Daddy Dicky’s FuckdollDaddy Dicky’s Fuckdoll

Big Tits

This is something inspired and written for my Daddy. I hope someone gets off to it! *this is consensual DDlg play and everyone is of age in my fantasies.* I will happily record an AUDIO version, if anyone is interested. edited 1

Jan 2020 based on feedback. thank you! Please comment if you would like stories leading up to this encounter, as some have requested. suggestions welcome.


I am wearing the special panties Daddy chose. They are open along most of the length of my slit. I pose to show him just how they accentuate my puffy cunt lips and give full access to his little girl’s sex. He rubs his cock, still inside his pants as I put on my slutty show. Finally, he has had enough and grabs my hair and pulls me back. He bites my neck, then puts his lips to ny ear and tells me to get on my back and in position to be examined. I am told to raise my legs and he spanks me hard on my round butt and pulls the panties off, needing to see his naked, shaved little girl.

Daddy sits back down and tells me to part myself with my legs wide. My fingers graze my labia and spread them, allowing my fingertips to slip along the silky, wet folds of my cunt. I lift that hand to my mouth to taste my juices beginning to lubricate my sweet, young, untouched sex. Daddy instructs me to bring my hand back down and spread my lips wide. I am getting distracted, and this is Daddy’s time. He wants to see my most intimate flesh as it becomes engorged and slick from deep within my tight hole.

Daddy gets close to inspect, eye level with my clit. I can feel his eyes upon me. He is so closely examining me. He knows this only arouses me more, as he describes what he sees and what he likes to do to me, but does not touch.

Then I feel his breath on my Etlik escort vulva. My clit twitches in response. I moan loudly and jump when Daddy corrects me by pinching my lips firmly and tugging them hard, because my fingers began to allow my lips to close. I grip each lip with my fingers and spread myself as open as I possibly can while becoming more slippery. I wish these were Daddy’s hands opening me wide, but he must focus on inspecting his obedient and sweet little slut. Still, I beg for his touch. A finger, his tongue. I lift my hips begging for contact. Daddy finally rewards me with gently licking of my flesh of my inner labia, surrounding, but not on my clit. I squeal, moan and pant with pleasure.

Daddy suddenly stops to look closely. He sees my clit emerging and becoming fully engorged. He smiles knowing his power over me. Daddy slaps my sensitive vulva. The sting only makes the lubrication flow and begin to drip from the entrance of my cunt. He laughs quietly, pleased with his slut’s reaction to his discipline.

Before I can catch my breath, he grabs my inner thigh with one hand, and with the other, shoves two of his fingers into my cunt forcefully. The stretching of my vaginal walls and cause me to cry out. Daddy reaches up to slap my titties repeatedly.

Then Daddy is thrusting his fingers in and out firmly, and covering my clit with his mouth, roughly licking my clit. I am panting and begin to lose control. I ask Daddy if I can cum. He releases my clit just long enough to say “yes.” I come to orgasm with his fingers buried deep, pushing the base of my womb, and his mouth attached to my cunt. I am so sensitive after orgasm, but Daddy keeps his fingers inside to feel every muscle contraction and licks my cum from my ankara olgun escort pretty pink vulva gently, preparing me for the next activity he has planned for me.

He then gently removes his fingers, covered in my cum, and feeds it to me, reminding me to lick his fingers completely clean. I do so, ravenous for Daddy despite just having an intense climax. He runs his wet, clean fingers on my nipples, kisses up to my full lips and kisses my mouth deeply. We are both tasting my sex together!

After a few minutes of kissing and stroking my skin as I come down, he tells me to flip over, onto my knees, head to the side as he slides a pillow underneath to rest it. He strokes every part of my body, giving me goosebumps. He tells me he must now examine my ass. I push it further in the air in anticipation, and a tiny bit of fear. Daddy and I have talked about his need to finally use my other hole, but I am still nervous. He sent me a set of plugs to prepare my ass for him over the past several weeks, and I have done exactly as instructed each day, and documented my progress with photos for Daddy. This will be the first time Daddy alone will violate my ass.

I have worked up to a plug size and he massages lubricant onto my hole before sliding that, the biggest plug yet, into my ass. Daddy explains what he will have to do next and pets me lovingly to calm me. He works the plug in and out and moves it in circular motions. This feels so different with Daddy doing it. My cunt begins to lubricate again! He removes the plug and replaces it with his finger. He starts slowly, but deeply, fucking my asshole with his warm finger. It feels incredible! So different from the plugs. He tells me he is preparing ankara ucuz escort me for his cock. I am scared, but I also want it so badly.

Daddy is careful with his fuckdoll, and begins by sliding his cock into my cunt. The stretching still hurts and I can’t help but squeeze, forcing him to push harder to stay inside me. He begins steady strokes deeply in ny cunt, and soon continues finger fucking my ass, my first double penetration from Daddy! He adds a second finger and my ass adjusts, distracted by the pleasure in my cunt. I want Daddy’s cum spurting over my cervix, but Daddy explained he must take my anal virginity to make his fuckdoll entirely his. Daddy always explains what he plans to do and teaches and trains me, so I understand I must obey. He only does it in my best interest with the deep trust between us.

He pulls his thick cock from my cunt, removes his fingers and adds more lube so he does not cause injury with his cock. I know it will still hurt, but he assures me the pain will subside and give way to pleasure. I trust Daddy completely. He pushes the head of his uncut penis into my ass. I moan and my eyes tear up. As he gets a few inches in, I cry out. Daddy tells me to rub my clit gently. The stimulation allows him to fully penetrate me and he begins to slowly fuck my ass. Daddy was right! It feels good! So full! A good pain inside me, but different from my cunt. I hear Daddy’s grunts and panting in between his erotic description of what he feels with his cock inside me. Daddy knows I need his semen inside me, so as he gets closer to his own orgasm, he tells me how I will finally take his load in my third hole. He will claim me entirely with his cum. These words cause my orgasm to hit, and his cock can feel the contracting muscles from inside my ass.

He thrusts one last time, as deep as he can, and fills babygirl’s asshole. I yell “Daddy” breathlessly and I collapse beneath him. I feel his body fall onto mine. His weight holding me down. Daddy has dominated me, made all my holes his. I am his fucktoy and cumslut and he says this, and more, into my ear quietly….

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