Daddy’s Boi Ch. 03Daddy’s Boi Ch. 03


Tonight I have decided to try something different. We have been talking, and you said I am sometimes too lenient with you. You’d like me to be more aggressive and take more control. I am open to this, as I do have a domineering side and since you get off more on being overpowered, I decide to oblige you. You have touched on another fantasy of yours but were afraid to say too much. You didn’t want to seem abnormal, but I would not judge you that way. As long as it is a fantasy, both parties are willing and no one gets hurt, I encourage you to pursue your fantasy. You told me everything, albeit shyly. I told you it sounded interesting and I would think about it. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it. I decide tonight is perfect. I prepare everything I need before hand and make sure not to let on. I can barely contain myself, both emotionally and sexually. I thought about jerking off a dozen of times! Finally night comes and you head for bed. I tell you I will be up a while longer and to go ahead. I try and distract myself with TV for at least an hour. I sit, not paying attention to the screen with my cock out, slowly stroking it in anticipation.

At the program’s end, I get ready. I already am wearing black jeans, so I slip on a black sweatshirt. I find an old black ski mask and grab the black gloves I bought. Tucking a length of soft cotton rope in my back pocket, I go to the fridge and grab a beer. Half to calm my shaking nerves and half to help set the mood, I down the bottle. Giving in to a sudden urge I suck on the neck and smile to myself. Its now or never. I enter the dark bedroom quietly, listening to make sure you’re asleep. Knowing you sleep naked is a comfort, I won’t have to worry about cutting clothes off. I open the bedroom window further, enough for a person to climb in. I stand on your side of the bed, looking at you sleep. You are on your back, sleeping peacefully. A sheet barely covers your lower 4 k porno have. My heart is throbbing as I steel myself. My cock is throbbing too! Now or never. My leather-gloved hand quickly covers your mouth while my head moves toward your ear. I see your eyes snap open as I hoarsely whisper in your ear.

“Hello, Little slut.” I rasp in your ear. Your confused look turns to fear. I know you can smell the beer on my breath, it only adds to the panicky thought that must be going through your head. Is this real or not? I left the TV on and its flicker is visible in the next room. For all appearances, I am still in there watching TV while a stranger snuck into the bedroom. I continue with the disguised voice, keeping my face away from your view so you can’t tell if its me or not. “I’ve been watching you, at the gym, when you get the mail. I know you want this, I can tell the way you bend over in front of me, the way you walk.” I shift, standing up and sliding the sheet off of you slowly, as if I am savoring it for the first time. “If you don’t make a sound you won’t get hurt, you may even enjoy it. But remember,” I jerk your face toward me. Standing with my back to the door, I know the light behind me and hides my features. “I am in control.” I can see the panic still in your eyes.

The sheet is totally off of you and I notice your cock jump and begin to lengthen. I order you to put you hands over your head. “I’m going to take my hand off your mouth, slut, don’t make a sound.” You nod shakily reaching above you.

I wrap the clothesline roughly around each wrist. The rope is soft and won’t leave marks, but I want to keep up the appearance of a dangerous man. You hold your wrists out for me and when I am done wrapping them I slap them away and lash them to the headboard.

“Ok, roll over, whore.” I hoarsely tell you, smacking your bare ass as you flounder to turn over without the use of your 7 dak porno arms. “Oh, yeah. That’s a nice ass. You like taking cock in the boy-pussy, whore?” I ask you with a rough laugh, grabbing your cheeks and spreading them wide. You start to get on your knees. I grab both ankles and pull, forcing you flat again. “I didn’t tell you to do that. I want your little pussy nice and tight. Keep your legs together.” I smack your cheek again for emphasis. I thought I heard you whimper a little, although it could have been a moan. I reassure myself that you know this is me, that it would be too much of a coincidence for you to tell me about a rape fantasy and have a real rapist break-in on the same day. Your naked back and buttocks lay bathed in moon light. I can see them quiver, with a mix of both anxiety and sexual excitement.

“Tell me you want it, whore. Tell me you want me to rape that boy-pussy.” I smack your ass again, lighter than before. This time I can tell your moan is from lust. You are getting off on this! “Tell me!” I hiss at you, pretending that someone else might hear.

“Please” I hear you whisper, your voice filled with lust. I am so horny I strip off my pants and underwear while I ask you more.

“‘Please’ what, slut?” I ask, stoking my enraged cock. I am going to rape you good, imagining my cock shoved deep into you while I still wear the ski mask and whisper obscenities in your ear.

“Oh, god. Please, sir. Fuck me!” You cry out. I almost think you are cumming now.

I can’t wait any longer. I manually cross your ankles and push them together to emphasis that I want you to stay that way.

I can barely open the lube! My hands shake with anticipation. As I reach down to my cock with a gob of lube, I see a river of pre-cum slither out the tip and drip to the floor. I catch some on my left hand and rub it along your crack.

“Get ready, slut. I am going to alman porno fuck you without mercy.”

I step up onto the bed and stand above you, staring at your ass while I stroke letting more precum drip on your naked ass. Finally, I’ve had enough. I get to my knees on either side of your waist. I know your butt so well, I know right where the hole is and one handed, I stab my cock between your cheeks.

Not wanting to hurt you, I poke just in the head and hold it.

“Oh, my little slut it tight! You aren’t a virgin are you, slut?”

I look down at you. You lay blissfully enjoying your fantasy and are getting into it.

“Yes,” you whisper shyly, playing up the embarrassment.

“Well then,” I say determinedly as I slowly slide in another inch. “I better make this good for my slut’s first time.”

I thrust my cock into your anus, not deep but hard. I stop myself from driving in all the way and just pound you hard not deep. Slamming into your body, I can see you inching along the bed yourself, your cock rubbing against the sheets. While I am raping you, you are getting off too!

You suddenly surprise me. “Fuck your little girl harder.” you tell me. I actually stopped pounding for a second, thinking I misheard you.

“You want more cock, slut?” I ask you. Without waiting for an answer I plunge deeper into you and really begin to fuck you hard, pushing in more with each ram. Excitement is taking over, I can barely hold off.

“My pussy is going to cum.” you tell me.

“You like this don’t you slut?” I hoarse ask you. “Cum for me, now!” The thrill of ramming into you has taken away my self control. I am on the brink of cumming, but I want to feel you start to cum with me. I am driving my cock into your ass so hard you have to hold yourself back from hitting your head on the headboard.

Then suddenly I feel it. I stop fucking you, for two reasons. I want to fill that pulsation in your little pussy hole build, and to hold myself off for as long as possible.

As you cry out and I can feel your balls contract and I know you are cumming. Without even touching it, my fucking you has slid your cock along the sheet until you erupted.

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