Cuckolded by My Wife-Swapping Work AssociatesCuckolded by My Wife-Swapping Work Associates


The period from the 1960s to the 1980s has been defined as the ‘Sexual Revolution’. That was a time when premarital and extramarital sex were much less stigmatizing, and homosexuals were gaining more acceptance by society. That was also a time when birth control medication was becoming mainstream, and our culture was much more accepting of sex in the media than in the past. It was in that backdrop that my wife, Linda, and I graduated from college in 1972 and we moved to Atlanta for my new job with a regional law firm.My name is Jason, and I was in my last year of law school when Linda was in her senior year of undergraduate studies, and we met at a party shortly before we both graduated. Linda has a marketing degree and she found a job in sales in Atlanta. We got married after dating only ten months, so she was twenty-three years old and I was twenty-five at the time we were married.I was one of a group of four male law students who were hired as beginning associates at our firm that year. The first two years are pretty tough on new associates, and we didn’t have much free time to socialize. But after sharing that grueling experience we became the best of friends. The other three guys, Michael, Frank and James were also married by 1974, but none of us had children yet.Disco music was approaching its height of popularity by that time, and the four of us married couples enjoyed going to disco clubs and drinking and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Our wives were also becoming the best of friends, and it was normal for us to dance with each other’s spouses, and hug tightly during the slow dances, with no hint of jealousy. We also periodically had parties at our homes, and there was always music and dancing. It was obvious that as the evenings progressed, and we had more and more to drink, we were becoming more intimate with other spouses, including seemingly innocent kissing.Linda is the most aggressive of the wives, and she was openly and passionately tongue kissing the other guys and allowing them to rub her ass and the sides of her breasts when they danced. I periodically questioned her about her somewhat promiscuous behavior, but she just laughed it off to the booze and insisted that it was harmless. I probably should have protested more, but I trusted her judgment.She is easily the most attractive of the women, at five feet and four inches tall and weighing about one hundred and fifteen pounds, with shoulder-length, light-brown hair and light green eyes. Her breasts are D-cups and look huge on her petite body, and her ass is full, firm and perfectly shaped.I’m very proud of the way Linda looks, and after a while her wanton actions were starting to arouse me a little, watching her with my friends. I usually had less to drink than the others, and I noticed that the other wives would sometimes look questioningly at Linda when she was kissing their husbands and letting them rub her ass, but none of them seemed to get angry. And the passion seemed to be the most intense between Linda and Michael, who is the only black guy in our group. All of us seemed to be living the spirit of the sexual revolution.One night we were partying at our home, and after some of us were very inebriated Michael said, “You know, guys, I read an article recently that said it is becoming pretty common for good friends to get intimate with each other’s spouses. They called it swinging or wife-swapping, and it sounds like it might be fun. We’re all such good friends and I thought we might like to try it.”Then Michael’s wife Shauna said, “Wow, that sounds like something you’d say. But what the hell, you’re already intimate with Linda on the dance floor anyway. What do the rest of you think?”I was struggling with myself trying to think of a response to defend Linda after Shauna’s comments about her, but before I could speak, James said, “Becky and I probably need to discuss this privately, but if she’s willing then I think it would be fun.”Linda spoke up and teasingly said, “Ha ha, you’re very funny, Shauna. You’ve been kissing the other guys too, including Jason, so you don’t have any room to rag on me. You just don’t like seeing Mike’s big, soft lips passionately kissing a hot white woman. But yes, I do think it would be fun.”I have to admit that the istanbul travesti idea of swapping wives sounded okay to me, but I wasn’t sure how it would work. So, I asked, “Yeah, I guess I’m okay with it too, but exactly how would we go about it Michael, and how do we chose who would be with whom?”Michael responded, “Well, one of the suggestions was to begin by randomly selecting who would be paired up and then separate by couples in the husbands’ homes for the remainder of the night. Then each guy would take the other wife home in the morning. That avoids the initial jealousy of seeing your spouse with someone else, and we can always do it as a group after we know if everyone accepts it.””To get started, the article suggested that the husbands put their car keys in a bowl, and the wives can close their eyes and pick a set of keys from the bowl. She would obviously put the keys back if she picks her own husband’s. It will also be a good idea to let the least inebriated person in each of the selected couples drive. Let’s just vote on it. Nod yes if you want to try it, and it will obviously have to be all or none.”We were all looking around the room to see how everyone felt. Michael was the first to nod, followed quickly by Linda, and then everyone nodded that they wanted to try it. I was a little apprehensive about it, but the idea of being able to suck and fuck the other wives was exciting to me. My only hesitation was because I know that I have a smaller-than-average, four-inch dick, and I didn’t want to be embarrassed or disappoint anyone. It struck me as a little strange that Linda agreed immediately after Michael. I thought she might be a little too eager to fuck a big, black cock, and the other white ones too.When Linda and I first started dating I learned that I was unable to fully satisfy her by fucking. So, it became routine for me to suck her pussy both before and after we fucked. Over the several years we had been together, I got to the point that I probably enjoyed eating her pussy and swallowing my cum more than actually fucking her.Everyone agreed to try swapping spouses for the night, and I ended up being selected by James’ wife, Becky. She is an attractive, full-figured woman and I was looking forward to spending the night with her. Linda selected Michael, and I could tell that she was pleased with her pick. Before the other couples left, we agreed that the husbands would all leave home at 8:00 am to take the other spouses home. That would allow the wives to go back to empty homes and not risk facing the woman who had just fucked their husbands. Better to be safe than sorry for the first time.Becky and I were both nervous, but we sat on the bed and had another glass of wine while we talked. Then I went into the bathroom to undress while she undressed and got into bed. It felt strange but exciting to get under the sheets with her, and I leaned over on her and we kissed for a few minutes. Her pussy must have been very wet because I smelled her arousal, and I instinctively turned around in the bed in the side-by-side sixty-nine position to suck her pussy. Her thick thighs are luscious and her pussy was hairy and wet. Shaving pubic hair wasn’t as common during that era as it is today, and I always love eating out Linda’s hairy cunt.I was almost in place to taste her pussy when Becky said, “What are you doing, Jason? No one has ever sucked my pussy, and it seems a little gross to me since I’m so wet down there. Are you sure that you want to do this?”I didn’t respond to Becky verbally, but gave her my answer by taking her swollen, hairy labia into my mouth and began sucking her. It only took a few seconds before she was writhing in the bed and closing her thick thighs around my head to hold me in place.Then she said, “Oh fuck, I had no idea what I’ve been missing. It feels so wonderful having you suck me like that. I still think it’s a little disgusting for you to suck me there, but if you like it then feel free to keep eating me out.”Becky’s pussy tasted so good and it’s a slightly different aroma and taste than Linda’s pussy. I sucked her that way for about twenty minutes, and she must have had three orgasms, as I was getting aroused just from sucking her. She also began stroking my rock-hard istanbul travesti dick, but didn’t lean in to suck me. I then turned around and got on top of her and pushed my little dick into her wet cunt. It was disappointing to me that I only lasted about a minute fucking her and was soon ejaculating into her pussy. She seemed to be working up to another orgasm when I shot my load into her, so I turned around in the bed again and resumed sucking her cum-soaked pussy. My cum was flooding my mouth and I just loved pressing my face into her wetness.It only took her another few minutes before she held my head in place with her hands and thighs as she had another orgasm and said, “Damn, Jason, what you’re doing is so nasty, but it feels so good and turns me on so much. Keep sucking me, baby.”When I finally turned around in bed we hugged and lay quietly together. That’s when I started experiencing the post-orgasm blues. Despite how much I enjoyed sucking and fucking Becky, I was starting to feel guilty about it. But even worse, I was feeling remorseful about allowing another man to fuck Linda. I was in a frenzy thinking about Michael fucking my wife, and the swinging thing was starting to seem like a bad idea. But after laying there with Becky for a while, my lust was returning, and we ended up fucking another two times that night, with me spending most of my time between her legs sucking her cunt.I left to take Becky home at 8:00 am and by the time I got back home Linda was already there and waiting for me in the bedroom. As I walked up the stairs that feeling of remorse was overwhelming me again, and I was nervous about facing Linda, knowing that we both had fucked other people. She also looked a little nervous as I sat down next to her.I said, “I don’t know how I feel about all of this. Now that the excitement of being with someone different has passed, I find myself being regretful, and wondering what you must think of me for letting Michael fuck you. Please tell me how you are feeling, honey.”Linda was lying back on the bed wearing just her bra and panties, and she reached up to pull me down to her for a long and wet kiss. Then she held me next to her and said, “I was feeling the same way, honey, but after having time to think about it, I can hardly wait for us to do it again. Michael is an amazing lover and we fucked five times before the night was over. And I now know that what they say about black men having big cocks is true; at least it is for Michael. His cock has to be at least ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. And no offense, honey, but he touched places inside me that you’ve never gotten close to. But one thing he doesn’t do is suck pussy. I missed being sucked after each fuck, so come on, honey, get down there and eat me out.”I was surprised at how accepting she was of the swapping, and that was the first time I’s ever heard her talk about cocks that way. I looked down and saw that the crotch of her underwear was soaked with what looked like a massive amount of cum.Then I said, “But, Linda, it looks like your crotch is soaked with Michael’s semen and sperm, and some of it looks fresh. I can’t eat another man’s cum that way.”Linda started pushing my head down towards her pussy and said, “You’re right, honey, some of his cum is very fresh. We knew that it would take you a lot longer to take Becky home than for him to drop me off, so we had time for a quick fuck just before you came home. Come on, honey, eat me. Show me that you love me and want to share this experience with me.”It was hard to believe that she was so adamant about me sucking her, but at the same time her excitement was affecting me. I moved down between her wide-spread legs and saw her swollen, hairy labia pushing against her cum-soaked panties. The smell of Michael’s semen was much stronger than mine usually is, and I was instantly aroused by it. I covered her panties and cunt with my mouth and started sucking and licking her labia.The cum was flowing right through the gusset into my mouth, as she wrapped her legs behind my head to hold me in place. His cum tasted a little more salty and bitter than my own usually does, but I soon came to enjoy it. After cleaning her up as much as I could with her panties on, I pulled istanbul travesti them to the side and pressed my face into her still-oozing cunt. Her pussy was gaping and looser than it normally is, no doubt from being fucked by Michael’s thick cock.After sucking her pussy for about twenty minutes, I moved back up next to her in bed, and we sleepily hugged and went to sleep in one another’s arms. We woke up two hours later, and she smiled at me and said, “Jason, that was so nice having you clean Michael’s cum out of me that way. You’re so good at sucking pussy, honey, so now I’ve got the best of both worlds. I love the way you satisfy me with your mouth, and I just hope that Frank and James also have big cocks for when I get my turn with them. I knew when I first felt Michael’s big cock pressing into my belly while we danced, that it would be fun fucking him.”The next week at work was a little tense, and all of us guys seemed to be avoiding face-to-face conversations. But I couldn’t help looking at Michael differently than in the past and wondering what his big cock looks like. I also kept thinking about how Linda was encouraging me to take the submissive role of sucking another man’s cum from her pussy and making it obvious that she was looking forward to fucking my friends with bigger cocks than me.We continued to party and swap wives, and after six weeks every wife had been with each of the husbands at least once. It just so happened that Linda ended up with Michael a total of three times, and I suspected that she must have gotten to know the feel of his keys and could easily select him. She kept telling me how much she enjoyed their big cocks, and I always cleaned her pussy each morning. In fact, I had come to enjoy the aroma, taste and texture of my friends’ cum, and looked forward to coming home to Linda each time.I enjoyed being with all the wives, and it became routine for me to suck all their pussies before and after we fucked. All of them were surprised and pleased the first time I was with them, and said that their husbands never sucked them like that, especially after shooting their cum into them. I especially enjoyed sucking Shauna’s hairy, black pussy, and liked seeing the contrast of her black vulva with the pinkness inside. The mystique of interracial sex is very arousing to me.After swapping for a total of seven times the other guys and I were becoming more relaxed around one another. We met at the bar near our office for drinks after work one evening. We were first talking about work and sports, but Frank finally said, “I just wanted to let you guys know that Laura has really enjoyed being with you guys, and she thinks we might be ready to try meeting as a group. What are your wives saying about it?”I spoke up next and said, “Well, I can tell you that Linda talks about it all of the time, and she can hardly wait for the weekends when she gets to fuck one of you guys. She tells me that she enjoys your big cocks, and especially Michael’s thick, black one. She has even described your cocks to me, and I know that Michael’s is at least ten inches long, Frank’s is eight inches, and James’ is nine inches. But the thing she likes the most is how thick all of you are. What have you heard, Michael?”Michael smiled and said, “No offense, buddy, but I can understand why Linda enjoys big cocks. Shauna and the other wives have all told me that you have a little dick, but that you make up for it by sucking their cunts. I’ve never had an interest in sucking on a smelly wet pussy and don’t see how you can do that, especially after you’ve shot your load. Linda told me that you even eat her out when she gets home in the morning, and I assume that you do the same after Frank and James fuck her too. I think it’s pretty funny that you’re eating all of our cum after we shoot several loads into her each night. That’s pretty sick, buddy, and I have to wonder what else you might do, given a little encouragement. Fuck, man, Linda even said that she thought she could get you to suck our cocks.”I was embarrassed listening to Michael tell the other guys about my little dick and my hunger for their cum, but it was also somehow arousing. Linda’s continuing encouragement for me to clean her pussy and always telling me how big their cocks are had slowly changed my mind-set to enjoy the feelings of being submissive to my big-cocked friends.I couldn’t admit that to them, so I tried to deflect it and change the subject saying, “Come on, guys, you can’t believe everything you hear. Although I do have to admit that I do enjoy sucking pussy.”

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