Subject: Daddy Chapter 3 Hope you enjoy this story. All copyright is reserved to me Larry ail [always happy to receive your comments with any suggestions! I’d like that too! Tell me how you like the story so far ] I am sure that you understand that such stories are legally managed in many jurisdictions. If you are too young (under 18 or 21), or forbidden by law, then go tsy/artist/jackson-pollock) and enjoy other artistic pursuits. Everyone suggests, and I do as well , that you should support Nifty financially fty/donate.html] Daddy 3 Just because he was a Puritan didn’t mean he knew nothing about sex, it was rather that he just thought you shouldn’t talk about it. However I as his son had now presented myself fairly frankly and said “Will you fuck me?” It was clear that I, the boy had no idea what `being fucked’ meant. Indeed Tom also was not entirely sure. While he had been sucked off in strange places, and indeed had been penetrated in parks and gardens; sometimes deep and sometime just simulations, he had never been in a relationship with a person who thought it was important to stick their cock up his arse in order to cement escort something. Now his boy, Ed, was asking him to be fucked, he didn’t know if the boy could take it or if he felt OK about taking his son’s virginity. He had occasionally let other men touch me because it seemed to him that I liked it, and while he had held me close he never presumed to do anything sexual. Now he was being asked to cross that boundary. He was no stranger to sexual contact with men, he had always enjoyed watching guys in public restrooms. And very early in his mid-teens he had realised that some men were not just standing at urinals to relieve their bladders, it was clear that some men stood there long after they had pissed and stroked their dicks until they started to become hard. The first time it happened he had been bursting for a leak and gone into the toilets in the mall to get rid of the explosion of piss. It was a huge relief, but he also realised that the other three guys who were standing there weren’t pissing at all, rather they were massaging their tools and occasionally glancing at each other. The guy standing closest to him turned so that his cock izmit escort bayan was more readily visible. And, catching his eye, he laughed when he saw the young boy ogling it. “You can play with it if you want,” the guy said. Tom was a bit taken aback, he knew enough about public toilets to understand that you weren’t supposed to talk to strange men and wondered if he should flee back to his mother who was sitting outside waiting for him He just smiled half-heartedly and tried to look away but the lure of the hardening cock of the older man was irresistible and he found his eyes were glued to it. “Go on, ” the man chipped in, “I know you want to.” Tom knew he really wanted to see how it felt, and let go of his own cock and reached over and felt the smoothness of the older man’s uncut dick. He noticed that the other two guys were looking at them and their cocks had gotten rock hard. One had undone his jeans and slipped them down so that his arse was now visible. He was stroking his own cock as he watched Tom tentatively touch the man’s dick. The sight of the man’s arse seemed strangely attractive. It was izmit sınırsız escort round but not fat, and it was pretty hairy. He liked that. There was a sense of danger in the air. All of them had their cocks out and Tom was feeling up his new friend. The fourth guy suddenly bent over and took the hairy arsed man’s cock into his mouth. No one seemed to care whether or not they were going to be caught. As Tom stroked his man he felt a thrill inside him, he liked being with men. Hairy Arse (for want of a better name) grabbed out for Tom’s glutes and rubbed his fingers into the crack around his most private hole “Do you want to be fucked boy?” Hairy slurped. Tom felt a wave of panic. He knew that men fucked women, but had no idea how a man could fuck another man. “Er, ooh…I don’t know. I think I have to go” With that he pulled free of the dirty little tryst. Feeling panic, but also thrilled. “I don’t know, I am with my mother!” As he pushed his way out of the toilets he felt totally confused. What had just happened? He had felt a man’s cock. He had seen two men sucking cock. And he had been invited to be fucked. ……..—-…… “You seem a bit flushed, are you OK?” his mother had asked when he rejoined. “Oh yes,” he stammered, “the air-conditioning wasn’t working.” And he was aware that his cock was so hard that things were probably never going to be the same again

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