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Subject: Daddy-Brother-and-Me. Chapter 3 (Gay Incest) Dear Reader. The following story contains strong language and explicit scenes of gay incest between a father and his two sons one of whom is under the age of 18. If you are offended by this kind of material then please leave this page NOW. Please donate to if you are able to do so and help keep this facility available for all to enjoy. Thank you. Please email me your comments ail Daddy- Brother-And-Me.3 By Mike Black Hi everyone. It’s Mike here, I’m 18 years old, I am an A grade student, and I am a gymnast. I am 6’1″, tall, 42″, chest, 29″, waist ,lean smooth muscular body, washboard abs, bubble butt, and a 9″, cut cock. Now you all know I love my kid brother Timmy right? Well who wouldn’t he is just a smaller version of me.!. He’s fucking gorgeous and sexy as fuck. Timmy is 12 years old. He’s 5’3″, tall, 95lbs, 38″, chest, 22″, waist, well ripped bod, bubble butt, with a 6″, cut cock. Chuck is our fucking sexy dad. He is 36 years old. 6’3″, tall, 175lbs, 44″, chest, 32″, waist, lean smooth muscular body, with 10.5″, cut cock, he is a successful businessman. When I came home dad and Timmy were in our gym. Timmy is kissing dad full on his mouth, dad’s tongue, going deep into his throat almost touching his tonsils. They were both naked, dad’s hands were cupped under Timmy’s pert bubble butt, dad fingered Timmy’s tight little boy love hole. Dad had Timmy bouncing up and down on his cock which was balls deep inside him. Dad is kissing Timmy’s neck sucking on it leaving a purple hickey as a calling card. Dad’s cock is like a piston fucking Timmy’s boy love hole. Dad is running his hands all over Timmy’s hot ripped body “Fuuuuuuck Timmy I loooove youuuu sooooo muuuuch!” Dad’s cock is deep gaziantep escort inside my little bro, and he is fucking loving it! “Awwww youuuu loveeee daddddy’s cockkkk don’ttt youuuu boyyyy!!” “YESSSSS DADDDYYY YESSSSS!!” Dad is playing with Timmy’s tits, and jacking his cock. “I’MMMMMMMM CUUUMMMMIIINNGGG DADDDYYY! I’MMMMMMMM CUUUUUUMMMMMIIIINNNGGGG!!” Timmy shot out ribbons of boy spunk all over daddy’s chest and face . Spunk just kept spurting out of his cock for what seemed ages. Dad too is cumming , he pulls out of Timmy and he shoots spunk straight up Timmy’s back , it even goes into his hair. His back is covered in lines of dad’s thick creamy spunk. As I watch I am desperate to cum but I hold off. My cock bouncing up and down as I stroke , I love the sound of my cock slapping on my abs. Dad called me over and I sucked his and Timmy’s cock . Dad’s cock tasted of my little brother’s boy hole. “Mmmmmmm” Within hours we were setting off on a camping trip. Dad was driving Timmy and me were in the back. We were shirtless and just in shorts, both of us had raging Hard-Ons. Timmy is playing with my cock, twirling his thumb, index, and middle finger round and round my bulbous helmet. Timmy put his head in my lap. He licked the length of my cock and put my helmet in his mouth. He moved down my shaft, down to my smooth balls. “Fuuuuuuck yeahhhh littttle brrrro, suuuck yourrrr bigggg brrrrro cocccck! Fuuuuuuuuck i’mmmmmmm cuuuuuummmming alllll overrrr yourrrr faaaace!!” I shot ropes of spunk all over his face a big fucking load 6,,7,,8 spurter . I couldn’t resist licking it all up and telling our dad to watch in his mirror . He saw my tongue coated in spunk. Timmy let my spunk dry on his face. Believe me there was no mistaking what it could be. Some of my my spunk was over his chest too. suriyeli escort Dad just kept licking his lips. We soon arrived at our camp site. We put up our tent and set up our portable stove. Dad, Timmy and me were naked and we went into the brook nearby, we washed ourselves and dad and I even shaved. The sun beat down on us. Timmy loved being tanned all over. Timmy is a real exhibitionist. His boy cock is rock hard. A good 6″x 3″.. His cock looks fucking amazing as does his lean smooth athletic gymnast body. “Dad, Mike, I want you both to fuck me and fill me full of cum. You know I love your cocks, and your spunk!” “Fuuuuuuck yeahhhh Timmy come and sit on your daddy’s cock!” Dad and me lay on our camp cots, we put all three cots together to make one big bed. Timmy rode dad’s cock, and then mine. While one of us fucked his tight pink love hole the other face fucked him. My little bro sure knows how to take cock. I remember when Timmy was 9 years old, and I was 15 years old. He’d sneak into my room, naked, his boy cock hard as fuck, he’d just sit astride me, he’d guide my rock hard teen boy cock into his tight little boy love hole. Timmy rode my cock like he was riding a bucking bronco. His arms waving above and around his head. He’d have a fucking huge boygasm shooting his hot boy juice over my firm tits. Even back then he loved my hard teen boy tits. He thought I was so strong simply because I had nice big firm tits. He’d be panting for breath as my own teen boygasm shot through my ripped body. I shoot my cream deep inside of him. Ropes of cum blasting into his bowels. Timmy loved licking my cock clean. He ate gallons of my spunk. And I did too eating his hole after I shot my load into his boy love hole. I just love Timmy my kid brother.. I just love cumming all rus escort over him. See my spunk covering his tits, his abs, I love rubbing my spunk over his muscled body. I know Timmy loves it too. I love it when Timmy and me are all alone. I remember when I was 12 years old. I was looking after Timmy, I read him a story and he fell asleep, Timmy was naked and his boy cock was rock hard up against his flat belly I just kept on looking at him his breathing smooth, regular, my little brother was dreaming and there was definite smile on his handsome young face. I kissed him gently, I kissed his neck, I moved down to his chest , I sucked his nipples, I licked them, I moved down to his flat firm belly, I dipped my tongue into his deep belly button, I moved down to his cock, I took it into my mouth, down my throat, it tasted so clean and fresh. He moaned softly it was a long moan of pleasure. My middle finger played with his pink rosebud. I licked my middle finger,it tasted really nice. My little brother stretched his body. I jacked myself off and I shot my huge load over his body. Fuck it was awesome. I loved seeing him covered in my spunk. He woke up smiling up at me, his hands rubbing my spunk into his skin. Of course we both told dad about what had happened. He gave us his blessing and kissed both of us full on our mouths. I love watching dad have his way with Timmy too, I love that dad is always rock hard with Timmy. Timmy loves riding our dad’s cock. He bounces up and down on it. His own rock hard 6″, boy cock slaps against his washboard abs. Timmy squirts out long strings of precum all over dad’s own abs, followed by long thick ropes of pure white spunk. “AWWWW HEREEEE III CUUUUUUMMMM DADDDDDYYYY!” Dad pulls out of Timmy and shoots his spunk all over his young sexy son. “FUUUUUUCK YESSSSSS LICCCCCK UPPPP MYYYY CUUUUUUMMMMM MIKEYYYY!!” Fuuuuuck yessss I love eating my dad’s spunk, especially I love eating it off my sexy little brother….. I love going camping with my dad and bro!!! See you next time. Please email me your comments ail I will reply to all messages.

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