Daddy’s Girl Ch. 01Daddy’s Girl Ch. 01



I am a 39-year-old woman; I work full-time and raise three children. I am also my Daddy’s babygirl, and every now and again, we have a day that reminds me of just that… and I am going to share the most recent with you now.

The first indication I had that today was going to be deliciously decadent was the sharp slap on my ass when Daddy woke up. Normally he will kiss and cuddle me, then fill me with his cum before he sets off to work. Not today…

This morning I woke abruptly when Daddy slapped my ass, hard. Still groggy from sleep, I scrambled to assume the position when he told me sharply to prepare to receive. On all fours, head and shoulders pressed to the bed, my ass was in the air and hanging just a bit over the edge of the bed. Daddy finds this position remarkably convenient and enjoys having my holes level with his cock and waiting. This morning was no exception, or so I thought.

I felt him against my asshole, the head of his cock pressing deeper in until the muscles yielded and the length Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort of his shaft split me open. The discomfort turned almost instantly to pleasure at the feel of him buried deep within my most private place. He stroked once, twice, and then stopped as he sunk deeply in my ass as was possible. I wondered what he was waiting for; when without warning I felt hot liquid filling my bowels. We had talked about the idea before, but had never gone any further… apparently the time for talking had passed, because here he was, filling my bowels with his pee.

I could feel myself filling, stretching, and bloating as he kept pissing in my ass. I felt base and degraded, yet so unbelievably aroused, serving as his toilet. Eventually he drained himself, and pulled his cock from my ass. My sense of relief was short-lived as he immediately pressed the butt plug into place and slapped me again, telling me to stay in position until he returned. I heard him in the bathroom, washing his cock. The Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort sensation was growing, and I could feel my body complaining, trying unsuccessfully to expel the fluid. Daddy stepped behind me again, rubbing against my exposed cunt and ass. He was slightly softer, but within moments, I felt his cock grow rock hard.

He sounded very pleased with himself as he described the pleasure it had given him to relieve himself in my ass, and how much more it was going to give him when he filled my cunt with his cum as well. By this point, I was equally aroused and uncomfortable. We had spoken of this type of play before, but had never experimented with it. Daddy assured me that today was going to be the day my curiosity was satisfied.

As his cock plowed into my soaking cunt, he described to me some of the things he had in store… his work day was light, and he only needed to go in to the office for an hour or two. Daddy said that like all good equipment, I needed to be properly Kurtköy Ucuz Escort maintained to be in my best condition. Today was going to be my maintenance day.

Daddy fucked me harder, deeper than I think he ever had… as my breathing grew ragged and my clit swelled, he hammered into me with a fury I relished. I felt his balls tighten and his cock begin to spasm as he shot spurt after spurt of sweet, hot cum deep into my cunt. He groaned as he collapsed against me, lying against my back for a minute while he gathered his strength again.

He pulled his cock from my cunt, then took my training balls and slid them deep inside my quivering, oozing hole. Climbing on the bed in front of me, he held his fingers out for me to suck clean, then laid back and watched as I cleaned his cock as well. When I had sucked and licked the last of our combined fluids from his cock and balls, he slapped my ass again and warned me to stay in position while he showered and dressed for work. When he was finished, he would give me his instructions for the rest of the morning.

As I waited, used, ridden and filled with Daddy’s fluids, my mind raced and my cunt twitched with anticipation for the rest of the day. I heard the shower shut off and the sounds of him dressing, and I knew this would be a day neither of us would soon forget…

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