Subject: Dad I heard Mr. Cooper suck in a bit of breath. “What video was it? Something I can help you with?” He asked me, leaning a bit more forward as I looked up at him, obviously interested but trying to not seem too eager. I sat for a moment looking at Mr. Cooper thinking about my response and admiring his good looks. Mr. Cooper was a young teacher, only 31, and he had been at our school just for a few years but everyone knew him because of his good looks. He had very dark black hair and olive green eyes. He seemed fit, though I always saw him in sweaters or dress shirts so I couldn’t completely tell. He looked a little muscled but I would never have called him buff. He didn’t seem to have a speck of hair on his chin, neck or arms. His hair was black and slightly disheveled, it kind of reminded me of Harry Potter. He had very long legs which his dress pants only made look better when they fit him nice and snug, like today. I had always thought he was attractive but just now I was realizing how attracted I was to him. I took a deep breath and exhaled as I smiled and responded. “It was called Teacher Pounds Student After Class” I said staring right at him. “It was 1 guy around your age and another guy who looked really young and he was in a school uniform, and they were doing things I didn’t recognize but I really liked watching it”. I could see his dick twitch in his pants when I said that. “The student in the video had his teachers dick in his mouth and it was something I wanted to try out”. I reached out and grabbed his bulge as I said this last part. I was surprised at how hard he was getting under my fingers. Mr. Cooper let out a low moan as I felt around his growing bulge and started working on his belt. “Luke, no. We can’t be doing this” my teacher said back to me. “I’m your teacher, plus you have another class to get to. They’ll be wondering where you are”. He grabbed my hand and pushed it away, but he didn’t walk away from my desk. I had gotten his belt undone and his dress pants unbuttoned before he had stopped me. He was just trying to convince himself that he didn’t like having me feel him up, I understood that. Dad told me how scary it would be to trust a boy to keep this secret so I tried to kocaeli escort bayan persuade him. “Don’t worry, Mr. Cooper. I won’t tell anyone about this. We can keep it a secret if you want”. I said to him as I pulled his tucked in shirt out of his dress pants. “I just want to have your cock in my mouth, sir.” I said trying to tease him a bit. “Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to feel my young lips wrapped around your dick as you blow your load down my throat”? I reached my hands out and undid the zipper on his pants, letting them fall onto the floor revealing his dark purple underwear and the large bulge showing what I had been after ever since that first time with my dad. He was right, I’m a cock-slut. Mr. Cooper raised his hands up to his face and said “oh my god, what am I doing” as I leaned my face in and started rubbing my mouth over the bulge in his underwear. I felt a small wet spot at the top which must have been from his precum but I wasn’t sure because just as I reached out to grab and pull his underwear down he grabbed my wrists again. “Wait, no” he said to me before stepping out of his pants and walking towards the classroom door. His underwear hugged his ass tightly and he had the most round looking bubble butt I had ever seen on anyone. I was afraid he wasn’t going to let this go any further. “Please, sir. Please. I want your cock, that’s all. I just want to suck your dick and make you cum and feel good, that’s it!” I hoped this truthful announcement would make him reconsider walking out on me. I wasn’t smart enough to realize that a teacher would never walk out into the hallways with a throbbing erection in only their underwear. Once he reached the door he turned back to me and grabbed hold of his dick still inside of his underwear with one hand, rubbing on it to keep it hard and with his other hand I saw him lock the door. The sounds of my classmates heading into their next classes came in from the halls. “No one can know, Luke” he said to me. I ran over to him and dropped to my knees right in front of the door and started to rub my hands up and down his thighs. “No one will know, Mr. Cooper, I promise.” And with that I reached out and grasped the top of kocaeli sınırsız escort his underwear. I quickly pulled them down and watched as Mr. Coopers dick flopped out and bounced a little to the left. I sat there admiring his body while I reached out and started jerking his dick. Mr. Cooper was almost as hairless as me other than a thin line of hair going from his belly button down to his extremely well trimmed pubes. His dick was similar to dads really, except his was maybe a little bit longer, but also less thick. “When’s your next class, Luke” my teacher asked me. I looked up into his eyes and saw the look of hunger I was so used to now. I kept jacking him and said “this is my free period, so I don’t have anywhere to be” I replied right before a drop of precum came out and rolled down his dick and onto my fingers. “Good”, Mr. Cooper said, “because I want this to last”. I took that as confirmation and leaned in to go at his cock. I kept jerking the shaft while I put the head in my mouth and began lapping up all of the precum he had been leaking. “Oh my god. Fuck” I heard him saying as my tongue ran over the tip of his dick. I felt a shiver go through his body at one moment with my tongue licking the back of his shaft from the balls up to the tip. “It’s so warm” I heard him say just as I engulfed the entire cock down to the balls and then started working up and down on his dick. Mr. Cooper threw his head back at one moment when his cock entered my throat and he grabbed ahold of my head with both hands. He started fucking my face while pulling me forward a little bit with his grip on my head. I started grabbing onto his balls and jerking the parts of his dick that wasn’t going into my mouth. His shaft felt so slick from all the spit I’ve had on it and the slick sounds my hand made plus with the moans I made around his cock, I could tell Mr. Cooper wouldn’t last too long. I was starting to feel a building up feeling in my balls too and I was feeling very hot. So I pulled off his dick just long enough to pull my shirt up and over my head and throwing it to my side before I dove right back down into his cock. “Fuck boy, you’re sexy. Where’d you learn this?” He grunted izmit anal yapan escort as he thrust into my mouth. Mr. Cooper ran one hand through my hair while the other rubbed up and down my back and shoulder while I sucked him. He kept lightly moaning but he made sure to keep himself relatively quiet because the sound from the hall had died away by this point. The fact that we had to be sneaky made it even hotter to me. Mr. Coopers grunts were getting faster and faster and when I looked up at him I saw him looking down at me and his face was flushed. He licked his lips as I swallowed his cock and that’s what sent me over the edge into my second dry cum of the day. I moaned around his cock and I heard him saying “fuck are you cumming?” Before he groaned and started filling my mouth up with his own cum. Since I was in the haze of my own pleasure I wasn’t able to swallow all the cum he was shooting and it started spilling out onto my face and chin. I couldn’t believe how good my dick was able to make me feel, and all from sucking cock. I looked back up and watched Mr. Cooper experiencing his own post cum bliss and started to swallow his cum and wipe the rest off of my face. I stood up and walked back to my desk to grab my books and stuff to get ready for my next class. “That was amazing, Luke. I hope we can do that again” he said to me. I turned to look at him smiling as I took in what he said. “My dad is having the party this weekend, come to it! He won’t mind and I’ll be able to suck your dick while not at school” I said back. I would love to suck off my teacher in my own home, I got slightly hard again thinking about it. “Are you sure your dad wouldn’t mind? I don’t want to crash his party”. Mr. Cooper said back to me. I let out a little laugh before I say “no my dad won’t mind! He and I have a good relationship, plus I’m sure he’ll be happy I invited you and not a bunch of other kids”. Mr. Cooper was fully dressed at this point and I walked over to the door. Just as I turned the handle to leave I turned back to Mr. Cooper and said “who knows? Maybe you’ll get to fuck my tight ass at this party. Would you like that, sir? Fucking me in my bedroom while my dad hosts a party without a clue what we’re doing?” And with a small laugh again, I waked out the room and to my next class thinking about how I couldn’t wait to tell dad about what happened today. Please feel free to email me at hoo if you’d like to discuss the story or just chat in general! I’m always grateful to hear from readers!

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