Daddy’s GirlDaddy’s Girl


My first submission to Literotica. It’s a bit of a slow burn as they say here and it’s quite long (3,500 words), so move on to something else if you want a quickie! I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it 😉

It was hot. I woke up in the middle of the night and could hear noises coming from my parents’ bedroom. Although in many ways I really was quite naïve for an 18 year old, I knew what was going on. We lived in a backwater way out in the countryside and didn’t mix much with others. There weren’t many boys around, and those that were, were really uncouth!

The door of the bedroom was slightly open, so I tip-toed along the dark corridor and peeked in. Mum and Dad were having sex, and Mum was letting out a series of “Oh… Oh… Oh…” sounds with every thrust he made. I had a big pang of jealousy. Why should she have all the fun, when all I had managed was a quick fumble in the shed that ended with the boy cumming all over my T-shirt when I got nothing out of it? The next time he did it, the boy, that is, at least it went in, but he came straight away and again I felt nothing, so I ditched him.

I always had a crush on my Dad. When I was growing up he called me his little princess Maddie and he would hug me whenever he came home from work. He was big and strong and capable and smelled very masculine after a day’s work as a bricklayer. He had a big broad chest with thick black hairs. When he hugged me it was like being hugged by a great big bear and he felt so strong and smelt of a mixture of the day’s sweat and builder’s dust. Now, I wondered what it would be like to feel him on top of me thrusting his cock into me and making me go “Oh… Oh… Oh…”

I crept back to my bedroom, but I could hear my Mum crying out “Oh yes, yes, pump me harder, Oh my god, I’m cumminggggg….” Bitch.

I hatched a plan, but first I played with my pussy, imagining Dad was fucking me. I bit on my pillow to stop myself making a noise when I came.

When they had both gone to work the next day I went into their bedroom and searched under the bed. I knew Dad had a stash of porn. I went through it magazine by magazine and found one at the bottom with a full page spread of a full frontal nude that had clearly been opened a lot of times. There was even a stain on the page too, which I suspected was dried cum. The model looked a bit like me, I thought. She was blonde, like me, wore pigtails, like I used to do, and her pussy was completely shaved. I went straight to the bathroom and shaved my pussy very carefully, using Dad’s razor. That was so hot, I had to play with myself when I was done shaving.

Then I plaited my hair into pigtails and stared at the result in the full length mirror. Result. I looked very much like the model in the magazine. OK, my hips were smaller and so were my tits, but they perked up nicely so I hoped they would be OK for him. The next time I went shopping I would get a push-up bra.

When he came home from work I ran up to him and hugged him like I used to, and he smelled just the same as before, with sweat and builder’s dust just as before.

“What’s up with you, Maddie?” he asked, “you haven’t hugged me like that in an age.”

“I can hug my sexy Daddy,” I replied, “I just want you to know you’re appreciated, is all.”

The next morning, I made sure I got to the shower just before him and left the door unlocked. I also made sure I was facing the door. Sure enough, he walked straight in and saw me there, full frontal nude right in front of him like the model in Penthouse, legs apart, hands on hips and the shower playing on my tits. “Oh hell, Maddie, I didn’t know you were there. You should have locked the door. Sorry.” he blushed bright red.

“That’s OK, Daddy,” but I made no effort to cover up and he lingered a few seconds, enough time to take in the view. After he’d gone, I finished my shower quickly and went back to my room.

That night I listened outside their room. They were having sex again. Very carefully I opened the door without making a sound.

“Why, you’re randy tonight, Jack” said my Mum, grumpily.

“That’s because you’re the sexiest beast in town,” he replied. “Are you complaining?”

“Well yes, I am, it’s Tuesday y’know? I’ve got to work tomorrow… Wait till the weekend. Are you sure you haven’t been looking at your porn?” He wasn’t happy about that and in the end she let him do it to her, but she didn’t enjoy it and I don’t think he was very happy. I swore if he wanted to do it to me, I’d let him, whatever day of the week it was.

At least my plan was starting to work Didim Escort and I was turning him on by looking like that slut in the magazine and posing like her. OK, he was still fucking my Mum, but I had other plans for him. Now to put the next stage into operation.

The next morning, I made sure I burst into the bathroom (I knew he never locked the door) while he was showering. I was only wearing a towel, but it was a small one and revealed my legs right up to the tops of my thighs and at the top it only just covered my nipples so most of my tits were exposed. This turned out even better than I expected. He was facing the door like I had been and he was soaping himself down, but even better he had an erection. Wow! He was big and thick and I could see his balls hanging below, heavy with promise. I wanted to hold them and I wanted his cock in my mouth. “Oops, sorry, Daddy” I said, and let the top of the towel slip slightly so he could see the whole of my boobs. I stayed long enough to give him an eyeful, then I went out again, but not before the towel had slipped a little more. Game on.

I think Mum got fucked more times that week then she had since their honeymoon, but she didn’t seem happy about it. I would love to know what was going through my Dad’s mind while he was doing it to her. I kept listening and watching at the door, to see if I could pick up any more tips. I overheard their conversation one night and it almost developed into a row.

“No, Jack,” she was saying, “stop it, I don’t like it when you fuck my ass.”

“Hell, Thelma, you always used to. And you know how much I like it.”

“That’s as maybe y’know, but I don’t want you to do it to me any more. Anyways, I don’t like doing sex in the week, you know that.”

There was a long, strained silence. I filed that information away. If he wanted anal and wasn’t getting it, then maybe I could help him.

The weekend came. On Saturday afternoon, Mum always goes shopping for a few hours to get the week’s groceries and any other items. It’s a half hour drive away, so with half an hour back and an hour or more shopping, that left me over two hours to set the scene. Dad stays at home in front of the TV on Saturday afternoons watching sport, mostly football. I’m not interested in football, but I was playing a long game. We sat down on the couch together to watch TV. I tried to show an interest and kept asking him to explain the rules. I knew most of them from watching school matches, but I wanted him to keep talking to me. When he was about to get another beer, I jumped up and said, “You relax, Daddy, you’ve had a long hard week at work. Your little princess Maddie will get it for you.” I brought it back and handed the tinny to him while I had a coke and we clinked cans.

The next time, I put my hand on his thigh while I got up and was pleased to see there was a slight bulge in his shorts. I didn’t take it any further, but he had a couple more tinnies before Mum returned from her shopping. I made a point of always putting my hand on his thigh, lingering a little longer each time as I got up, and was always rewarded by that bulge. In fact, I think the bulge stayed there the whole time.

I made sure I was attentive to Mum when she got back and helped her put everything away. That night he fucked her a couple of times, with me outside the door listening. I was so jealous of Mum, but she didn’t seem to be enjoying it much now.

That’ll be me next week, being fucked by Daddy, I thought. I’ll make him very happy and he won’t need to bother Mum. So, I’m saving their marriage, right? I returned to my own bed and looked after myself. I was incredibly wet just thinking about Daddy having sex with me. I imagined taking his balls in one hand and his cock with my other and going down on him, so it didn’t take long to masturbate to a climax. It’ll be the real thing next week, I thought to myself.

Time passed slowly. I would hug him every time he came back from work, and after the first couple of times, I am sure he was hard just thinking about it. I was certainly wet… We had a couple more ‘accidents’ in the shower, and I am sure he was now trying to catch me naked rather than it happening by chance. Each time he did I made sure I was standing facing the door, legs apart so he could see my pussy, which I kept meticulously shaved for him.

At last it was Saturday again. Time to go for it. As soon as Mum had gone out, I quickly changed into my shortest shorts (no panties, naturally) and my tightest, lowest cut T-shirt (no bra, of course). We settled down in front of the TV Didim Escort Bayan on the couch like last week, a beer for him and a coke for me. I snuggled up to him. We clinked tinnies and the programme started. I rested my hand on his thigh. He was wearing shorts. After a while I let my hand stroke slowly down his thigh to his bare leg, then up again, but under the fabric of his shorts as I came back. Not too far.

He gulped his beer down and kept his eyes glued to the action on TV. “I’ll get you another, Daddy” I said. I pressed down on his thigh to get up, kept my hand there a lot longer than necessary and was rewarded with a significant bulge in his crotch. I made sure I bent over to pick something up off the floor so he had a view of my ass, then when I came back with his beer I leant forward to give it to him, so he could see I wasn’t wearing a bra and that my nipples were hard. I sat down and snuggled up against him, even closer this time, putting my hand close to his crotch and gently stroking. He took a big swig of his amber nectar then stopped suddenly.

“What are you doing, Maddie?” he asked.

“Your little princess is just getting close to her favourite Daddy,” I said in a baby voice. I carried on stroking him through his shorts.

“No, Maddie, you’ve got to stop that…”

“Why Daddy, don’t you like it?”

“But we can’t do this…”

I went on stroking his crotch through the fabric of his shorts. “Why not? You want to do it with your little princess, don’t you? No-one need ever know. It’ll be our little secret.” I felt his cock twitch. I stroked it more, very gently. “You know you want it. You looked at your little princess’s shaved pussy this week, didn’t you? Did you like it? I shaved it just for you.”

He stared at me as I undid the top button of his shorts. “No Maddie…”

“Yes, Daddy…” I unzipped his fly. “You want to fuck your little Princess Maddie don’t you? I know you think about your little princess when you’re doing it to Mum.” I pulled his cock out of his shorts. He had a magnificent erection. “I know you like that photo in Penthouse. She even looks like me, that model, doesn’t she?” Before he could reply I went down on him, the way I’d seen Mum do it one time. Wow, I had my Daddy’s cock in my mouth. Oh my god, it tasted so good…

“Maddie, Maddie, no, you mustn’t.” But his resistance had gone. I came up for air and slipped off my top.

“You like looking at my tits, don’t you Daddy?” I said. “Now you can touch them…” I took his hands and put them on my boobs. My nipples were hard and it felt amazing when he touched them with his rough hands. I stroked his cock but when I thought he was ready to cum, I stopped. I slipped off my shorts. “Do you want to touch my little tight pussy, Daddy? I’ve kept it tight just for you.” A lie, but all’s fair in sex.

I took his big rough hand and put it on my pussy. He couldn’t help himself: his fingers went to work. They felt huge compared to mine, but were surprisingly tender in the way they touched my pussy. He was an expert and I was really wet by now. This was nothing like the fumbling of high school boys, this was the real thing. It was so good. Oh my god, I couldn’t wait any more. I lay down on the floor on my back and was in heaven. He was naked now and he went down on me. He kissed my stomach and then kissed me all the way down to my pussy, but didn’t actually touch it, until I was ready to beg him to.

I felt his hot breath on my pussy and thought, oh my god this is really going to happen… Then his tongue flicked across my sex lips, up and down the slit, just missing my clit. I arched my back, moaning, wanting him to touch me there, but he went on flicking his tongue up and down, up and down until I couldn’t bear it. Then suddenly he flicked his tongue across my clit. It was like an electric shock went through me… Oh my god that was amazing. And he did it again. I was in heaven. I couldn’t stop moaning with pleasure. I felt something thick pushing at my entrance. It couldn’t be, surely? It was just his finger and I was so wet it slipped inside and he started fingering me, first one then two fingers. His tongue on my clit and his fingers inside me, I felt something growing in me, threatening to take over, oh my god I felt like I was being carried on a wave and suddenly brought crashing down against a cliff, the sensation filling my cunt and my whole body felt as though it was part of my cunt as I had the best orgasm of my life so far. I screamed with pleasure. His hand stayed in place as I came down from the orgasm. Oh my god Escort Didim I had never experienced that before. I opened my eyes and he was looking at me. “The first time?” he asked.

“The first time like that,” I said hugging him to me. “Fuck me now, fuck me hard, just as you like it…”

I felt his thick cock sliding into me and filling me up in a way I had never experienced before. I felt the weight of his body on me and wrapped my thighs around him, forcing him into me, not allowing any escape, as he fucked me with long slow strokes. He felt huge inside me and suddenly I felt a new orgasm building inside me as I thought oh my god, I am being fucked by my Daddy, he is fucking me and he is going to make me cum again…

“Oh my god, Daddy, I’m going to cum again, you’re going to make your little Maddie cum again, you’re going to make your little princess cum… Oh… Oh… Oh…” as he thrust ever deeper into me. Then I was riding the wave again and I thought I would pass out when he suddenly came and his juice, so much man juice, flooded into me, filling me up even more.

Afterwards, covered in sweat, we both laid back on the floor. “We shouldn’t have done that,” he said at last.

“Didn’t you like it?”

“Yes, but I liked it too much. We mustn’t do it again. It’s wrong.”

I reached for his cock. I didn’t like the way this conversation was going. I stroked him and his erection started to grow again. It felt wonderful in my hand.

“Stop it Maddie,” he said.

“Are you sure you want me to stop it Daddy? Your little princess wants to do it again” I paused. I felt desperate. I didn’t want to cope with his guilty conscience. Time to play my trump card. “Do you want to fuck your little princess’s virgin ass for her? I know you want to do that. Mum won’t let you, will she? But your little princess will…” I felt his cock twitch and become fully erect very quickly. With my other hand I dipped my fingers into my so-wet pussy and moved some of the juices round to my tight little asshole. “You can use the juice from your little princess’s cunt to lube her up.” I turned over onto my front and pushed my bum up into the air as provocatively as I could. He knelt behind me and I felt his finger prepping me with my juices mixed with his cum. This was great. I felt so sexy. He pushed his finger into my resisting little puckered hole. At first it felt painful, then it eased in. It got better, with more juice that he found from my pussy. Then he had two fingers inside my ass and it got easier again. He kept lubing me and then he stopped.

“I can’t do this…” he said.

“Yes you can Daddy. You know you want to. You want to fuck your princess’s little virgin ass.” I wiggled it about and pushed it up against him.

He moaned, “Oh god Maddie, this isn’t right… Oh god… we mustn’t, oh fuck you…”

I felt him manoeuvring behind me then felt his cock pushing up against my little hole. I was excited and frightened at the same time. He pushed gently at first, then a little harder. He pulled back, added more juices from my pussy and pushed again. This time he slipped in past the sphincter. He started thrusting very slowly and very gently, pulling out a little, then pushing in a little farther with each stroke. It hurt at first then as he filled me up with his thickness, I realised his cock was pushing at my G-spot from the other side and it started to feel nice. Very nice. “That’s right, Daddy, you’re doing it to your little princess… Oh my god that feels good. Fuck your princess’s bad little ass Daddy, you know it’s right… Oh fuck, oh fuck…” I could feel the orgasm building, but it was different to before because he wasn’t touching my clit, it was deeper inside me.

“Uh, fuck you Maddie, you’re a little whore, but you’re my little whore…” I went over the edge just before I felt his cock expand inside me and then explode deep in my ass. We collapsed on the floor with him still inside me and lay there for a long time. His cock started to shrivel and he withdrew, just as I heard Mum’s car drawing up outside.

“Oh shit,” I yelled at him. I squeezed out from under him, leapt to my feet and ran upstairs with my shorts and T in my hand, leaving him to sort himself out. I dressed in seconds in something respectable and came down again, but no time for knickers or bra. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face, either, as I thought of all the man-juice sloshing around inside me…

“Hi Mum, do you want a hand with bringing the shopping in from the car?”

“Oh, yes please Maddie, could you? There’s loads of stuff, y’know? Thanks. Where’s Dad?”

“It’s OK, he’s in the front room watching sport on TV. I think he’s happy there with a tinny. Best leave him in peace…”

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