voice. most of what he said was hard to hear, but I occasionally heard things like, “Oh yeah you little slut..” and “I bet you’d like that in your mouth…”

My own cock was getting a lot of amazing attention and I wasn’t sure how much I’d last. She was getting it deeper and deeper, but still hadn’t taken it all yet.

“Be a good girl for daddy and take out your wonderful breasts for the man.”

Shannon eyed me, and I could see that even though she didn’t like that I was pushing her limits like this, she was also very turned on.

With her free hand she slipped the strap of her yellow sundress off of one shoulder, exposing a big pink breast with Escort Ankara a nipple so erect it was as hard as my cock. Then she quickly and temporarily switched hands to do the same with her other boob.

“Umpfff.. yeah.. ung, ohhhh…” the trucker muttered.

“Now take ALL of daddy’s dick or you will have to suck him dry. Do you understand me?”

“Yes daddy.” She said, in a sultry voice.

Without me helping in any way, Shannon forced my fully erect cock down her throat, she gagged a little, but didn’t let it stop her at all. She sucked and I felt her throat around my head.

Her left hand never stopped jerking the horny trucker next to us, if anything she went even faster.

After a full minute of deepthroating me I decided that she had had enough.

“Excellent job sweetie. I knew you could do it with the right motivation. Now you’re gonna let me cum on your face while this nice man cums all over your big titties.”

Shannon took my dick out of her mouth and posed for us. She pushed her breasts out, even pushing them together little, and turned her face up toward the ceiling for me.

The trucker began to let out a long low moan that started quiet but got louder and louder.

I had been so close, watching my gorgeous little plaything pose for me and this random stranger to cum on was too much.

I took one final stroke and everything that I had been holding back suddenly just burst out of me. As soon as my hot seed hit her cheek she closed her eyes, and then another burst hit her lips.

That’s when her large round breasts were suddenly covered in a stream of the truckers gooey cum.

As Shannon knelt on the tile floor of the diner’s men’s room being covered from head to breasts in cum by me and the random trucker she brought one hand under her yellow sundress and attacked her clit furiously, she was so turned on.

Her big freckled tits swung back and forth as the last of the truckers cum spurted onto her, and I had already emptied my balls on her face, she was completely coated, from eyebrows to lips. Her eyes were closed and I wasn’t sure how she’d ever open them with my cum drying on them.

I walked over to the sink and grabbed a few paper towels and wet a few and then wiped Shannon’s face clean, and then the cum that had dripped to her neck, and then I rubbed the trucker’s cum off of her tits. The whole time I cleaned her she continued to frig herself.

When I was finally done and she was still playing I just picked her up and sat her down on the counter, and then proceeded to bury my face in her muff. I licked and sucked and made all sorts of wild motions with my tongue, this wasn’t the lick her clit up and down in a rhythm until she climaxes kind of eating out, this was more like I had buried my face in a delicious pie and I was just eating with no consideration of the pie itself, just going wild.

Shannon’s clit felt like it was on fire though, and every time I rubbed it in any way the fire just got bigger. I could vaguely sense her playing with her tits above me. Then I heard a voice, from right next to me, it was the trucker, “Mind if I suck on one of those?”

Shannon just blurted out, “Do whatever the fuck you want to me!”

I was very surprised, but the way she said it I knew she meant it and it was so fucking hot it had me hard again.

My face was soaked with juices and saliva and Shannon was now giving off a high pitched squeal as I heard the sucking sounds above of the trucker going to town on her fat pink nipples. I dug my hands under her round ass and grabbed tight, pushing my face into her even harder.

Shannon humped my face in response, banging her crotch into my mouth over and over again.

Then, a moment later I heard distinct slurping sounds.

I pulled my face out from her pussy and looked up over her skirt, and saw Shannon was now sucking the truckers dick. She had leaned to the side so far she was practically laying on the counter. She was sucking like a fucking machine, and his eyes were rolled into the back of his head as he fondled his balls.

“You little slut!” I said.

Like a werewolf losing control under a full moon, her dirty little act had me so turned on that I slid my hands out from under her butt and let my cock out one more time. I brought my engorged mushroom-like head to her ass and pushed a couple times, like knocking before entering, and once I was sufficiently lubricated and her ass stimulated I plunged deep, like an ocean explorer going for the bottom of the ocean.

It only lasted like that for a short while, me savagely ramming her ass hole and the random trucker fucking her face all while she lay across the men’s room sinks. I watched her from the mirror behind her, her ass cheeks clenched right, her back arched and her head bobbing back and forth.

Her warm ass squeezed my dick tight and before I knew it I was hit with waves of orgasm as I pumped my white fluid into her colon.

At the same time the trucker grabbed her jaw and squeezed, he noticeably was rising to his tippie toes and she was making gulping sounds. I watched my love swallow this total strangers semen, as I continued to thrust into her ass, though I was long spent of my own, the tip of my dick was still sensitive and while that sensitivity was decreasing, I needed to fuck her ass for a minute longer.

Eventually we both pulled out and Shannon just slumped, exhausted, totally wiped out.

The trucker cleaned himself off and thanked Shannon and then left.

After getting herself clean and her clothes back in order Shannon looked at me and said, “Was I a good girl daddy? Did I make you proud?”

I grinned like a fool and responded, “Yes babydoll. You were amazing.”

We left the diner, making sure to very loudly say goodbye to the awkward waitress with the huge tits who just made a weird face as we went by. When we got inside the car I looked at my gorgeous redhead and giggled.

“What?” She asked, clearly very curious.

I reached over and scraped a blob of almost dry cum from under her eye to the bridge of her nose.

Sme smirked and just said, “Ooops.” twirling her hair in the universal sign of innocence.

As we drive off she asked, “What will we do tonight daddy?”

“Good question, I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet…”

I tried to think of some sexy fun, but I was so spent I would have just been satisfied satying in and watching a movie.

That was it.

“Why don’t we go to the movies?”

“That would be fun!” Shannon exclaimed.

And it would be I soon discovered. The local art house indy theater was reshowing the original, and uncut 1962 film Lolita!

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