Daddy Washes My Hair Ch. 2Daddy Washes My Hair Ch. 2

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Daddy and I had a wonderful week together before Mom came home. We slept together. The last thing we did at night was to fuck and the first thing we did in the morning was to suck and fuck. The day Mom was to return Daddy was called out of town on business so Mom and I were going to be home alone.

I knew Mom and Dad had talked on the phone but I didn’t know if Dad had told Mom about our shampoo session. Mom seemed out of sorts when she walked in the house so I was sure she had heard about us and was mad at me. I asked if she was all right. She told me she was just tired as she and Aunt Ann had stayed up late. All she wanted now was a nice relaxing bath. I followed her into the bedroom and started to leave when she began to undress. Mom told me to sit down because there was something she wanted to talk to me about. I thought, here it comes.

As Mom removed her blouse she quickly unsnapped her pink bra. Her red nipples stood up as the rested on the top of her small but pert titties. Reaching down she unzipped her skirt revealing a slightly plump belly above her thin pink panties with her dark hair pie showing through. As she turned to walk toward the bathroom her hips swayed showing her full round butt cheeks squeezing out from the panties. “Come with me June” she said as she motioned to me. Mom asked me to run her bath water and make it hot. She came in the bathroom a few minutes later carrying her panties. For the first time I got a good look at her very hairy bush. She saw me staring and said, “Haven’t seen such a furry beaver before? I know some women trim or shave their cunts but this is the way your Daddy likes it.” (Hmmm, I thought to myself. Daddy said he liked my pussy covering. Maybe Daddy just likes pussies.)

Mom got in the tub and asked me to wash her back. “You better take off that nice blouse, you don’t want to get it wet. Oh you don’t want to get your bra wet either.” I took off my blouse and bra. Mom said, “You sure have a nice set of tits, their bigger than mine. I bet all the boys are trying to get a feel.” I Beylikdüzü escort have never heard my Mother talk like this or use such language before, she was making my nipples hard. I began to wash Mom’s back and reaching over my erect nipples rubbed up against her back. “They feel nice on my back. Your making my nipples hard too.” With that Mom turned around and began stroking my boobs. She took my nipple in her mouth. “You used to suck on mine now it’s my turn” she said as she offered her tit to me.

What was happening in this family? First Daddy fucks me now Mom is sucking my tits? “Mom, what’s going on. Do know about me and Daddy?”

“Yes dear he told me all about it, he was so happy and I’m so proud of you. “Mom replied. “But why all of a sudden. Why now?” I responded, “You are eighteen now and we wanted to make sure you were an adult and able to say no if you wanted to. We did the same with your brother Jim. I must confess that while I was at Aunt Ann’s we had a visit from your brother and he fucked both of us. That’s why I’m so tired. We fucked and sucked all night I didn’t get any sleep. By the way, Jim says he can’t wait to get home and screw you.”

Wow! What a family. I didn’t know, up till now we seemed so normal. My eighteenth year was going to be an exciting one. Mom got out of the tub and I dried her off. She took my hand led me to her bedroom and proceeded to pull my skirt and panties down. “You have never been with any of your girlfriends, have you?” She asked. I shook my head no. Mom laid me back on the bed. Spreading my legs she began kissing my thigh and running her tongue up my leg until she reached my labial lips. She kissed them and then licked around the outside, finally sliding her wet long tongue in my slit. I thought to myself, Dad was good but Mom’s ‘been there – done that’ and she is fantastic. Working her love licker up to my clit she circled it and then took it in her mouth and began to suck and suck. I thought I would explode I was cumming and cumming until I finally collapsed.

Mom moved onto the Beylikdüzü escort bed and knelt over me. Looking up I could see her long pussy lips hanging down through her bush. Wanting to return the favor I reach up with my lips and began covering her cunt with my lips, tongue and nestled my nose in her hot wet snatch. She returned to my pussy with a new “twist.” She licked her finger, gently slid it into my butt hole twisting it as she kissed and sucked my cunt. What a sensation! Turn about is fair play. I thought I’d do her one better. I raised my head higher and positioned myself so now I was licking my way up her butt crack. Once I reached her rosebud I began tracing it in circular motions with the tip of my tongue. She wiggled with delight as I spread her cheeks and edged my licker into her puckered bum hole. “Wow June-Baby you are so creative. Mommy doesn’t have to teach you anything.”

Just then the bedroom door flew open. “What the fuck is going on?” Yelled my brother Jim. “Why didn’t you wait for me?” In no time Jim was naked with a major hard-on. He was even bigger and thicker than Daddy. “Don’t let the size fool you” Mom said turning to me. ” I’m trying to teach him how to use it, but you know men, well young ones anyway.”

“Shut up old lady and bend over. I’m going to fuck your ass while you suck little sis’s pussy and then I’m going to fuck her tight creamy cunt.”

“I love it when he’s forceful,” Mom said with a laugh. She bent over and began sucking my snatch again.

Jim grabbed some lubricant from the dresser and oiled up Mom’s butt hole. My earlier licking was a good start of the lubricating process. Jim eased his red headed rod into her rectum. Mom jumped when he pushed further forcing her nose up against my clit. Wow that felt good! As Jim slid further in Mom said. “That’s it Baby-Big-Boy, Fuck your Momma’s Butt. Oh yaha shove your cock up your Momma’s Ass!” Jim began a slow rhythmic motion which quickened each time he slapped her butt cheeks. Mom lunged forward with each slam driving her tongue deeper into Escort Beylikdüzü my pussy. I kept cummig and cumming. Jim finished with a flurry filling Momma’s ass with his cream. He went in the bathroom to clean up getting ready for me. Momma had gotten me so hot I just couldn’t wait for that big fat cock to be in my pussy.

Jim came in the room and Momma said she would leave because it was our first time and it should be special. Jim was very gentle as he held and kissed me. He told me he had waited for this moment for a long time He laid me on the bed ran his tongue from my lips to my tits, circling my nipples gently biting them. Shivers ran down my spine as he carefully covered my body with kisses and licks. Reaching my pussy he laid down asking me to kneel over him. I lowered my waiting cunt to his lips as I moved my head to his monster meat.

Jim was semi-hard when I took him with my lips. It was such a wonderful sensation to feel him get harder and grow in my mouth. His cock was getting so big I began to choke. He pulled out as I gasped for air. He was so delicious I had to have more and began to take him in inch by inch. I squeezed and kneaded his big ball as I sucked. Jim’s tongue was circling my clit and then would slide between my puffy lips as he swirled it around my tight wet twat. He gave me multiple orgasms but had remarkable staying power himself. Finally he shouted “I’M Cumming” and I said, “In my Mouth. In my Mouth I want to swallow your love cum” And I did.

I stroked his cock as we lay in each others arms. “I want to fuck you little sister” he said as his shaft became rigid. He laid back on the bed and I got on top of him easing my pussy lips on to his throbbing prick. I slowly raised up and down riding his rod while he played with my tits and raised his head to suck the rock hard nipples. He was so big but I was so wet I slid up and down like riding a horse. As our pace quickened I felt jolts through my body each time I came. Suddenly Jim arched his back, raising his hips for one last lunge as he shot his love cum into my honey hole. That night Mom sleep in my room as we feel asleep on her bed. The next morning Mom said Daddy was coming home today and tonight was going to be a real special night.

(Part 3 will follow if feedback warrants)

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