Daddy Loves His Baby GirlsDaddy Loves His Baby Girls


Daddy Loves His Girls  He watched them as the blew their candles and made their wishes. His baby girls have now turned twenty and they couldn’t be happier. Sexier for that matter. His daughters were tall, lean with long legs and flat stomaches. Their long dark hair and iced color eyes and their tan bodies made guys drool. He was strict with them, mainly because he didn’t want any of these immature boys to taste them. They were his and he is possessive. He does not like to share. *. *. * Emileigh stared at her sister. They shared a secret smile and waved to everyone escort as they left. Both sisters couldn’t wait till everyone left and their father had goes to sleep. Their pussies have been waiting to get attention since they saw each other earlier that day. As twin sisters, they shared everything. Boyfriends and all. No matter what society says, they love to touch each other’s bodies and taste each other. It was easy since they share a room and a bed. The first night, on their eighteenth birthday, they were both sleeping. Emileigh’s hand had touched Ashleigh’s thigh. As bayan escort they slept, her hand had fallen right on her sister’s pussy. Ashleigh had always been responsive so her pussy got wet instantly. Emileigh woke up moments later, and couldn’t resist her sisters wet pussy. She began to rub and Ashleigh’s legs spread a little further. In the middle of her orgasm, Ashleigh woke up and moaned. She didn’t care that it was her sister making her cum . She turned and kiss her deeply. Emileigh responded by kissing deeper and rubbing faster. Her sister began panting and escort bayan soon was coming again. Ashleigh was not the type to receive and not give back. She kissed her sister again and kissed her neck. Slowly, her kisses moved down to her sister’s triangle. She licked her slowly, licking up her sister’s juices. Using her fingers, she spread her sister’s lips and licked her pretty little clit. Emileigh moaned. It was her first time getting licked and it felt so good. Her sister kept licking and bitting. She then used her middle finger and insert it in her hole. She went deep and felt her sister’s hymen. She licked faster as her finger fucked her sister. Emileigh moaned louder, not caring if her father heard. Emileigh grinned at her sister as their father bid them goodnight .

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