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Subject: Cristian Sells His Feet? – (Chapter 1) – Gay – Adult/Youth section Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, any similarities to real persons is entirely coincidental. The story features sexual activity between an adult male and a willing boy. If you are forbidden from accessing such material, or if it is likely to offend you, then read no further! Comments to ail – I love to hear from people that share these same interests! Please include your age and where you are from…. Please consider a DONATION to NIFTY and support this amazing resource. Any donation is always appreciated…. ————— “Cristian Sells His Feet” I don’t know how he does it, but, Jose always has the newest video games, clothes, and so many awesome sneakers. His mother works the same crappy job as my mine, and I know his father doesn’t give her any money since he ran out on them when he was a baby. He’s 11 like me, so I know he’s doesn’t have a job….yet he called me and said he was bringing over the newest `Call of Duty’ video game he just got. What the fuck, dude?….that’s the third new game in the last month he’s got, not to mention he was wearing the new Air Jordan Legacy 312 sneakers the last time I saw him. Those cost at least $250 bucks. I know he doesn’t steal this shit, his mother would kill him if he got arrested, so what the is he getting all these things? Every time I asked, he would smile, and say he `worked his ass off for it,’ empathizing the word `ass’ as he laughed and laughed… I couldn’t take it anymore and decided I had to find out. I want those new Air Jordans so bad, but I know my mom would never give me that much money – even if she had it – so, if Jose can earn money for them, so could I. “Yo, Cristian, what’s up?” he said , barging into my room, jumping on my bed, “I can’t wait for us to play this… I just finished working hard for it, my feet are killing me, so now I want to kick your ass…here…. set it up and let’s play.” He threw the game at me as he started to take off his Jordans. I watched as he slowly unlaced them and removed the first one. He held it out in front of him looking at it, smiling, and placed it on the floor. He did the same with the other one, and then started to remove his socks. Once both were off, he did something odd. He lifted one to his nose and took a big whiff of his feet. He shrugged and started slowly rubbing his foot. “Stop staring at me, homo, and put the game in,” he said as he kept rubbing his foot. “you’re staring at me like you want to kiss me or something, let’s go…stop wasting time…you’re gunna lose anyway..” I turned and put the game into the Xbox and decided to wait until after we finished playing, then I would hit him up for answers. I handed him one of the controllers and he stopped playing with his feet finally and took it. I leaned up against the bed next to him and we started the game. We pretty much said nothing for the next couple of hours as we played. As usual, he was kicking my ass – he was so much better than me at video games. Hell, he was better at a lot of stuff – especially soccer, but, he really got into video games. Every now and then one his feet that was hanging off the edge of the bed next to me would hit up against the side of my face. At first, I thought it was an accident since my head was in line to where his feet were, and when we play video games he gets so into it that he doesn’t know what he’s saying or doing… but after like the tenth time his foot hit my face, I started to think he was doing it on purpose. “What the fuck, Jose?” I finally said, pushing his foot away, “you want me to kiss your feet or something? You keep shoving it in my face…” “Ha ha,” he laughed, “sorry, dude, I wasn’t thinking. I spend so much time shoving my feet in this guy’s face I guess I do it now without even noticing it.” What did he just say…. `shoving his feet’ in some dude’s face? I paused the game, and turned towards him. He lifted his feet and sat up on the bed. I thought about what I should say and finally just decided to ask him straight up. “Enough, Jose, first you get all this new shit, and now you’re going on about feet in some guy’s face. I am not stupid…. spill it. I want to know how you get the cash to buy this stuff and whose face you’re shoving your feet on… No more lies because I want in…” “Ok, man,” he started to say excited, “but you need to be chill and keep your mouth shut. If my Mom found out, or anyone in fact, the dude could go to jail and I would lose my money train….and beside…this is the best arrangement I could ever have.” He then proceeded to tell me everything. He said it started about three months ago when he was at the video store. He wanted a video game and didn’t have enough cash. He said some guy came over to him as he was putting it back, and asked if he wanted to earn the money to buy the game. He said the guy was in his 30’s, in great shape, over 6 feet tall, and looked like a model from one of those Instagram accounts. He started to tell me everything that happened next on that first day. He described it in such detail that I felt like I was there seeing everything in action… ———- “What’s your name kid?” the man asked, looking around to make sure no one was listening. “Jose….what’s yours?” “You can call me the `foot guy….’ So, how old are you, kid?” “I just turned 11 last week. I have some birthday money but it’s not enough to get the game I want… why do you call yourself the `foot guy’?” “Oh, you will find out soon enough…” he cryptically replied, “Hand me the game you want and meet me outside the store in the back. My car is there and we can talk privately…” Jose gave him the game he wanted, left the store and went to the back of the building to wait as the guy told had told him to do. After a few minutes, he appeared with the game in his hand. He walked over to his car and Jose followed. Once he was at the car, he told Jose to get in and they could discuss the `job’ he had for him. Jose looked around, and figured `what the hell’… The parking lot was filled with people, so he could scream or just jump out if the guy started to get dangerous. Once inside the car, he said he calls himself the `foot guy’ since he loves licking and using the feet of boys who are 8-13 years old. He explained that he offers the kids `a job’…a escort izmit `footjob’…. Their feet and bodies for either cash, clothes, video games, sneakers, whatever the kid wants, provided they do what he asks – no complaining – for an hour or so depending on the cost of what the kid wants. The jobs varied… He said, for example, this $60 dollar video game would cost Jose no more than an hour of his time and the guy would just use his his feet however he wanted until he `busted a hot load all over them’. Jose thought the guy was insane. Why would a grown man want to lick and play with the feet of an 11 year old boy? “Let me get this straight,” Jose asked, not believing him, “if I let you play with my feet you will give me the game for free? I don’t have to do anything else? “Nothing else this time, kid,” the foot guy answered, “like I said, it’s just a $60 dollar video game… Now,” he went on, “if you want something that cost, say, 100 bucks, then the job would be something in addition to your feet. Every job always includes you selling me your feet, but the other stuff you need to do would always depend on the cost of what you want… Get it?” Jose thought about it and decided how bad could this be? He would try it once. If all he had to do was take off his shoes and socks and let this dude play with his feet, that would SO be worth a video game. “Ok…” Jose said to the foot guy after thinking it over for another minute, “Let’s do it this one time, and if it is cool, we can discuss other things. But, you’re only getting my feet today. I’m wearing shorts, so I’m not taking anything else off but my socks and sneakers….ya feel, me homo?” “Aren’t you the randy little slut….deal..”. He held out his hand and they shook on it. The guy drove Jose to his house and they walked in. He had Jose sit on the couch. The foot guy took off all his clothes and Jose told me he had the most amazing body he had ever seen – 6 pack abs and muscles everywhere. Jose said he never saw a grown man’s cock before and the moment the foot guy took off his boxers, it was already rock hard. He couldn’t even guess how big it was, but said it was sticking straight up and to an 11 year old – it was massive. The foot guy sat on the couch next to him, and had Jose lean back and put his feet up on his lap. The foot guy grabbed both of Jose’s feet and brought them up to his face and inhaled. “Fuck!” he yelled out, “there is NOTHING like the smell of a boy’s feet…especially when they have been inside a pair of sneakers all day..” Jose watched as the foot guy unlaced the first one. He took his time doing it. Once it was unlaced, he slowly removed the sneaker and placed Jose’s socked foot down. He started to inspect the sneaker up close. “Kid, we may need to negotiate buying you some new sneakers,” the foot guy said, “these are pretty old and beat up, but the smell amazing.” The foot guy looked inside the sneaker and said, “damn kid, it looked like you had big feet for an 11 year old, but you’re wearing a men’s size 8…” “My feet did seem bigger than most boy’s my age. I always seem to be tripping over them. Is that a bad thing?” Jose nervously asked the foot guy. “Fuck no, kid,” he replied, “your value to me just went up big time….I love when a kid has bigger than average feet! … there’s more for me to lick and fuck… ha ha…” Fuck? … Jose watched as the man’s tongue came out and started licking the inside of his sneaker! He didn’t say anything to the foot guy, but thought it was fucking nasty. How could he put his tongue inside a dirty sneaker like that? He decided he wanted the video game, so he would just let this guy do whatever he wanted to his feet so he can grab the game and get the fuck out as fast as he could. For the next several minutes Jose just laid there and watched as the guy licked both of his sneakers and then he began to smell his feet inside his socks. The foot guy brought both of them up to his face and once again inhaled deeply. He smiled as he started to lick and suck his feet with his socks still on. He kept licking and licking them and Jose could feel his socks slowly getting drenched in the man’s spit. Finally, he removed both of Jose’s socks and held his feet out in front of him and stared up and down them. The foot guy seemed to be inspecting every inch of his feet. “Jose, I LOVE your damn feet,” he finally said, “I never had a Spanish kid’s feet before and yours are fucking awesome… Tan all over the tops and nice pink soles….perfectly trimmed nails – no dirt under them at all, and your skin,” he continued while using one of fingers to slowly stroke the soles of his foot, “is SO fucking smooth… it’s like you took such good care of them KNOWING you would one day sell them to a dirty old man like me…haha..” He dove right in after he stopped laughing. He licked all over Jose’s feet. He made sure to get his tongue in between each and every toe. He would take his time to slowly lick the space between each toe. The foot guy sucked on every toe gently – as if he was sucking a tiny boy cock – before moving on to the next one. Jose told me it tickled just a little as the foot guy’s tongue was gliding all over his feet. He wanted to laugh, but was afraid to. He just laid there and watched him lick his feet and suck his toes. He said it was actually one of the best feelings he ever felt. The guy knew what he was doing. He massaged his heels at the same time he was licking and sucking his feet and toes. Jose actually didn’t want this to end it felt so good. After a long time covering both his feet in a lot of spit, and licking every inch of them more than once, the foot guy stood up from the couch and turned Jose around by his feet. He gently placed Jose’s feet down. Jose watched as the foot guy took a small bottle from the table next to the couch and told Jose to hold out his hands. Jose did as he was told and the foot guy squirted some liquid from the bottle into his both his hands. He dropped the bottle to the floor and walked over to Jose. “Ok, kid, time for you to feel a real man’s cock,” he said, bringing his dick toward Jose, “take that liquid and rub both your hands together, spread it out evenly over both and then grab my fucking dick and start slicking my cock up real good…. Slowly stroke it, kid… make me feel good with those kid hands of yours and get my cock even harder izmit escort than it already is…” Jose thought all he had to do was give the man his feet. He didn’t think he had to touch this guy’s cock, but he did remember the guy saying that he had to do whatever he told him without complaining or no video game, so he did as he was asked. The second his hand touched the foot guy’s cock the man moaned out loud. Jose couldn’t believe how hot and big this cock felt in his hands. “Fuck ya, you little whore,” he moaned, “that’s it, stroke Daddy’s dick…..get it all ready for me to fuck those feet of yours….mmmmmm…. and stroke my balls, too kid with those amazing fingers of yours….nice and gentle….that’s it….” Jose used his right hand and reached down to stroke the man’s hairy balls. His left hand continued to slide up and down the cock, jerking the rod the same way he did to his own dick at home. He knew what he liked, so he figured he would do the same to this cock in front of him. Jose loved the way this man’s dick felt in his hands. The foot guy moved closer so that his dick was now inches from Jose’s face and mouth. He was able to look it over real close. It was really big now and Jose could actually feel heat coming off this man’s cock. There was some clear liquid oozing out the tip of it… He doesn’t know what came over him next, but without even thinking, his tiny boy tongue slipped out of his mouth and he started to lick that stuff right off the tip of the man’s dick! He couldn’t believe that he just licked a man’s dickhead! No one forced him to do it, he WANTED to do it….. “Damn, little guy,” the foot man said, “that wasn’t even part of the agreement…all you had to do was give me your feet….but, shit, kid.. who am I to deny a boy what he needs?.. lick that pre-cum up you slut… I knew the second I saw you in that store you were going to be one easy kid…but, never expected it to be this easy…” Jose didn’t care that he was calling him nasty names, he just wanted more of that `pre-cum’ as the man called it. He started to lick the foot guy’s cock head all over while stroking it up and down, trying to get more and more of it to come out…. He had just the head in his mouth as the foot guy’s hands started to stroke his hair. Jose loved feeling the man touch him…. All of a sudden, the foot guy grabbed the back of Jose’s head and pushed it forward so the cock slide all the way inside his mouth! He didn’t know what to do… He was sitting there with a huge cock inside his mouth! “Don’t worry, little man,” the foot guy said, sensing Jose was caught off guard and unsure of what to do, “just do what comes naturally to a cock sucker like you… Let it slide in and out of your mouth…watch the teeth…you’re doing great for your first time..” Jose loved being complimented, and he did just that. He relaxed and let this man basically fuck his mouth. He stroked the man’s balls as he looked up and saw the man was smiling. “That’s it, kid, you’re doing great..” he said, “man I have talent in picking out the boy’s that are naturally born cock suckers….you were put on this planet to please a man….God gave you the most amazing mouth, tongue and feet….the earlier you learn that you’re a fucking cum dump for men, the better off you will be kid, accept your place in life… you are going to make a lot of money making men happy…” For the next few minutes Jose learned the art of fellatio. The man was a good teacher. He knew just how to break in a new boy slut. He made sure NOT to push it too far down a kid’s throat the first time – can’t scare the fucker off. You have to take it slow so that the kid loves it so much he BEGS for it the next time! This kid’s mouth felt so good that the foot guy sadly had to stop fucking it or he would have blasted a load in it… As much as he wanted to see the kid choke on his cum, he had other plans where it was going today. “Ok, cock sucker,” the foot man said, “enough of that for now…. onto the main event. You can drink my load next time.” Jose didn’t want to let that warm cock out of his mouth, but the foot guy slide it out anyway. He pushed Jose back on the couch and grabbed both his feet. He brought them to his face and, once again, started licking the soles, but this time going really fast up and down and using a lot of saliva. He seemed to be ignoring Jose’s toes this time, and was focused on getting the bottoms of his feet as wet as he could. Up and down his feet that man’s tongue went until they were dripping with so much spit… Quickly, the guy brought his feet down and pushed his cock in between the kid’s soles. He held Jose’s feet against his body and his cock stuck out between the two feet. It was so hard and pointing at Jose from in between his soles. “Look at it kid,” he said, “isn’t it a beautiful sight?…That’s a grown man’s dick in between your boy feet!…. Now, sit back, enjoy the show, and earn that video game, you fucking boy whore.” The foot guy once again pushed Jose’s feet together and began to fuck them. Jose couldn’t believe how awesome that hot cock felt against his feet. It slide in and out from all the lube on his cock and from the man’s spit that was on his feet. The foot guy grunted as he fucked his feet over and over again. Sweat began to pour from the top of his head and drip down on Jose’s ankles and feet, giving them even more wetness for the fucking. Jose couldn’t take his eyes of the foot show happening right in front of him. He even started to push his feet together to help make the foot job even hotter for the man. Right then and there he knew he would be back for more. He loved getting used like this. “Fuck, kid,” the foot man moaned, “you’re a natural.. you’re big feet are turning me on so much….now you take over for awhile… start earning your video… give me a foot job, kid! Slide your feet up and down my cock!” Jose understood and took over. The foot guy stood there as the 11 year old jerked him off with his feet. He slid them up and down that cock so fast, the foot guy kept saying stuff like, “shit those feet of yours,” and “damn….you’re an awesome foot slut, keep going…get me to blast on your boy feet!” For the next few minutes Jose jacked that grown man’s cock with his feet like a pro. He never wanted this to end – the man’s cock felt amazing. He stopped izmit kendi evi olan escort from time to time and used his toes to stroke the man’s hairy balls. He also ran his foot up and down the man’s tight abs and chest, and down to the area under his balls. He even used his big toe to try and get it inside the man’s asshole! He was working every part of this man’s body with his feet. Finally, the man pulled Jose’s feet away from his cock and grabbed them both in his hands. He flipped Jose over onto his stomach so that his toes were pointing to the floor and his heels toward the ceiling. “Ok, kid,” the foot man grunted, “time to fuck these feet this way…. I want to see your feet from this angle now for a bit.” He wasted no time. He shoved his dick back in between his feet once again and started foot fucking him this way. Jose turned his head to the side and looked up to watch as best as he could from this angle, but he could only feel the sensation on his feet – the view wasn’t as good as before. He didn’t have to worry though, because it only last a few more minutes, the foot guy started to scream out that he was `so fucking close to blowing a load all over this cunt’s feet…’ It only took a few more strokes after that. Finally the man slide his dick out from between Jose’s feet, and Jose turned over onto his back once again so he could watch. He wanted to see the man cum. The man grabbed both of his feet, held them in one hand, and with the other hand was jerking his cock so fast and so hard – Jose knew he would blow any second. “Oh, my god you little fucking whore..” he screamed out, “take my fucking load you cunt!!!!!” And with that, the man’s cock started to blast…. shooting cum ALL over Jose’s feet! The man appeared to shoot forever, that Jose lost count of how many times cum came flying out of the cock and landed perfectly on his feet. Clearly, this man has done this so many times since he knew how to cover every inch of his feet in cum. It went everywhere.. dripping down his toes, down his soles, and on his heels….some cum even dripped onto the floor. Eventually the man stopped cumming and cursing, and he just stared at Jose’s cum covered feet… “Damn, kid!” he said, “Look at this hot mess you caused…your feet are fucking beautiful…” and with that the foot guy started to lick the cum from his feet! Jose stared with his mouth open as the foot guy used his tongue to get into between his toes and go all over his feet. He didn’t stop till his feet were mostly cleaned of cum. There was one large amount left on his one of his feet. Jose watched as the man scooped that remaining cum up with his fingers and told Jose to open his `fucking whore’ mouth’. Jose did as he was told and the man shoved his cum covered fingers into the kid’s mouth. He instinctively sucked the cum from the man’s fingers. It was the first time Jose ever swallowed man cum – but, would hardly be the last time. He loved the taste of it and wished there was more. The man bent over, and for one last time, licked and kissed his feet all over. He went to the table where he left the video game and threw it at Jose. “Here ya go kid,” he said, “you more than earned this… I take it you want to continuing working for me.. what’s the next thing you want me to buy for you?..” Jose told him about a pair of sneakers he wanted. As he started to put his socks back on his still wet feet, the man told him sure..but, it would cost him `more than just his feet next time’… —- I stared at Jose as he finished telling me all of this in such detail that I felt like I was in the room watching it happen. I decided then and there I wanted to sell my feet, too for stuff. “Well,” Jose said, “you still think this is something you want and are able to do? If I hook you up with the foot guy you can’t wimp out. You need to do all of it…. anything he asks of you. Don’t say yes and then be a fucking pussy.” “No, I really want those Air Jordans…I will do it….” “Well, maybe you need to practice on my dick then first…” Jose said laughing, “you see if you can handle having a dick in your mouth.. and l will need to check out your feet. I know the type he likes, so we need to make sure yours look good. We can get them ready if they are dirty and shitty….Shall we try out your mouth and see if you are can handle a cock?” I’m not going to lie, I have wanted to see his dick for a long time. I have no issues sucking him off. I bet his dick is nice as the rest of him. “Yeah…let’s do this…but, first, call the foot guy and see if he even wants another 11 year old boy… Tell him all about me. I want to do this today if we can.” I watched as Jose laughed and took out his cell phone. He dialed a number and I waited… “Yo, foot freak, it’s me, Jose,” he said into the phone, “I got a friend that wants to sell you his feet, too….” he paused…. and I figured the man was talking to him, “he’s 11, too… Spanish like me, and he plays soccer….” more pausing…”let me ask…Cristian..what size are your feet?” I had no idea. I grabbed one of my sneakers and looked inside. “6,” I told him. “He’s a size 6, and he is cute. You will like him, I promise…..ok.. I will do that now and send them over… Peace..” Jose ended the call. “Ok.. so,” he said, “get your socks off. I need to take some pictures of your feet. He needs to see them first, and he wants to see both the tops and the soles of your feet so he can decide….also take your shirt off, too… He wants to see what he’s buying.” I did as he asked and took off my shirt and socks. Jose snapped a bunch of pics of me and my body and then had me lay on the bed. He took a lot of pics of my feet next – both the tops of my feet and then went to the front of the bed and took a ton of the bottoms…. I felt like a model. After he looked them over he sent them all to the foot guy and we waited. Jose said I should suck him off while we wait for his answer. Jose was removing his clothes when his phone started to vibrate. He grabbed it and read the text message. “Damn it.. no time for my blow job,” Jose said after reading the text, “he wants you to put on your soccer uniform, white socks and sneakers and for me to bring you to him…. I guess he likes ya….it’s time for you to sell your feet!” I smiled as I was pulling my soccer uniform out of the closet. I can’t believe I am going to make money from my feet! ——————- Hey guys.. tell me what you think… Should I do a second chapter with Cristian selling his feet? What would you like the foot guy to do to him and his feet? Email me your thoughts!

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