Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 79 Dad Loves Me Part 79 James hoo) The next morning I woke before the alarm as always. I looked over at daddy and saw a man I was in love with. I thought for a moment about Paddy. I knew I loved him, but was I in love with him? He meant a lot to me. He was someone I could relate to that was my own age. I know Paddy started young with both his brother and his best friend, Jimmy, back in Ireland. I have only been sexually active for about 8 or 9 months. I was wondering if I really knew what I was feeling for anyone. I really needed to talk with someone who I could trust that I was not involved with. Even though I had some sexual time with Aaron yesterday, I thought, since he knows of our family history and some other aspects, maybe I could talk with him. I left the room still in my thoughts to make coffee. Ironically, the first to come out was Aaron. I told him I had some problems that I needed help with and wondered if he could help. He said “Maybe your dad or Wally would be better.”—“Part of the problem is them and other family and close friends. You are close, but not as close as the others.”—“Let me check my schedule at work and I’ll see if I can meet with you one evening.”—“Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we go to the gym. Could you text me later. I’ll respond either at lunch or between classes.” He came over and gave me a hug. Just then daddy and Wally walked in. Daddy laughed “Some early morning loving?” Aaron thought quickly “I was just thanking him for offering me coffee.”—“I’ll have to offer you coffee more often.” They all laughed and daddy got I out the oatmeal and started it up. We all ate and I had to get ready first as I had to leave for school before daddy or Aaron had to go to work. About 45 minutes later a honk was heard from the driveway. I hugged and kissed daddy and Wally and then went to hug Aaron and whispered in his ear “Thank you.” I got in the backseat and Paddy gave me a kiss. I returned it then he asked “Is something wrong?”—“Just something on my mind that I have to work out.” That seemed to satisfy his question, but he wasn’t convinced. When we got to school, we went to our lockers and then to the commons to meet şişli travesti Gary and JJ. We chatted for awhile until the first bell rang. We all walked to class. Paddy, JJ, and I all had the same first period. I was having trouble concentrating and both Paddy and JJ noticed. Paddy noticed it in the other two classes he had with me and the one he didn’t, JJ was in. At lunch we met as usual. I excused myself to use the restroom and when I returned, they were all talking and asked what was bothering me. I just told them it was something personal and that I had to deal with it alone. Paddy and JJ kept trying to press me on it and I just blurted out “LEAVE ME ALONE!” and I stalked off. I found a quiet place and just burst into tears. When the bell rang, I dried my tears and walked to study hall and sat away from Paddy and JJ. I got a text and my frown went away. Aaron texted ‘I will pick you up from school tomorrow and we’ll go to my apartment and talk.’ I texted back ‘See you then.’ I moved to sit with Paddy and JJ. I wrote in big capital letters ‘I’M SORRY.’ They smiled and I wrote ‘I am having a personal problem that I have to deal with alone. Getting help tomorrow after school. Forgive me?’ They both just smiled and nodded. Finally school was over and we were all outside waiting for our rides. I told them not to say anything to daddy or Wally or anyone else in the family. They promised. Daddy showed up and we got into the back seat and held hands on the way to the gym. We walked in and Wally was waiting for us. We all went into the locker room. As we were changing, we saw Ben and Dana changing into their regular clothes. They both mentioned they ran into each other and talked while they worked out. Dana invited him to a show tonight. Ben said he’d never been to a drag show and was looking forward to it. I told him we went to a family drag show once and that it was great. With nothing but adults, the comedy will probably be more explicit. We exchanged hugs and they left. Walking out we saw Walter and Oscar. We winked at them and went for our workout. Paddy and I met with Atlas and he worked our asses off. We were drenched with sweat more than daddy or Wally. We beylikdüzü travesti all went into the showers to rinse off and wash most of the sweat and stink away. After that we went to the stream room to relax and within minutes, Walter and Oscar came over to us. Paddy and I opened our towels and spread our legs as an invitation. Wally sucked Paddy and Oscar sucked me. It didn’t take them long to suck a load out of both of us. Then they moved in front of daddy and Wally. Oscar sucked daddy and Walter sucked Wally. They had to work a little harder for their loads. Finally Paddy moved to daddy and started tweaking his nipples and I did the same to Wally. That made them hornier and also made them shoot their loads faster. We thanked them and went back to the showers to rinse off again. We changed clothes and started home. We dropped Paddy off and after a big kiss between us, he left and as soon as he was in the door, we finished our ride home. When we walked in I went to our freezer and got out a frozen, microwave Salisbury steak dinner. While it was cooking, I made mashed potatoes so we each had two steaks and potatoes. As we were eating I mentioned to Wally that I wouldn’t be home right after school so I wouldn’t need a ride. Daddy asked where I was going and I said a friend needed some help in one of my classes. He would make sure I got home around the same time daddy usually got home. After dinner, I did the dishes including the breakfast dishes. After the long workout, we decided to turn in early. We went to the bedroom and made a three-way hug and kisses. Daddy and Wally dropped to their knees and started working my cock and balls. After about 10 minutes, Wally got on the bed on his hands and knees. Daddy motioned me behind him so I started rimming him. While I was doing that, daddy was rubbing my ass and my back. When daddy decided Wally was wet enough he said to me “Fuck his ass.” I moved in and slid my cock into his ass. Daddy gave my ass a slap and then did the same thing to Wally. Wally said “Fuck my ass son. Breed me.” I noticed daddy move to Wally’s head and layed in front of him with his legs on either side of Wally and told him “Suck my cock and istanbul travesti tape it deep.” Wally started deepthroating daddy’s cock while I continued my assault on his ass. A couple times I noticed daddy thrusting his cock into Wally’s mouth. We were literally using Wally but I could hear him making all kinds of happy sounds even though most were muffled by daddy’s cock in his mouth. I said “I’m getting really close” then looking at daddy I said “This pig is going to get bred tonight.” Daddy pulled his cock from Wally’s mouth and walked back and stood next to me and put his hand on my ass and then said “Fill him with your load son.” Hearing that I let my orgasm take over. I grunted loudly and shot my load deep into my uncle’s ass. Daddy held me in place holding my cock inside Wally’s ass. He stood right next to me and said I could pull out slowly. I did so and as soon as I was out and moved over, daddy rammed his cock into Wally’s ass. Daddy said “Make the pig clean your cock while I fuck him. I moved to Wally’s head and said “Suck me clean pig.” He opened his mouth and deepthroated me right away. He sucked me the whole time daddy was fucking him. Daddy finally grunted and said “I’m gonna add my cum to the load our son already put in that ass of yours.” I pulled my cock from his mouth and he said “Thank you son.” and smiled up at me. Daddy pulled his cock from Wally’s ass and then rolled him over. Wally’s cock was practically purple needing release. Daddy told me “Get down and suck him off and give him release.” I deepthroated Wally and within a few seconds I heard him shout “OH HOLY FUCK!” Then I felt his seed shooting in my mouth and swallowed like a baby suckling from his mother’s teat. After he stopped cumming he smiled at me again and said “Thank you again. I really needed that.” He grabbed me and kissed me deeply. We needed showers again so we let Wally go first and we fixed the bed and then started making out, when he came out, I showered next, and when I came out daddy and Wally were making out, and while daddy was showering Wally and I made out. Daddy came out and climbed into bed on my other side to Wally. Daddy turned back and clicked off the light. We all said goodnight and I finally fell asleep thinking about what all I was going to sat to Aaron tomorrow. 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