Cruising The Drive InCruising The Drive In


It was a Friday night and all of my friends were at home with family. I was really bored and I asked my dad if I could take the van and go to the movies. He said it was ok and told me to be home by midnight. The van was a 1977 Chevy van, it was brown in color and had the moon windows cut into the side. It had the typical “Captain’ s chairs” up front and in the back had what you’d expect from a ’77 van. It had a couch that turned into a bed. Around 7:00pm I grab the keys and tell my parents that I was leaving and that I would be home by midnight. I walk out to the driveway, get in the van and head down the street. I pull into a parking lot about a mile away from the house and go into the back and pull out a bag I had stored in one of the cabinets. Inside the bag was what I was going to wear tonight to the movies. I pull out my black floral print satin panties and matching bra and put them on my now naked body. I insert my silicone breast forms and slip on my black sheer pantyhose and black heels and slip my short black one piece dress over my head. The hem just falling güvenilir bahis a few inches below my ass. I fluff my long brown hair, apply minimal make up and head downtown. I pull into the shopping center that also held a drive in movie theater, I pay my admission and head to the area where they show adult movies on the big screen. It’s usually packed with men and some couples. I pull into  my spot and get situated with the speaker and  my drink. The movie soon starts and I find myself rubbing my cock through my pantyhose as the girl on screen is sucking a monster dick. She works it over with such talent and skill and I wish that was me with a hard rod in between my lips. I run my hands over my tits and notice the man in the car next to me has his pants down and his stroking his hard cock watching the girl on screen now getting fucked. He glances over at me and catches me looking at his hand wrapped around his throbbing meat. He turns slightly and opens his legs and strokes his cock in my direction. I take this as an open invitation and get out of the van and open güvenilir bahis siteleri the passenger door to his car. I get in with my knees on the passenger seat, lean over and take his cock into my wet mouth. The passenger door open wide and my hose and panty covered ass sticking up in the air. I works his glistening cock over with my hot mouth for a good while. Moaning softly as he slowly gyrated his hips up and down in his seat to gently fuck my mouth. His hand grabbing the back of my head and pushing it up and down on his stiff pole. His salty pre cum wetting my tongue as my saliva runs down the shaft of his cock. I soon feel his cock start to twitch in my mouth and he starts unloading his cum down my throat. Spurt after spurt I swallow every drop. I lick his cock clean after he finishes, kiss the head of his dick and get out of his car and get back in the van. I don’t know if he knew I was a boy dressed as a girl or not, but I do know he enjoyed it very much. After a few minutes I decide to get out and walk around to see what was going on in the lot. I iddaa siteleri knew there was always sex going on everywhere around me so I wanted to see what I could find. I make my way to the bathroom area as I knew that was the place to find a hook up. And find a hook up I did. I see my English teacher coming out of the bathroom with a man and they head back over to his car. My teacher was a married man, but we always had a feeling he was into guys as well and this was proof positive. I think to myself, what should I do. I always wanted to fuck him and this was the best chance of that happening. “Mr. Tenley” I just blurted out. He turns to and looks right at me. “Do I know you?” he says. “I’m Danny from your English class.” I explain. “Oh my” he says with a certain gleam in his eye. “You sure look alot different away from school, what are you doing down here?” My heart is racing at this point and I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, “Hopefully you Mr. Tenley.” His little grin soon turned into a full ear to ear smile. “I’m right over there in the brown van.” I tell him. Both he and his friend exchange some words. I can’t hear what they are saying. Then Mr. Tenley turns back to me and asks if it’s ok that his friend join in. “Absolutely.” I tell him. We make it over to the van and get in the back.

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