Cross-Country with My Uncle Ch. 05Cross-Country with My Uncle Ch. 05


Mike dialed Alice’s number, and getting her machine, left a message. We went out to grab some supper, and, getting back to the room, we stripped down for bed, planning to get up early the next day: We had a long haul, planning to make it all the way to Cheyenne. We crawled into the queen bed, leg to leg, shoulder to shoulder, and divided up this morning’s New York Times. The phone rang. Mike kicked off the covers and reached over and picked up the phone: Of course it was Alice, no surprise there, but what was truly amazing was the instant effect it had on Mike. His killer smile covered his face, his shoulders raised, and under two seconds his penis begin to expand. With each beat of his heart more and more blood pumped in and distended it, and well under a minute it was fully erect and pulsing. Mike had called Alice from the coffee shop earlier this morning, so updating didn’t take very long, but then the conversation seemed to take a different turn:

Mike said, ‘Not a stitch, actually. I was in bed.’

–‘Yeah, now that you mention it, it is. Rockhard and throbbing. And you?’

–‘Omigod. Omigod.’ And his hand went to his cock, Ankara bayan escort and his nipples peeked from under his thick mat of hair.

–‘Yeah’ (as he slowly stroked himself), ‘I am, I am. Yeah, it is.’

–‘And Allie, what are you doing?’

During this conversation (could only hear Mike’s half of it, but I had a clear idea of what Alice was saying to him) I had grabbed a fistful of lube, and positioned myself on my elbows between Mike’s spread legs, and I gently pried his fingers from his erection, substituting my own slick fingers, and I made a fist. Our eyes met, and Mike smiled and nodded. I began very slow and subtle strokes, but Mike made an unambiguous gesture with his hand, and I picked up speed somewhat.

–‘Alice, O Alice!’ he said. ‘Say that again! Say it again!’

From the fat veiny base of his shaft I moved slicked my hand to the very tip of his glans, and slipped my fist completely off, and then forced my fist slowly and deliberately back onto the shaft and down to the root; while pulling his member away from his belly and twisting somewhat on the stroke; and then and again; and again; and Escort bayan Ankara again; and again.

Five more strokes, pulling slowly but very firmly, and he shuddered, and gasped into the phone, and my face and hair were filled with his semen. But Mike then gently but unmistakably brushed my hand away and gasped into the phone,

–‘Alice, my Angel, my Heart.’

He panted, made kissing sounds into the phone, and said ‘Talk to you tomorrow,’ and replaced the handpiece.

Then he looked down at me, still between his hairy legs, and he seized me by the upper arms and pulled me up to him, such that I lay right on his belly and chest, and he held my head in his hands, and kissed me deeply. ‘God, do I love you, man.’

He nibbled on my ear and whispered, ‘Jack off for me, Mikey.’

I crawled off of him and stood right beside the bed. He shoved a pile of pillows to the middle of the bed, and he leaned back for the show. He interlaced his fingers behind his head, so that his pits were exposed too, and extended his legs partially off the bed, so that I was standing between his calves.

I stood, my legs as wide Bayan escort Ankara apart as the space between my uncle’s legs permitted, and with my erection almost parallel to my belly, I grabbed my low-hanging balls and let them rest in my left palm. With my right hand I stroked my chest and went down to my belly, running my fingers through my belly hair and my pubes; and then I grasped by phallus, once again recalling with satisfaction how much like it felt like I was holding my uncle. My hands were still slick from the lube, and my balls slid around in my left hand, and my shaft slipped easily in my right. You would have thought I’d be good for a long, slow show, but that was not the case. While I had been jacking my uncle, my dick was of like iron; and studying him in all his glory, with his hairy abs and chest thickly thatched in light brown, and his golden beard garnishing his ravishingly handsome face, with his broad smile and crinkly dimples, I was already almost to bust even before I started. I took it slow, but I didn’t make it to the fifteenth stroke before I exploded all over Mike’s chest and belly.

Again, he reached out to me, and pulled me to him. I crawled over him, my balls dragging in his now spunky belly hair, and lay beside him, with my head on his shoulder, enfolded by his arms, and that’s how my second day on the road with my uncle ended.

— To be continued.

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