Crossing the Horizon Part 5Crossing the Horizon Part 5


Crossing the Horizon Part 5


Rachel woke up quite late. She had been far more tired than she thought between all the travelling and yesterday’s fun. It was already 11am and she was still in bed, almost stuck to her sheets because of all of the doggy semen on her body. She didn’t mind though, there was something so primal and erotic about it. But needs must so she went and had a long, luxurious shower in her ensuite, making sure to untangle and wash her hair thoroughly. Drying herself, she was curious as to what today would bring so got into a bathrobe and went down to get some breakfast. Before going, she peaked into Indica’s room which still had the door open. There was Thumper, on her bed asleep and completely worn out. Rachel laughed to herself and left.


Annie was the first to see her and gave her a big smile. “There she is!” Annie said as Rachel walked into the kitchen. Indica was there as well as Carrie and one of the crew, eating and omelette. They had prepared one for Rachel too and she also got herself a coffee and a glass of OJ. “What did you do to that poor dog?” Rachel then said to Indica. “Well, someone needed to show him who was boss” she said back, and the table laughed. “How many times then?” Carrie asked. Indica just held up her hand with 3 fingers up and there was more laughter. “Also, he insisted on sleeping with his head next to my crotch and woke me up with his tongue. I rewarded him by having an early protein milkshake so he’s out for the day” Indica said with the table laughing even more. “God damn you’re insatiable Indi” Annie said, she continued then turning her attention to Rachel, “Kaisa is getting ready, she’s got a scene coming up if you wanna stay and watch?”. Rachel smiled and nodded, excited at the thought.


After finishing breakfast, the crew were busy setting up in the landing and elsewhere. They told the girls it was about to begin so they took their positions and waited. Doing a final check, Carrie was happy with everything and then called “action!”. Kaisa then appeared at the top of the stairs. She looked stunning, her makeup done perfectly so she looked properly regal like a Princess, and she was wearing a lacy dark green bra and panties set. She was putting on her southern belle accent again saying “oh my, I am ever so flush today. I think I may have begun my ovulation this morning. And no men around to help me, whatever is a lady to do?” and with that, the doorbell rang. Rachel thought it was quite cheesy and funny, but also somewhat endearing. “Well, who could this be?” Kaisa said, going to the door. She opened it and Duke, the muscular black rottie she had been with when Rachel first met Kaisa was sitting there, with something in his mouth. “If it isn’t my favorite gentleman caller, the Duke, and it looks like you have something for me” which was true in more than one way as Duke’s lipstick was showing and already precum was building around it.


Kaisa went down and took what was in his mouth out. It was a collar with a chain attached which led to Duke’s own collar. It had a note on it which said, ‘wear this’. “Well, I best not refuse such a fine gentleman as yourself Duke, so do come in.” Kaisa then took the collar and put it on. It had enough of a lead so she was comfortable but not too long so that Duke wouldn’t get too far from her. When she clipped the lead in, Duke was then at her, showering her face and body with kisses and licks. Kaisa was giggling trying to stay in character “oh mercy my what a nice gift you’ve brought me” she said. Duke was really going for Kaisa’s sweet pussy as she was sitting on the floor. Rachel didn’t think she was lying about the ovulation thing either, it would be a very Kaisa thing to do. Duke was sniffing hard and licking at her panties and this was just causing Kaisa to get wetter. He was a big dog too so could easily force his way into her, but it wasn’t like Kaisa was stopping him. “Hmmm” she said, “we might have to dispose of these” and with that she slipped them off and Duke was right on her, muzzle straight into her obviously soaking mating area, enjoying all the pheromones and tastes of his fertile mate.


Kaisa was trying to crawl, but Duke kept at her, causing her to moan and groan under the power of his tongue. “Oh my sir, you do know how to treat a lady” she managed to get out. Duke was stalking around her now, licking and sniffing at her with his cock now salivating in precum at the presence of this prize mate. When he got close enough, Kaisa slipped under him and took his throbbing red cock into her mouth, sucking on it and licking it thoroughly while Duke sat there panting, enjoying his ladies’ affections. She sniffed at his testes and gave them a lick and said “mmm my royal sperm.” Rachel knew she had taken this move off her but didn’t mind as long as Kaisa was enjoying herself. Kaisa moved away from his cock and was now covered in precum. She stood and looked down at the big rottie. It looked so hot with them both collared together. She did a bit of a pose while taking off her bra and letting it drop to the floor and said, “Will my Duke breed me please, I’m ever so fertile…” and before she was able to finish, Duke dashed in to her hot, wet pussy.


He was sniffing and licking deep into Kaisa now and she was moaning. She went down on her butt with Duke still enjoying her mating area, licking furiously, and sending Kaisa to heaven. She turned on all fours and made for the stairs and begun to climb it. Duke was ceaseless, nosing and goosing into her firm butt as she ascended the stairs, never stopping at her goodies. Kaisa was just sweating and moaning, trying to make the ascent. She managed to get out a line in between licks “please, let me take you to the royal chambers” and Duke was just going at her, obsessed with the smell of her pheromones and what they were communicating to his doggy brain.


She managed her way up the stairs and Carrie shouted “cut!” and quickly followed the pair up. Rachel and the girls followed, and they saw Kaisa on the ground with Duke licking and humping at her. She was giggling and laughing and said, “a little help?” and with that Annie went over to them both. She got down and started rubbing on Dukes back and took his raging cock in her hand. “Easy boy, easy” she said and then leaned in and started sucking on his penis. Duke calmed somewhat with this gorgeous girl sucking on him, which allowed Kaisa to get up and walk a little bit towards the master bedroom, which was obviously where the next scene was due to take place. Duke, with Annie’s mouth around his cock, was just staring a hole through Kaisa. Rachel imagined what could be on his mind, how determined he was to get down and pump her fertile womb full of his doggy semen. The crew were quick to set up and had their angles and lights ready and then Carrie called “action!” out again. Annie took her mouth off Dukes hard and ready cock and let him go to his mate.


Kaisa walked in the room holding the chain that Duke was on and said, “take me here Duke” and again, before she could finish, Duke was at her. He had had enough of the games and was trying to get his paws on Kaisa’s back to get her down so he could breed her. She just managed to get to the bed and bent over on all fours with her wet, exposed pussy waiting for her mate. Duke jumped onto the bed, gave her a quick sniff and lick and then mounted himself onto her, his cock seeming like a piston as it sought the heat from her fertile mound. With a little help and guidance from Kaisa, he hit home and started swinging for the fences inside Kaisa. He was pumping so fast and so hard, he must have been so built up and ready for this moment, desperate to get in and breed his mate. Kaisa was in heaven, barely able to get out an “oooooohhhhh yyyeesssss” as she was having the air forced out of her by this unholy pounding.


The knot formed quickly and without any hesitation Duke drove it into Kaisa’s mating area, determined to lock his mate to her and pump her full of his seed. He was still humping a good bit, nature not knowing what to do with his sheer horniness and this amazing pussy that had taken his cock. He barked, let Kaisa know that she was his and she was breathing heavily too. “Good boy, good boy, breed me, breed me” she was saying, just about having the energy to. Her pussy must have felt so good for the strong dog as with a final little pump, he let out a howl and Rachel knew that he must be cumming inside his mate. This always made Rachel so happy, that moment of release when a partner finally gets to achieve what all the chemicals in his head were telling him to do. Kaisa was moaning now, obviously going bursa eskort through orgasm after orgasm as Duke emptied his testes inside her.

They were together a good 15 minutes, Kaisa moaning and Duke in absolute bliss when his big knot lodging him and his mate together. They had made quite the mess; the sheets of the bed were soaked in his leaking semen and her juice but she doubt they cared. After a time, Duke satisfied that he had filled his girl with as much doggy cum as he could, withdrew from her and a large amount of semen gushed out. Kaisa still had her head buried in the pillow, her mating equipment on show for her lover’s inspection and Duke went right to work, licking at her pussy and making sure she was properly bred by him. He then moved up beside Kaisa, his massive, sensitive red penis on show and stood over Kaisa, demanding her to clean him up. She got to it, taking him inside her mouth and sucking and licking their combined juices from him. When he was satisfied, she had done a good job, he lay down right there, with his big penis right over Kaisa’s face, still leaking a bit of cum onto her, satisfied now that the Duchess had been bred by the Duke and chained together should he need to make sure again.


Carrie yelled “cut!” and a cheer went up from the crew and the girls. Indica went over to her and Duke and sat beside them and said “that was amazing Kaisa! You look so happy”. Kaisa’s eyes just rolled, and she said softly “yeah… I’m just…” and before she could finish, Indica took out a padlock she had hidden, ‘God knows where’ thought Rachel, and put it around the tie in Kaisa’s collar, meaning she couldn’t take it off. “You’ll get this back tomorrow” Indica then said, waving the key at her. She then kissed Dukes now deflating cock and said, “take care of her” and walked off, extremely pleased with herself. Annie and Rachel just laughed and Kaisa was laying there just with her arms outstretched and jokingly said in her southern accent “well a ladies gotta do what a ladies gotta do”.


The girls helped Kaisa up and of course Duke was right there with her, sniffing at her butt as semen dripped down the inside of her leg. Rachel gave her a hug and a kiss and said to enjoy the day and went back to her room. Max’s rejection of her was starting to weigh on her again. The sex the night before had been an amazing tonic, but she needed to do something about it. She went to her bag and took out her costume from that night on the hillside. She slipped it on and tied her hair back and used some body paint to paint some wild designs on herself. She also wrote “For My Max” right above her vagina, knowing Max couldn’t read it but she didn’t care. She then put her fingers inside herself and put some of that wetness on her body, around the same parts Lorraine had done before, the hope being that this would spur Max on. She went back out and down the stairs and saw Kaisa and Duke playing with each other. Duke was dashing in to get at Kaisa’s butt, and she was giggling and trying to avoid him. It made Rachel glad that they were having this much fun together and it was so loving. Indica was sitting in the makeup chair and getting a final bit of powder on her face. Rachel asked, “So whats your plan?” Indica, upon seeing Rachel’s costume and get up winked and said, “whats yours?”.


Rachel decided to be honest, she said to Indica “I’m just going out to lie with him and talk to him, just to be with him and see if that will help.” Indica responded “awww thats so sweet. I’m sure he’ll be back to his old self soon. Besides, I’m going to give Thor a good seeing to, might take his mind off it.” Rachel thanked Indica and gave her a hug and said, “good luck”. Going outside toward the stable area, she saw Annie lying down with Toby mounted on her and humping the living daylights out of her beautiful pussy. She had a similar collar on to Kaisa, padlocked and attached to Toby who was in a state of bliss while breeding his mate. There was no camera or crew around, so Rachel walked over, giggling a bit and asked, “So what’s happened here?” In between thrusts Annie managed to get out “Indica got me with this, it’s a thing now… oh God!”. Rachel would have stayed and watched but Annie seemed to be just fine, getting humped silly by her new mate in the midday sun. Besides, she had other business.


Max was in his kennel, looking down toward the stables. Rachel approached him by crawling on the ground and trying to look submissive and sorry. She thought he looked so regal and handsome, he was sitting there, enjoying the sun, not a problem in the world. As Rachel approached, he turned toward her, and his ears went down. Rachel started mewling a bit and said, “I’m so sorry boy. I’m here now though, do you remember what I’m wearing?” She knelt up, showing Max her body and the costume, also pushing aside the loincloth, and revealing her glistening pussy. Max sniffed the air though and just put his head between his paws again. Rachel, not to be deterred this time, crawled over to him, and wrapped herself around him, just happy to be in his warmth. He didn’t reject her, just happily lay with her, seemingly comfortable in their company again.


Rachel then looked over toward where the crew had set up. Indica was approaching and Carrie was bringing Thor out from the stable. She had a good view from here to see what was going on and was happily wrapped around Max. Indica looked divine with the sun shining down on her. Thor too seemed very happy and aware as his massive cock was already showing underneath. When Carrie got him into position, she went back to the crew. A small bench had been placed under the massive stallion and Rachel thought she knew what was up.


Carrie shouted “action!” and Indica got going. She walked around the huge animal, patting him and stroking him. She stopped at his head and looked into his eyes. She then put her hand between her legs and started rubbing, stopping every so often to put her hand up to Thor’s nostrils to make sure he was getting a good whiff of this horny female. She then rubbed some of her fluids across her huge, natural breasts and presented them to Thor, who was more than happy to indulge in licking and nibbling with his lips at them. Indica then gave him a big kiss and went around and got under the stallion. Thor’s cock was already showing and Indica went to it with her mouth, licking and trying to suck as much of it as possible. It kept growing under her heavenly tongue and lips and then she got down further and started licking and kissing his massive testes. Rachel thought she could make out red marks on them and giggled thinking ‘well there’s that lipstick again’. Indica though, after finishing making sure the magnificent stallions’ testicles were covered in her kisses, was determined to get him nice and hard. Rachel thought she was such a pro at this and so loving and caring to her lover. And when she thought he was ready, she turned around pointing her mating area straight at that menacing and huge cock.


It took a few tries, but Thor finally managed to get himself into this prize mate. Indica seemed to be in ecstasy and was gasping as she rocked back and forth on this penis like it was a massive dildo. Thor was stamping his feet and grunting with her amazing pussy obviously taking him to the heights of pleasure. This went on for a while, Indica obviously couldn’t get too deep, but Rachel was still very impressed at how much of that stallion she could get right into her breeding zone. Indica paused then and let out a massive scream as Thor unloaded right in her, flooding every part of his mate with his thick, virile sperm. Indica seemed to be in heaven to oblige and let the stallion cum over and over, his testicles still covered in her lipstick flexing as he did so. Eventually, he fell out of her now gaping pussy and horse semen flooded around them. Indica seemed positively sated, barely able to move as gobs of semen ran down her legs. Her beautiful butt was covered in it of course and she regained her senses and turned and went down to his still flexing penis. She started licking, sucking, and kissing it, even at one point hugging it between her breasts and wiping his cum on them. She brought it then up to her face and started kissing the flared head which let out a bit more semen straight onto her face. She wiped it there anyway and started posing as one of the crew got down with a camera.


Indica was drenched, full and happy with all the semen she managed to drain from Thor, whose penis was now beating a retreat back into its sheath and away from this lusty vixen. Carrie shouted “cut!” and another applause bursa escort bayan went up from the crew. They were always so supportive Rachel thought, even with something so erotic and taboo as this and that made her happy. Max too seemed to be getting over his sadness, licking Rachel under the chin a bit and she was delighted to feel Max’s tongue again. Annie, who had obviously finished with Toby, made her way over to the set and gave Indica a big hug. Rachel could see a bit of semen was running down her leg and felt glad for the mating couple. In fact, Toby was in at her curvy butt, still licking and sniffing, ‘it was gonna be a long day for Annie and Kaisa’ she thought.


And there in tow, having obviously watched the scene too, was the Duke and the Duchess themselves heading toward Rachel. Kaisa had a blanket rolled under her arm and she was smiling when she saw Rachel and Max cuddled up together. “Well, looks like you two are back on speaking terms” Kaisa said. “It’s looking that way at least” Rachel replied, with Max giving her one or two licks on her neck. “Anyway, I brought you this sheet as I thought you might get cold… or if you wanted to use it for other reasons, eh?” Kaisa joked while winking at Rachel. She unfurled the sheet and put it over Rachel and Max which Rachel greatly appreciated. Duke though was sniffing and getting his tongue into Kaisa’s butt and pussy. He seemed pretty determined and Kaisa was letting out little squeals every time he hit home. “Uh oh, looks like the duke wants to breed his Duchess again!” Rachel said with a big smile. “Oh God, really Duke? Out here and now?” Kaisa was saying to the randy dog. “He’s not taking no for an answer, I don’t mind” Rachel responded. Duke was really going at her now and Kaisa went to the ground on her back with her legs in the air and Duke dived in on her glistening, wet pussy and began priming her for a good hard mating. Kaisa was getting giddy and turned over onto all fours and Duke jumped up on her back and was in her. He began pounding away at his ovulating mate with the same determination he had earlier and Rachel and Max watched on as the Duchess was bred by her Duke, content as they could be, wrapped up in each other.



After Duke had finished this round in his mate, Kaisa lay down and the big rottie snuggled in beside her, his spent penis just resting against Kaisa’s dripping pussy. Rachel felt very content at seeing this but could also feel a siesta coming on. She was still tired; the last day and a bit had been pretty trying and she felt so nice and warm wrapped up in the blanket with Max. He had turned to face her now and was giving her stomach and breasts an occasional lick. Rachel shut her eyes though and let herself rest, finally thinking all was right in the world…


She woke about 50 minutes later and to her shock, Max was gone! The whole yard and stable area seemed empty for that matter, so she got up, still dressed in her costume from the hillside shoot, and dusted herself off. She searched the yard and called Max’s name but there was no sign of him. She popped her head in the house and could only help but laugh as she saw Indica had been collared to a rampant Ace who was drilling hard into her fertile pussy. Annie was there too, laying with Toby. Rachel asked if Max had passed to which Annie shook her head. Now a bit worried Rachel went back and went further down the yard calling her mate’s name. Then, just down a little bit of a hill, there he was, standing on the edge of a wooded ridge that led into a forest. He saw Rachel and barked, then turned and ran into the forest. Rachel couldn’t help but think what a clever boy he was. He wanted to turn the tables, he wanted her to hunt him and show her need for him. ‘Fine by me’ Rachel thought, and she followed him down and into the forest.


She couldn’t see any sign of him. It wasn’t a thick forest, but it was big enough and hilly enough to get lost in. This didn’t matter to Rachel right now though; she was on the hunt and she was going to get her prize and mate with him harder than ever before. ‘But where could he be?’ she wondered. Then she remembered how he found her, her scent! Maybe, she could track his. She tried breathing deeply in the air, but her human nose just wasn’t nearly up to the task of catching him on the wind. She’d have to be smarter than that. Creeping through, she was looking every which way in order to try and catch Max unawares. Then she saw a wet patch by a tree. ‘Ah ha! Gotcha!’ she thought and walked up to it. She gave it a little smell and sure enough, this was certainly marked recently by her Max. Rachel went on straight ahead from that patch with a newfound confidence, she was reacting to her mate on his level, finding out what it was to be him, the determination to find his mate and breed her.


These thoughts just heightened her senses and Rachel could feel her pussy pulsating with need and anxiety. ‘This is what he must have been like, trying to hunt me down while turned on to an such a high level’ she was thinking. She came across another wet patch and gave it a sniff. It was him alright. Her vagina was now positively flowing, and she could feel knots of anxiety in her stomach and her heart was pounding in her chest. Every bit of her body was electrified as she tracked through this forest. She then caught sight of him in the distance. She started dashing over but he barked and ran up over the crest of a hill. ‘Damn, I’ll get you’ she thought, slowing her pace to catch her breath. Rachel got to the top of that particular hill and then she recognized it, where he was leading her. This was the same land she had put her scent out for him to follow. “You’re clever, but not that clever” she said out loud.


Rachel was now sure where Max would be going and made her way down the ravine and across the river. She thought she caught sight of him once but couldn’t be sure. She was getting near now and she caught sight of another wet patch. ‘You’re mine’ she thought and went up toward the crest of the same hill she had been on that beautiful, perfect day. Sure enough, there Max was, and he gave a howl upon seeing his mate. She had been successful in her hunt and was now going to claim her prize. Quickly, she took off the poncho and dumped it and did the same with her loincloth. There was to be no costumes here, this was raw, natural lust and she would sate herself with this mate.


Max got down on his back in a defeated pose with his paws in the air. His lipstick was showing and without hesitation, Rachel got down too, putting her left hand on his chest to almost pin him in place as she went to work. She sniffed around his mating gear, making sure he was ready for her, and the heavy male scent was a definite yes. Her pussy felt so raw and sensitive right now in the open air in anticipation of what was to come. She placed her lips around Max’s now dripping penis and began sucking. She was more direct and forceful this time, feeling the bone of his cock at the base. He tried humping but Rachel was quick and took her mouth off and said “No! Stay!” in a forceful tone. She then returned to sucking Max silly with the dog delirious at the pleasure of it all. She kissed and licked all around him, taking each of his swollen testes in her mouth and lightly sucking on them before returning to his now dripping cock.


When she was satisfied, she then got on top of him with her pussy right over his chest and started rubbing on him. Her fluids were matting into his fur, she was marking him as hers and only hers. It was turning her on immensely and she was so wet. She could even smell the sweet scent of her pussy in the air so knew just how much of her pheromones Max would be taking in. She then stood up over him and pointed to her vagina and said in a command “lick!”. Max darted up and was in at Rachels pulsating mating area with his snout and tongue. She was in nirvana with this treatment, but she was determined to stay standing, stay dominant while her mate attended her. Max was licking in deep and hard, forcefully trying to get as much of Rachel’s sweet nectar in him as possible. Rachel kept him going for longer than she intended but didn’t care as this was her moment. When she felt satisfied after the third orgasm, only then did she command him to stop.


This was it, the moment both were now primed and ready for. Rachel had been victorious in her hunt and had made Max her own and now they were going to join in mutual breeding, both determined for his sperm to reach her uterus. She turned and got down on all fours and spread görükle escort her legs wide, showing Max her glorious mating area in full. Her vagina was glistening with both her moisture and Max’s saliva, and it was slightly pulsing and rippling in anticipation. With a final command, Rachel then said “breed” and Max lunged toward her. Just before he mounted, he gave her one final sniff and lick as if to say ‘thank you’ to her for letting this happen. And then he was on top of her, and his engorged, fierce, red penis was pounding toward her, aiming right for the source and heat of all those wonderful pheromones that now controlled him. He made contact and slipped in, and Rachel let out a mighty howl, with her mate above copying her.


Max was thrusting with an unbelievable pace and fury. More so than any other time she had been with Max, he was at his most electric and feral self, forcing himself into this amazing, warm and welcome place. Another orgasm took hold of Rachel. Unable to control herself or even what she was saying at this point she was just letting out screams and howls at the success of their union. His cock was red hot and hard as a rock inside her and she felt it hit and nudge her cervix every time he pounded and thrust. It was sending her to places she never dreamed pleasure could bring her and judging by his drooling and howling, her mating gear was doing the same to him. She was unbelievably happy in this moment, knowing just how pleasurable this was for her mate and how ready and willing he was to pleasure her in return. She felt his knot form at the base of his cock and pushed herself down and back onto it. It slipped in and that wonderful expansion began, the same expansion that would claim her as his and him as hers.


It was an incredible feeling, the knot pulsing as it filled her and his red-hot cock twitching inside her as it was about to release its load. Rachel could feel his testes now against her vagina and was delighted to feel them there as she knew that soon they’d be empty. With a final push into his mate and a growl, Max’s cock twitched then pulsed and sent a hot, thick jet of his semen straight into Rachel’s cervix. Another jet followed, and another, and another and Rachel was rolling with the orgasms, cumming so hard right as her mate was experiencing untold joy. The cock kept pulsing inside her and she felt his testes spasm as it did, determined to send more sperm to hunt down her egg. They stayed like this, locked together on top of this hill in the open country, so ultimately happy and content with the world. It was just the two of them there, him pumping her pussy full of his doggy sperm and her, gripping the earth with her hands as she accepted load after load into her cervix to fertilize and breed her. In the blissful sunshine of the American Northeast woods, she had found her calling, and she had found her partner.


About 25 minutes had passed. Max didn’t turn around in her, he just stayed on top of her, panting and drooling as he came repeatedly inside his mate. He occasionally tested their bond to which Rachel would clamp down on her vaginal muscles to keep him locked inside. It was her hunt, she decided when it would end. Eventually, his cock, now completely spent, fell out of her, much to her annoyance. Rachel knew she couldn’t stay like that forever, but damned if she wouldn’t try. Max then went to his well filled mate’s dribbling pussy and began licking. He was extremely thorough here, really making sure that Rachel was well taken care of and that his doggy swimmers were given the best chance. He was about to make off, but Rachel then caught him and commanded him “down!” she said forcefully. He lay down with his belly up and his spent cock pointing skyward. It looked so raw and veiny, still awash with their combined juices. Rachel then got down and held Max with one hand and went to work on cleaning his cock. He moaned as she kissed and licked up and down him, putting him in her mouth and swirling her tongue around before taking it out licking the head with her mouth open around him. She went down to his testicles then and gave each a quick suck, lick, and kiss and after sniffed up and around him, showing him her dominance. Both though were now fully sated by this mating. It was just them, no camera’s, crew, or anyone else. Just two lovers under the sun breeding the brains out of each other. Rachel got up, called Max to her, and made her way back to the ranch.



When the happy couple finally came back, it was dinner time. Kaisa saw them and ran up to Rachel, Duke of course in tow, and gave her a big hug. “We were so worried about you!” Kaisa said. “Thanks, sorry I just had to find him.” Rachel replied. “Oh, I know hun, and it looks like you guys are back on good terms” Kaisa said, taking in the drying sperm that had leaked down her leg on the way back, not to mention the dirt or lack of clothes. Duke was in at Kaisa’s butt again. “He’s relentless! Relentless, Rachel!” she said, laughing. They all went back to the house and Rachel was given a hug by the other girls and Lorraine and the crew who were all so happy for them both. Indica came up to her and had one of the collars for Rachel and Max. Rachel allowed her to put it on and Max did the same. She locked them together and jokingly said “just in case!”. Rachel, with a renewed sense of vigor said “Okay, so what are we doing tonight?” the girls laughed, and the dogs were all busy sniffing each other and playing and saying hi. They had a meal together and then went back to the playroom for some evening fun. Rachel and Max couldn’t get enough of each other, breeding relentlessly for the rest of the night. The other girls too were absolutely ravaged by their boys. Kaisa and Duke especially going at it, to which Rachel was astonished but remembered that Kaisa was ovulating, which was obviously turning Duke into a horny, virile machine.


They all went to bed then with the mating pairs still collared to each other. Indica of course was still up with Ace and had even brought a rejuvenated Thumper in to her room for God knows what but from the sounds of it, Indica was victorious in the end. Upon waking, Rachel found Max with his snout buried in her pussy and his cock sticking back out dripping precum. She wasn’t normally a morning person, but with the collar still on didn’t think she could say no. So, she propped herself up on the bed on all fours and spread her legs and let Max get his morning load into his mate. After they cleaned each other up, they both went into the shower and washed each other down. He was definitely more into licking her butt and pussy during this, but Rachel absolutely didn’t mind this. She put on a pair of jeans and her shoes but couldn’t put her top on due to the collar. She packed her bags and left the room and went looking for Indica. She was downstairs with Kaisa, Annie and the other girls from the crew. Laughing she tossed Rachel the key who then unlocked herself from Max. She put a top on then and knew that they had to go. It had been the most amazing and fulfilling weekend of her life. Annie and Indica left first. Indica still nude had Ace and Thumper following her to the car while they goosed into her crotch. She got down and kissed them both goodbye and got in. Annie did the same with Toby and waved goodbye to everyone before the car took off.


Lorraine then pulled up in her truck and got out. Rachel and Kaisa tossed their bags in and were turning to say goodbye to their mates. Lorraine got out of the car then and said, “No. They’re coming with you, if you’ll have them of course.” Rachel and Kaisa looked at each other and then back at Lorraine. “Yes, yes a thousand times oh yes.” Kaisa said, hugging Lorraine. “And you, Rachel?” she asked. And Rachel nodded and said “ohhhh yeah” as she went in and joined the hug. Lorraine helped pack Max and Dukes things into the truck as well as a list of instructions on how to take care of them and what they eat etc, as well as their favorite toys and so on. Rachel got in the back seat again, this time with Max to her side. Duke unfortunately had to ride in the back as Lorraine didn’t want him behind Kaisa in the front. They then set off back home. Lorraine dropped Rachel off first at her apartment. Before she left the car, Kaisa turned around to her and gave her a present. It was the double collar they had worn, and Rachel was so happy to get it. “Just in case” winked Kaisa, and Rachel laughed in response. Rachel then turned to Lorraine and hugged her and thanked her. Lorraine said, “Any time, we’ll be in touch.” Rachel nodded and said, “for sure.” Lorraine got back in and drove off, with poor Duke still sitting in the back. “Well, just me and you now Max.” Rachel said. She was happy though; this was her and her life. She was ready for whatever was next, across a new horizon.



To be continued…..


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