Daddy”s Little Cock Hound

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Chapter Six — Logan slides down the pleasure pole 🏳️‍🌈

After Colin and Gary left, mom started dinner while dad and I hung out on the couch. As usual, I was nude from the waist down and my rear end was the focus of dad”s attention.

“How does your back door feel, kiddo?” he asked me, and I gave him a curious look.

“My back door?” I asked, and he responded by grabbing a handful of my bubble butt and winking at me. Realizing that back door was another name for my rear end, I smiled up at him and said, “Oh.”

“Does it feel sore, son?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

“It feels nice right now,” I assured him.

“How about if you let me finger some ointment into it so it doesn”t get sore, champ?” he said, and I shrugged. Patting my butt, he said, “Go get me the ointment out of the medicine cabinet.”

“Okay!” I said obediently, eager to have dad”s finger back inside me. I trotted to the bathroom to fetch the ointment, and while I was in there I spread my butt cheeks in front of the mirror and looked over my shoulder. It was moist and looked red, but it was still winking and twitching. I loved how naughty it felt to have a freshly fucked hole. I also loved how I could feel an intense heat pouring out of it and glancing off of my fingertips.

I licked my lips and excitedly hurried out to the living room to give dad the ointment. As soon as I handed it to him, I felt a rush of excitement and turned to face away from him, then I spread my buns and showed him my moist, satisfied hole. I looked over my shoulder and we made eye contact, then his gaze traveled into my crevice and he examined my wrecked butthole.

“You”ve been busy back there, haven”t you Logan?” dad observed, and I nodded proudly. While I was still holding my cheeks open for him, he squirted some ointment onto his fingertips and smeared it all over my hole. I moaned hotly when his forefinger slipped into my ass, prompting him to smile warmly at me.

“Come sit next to daddy so we can visit while I tend to your pleasure spot,” he told me, and I instantly complied. I snuggled into his side and watched with eager eyes as he squirted more ointment onto his fingers, then he fingered it into me while I cooed with pleasure. While I was purring into his chest, he used his free hand to lift my chin, then we shared a French kiss that swept me off my feet.

“Are you looking forward to hooking up with boys for sex back here?” he asked me, twisting his finger back and forth in my hole. When I nodded my dreamy reply, he smiled and said, “I reckon you”ll be dating every boy in school when you get to junior high.”

“I hope so,” I sighed. “I wish I could find boys to date right now.”

“Oh yeah?” dad asked with an amused smile. “Well maybe we”ll have to set you up with a few boys so you won”t have to wait.”

“Really?” I gasped hopefully, and he nodded as his finger started working in my ass with deep strokes. Feeling my heart flutter, I hugged him tight and said, “I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too, sweetheart,” he said, then we locked lips again while I moaned with pleasure.

At the dinner table I found myself under the spell of sexual desire while mom and dad broached the topic of my dating aspirations.

“He”s looking forward to having his first date,” dad said, but I barely noticed because all I could think about was the inferno of anal desire that was raging in my body. “We talked about it in the living room and he said he doesn”t want to wait for junior high to start dating boys.”

“Do you think he”ll want a boyfriend?” mom asked, and this istanbul travesti time I nodded while visions of cute boys danced around my head. When they saw me nod, they both gushed, then mom said, “Maybe he”ll meet a boy at day camp.”

With that, my rear end shivered at the prospect of finding a cute boy to bend over for at day camp. As my mind raced with the possibilities, I moaned softly and once again, mom and dad gushed.

“How long do you think it”s going to take him to get laid on his own?” mom asked, and dad gave me a knowing look.

“Not long at all, babe,” he said confidently. “He”s giving off so many signals without even trying. I imagine he”ll have his pants down and his ass in the air in no time flat.”

Dad”s words intrigued me so I spoke up.

“What kind of signals?” I asked, my voice breaking with desire.

“Horny signals, buddy,” dad explained, then he reached over and took my fork from me so he could scoop up a bite of spaghetti and feed it to me. I opened up and accepted the bite, and while I was chewing it up, he added, “It”s obvious that you”re hungry for cock, son.”

I chewed and swallowed, then I asked in a small voice, “Does that mean that people know?”

“That people know what, son?” dad asked, and I blushed.

“You know,” I started, then I smiled shyly and felt my cheeks heat up.

“That you like boys?” mom asked, and I nodded sheepishly.

“Yeah,” I said softly. Then, in a barely audible tone, I added, “And that I”m…”

“That you”re what, Logan?” mom asked, and this time my cheeks turned beet red. She reached out and brushed my bangs out of my eyes, then she assured me, “You can say it.”

“That I”m… you know,” I said again, my face burning with shame.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of, son,” dad assured me. “Do you need to hold my hand?”

I nodded as I reached out and took his hand, then mom kissed me on the head.

“Mommy and daddy already know, Logan,” mom reminded me. “We love our little cockhound.”

“I love you too, mommy,” I said in a small voice. Then, with relentless gusts of heat flushing over my face, I looked at them and admitted, “I”m gay.” 🏳️‍🌈

I was in the middle of a sweet dream when I felt mom”s hand nudging my shoulder.

“Hey sweetie,” she said in a gentle tone. “Do you want to help me suck some cock for daddy?”

With a groggy smile, I nodded my answer, then I sat up and let the bedroom come into focus. The bedside lamp on mom”s nightstand was on, casting a warm glow against the walls that gave me a cozy feeling. While I was rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, mom leaned over and slipped her mouth over the end of dad”s pole.

While mom was washing his dick around in her mouth, dad reached out and rubbed my back with a tender touch.

“How does your ass feel, son?” he asked, and I smiled over my shoulder at him.

“It feels really nice, dad,” I sighed.

With that, dad winked at me, then he cast his horny gaze down to mom, who looked like she was under a spell while she deep throated dad”s monster.

“You think you”ll feel like riding daddy”s cock again, son?” he asked me with a note of tender concern, and I nodded my answer.

“I want to ride it all the time now,” I said, then I rolled into his embrace and let him rub my back while mom sucked lustily on his cock.

Dad kissed me on the side of my head, prompting me to bat my eyes at him and pucker my lips and move in for a mouthful of tongue. We shared a long kiss while dad reached down and rubbed my moist pucker, then we broke our kiss and I moved down his body so I could join mom and get a nice mouthful of cock.

With her lips wrapped around the base of his prick, mom reached out and ran her fingers through my messy hair, then she pulled off with a slurp and sat up so I could take my turn. I eagerly kissed and licked along the length of dad”s stalk while he rubbed the spines of my pucker with his middle finger. I heard the sound of a cap being flipped open, then I felt something cool and slippery being applied to my hole and moaned with desire.

“What do you think, honey?” dad said. “Do you think our boy needs some more cock in his ass?”

Before mom could answer, I urgently nodded while his cock leaked with precum. I felt dad”s finger slide into my hungry hole and sighed, then I slipped my mouth over the kadıköy travesti crown and swallowed his length while mom gushed.

“He”s such a little sexpot now,” she noted as dad”s middle finger probed my juicing hole. They shared a kiss on the lips, then dad settled into a luscious finger fuck while I settled into a pleasure filled deep throating of his manhood.

“Pour some more lube for me, sweetie,” dad said. “I”m gonna put the baby boy back to bed with a nice lay.”

By this point, I had waves of desire washing over me with no end in sight. The pleasure signals that were pouring down my legs were relentless, but the promise of another ride on dad”s cock was like throwing gas on a fire. I felt dad”s digit press hard against my pleasure spot as it moved back and forth with delicious precision and knew this was just the beginning.

I felt like I was under a spell when dad removed his finger and urged me to pull his cock out of my throat. With a needy, guttural moan, I did as I was told. My reward for being an obedient bottom was to be placed on my hands and knees in the bed while dad mounted me from behind.

I watched with tortured eyes as dad planted his right foot on the mattress and used his left knee for balance. When he placed the head of his leaking dick up to my horny entrance, I felt a trail of precum run out of his slit and embed itself into the lips of my anus. We made eye contact, then he gripped my hips and a powerful shiver consumed me.

I was about to press back with my hips when dad”s hold on my waist tightened and he pressed forward with his pelvis. I was lost in his eyes when I felt my sphincter bloom and his glans were swallowed, then his eyes softened and he looked like he was filled with raw emotion. I could feel it too, making my heart race in my chest while my ass pulled the rest of his length inside.

“You okay sweetheart?” dad asked me, and I nodded to let him know I was enjoying his cock. “You”re rear end is so hungry.”

Once again, I nodded in agreement, then I felt mom”s palm caressing my cheek. I broke my gaze with dad and smiled at her, then I gave my hips a sensual stir to show her how happy I was to have dad inside me.

I didn”t move or say a word when dad started to thrust. Instead, I stayed where I was and let the decadent feelings run their course. Each and every stroke of dad”s prick drew out involuntary moans from me that sounded melodic. At the same time, his moans were low and masculine while the moist sounds of friction added to the erotic charge in the room. Between my legs, my little boner was on fire, dancing around on its own while my little nuts pulled tighter and tighter to my body.

“Such a horny boy,” mom cooed softly while I gazed into her face with a sense of wonder. “He”s just like his mama and his daddy.”

With that, a rush of carnal heat poured out of my groin, seemingly out of nowhere. The onset was so sudden and so powerful that I had no way to prepare for it. As it took hold, I felt my legs shake and gripped the sheets with both fists. Almost out of necessity, I shut my eyes and felt the room start to rock back and forth while little flashes of light danced around my head. Dad”s cock felt like it was hitting every pleasure point in my body with the perfect tempo, making my little dick throb with every inward thrust he treated me to.

Before I knew it, a thick fog had set in all around me and I couldn”t concentrate on anything but the pleasure that was besieging me. I wasn”t aware of my moans, I wasn”t aware of the light in the room and I wasn”t aware of the bed I was in. All I could comprehend was the carnal fury I was navigating. When dad increased the speed of his thrusting, I was completely unaware. When his already firm grip on my waist tightened, I had no idea that it”d happened. Even when dad buried his rod up my clutching ass and deposited his seed, I was too far gone to notice.

When I finally came to, dad had slid his forearms under my shoulders and pulled me back so that I was sitting up with my back pressed into his chest. My head was resting on his shoulder and our lips were locked. His tongue was probing my mouth and I was moaning blissfully as my rear end squeezed his throbbing, jerking stalk with rhythmic contractions. My eyes started to flutter as the room came back into focus and I realized that dad had treated me to a lay bakırköy travesti that I”d never forget.

When we broke our kiss, I rolled my hips around and felt dad”s pole stirring in my pleasured rear end. The smell of anal sex was dense in the air, a luscious combination of butt stink, man musk and sperm that was pure romance.

“Did you enjoy that lay, baby?” dad asked in my ear, and I nodded up at him with stars in my eyes.

With that, mom let her gaze wander down to my little spike, which was still dancing around while I ground my ass around on dad”s pleasure stick. When she saw it pulsing and twitching she gushed, then she leaned in and gave dad a French kiss while I continued to roll my hips sensually.

When they broke their kiss, dad tightened his grasp on my waist and gently pulled out of me. I waited for him to lay down, then I collapsed beside him and watched while mom sucked him clean. While mom was moaning lustily around his cock, dad rubbed my heaving chest and kissed me on the lips.

“You feel better now, Logan?” he asked, and I nodded my answer with a starry smile.

“I feel perfect, daddy,” I sighed. “How do you feel?”

“I feel incredible, son,” dad assured me. “You have an amazing ass.”

“Thanks,” I said shyly, my eyes trained on mom as she expertly sucked dad”s pole clean. “Daddy?”

“Yeah babe?”

“Can I ride it again tomorrow?”

“Of course you can,” he promised. “You can ride daddy”s cock anytime you need to.”

“Thanks,” I said, then I puckered my lips and we shared another kiss while mom moaned lustily around dad”s delicious dick.

🏳️‍🌈 Up Next: Logan rides the pleasure train🏳️‍🌈

Also coming soon: Kevin loves his daddy and his brothers. But how much attention does his ass need until he”s satisfied? Find out in ota

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