Daddy LandlordDaddy Landlord


Chapter 1:

35 year old Nathan Halden didn’t particular crave the food but the service kept him coming back to Reno’s Kitchen. He liked Jack Reno, and Nate also owned the building so he had a vested interest in seeing the diner succeed. But Monica was the main reason he went there for lunch 3 or 4 days a week. She was probably young enough to be his daughter, but her dark hair and almond shaped eyes and soft features were pleasant to look at, sure, but her fiery personality and the way those eyes sparkled when she told a joke or flirted with him made any reservations he had about the food all go away.

She was a great talker- smart, witty, funny- and he enjoyed that. He knew he would never touch but that didn’t mean he couldn’t look.

But when he pulled into the parking lot on St. Patrick’s Day, he wasn’t allowed inside the little diner. He was greeted with a crying Monica in the parking lot and a sign on the door stating that according to the Governor’s Emergency Declaration all restaurants were closed until the pandemic was over.

So naturally the dark haired beauty was upset. But losing her job was was a long term problem. More immediately important to her was that she could see her keys on the seat of her locked car, next to her purse and phone.

“Monica, can I help you?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Get a hammer out of your truck and break the fuckin’ window.”

Nate walked back to his truck and retrieved something smaller than a hammer. Monica stopped sobbing and cocked her head, trying to see what he was doing.

Nate knelt down before the doorlock, moved the small tools around, and after about 8 seconds the lock popped open and the horn on the old Toyota Camry started honking. Nate quickly opened the door, grabbed the key fob and shut the horn off. Then he turned towards the young beauty and did a slight bow as he handed over the keys.

“M’lady, your chariot awaits,” he said.

“Ohmygod that was SO cool!” she squealed. She took the keys and hugged him tightly. “Thank you! How did you do that?”

“Maybe…” Nate thought to himself. Then he said to Monica, “Oh it was nothing. A skill I learned in my former life but still use today. You’d be surprised how expensive a locksmith is and how often I need to get into a locked door.”

Monica knew he owned several apartments but the 19 year old still lived in the dorms. Well, strike that. She USED to, but since the University was closing because of this coronavirus scare, she was going to have to move back home and finish the semester online. Unless she could convince Nate to rent her a room. She was willing to pay almost anything…

She made her pitch, asking if he had any rooms.

“Take me inside and let’s have lunch, and we will discuss,” he said.

“But the Governor said…and now it’s closed…” Monica said as she started to tear up again. The excitement of the lock picking had subsided and now all of the fear and anxiety came rushing back.

“It will be fine. I know Reno has food that will go to waste, and he and I need to discuss rent. Besides, I own the building,” he said and winked at her.

She smiled that beautiful smile she used while working for tips. He usually left more of a tip than the food deserved.


Terms discussed, an agreement made, Monica followed Nate to the apartment complex she would start working from. She would get free rent in the tiny apartment off of the main office and answer phones and collect rent, make sure the laundry machines were working in the 3 various complexes as well as collect money from them. And other tasks to be determined and mutually agreed upon. She insisted on that caveat.

Nate grabbed the door keys and proceeded to show her the way. He went to hand her the keys and she asked in a voice that made it apparent it was more than an innocent request, “Um, could you pick the lock for me? Please?” The eyes said it all, and his cock stirred. On paper he was the boss, but they both knew that was not the case. This could be very dangerous.

Nate allowed Monica to watch as he took out the Z-shaped tension wrench and gently but firmly placed it in the bottom of the keyhole. Next he took out a piece she learned was called a rake- it looked like a miniature key and pushed it into the hole and gently massaged upwards with the rake. Within a few seconds, the lock popped and a gentle twist and the door was open. Nate pushed open the door and waved her inside, keeping the door open. The last thing he needed was a lawsuit or a rape allegation.

Monica had other plans. She pushed the door shut, locked and chained it. With her back to him, she reached behind bonus veren siteler her back and unzipped her black skirt she always wore to work and let it drop to the floor, revealing a thin strip of green thong panty between two beautiful cheeks. She messed with the buttons on her shirt, letting it stay open on her frame.

“I’m going for it,” she told herself, then turned around. She was wearing a green bra with shamrocks over each nipple and the green triangle fabric of the thong had a matching shamrock and the words “PICK ME”.

“I think it’s fate I wore these on the day you saved me by picking my lock. You have permission to ‘Pick Me’ again,” she said as she sauntered towards him.

“Monica, I…uh,” he weakly protested. God he wanted this- wanted her, but it seemed wrong. And too easy.

“Oh Nate, we both know we both want this,” she said, and she was correct. She brushed up against him and put her arms on his shoulders, then pulled him in for a kiss.

“Fuck me, Nathan. You and I both want it,” she said as she reached down and felt his hardness.

Opportunity only knocks once, and it was pounding on the door, so he scooped her up, eliciting a brief squeal from her. He plopped her down on the kitchen island that served as the bar or table as she spread her legs. Nate could smell her desire and he needed to taste it. But first he breathed in deeply and then kissed her pussy on the outside of her panties.

“Don’t tease me for long, Nate. I need to feel- UUHHOOOHHH GOD!” she suddenly exclaimed as his tongue found its way around her panties and touched her lips.

Nate hoped it was a drug and not a poison. He probed her, opening up her pink hole and flicked his tongue over her clit. He opened her up a little wider and tasted deep inside her. She was creamy and soaked and tasted like heaven! If she was poison, he would die happy.

“Fuck me, Nate. I want to feel your cock deep inside me,” she begged.

Nate slipped her panties off and tossed them aside and dropped his pants. She still had her bra on and the open shirt overtop the bra. Nate took his cock and touched it to her pussy opening, and she thrust her hips forward, taking about half of him inside her.

“Yes, deeper, Nate.”

Nate withdrew and slowly pushed himself forward. She was muscular and squeezed him as he slid in all the way.


“Okay”, he thought, “I’m flattered but I’m not that good, am I?” he thought to himself.

They settled into a rhythm and Monica let out a loud moan and then shrieked, “Oh God, I’m cumming! YES! YES!”

Nate was getting close himself and warned her between thrusts, “Monica, I’m gonna cum. Inside or -“

With amazing speed, she was off his cock, on her knees and grabbed his cock, started stroking, licked, sucked opened her mouth, and aimed his load at her mouth. It was one hell of a pleasurable and erotic performance.

But Nate felt like it was just that- a performance.

“Mmm, Nate, that was awesome.” She scooped a bit of his cum off her cheek and licked her finger, and cooed, “Mmmm.”

Fucking her had been great, but he felt a little cheap. She was a good girl- he supposed- and deserved better.

“Want to take a shower with me and clean up?” he asked.

Raising her eyebrows in surprise she asked, “You want to shower with me?”

“Why not?”

“Well,” she surmised, ” I am new to this place so maybe you should show me around.”

He took her by the hand and lead her down the hall to the bathroom and helped undress her.

“My god, you ARE beautiful,” he told her.

She blushed, “You’re no slouch, either.”

Nate found two towels and wash cloths and opened up a bar of soap from one of the hotels he was a minor investor in. He took care in washing her body, making her involuntarily purr occasionally.

Pure enjoyement, no performance.

She insisted she wash him, also, and they hugged as they rotated clockwise to change positions so he was in the stream. She gave extra attention to his cock which was growing quickly.

“Looks like someone is ready for Round 2,” she said.

“Are you?”

“Mine will be round 3 or 4,” she exaggerated.

Nate shut the water off and opened the curtain. He handed her a towel but used his to dab her dry. She used hers to dry him.

“Monica, I can’t tell you how bad I want to make love to you. Not ‘fuck’ you, but truly make love to your beautiful body.”

He hoped that didn’t sound lame.

To her, it sounded perfect.

“Take me,” she whispered, barely audible.

He bedava bahis picked her up and carried her to the bed. He always kept this room ready to go in case of emergency, like a friend coming into town. Having a beaitiful young lady desiring to fuck him- especially the girl of his darkest fantasy- did seem to qualify as an emergency.

Nate laid her down on the bed and straddled her like he was doing a push-up. Monica looked up at him with absolute trust in those gorgeous eyes.

“This will be different than the others,” she told herself.

Monica smiled up at Nate and opened her legs a little wider and reached up with her right hand to touch Nate’s face. He responded by lowering his head and gently kissed her lips. Then she arched her head back and he kissed her neck.

She gasped, “Yes…”

Nate went lower to her breasts. Each nipple was puckered tight, the nipples erect, demanding to be licked, teased. He did, and her moan was a little louder. A moan of pleasure, desire and the anticipation not knowing what was next but eager to find out.

Love, not theater.

Slowly down her tight, young and fit abs to her shaved mons. Then he let out an exhale of warm breath as he passed just over her pussy and licked the area where her inner thigh and glutes met at her outer labia.

“Oh, yes Nate!”

Nate skipped over her pussy again to hit the same area on her left side. Monica was on fire with lust. She had never had so much pleasure directed at her before. Her other partners would just roll a condom on, pound, thrust, grunt and be done. Her first lover wanted her to keep quiet so they wouldn’t be caught, but her college lovers wanted more of a teen porn star than a lover that needed to be desired or worshipped.

Nate was treating her like she had never been treated before, but that’s not to say that Nate was getting little out of it. To hear the little controllable cries and moans of his lover; to see her goose bumps and erect nipples, and to see her grooly wetness leak out of her pussy was enjoyable. But he wanted to collect more- much more.

He went in with a finger-

“Oh god, oh god. Yes!” she cried.

Opening her up, he followed with his tongue.

“AAAAHHHH YES!” she cried in pure enjoyment.

“Mmmmmmm,” Nate hummed, the vibrations driving Monica over the edge for her first orgasm.

Her breathing sounded like she had just finished running a sprint. But there was a marathon coming up for the both of them.

The taste of her first orgasm had Nate harder than he could ever remember. He wanted more of this drug, but knew too much of a good thing could burn them out quicker than he wanted.

“Nate, I want to feel you inside me…”

Nate repositioned himself, leaned down, kissed her again, and touched her pussy with the tip of his precum- covered cock. He looked into her eyes that showed desire, trust and even innocence and those beautiful eyes gave him the go ahead.

He slid into her, fully sinking in as they both moaned. They hit a pace, her legs wrapped around his hips. After a few minutes he repositioned with her ankles on his shoulders, driving deep and at a different angle, rubbing a different spot.

They both moaned and made little noises. Both were in it for the sensual and erotic act of pleasuring their lover, not for entertaining their sex partner or onlookers. Their world was the only thing that mattered. Nate was getting close and needed to reposition again. And he needed to know where to cum. Last time she told him to give her a facial, and this time asking if he could flood her womb might spoil a beautiful thing, but a creampie if she didn’t want it?

“Nate, let me ride you, please.”

Okay, that might help him, he thought.

Nate slowly withdrew and got on his back. Monica threw her left leg over him, took his cock and found her opening, and cautiously lowered herself down. When she bottomed out with a grunt, she sat there enjoying the feel. The sensation was different than being on the bottom. She knew this, but really took the time to enjoy it. Then slowly she started to raise and lower her hips like a machine, slowly getting up to speed. She loved how his head rubbed against the front wall of her insides, hitting her G-spot.

Nate loved how this way allowed him to explore her perky, pert and perfect B cup breasts. His hands also roamed up and down the sides of her flawless skin and eventually settled on her tight butt cheeks and hip muscles.

“Monica, I’m getting close,” he whispered.

Upon hearing that, she shifted up a gear and rode Nate for all she was worth. She moaned again, “Almost…there. Almost there. deneme bonus Almooooohhhhst OH YES NATE!”

Nate felt her pussy soak his cock and run down his balls, tickling his ass. Had she squirted?

Almost simultaneously, Monica felt Nate’s hands grip her hips tightly as his cock spasmed, and then she felt spurt after spurt of his life-giving seed pump into her body. She had been on the pill ever since her first sex partner at 18, but she had never allowed herself to be penetrated unless he was wearing a condom. Until now. And in the back of her mind, she kind of hoped the pill would fail.

Nate hadn’t fired his seed into a bare pussy for a couple of years, and he once again realized how enjoyable sex could be. The heat, the feel, the wetness involved. So much better than wearing a condom. Hopefully she was on the pill, but if not, he would make it right.


They both dozed on and off, both slipping into dreams and conflict. Nate was on his back and Monica’s left leg was draped over his left leg, her arm over his chest as she nuzzled into him with a sense of security she hadn’t felt in quite some time and a sense of sensual relaxation she had never dreamt possible.

Nate was a little more conflicted psychologically but physically he was more than satisfied. An ex-wife, an upcoming blind date he was supposed to have, and a young beauty he came unprotected into. She seemed nice, but was she “safe”? Was his dick going to fall of now? Was he going to be a father?

Monica was awake and seemed to read his mind, “Whatcha thinkin’?” she asked.

He wanted to answer, but didn’t think he could answer- or ask. “I don’t…lots of things I guess.”

“First off, I wanted to do this. I don’t care about the age difference. It was not rape.

“Second, I am on the pill. So we should be good.

“Third, you are my fourth partner and only one to-” she searched for the word; fuck, nail, enter? “You are the only one I have ever had unprotected sex with and two of the four were virgins. So I don’t have an STI, and I am trusting you don’t either.

“And fourth, or first again, I don’t care about the age difference. I am 19, almost 20. I climbed into your bed knowing it was probably a one-time deal, but I will have no problem carrying this forward- no strings attached- as long as you like,” she concluded.

Wow, that was a hell of a deal for him.

“Well, in full disclosure, I am 35, I have had five partners and haven’t had sex in months. I am clean, healthy, I have no children of my own, I actually climbed into your bed, and I still hope you will work for me, and yes, I hope this is not our only time. I only have one problem,” he said.


“I recently met a lady online, on a dating app, and we were supposed to meet this Saturday on a blind date. I hate to cancel, but I hate to make you feel…”

“Like your slut?”

“Stop. No, like Second Place,” he said. “I feel like I should let her down face-to-face and not over some the phone. But now with a lockdown, who knows. The main part of me wants to hang on to what I have and protect you.”

And at the worst possible time, Monica’s phone vibrated. She looked at it, and Nate said, “Better answer it.”

It was Reno. One of the other servers at his diner had been sick for a few days and has now tested positive for Covid-19 and everyone that had worked with her in the last 2 weeks needed to quarantine.

That meant Monica was locked up for two weeks. Nate had seen the other waitress also, but if Monica had to quarantine, because of what they had just done, he would be in the same boat.

As they were discussing this again, Monica’s mom called her.

“Ugh, God! Why all of this now? she said, frustrated. “It’s Mom, I better take it. She is supposed to help me move my stuff back home and now I don’t need to.”

As Monica was talking to her mom, Nate checked his phone. His weekend date had messaged him. She was under quarantine because her son had moved back home after being exposed to the virus and had a fever. Nate decided to call the number she left, but it went straight to voicemail. Maybe this was his “out” and could continue unabated for 14 days, fucking his newfound young beauty.

“That was my mom. My brother is home, he’s sick, and Mom doesn’t want me home until all is clear. I can’t tell you how happy I am that this has worked out like it did!”

“My weekend date said much the same thing, so I guess we have 2 weeks to teach each other everything we know,” he said, starting to get hard.

‘Wait! What is your date’s name?”

“Audrey. ‘Audrey M. age 38’,” he said, starting to get concerned, knowing where she was going.

“Show me her profile!”

He did.

Holy shit, you have a blind date with my mom!”


To be continued…

Look for Chapter 2; “Prequels, Sequels and 2 New Characters”

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