Subject: Cross Town Friendshp Thanks everybody for the feedback. I hope you enjoy this story, and please consider supporting the Nifty archive. This story, and many others, would not be here without it. Please be aware of the risks you are taking when you engage in sexual activity and take the necessary steps to protect you and yours. === The drive across town gave me plenty of time to think about what I was doing. By any rational standard, I was risking far more than I stood to gain. Diane and I had a good life. The kids were doing well. We’d been in the neighborhood long enough get the house in shape and put together a nice set of acquaintances. Not friends – The last real friends I had dated back to college. Maybe Jack, the man I was driving to meet, would help break that slump. But I hadn’t really even admitted to myself why I was going to meet him. Maybe to make a friend. Maybe something else. He was one of a very few people that knew of my latent attraction for men. We’d talked online and I’d told him that, and more besides. Pulling into his apartment parking lot, I almost lost my nerve as I dialed his phone at the gate. 2-2-7- and then ringing and then… “Hello?” My response stuttered out… “Hey,…. this… this is Mark. Is this Jack? I’m at…. at the gate.” He didn’t stutter: “Oh! Hi! Let me ring you in.” And then a beep. And silence. And the the gate swinging open. Even then, I thought about just looping through the lot. Driving past. Heading home. It was only the fact I’d come to like and respect this man over our e-mail chats that kept me from doing that. I knew what I wanted to do with him, but I also knew it would have to be with somebody like him. Somebody that might be a friend first and something else second. Even online, he seemed to know when to push and hold back. He seemed to know what was going on in my head. So it was with a gulp that I pulled into the parking spot in front of his building. Looking up, I saw he’d come outside and was waiting on the stairs. I hadn’t seen him before, but I knew it had to be him. His warm smile dispelled most of my apprehension immediately as I walked up the stairs. A handshake pulled into a hug and then an invitation inside. Inside, his apartment was pretty damned sparse… surprisingly so until I remembered it was a corporate apartment and he was in town on extended business. A picture kocaeli escort of his own family sitting on the counter was about the only thing that wasn’t totally generic brown. It was a nice reminder that he had some of the same conflicts as I did. Jack started off, “So, Mark. Nice to finally meet you! Can I get you something to drink? Soda? Beer? Wine?” I responded, “Yeah… I’ll take a soda… diet if you have it.” Jack headed into the kitchen, with a “Coming right up!”… he almost tossed the bottle back at at me, but seemed to think better of tossing a bottle. Handing it to me, he offered me a seat on the sofa, and we sat down next to each other. With a smile, he offered a small toast to finally meeting in person. “You know, Mark… this kind of thing doesn’t always work. I can already tell I’m glad it did for us, today. Cheers!” My own smile came back to me as I toasted back, “Cheers!”, and then, “Me too.” We spent about thirty minutes chatting, more and more like old friends, over those sodas in this man’s corporate apartment. It was about then that I started wondering if anything else was going to happen, or if we were just going to chat. As much as I wanted to explore some of the things we’d talked about online, I quickly realized I’d be okay if we didn’t.Ironically enough, it was that line of thought that led me to put my hand gently on his leg. He grinned a small grin, and gulped a bit when he put his hand on mine, and quietly said, “I didn’t know if you would… want to try anything more….” Squeezing his leg, I replied, “Yes… I think I would.” and scooted over, turning towards him a bit more. Looking into his eyes, my lips parted just a bit… he leaned in, over me, and pressed his lips into mine, softly and then more insistent. He pulled back a bit, and I pulled him back into the kiss… extending my tongue to his lips. Our lips slid over each other as he opened his mouth and my tongue brushed against his own. We drew away only to push back in… only to feel our lips and tongue make contact again. Only pulling away to kiss each other again. His hands slid strongly up and down my body over my clothes. I felt the warm insistence he had to touch me, to feel me beneath his hands. And then, under my shirt. Jack’s hand touched the small of my back and slid up my spine, almost to my neck. My cock strained within my pants, as I slid kocaeli escort bayan my own hand up underneath his shirt and felt the skin underneath. It was obvious Jack had the same issue I did as he took his hand down to adjust himself upward. Before he took his hand from his crotch, I gently rested my hand on his forearm. Sliding down to his hand, I guided him to my own cock. He asked, “Are you sure?” I pulled back to look into his eyes with my response, “Yes.” Sliding my hand to his stomach, my hand slid under his shirt, as his hand cupped my erection within my pants. He unbuttoned my pants, drew down my zipper, and asked again, “You’re sure?” I slightly shifted, as if to present myself to him, with my response, “Yes. I’m sure.” As Jack tugged down a bit on my pants, I hiked my hips up as he tugged them down. I don’t know if he was expecting it or not, but he had my boxers too, and when he pulled down, he pulled it all down. As my hardness popped up and into view, I watched the reaction on his face as he took my nakedness in. It’d been a long time, but I wanted this man to see me this way. To see me in this vulnerability and to see what he did to me. How he turned me on. Turning back towards him, I picked the kiss back up as I slide my hand up his chest under his shirt. Touching his skin and feeling his warmth and his heart beating, I slid it back down to his own crotch. Leaning back, I was looking him in the face as I started unbuttoning his shorts and pulling down his own zipper. Hands on either side of his waistband, I pulled down on his pants, my cock standing at attention between my legs. As he hiked up his hips, his pants slid off…. his pubic hair revealed, and then his cock, and his balls. I took my hand to cup him as his heart beat, stiffing his erection beat by beat. I leaned down next to him on the sofa, both pants-less and both with an arm around each other. We kissed again, soft and moist and tender as we took hands to each other’s erections. His hand felt almost the same as mine did on my cock, but different, both rougher and more tender. I could say the same for his cock compared to my own. A little bigger than my own, it was soft and hard at the same time…. so totally unlike any other body part. We slid the skin along and back the shaft of each other’s cock as we stroked each other on that yahya kaptan escort sofa. Pausing only to take off shirts, we kept touching each other’s intimate parts as we pressed our bodies together. Our hands ranged up and down shafts, up and down bodies. I felt the base of his cock as it disappeared into his body, the way his balls hung beneath, and the way they felt cupped in my hand. With occasional spit in the palm of my hand, I’d slide my hand back and forth along his shaft in timing with the way hs stroked my own shaft. With nothing seemingly in the world but the two of us in this anonymous room, Jack and I kissed, and embraced, and manipulated each others’ bodies towards mutual pleasure. We both got flushed with arousal as our cocks started to twitch a bit in each other’s hands. Precum joined saliva as the glistening coating of shafts. I don’t know about Jack, but as I got closer to my orgasm, I thought quickly of backing off. Not going that last step. But it was something I wanted to do, to share with each other. Looking at him as he stroked me, I looked at him, gave him a quick kiss and softly pleaded, “Please… don’t…. don’t stop.” Kissing me back, he whispered, “Trust me…. I won’t.” as I felt myself pass over that threshold of inevitability. In waves outward from his hand on my pulsing cock, my orgasm swept over me. My body tightened as I looked into Jack’s eyes…. With a gasp, it was between the first and the second wave that I started ejaculating. Jack’s hand on my my cock as relentless as our eyes were, I shot squirt after squirt. Pressed together, as we were, it shot up his chest and dribbled down into the crack between us, all sticky and salty. Shaking and out of breath, I rolled over and kissed him hard as I ground my still sensitive cock into his leg. My own hand on his cock, I stroked his erection three times while kissing and then he went over too. His erection twitched in my hand as he shot his load onto me, himself, and into the space between us. I didn’t let go except to take some of his cum and mine mixed onto my fingers and up to our kiss. Saliva mixed with semen as we tasted each other in the salty afterglow. Jack was as gracious after as before and during. I’d remembered being worried about how it would feel _after_ the orgasm, and was amazed and gratified that I think for both of us it felt better or more right. There was no telling then where this encounter would lead, but it somehow did seem like a friendship. Not just some kind of hookup. Knowing what I know now, I’m thankful for both the friendship and the exploration…. but I’m more thankful for the friendship.

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