Daddy taught me to shave.Daddy taught me to shave.


Daddy taught me to shave.This isn’t my story but someone told me it so I thought I’d retell it. I grew up in a small town with my mum & dad, life was pretty good & pretty normal. I lost mum when I was 13 but my dad was there to look after me but things started to change. He started drinking ALOT, but was still just dad. One night when I was taking a bath, dad got home from the local bar & came into the bathroom. I felt awkward but he started talking like everything was normal & after a while I felt quite comfortable. This happened every time I had a bath after that but it felt ok coz it was just dad. After all he’d seen me naked plenty when I was little. Then one night while I was bathing dad asked has anyone shown you how to wash properly?? I was taken off guard so didn’t answer then dad said coz mums not here I’ll have to teach you what a woman should know. He then started instructing me on how to wash my body “the right way” & then how to wash my pussy. He told me to wash inside my pussy with my fingers. He didn’t touch me, he just sat there & instructed. This went on a while & became quite normal. After all he was only teaching me what mum would have, right?? Then one night he said mum always believed women should be clean shaven for cleanliness. This worried me because I had no idea how to shave my pussy & was afraid of cutting myself with the razor. Dad could tell I was afraid & said “I could do it for you” He said not to worry coz he knew what he was doing because he’d always done it for mum. So he had me lay down in the bathroom, lathered me up and carefully shaved my pussy. It felt so weird but at the same time really nice. I felt guilty because i felt good when dad shaved me. My body would tingle in a way it had not done before. After that Dad started getting stricter with me to teach me how a woman should behave. He made me dress diferantly at home, “the way a woman should dress”. I had to come straight bonus veren siteler home after school & have me change into short dresses & cook dinner for him & his friends. I was late home a couple of times so dad put me over his knee & spanked me in front of his friends. This wasnt too unusual as id always got a spanking if i didnt listen, this was a little differant however beacause dad had done it in front of his friends. He said that women had to be punished in a way that embarresed them in order to learn. The last time I came home late, I had found that all my underwear had dissapeared. Dad said that if I wanted to wear pretty womens things I had to learn to behave like one. One evening dad came home really drunk with his friends. I was so angry at being woken up to let them in that I back chatted a little out of frustration. I have never seen my dad get that angry! He took me over his knee, i closed my eyes tight, he lifted my nighty & spanked me so hard. All dads friends went silent all of a sudden. I opened my eyes & saw them all staring at my bare behind. I was so embarrassed! To make matters worse, one of dads idiot friends whispers ‘she shaves her pussy’. I started crying then. Dad stopped his spanking & with me still on his knee he said he was sorry, he did’nt mean to make me cry. Then he started rubbing my butt to make it feel better. It was such an odd sensation, my skin was so sensitive that I got goose pimples & my whole body started tingling. As dad was rubbing my butt his hand started brushing over my pussy. Then I noticed that he was only rubbing my pussy. I then noticed a strange hard pressure under my body. My dad was getting hard! I had never seen this before, didn’t even know that it happened to men, much less felt it! By this time, all dads friends just watched in stunned drunken silence. I was pretty stunned myself. But the thing that stunned me most bedava bahis was how great it felt. Dad was still rubbing & I could feel myself getting wet. Then one of dads fingers slid between my lips. He slid his finger up & down my slit a few times. I couldn’t believe how exquisite it felt. Then he slipped his finger inside my pussy. I had never felt anything quite like it. I found myself pushing back against his hand. I guess dad knew I was enjoying it because he put two fingers in after that. He started asking me if I liked it. All I could say was ‘yes daddy, yes daddy’. Then he said ‘ if you’re a good girl from now on, this is what you’ll get’. He then sent me to bed feeling very confused and extremely frustrated. Dad apologized to me the next morning for touching me that way. I know that sounds funny considering he shaved my pussy for me, but you see, he had never touched me in a sexual way. When he shaved me it was just that, he had never put anything inside me or even got a hard on as far as I knew. He was almost in tears, I could tell he felt really guilty. I felt so sorry for him I said ” it’s okay daddy, I liked it”. Immediately he seemed to feel better but promised me he would not touch me like that again. I hate to say it but I felt so disappointed at hearing that. Things pretty much went back to normal after that ( well, as normal as our house could be) except dad wouldn’t shave me anymore. He did coach me through it and watched me while I did it though. But I don’t think he trusted himself to touch me. Life went on and I was still wearing what I should, getting home when I should & cooking & cleaning for dad & his drunken friends. Dads friends started acting different around me ever since the spanking. They all new I didn’t wear underwear, so they’d drop things for me to pick up when dad wasn’t looking & the braver ones would cop a quick feel.One night, dad asked one of his particularly deneme bonusu touchy feely friends “do you think my daughters been a good girl??”. To which of course his drunken friend replied “she’s the best”. Dad then asked his friend “do you know what she gets if she’s a good girl??”. I took one look at dads friend & knew he remembered what dad promised to give me if I was a good girl. Dad didn’t wait for his friend to answer, instead he told me to get down on all fours in front of his friend. He then told his friend ” I think I’ll let you do the honors”. My heart was pounding, from excitement or fear I couldn’t tell. After a little hesitation & encouragement, dads friend started rubbing my pussy and then started finger fucking me. I started moving to meet his hand and as he inserted one more finger & started ramming faster, I started moaning. Nothing had ever felt so good & I think I lost my mind for a little while! It felt so very good and I could feel myself reaching the brink. Then the weirdest thing happened, I looked up at dad, he was smiling at me, well that made me loose it, I came so hard I couldn’t believe it! The next morning dad explained that he knew I enjoyed being finger fucked the first time and wanted to make sure I still got to enjoy that even if he couldn’t give it to me himself. He also said there were other “rewards” for being a good girl and he would make sure I got a taste of it all. After that, anytime I did anything good, one of dads friends was always there with a willing set of hands. Anytime I fetched a beer for one of them, anytime I served them dinner, anytime i did anything remotely nice I got my pussy played with! each time it happens I look at my dad who is always smiling at me. I like that every time cum, it’s dads face I’m looking into. One afternoon when I came home with an A+ for a project I’d done at school, dad asked his friend to eat my pussy. What a revelation! I still haven’t had sex but love what I’ve had so far. The only problem is, I think I want my dad. I want his fingers in my pussy or arse, I want his tongue on my clit, I want him sucking my pussy. What I want most of all is to fuck my dad. I can’t stop thinking

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