Cullen Ch. 04Cullen Ch. 04


Day 2 Continued

Cullen sat in his car for a few minutes watched as the other cars entered and exited the parking lot. He felt like he was taking a risk, but he wanted to give this a shot bad. It had been a long time since he’d picked up a guy from the mall. He quickly got out of his car and locked it. He quickly found his way into the vast outdoor mall. He stopped and got a smoothie and walked around the mall. Out of boredom he walked into Hot Topic, a place he hadn’t been in a while. The music was unbearable. But he might have some luck. He looked over the selection of shirts and saw what he was looking for.

“Yes,” Cullen whispered as he looked a shirt with a logo he didn’t recognize.

A thin skateboard looking kid with bleached blonde hair walked into the store. He was dressed in black shirt with a logo Cullen didn’t recognize. He wandered around for about a minute. They looked at each other for a split second. Cullen shot him a half smile. The kid gave a quick smile as well. Cullen went to talk to him but he left the store.

“Shit,” Cullen whispered.

He quickly left the store and walked around the mall a bit. He went to the convenient store that was located in the mall and bought a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He hadn’t smoked in a while and decided to get a quick one in. He found a table outside the movie theatre and lit one up.

“Mind if I get one,” the kid with the bleached hair asked.

“Sure,” Cullen replied as he pulled out another cigarette.

“Saw you at Hot Topic,” the kid smiled.

“Yeah,” Cullen laughed, “always something cool in there.”

“Always,” the kid smiled as he took a drag from his cigarette.

He began to walk away. Cullen knew he would have to act.

“Hey what do you have going on today,” Cullen shot out in one quick burst.

“Nothing much,” the kid replied.

“Cool,” Cullen replied, “going to any other stores?”

“Not really,” he replied, “gotta catch the trolley eyüp escort home.”

“Where do you live,” Cullen asked, “maybe I could give you a ride.”

“No thanks,” the kid replied.

“No problem,” Cullen laughed, “how old are you?”

“Kind of random,” the kid replied.


“Eighteen,” the kid replied.

“Cool,” Cullen said, “thirty one.”

They looked at each other for a few seconds.

“So,” the kid said quickly.

“Yeah,” Cullen replied.

“Where do you live?”

“Clairemont,” Cullen replied, “I live alone.”

“Am I supposed to be impressed,” the kid replied.

“Maybe,” Cullen laughed.

“What do you want to do,” the kid asked.

“Just chill,” Cullen shot back, “maybe have a beer or two.”

“Got any pot,” he replied.

“A little,” Cullen laughed.

“Let’s go,” the kid replied, “just drop me off at the mall when we get done.”

Cullen led the kid back to his car. They made small talk in the car. When they got to Cullen’s apartment he dropped his keys when he tried opening the door. He was nervous. He didn’t know how this might turn out. The last time he brought someone over it ended in a bad way. He had to get stitches. He kissed the wrong man.

“Here we are,” Cullen laughed as he let the kid inside.

Cullen grabbed a seat on the couch. Cullen quickly ran to the fridge and pulled out two Coor’s light beers. He opened them both and gave the kid one. He reached for his stash box and put it on the coffee table. He opened it and quickly rolled a joint. He lit it up and took a drag and passed it to the kid.

“You wanna watch a porn,” Cullen asked.

“Sure,” the kid replied.

Cullen got up from the couch and grabbed a binder from next to the DVD player. He passed it to the kid. The kid handed back the joint. The kid unzipped it and looked through the movies.

“You have a lot of interracial porn,” the kid said as he flipped through fındıkzade escort the DVD case.

“I love it,” Cullen laughed, “can’t help it.”

“Which one is the best,” the kid asked.

“Put in one of the Lex the Impailer ones,” Cullen said.

The kid put the movie in the DVD player and jumped back down on the couch. Cullen skipped a few scenes into the movie. A beautiful white woman was being ravaged by a big black penis on the screen. Cullen smiled as they passed the joint between the two of them. They quickly drank their beers between drags. Before they knew it the joint was pretty much all gone.

“Want me to shot gun this to you,” Cullen offered.

“Sure,” the kid smiled as he took a sip of beer.

Cullen took the last drag on the joint. He inhaled it hard and stood over the kid. He looked down on him and blew the smoke directly into his face. The kid smiled as the smoke made contact. Cullen leaned in and kissed him quickly. He pulled back and looked at him for a second.

“Finally,” the kid said as he reached back and kissed Cullen.

The kid stood up from the couch. They kissed again for a few seconds.

“You’re gay,” Cullen asked.

“Still in the closet,” he replied.

“Same here,” Cullen replied, “not too many people know I’m gay.”

“I get nervous,” the kid smiled, “glad you made the first move.”

“What did you want to do,” Cullen asked.

“Not too much,” the kid smiled, “still kind of new to this.”

“Like what,” Cullen asked.

“Maybe just a blow job,” the kid laughed.

“No problem,” Cullen replied.

The kid quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi erect penis. Cullen dropped to his knees quickly and wrapped his hand around his penis.

“This thing is huge,” Cullen laughed as he stroked it.

It had to have been at least eight inches.

“Not bad for a white boy,” the kid laughed.

“No shit,” Cullen laughed as he stoked escort şişli it.

The kid quickly pulled his shirt off. Cullen unbuckled his pants and slid them down his legs. He pulled them over his shoes. Cullen looked over his naked skinny body. Both his nipples were pierced and he had no body hair. Cullen quickly followed suit and took off his clothes. He stroked the kid’s penis for a few seconds.

“Ready,” Cullen asked.

“Yep,” the kid replied.

Cullen spit in his hand and stroked his penis for a few seconds. The kid leaned back in the couch as Cullen stroked it.

“So big,” Cullen said as he gripped it with two hands.

Cullen quickly took a deep breath and wrapped his mouth around his penis. Cullen slowly worked his way up and down his long shaft. The Kid looked at the porn as Cullen continued to suck his dick. He took his time working up and down the object. Cullen quickly stood up a bit and bent at the waist. He sucked harder and harder. He moved his hands across his thighs and moved his fingers along his nutsack. Cullen looked at him in the eyes. The Kid shot him a quick smile as his head fell back into the couch again. Cullen quickly crouched down and worked his dick a bit more.

“Oh,” the Kid let out.

The Kid quickly lost control. Cullen could feel him thrash about a bit on the couch.

“Shit,” the Kid let out.

Cullen kept his mouth on his penis. He tickled his balls quickly and suddenly a large glob of sperm flew into his mouth. Some of it fell out. Cullen quickly used his fingers to catch it. He quickly swallowed what was in his mouth. Cullen pulled off his cock and quickly licked the cum that had gotten on his fingers.

“Wow,” the kid exhaled as Cullen pulled his mouth off his dick, “you suck better than any girl I know.”

“Men know what men want,” Cullen replied.

“I bet,” the Kid laughed.

Cullen quickly hugged him. They got dressed and Cullen drove him home. Cullen pulled out a pen and scribbled down his number on an old receipt.

“Call me if you ever want to do more,” Cullen smiled.

“Will do,” The Kid smiled before he reached forward and kissed him.

The Kid quickly got out of his car and walked up the driveway.

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