Cramped in the Closet Ch. 02Cramped in the Closet Ch. 02


This is the next chapter in a series that chronicles the exploits of a brother and sister that found themselves getting to know each other a lot better than they ever thought they would, so if you get halfway down this page and aren’t quite sure what the hell is going on here, I suggest you start from the beginning with Cramped In The Closet.

I wrote the first one just to see if I could write a decent story and now I’m just having fun with it. USUAL DISCLAIMER: All persons depicted in this story are eighteen years or older and there are some explicit descriptions of incest and other freaky stuff, so if that doesn’t do it for you then this probably isn’t the story for you. Otherwise, enjoy. -Ampersand

So, how the hell did we get here?

I was on the floor, breathless, drenched in sweat, next to my older sister after I (accidentally, mind you) just filled her ass with the second biggest load of my life. The biggest load of my life I one-pump-chumped into her pussy not minutes before (also an accident, I swear.)

Let’s catch you up; a crowd of family and friends were over to surprise my Dad for his birthday and we were forced to hide together in a closet crammed alongside boxes of things Mom couldn’t seem to live without. Asses were rubbed on cocks, cocks did what cocks are wont to do and, to put it plainly, mistakes were made. This is really a lesson on the durability of accordion closet doors. Make sure they are fuck-proof, or you too could be subjected to public humiliation when your friends and loved ones gather around the closet moments before you break through it, literally riding your sister on a tsunami of boxes.

So that’s how it was. Rachel and I, panting and thoroughly fucked, in both the literal and metaphorical sense, as everyone stood around us, mouths agape, eyes wide, trousers tented and cheeks flushed.

On the bright side the big surprise went fairly well, I mean, from my vantage point Dad certainly looked surprised. His face rapidly changed from expressions of shock, to unbridled rage when he looked at me, then bit of shame when he finally acknowledged my sister, half naked, her breasts heaving, body drenched in sweat, pussy and ass leaking my cum onto the beige carpet. I looked over at her and she looked back with glassy eyes as she twitched with the aftershocks of our explosive finale. She gave me a slight smile and slowly struggled to her feet, avoiding eye contact with anyone as she made to leave the room.

“I need a shower” she mumbled matter of factly as she passed through the ring of family members with a bit of a wobble, not bothering to pull her tank top back down over her tits, or hide the stream of cum that was running down the back of her leg.

As she passed by Uncle Frank he hiccuped mid drag of his cigarette and coughed violently, all the while his eyes followed the bounce of her titties and the smooth shape of her tight ass she stumbled away.

Unbelievable. She didn’t even try to help explain any of this before bailing on me.

Like it was no big deal that we just fucked to a rather spectacular finish right in front of a very large percentage of the people we know and love!

Like all of this is just another day in the life in our family!

Like Mom isn’t going to completely lose her shit over the fact that we broke the closet door and trashed a bunch of her ‘valuable belongings!’

It was just me, still sitting on the floor grinning like an idiot with my shorts around my ankles while everyone expected an explanation. Believe me, I tried. I pulled parts of every physics lesson I ever paid attention to explaining the effects of gravity and friction and I made some heavy assumptions that everyone knew the effects the latter can have on a young man’s anatomy. But my reasoning quickly ran out of steam and after a minute of incomprehensible rambling I trailed off and waited for something to happen. The only response i received was an awkward cough and a few neighbors backed out of the circle and milled about. Everyone seemed as unsure of what to do as I was.

Uncle Frank was content to finish his cigarette while awkwardly adjusting the bulge in his pants before Dad snatched it out of his mouth and put it out in the drink he was holding. He then looked at me on the floor, surveyed the balloons and decorations, nodded in affirmation of some unspoken thought and left the room. The fact that he didn’t come back was a pretty damn good sign that he wanted to avoid this just as much as I did. Mom, however, was transfixed on me, well, an exposed and rapidly softening part of me, until I sheepishly stood up and pulled my gym shorts back on. When there was nothing left to ogle (and I had finished blocking out the memory that Mom was just actively ogling my cock), she turned her attention the remains of the closet. As soon as she let out an anguished wail about the state of her knick-knacks I promptly made my escape to the relative safety of my room, frantically swinging the door closed sex izle behind me.

I was waiting for Dad to come in and kick my ass or for Mom to scream in my face and tell me what a degenerate I am and how I had raped my sister. Or maybe the cops were already on their way and I was going to prison. What actually happened was so much worse.


No one so much as raised their voice to me. This was a very very very bad sign. Calm cool and collected parents when I know I just fucked up means a shit-storm was on the horizon.




Maybe an announcement would be made that the party had been canceled due to incest.

The party wasn’t canceled, per se, but it wasn’t really a party after that. I could still hear people milling about down the hall, but there wasn’t a whole lot of talking going on. The occasional happy birthday sentiment for my MIA father and the cake cutting seemed halfhearted at best. Of course Mom insisted that everyone had some, because I’m pretty sure she had gone bat-shit crazy(well, crazier,anyway). It seems that Rachel and I weren’t the only ones that wanted to actively avoid Mom’s wrath, because when I dared go to my door and peek down the hall, I witnessed what had to have been the most awkward collective eating of cake in human history. Slow and stunned bites of over-sweetened frosting were had while everyone looked everywhere but in each other’s direction. As soon as that uncomfortable party obligation had been fulfilled people started giving excuses as to why they needed to leave. “Long drive” “We need to get back for the sitter” “early day tomorrow,” the usual outs that people use when they just want to leave, but don’t want to come across as rude.

I figured witnessing a family fuck-fest was a pretty good excuse to bail, but, hey, I don’t know much about party etiquette.

The final nail in this party’s coffin would probably have been when Rachel finished her shower. When she came out of the bathroom she casually walked across the living room wearing nothing but a mischievous grin, her hair done up in a towel. Without saying a word, without an ounce of shame on her face, with perhaps the slightest hint of wiggle in her walk and an accentuated jiggle of her breasts she made sure to grab some cake before walking back through the stunned audience and deliberately past Frank, his caked-filled mouth left hanging open. I swear she even brushed her fingertips across the front of his pants as she passed. She spotted me peeking from my doorway as she came down the hall and made sure that I saw her licking icing from her fork seductively and giggling before stopping across the hall at her bedroom door. I had been inside her twice and i still hadn’t seen her this exposed before. She was stunning. Huge blue eyes that would drive anyone crazy, perfect smile on a face peppered with freckles, soft skin just tan enough, perfect perky C-cups capped with finger tip sized nipples that begged to be played with, the slightest hint of curves on her athletic frame coming down and forming a perfectly round, tight ass, and above all else the neat and trimmed light colored hair that led in between her legs to a place I desperately wanted to get back to. The look she gave me coming down the hall seemed loaded with so much more than the lustful exhibition she just put on for everyone else. I could tell she wanted to say so much to me, but she didn’t really know how, or where to even start. I didn’t know where to start either.

“look what we did, nate. I think we broke the family.” She sounded amused as she turned into her room and left her door hanging open.

“Uh, yeah, I guess so. Listen, Rach, I-“

“Later, okay?” at least she was smiling.

“Oh–uh, sure.”

I had a very clear view across the hall as she laid on her bed and ate the rest of her cake all the while looking at me and idly pinching a nipple.

Even though she didn’t seem mad I still wrestled with the guilt of what we had just done. I even tried to use my shame to quell the swelling in my pants as I stood there dumbfounded, but Rachel was right there, looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes, lying naked on her bed and watching me. There was no force on this Earth that could’ve stopped me from getting hard. I left my door open, and went back into my room and sat on my bed and, as I suspected, I could still see Rachel, eating a forkful of cake while tracing circles around her areola beaming a smile in my direction.

I had clearly broken my sister.

She was always a little wild and everything (in the most strictly non-sexualized sense), but now she was like a different person. Her hand went from toying with her tits to the flat of her belly making teasing swipes down between the lips of her sex, not once turning her eyes away from mine.

I worried that leaving our doors open like this invited the onslaught that was surely going to come from our parents, but didn’t come. Mom was alt yazılı porno still experiencing some sort of nervous breakdown in the kitchen, Dad was still hiding somewhere else and Rachel was still staring at me from across the hall, riding the sexual high of our accidental, her intentional, exhibition. She wasn’t sorry this happened at all. She was bringing herself to the edge with her fingers as her eyes dared me to look away. Of course I didn’t. From my perspective she seemed happier than I had ever seen her in all the years we’d grown up together. So why did I feel like shit? Why wasn’t I walking around naked with a smile on my face, jacking it with abandon? Probably because I knew that everything that happened that day so far was super-duper very ultra wrong So why was my cock so hard it could burst?

More than likely because my cock is it’s own moral compass and it’s pointing directly at my sister.

I wasn’t long before everyone was gone, though Frank hung around a while longer than the rest, presumably to make sure he didn’t miss out if there was any more to this show, but after a while even he gave up and headed home.Then it was just the four of us. By now it must have been close to dinner time, but no one seemed to have much of an appetite. A non incestual one, anyhow.

Rachel never let up with her performance and I couldn’t tear myself away for longer than a few moments before I looked back over to her and lost myself in the way she looked back at me. Fortunately, (or unfortunately?) Dad abruptly appeared in my doorway partially blocking my view of Rachel who was now agressively masturbating for me, dipping three finger inside herself before using her wetness to allow for faster circles on her clit. I guess he decided that now was the time to acknowledge what just happened and sit me down for a talk. Great.

“Nathan.” he stated awkwardly, seemingly content to talk to me from the hall, and just as content to avoid looking in my direction as he spoke. This was starting out about as well as his equally brief and uncomfortable birds and the bees conversation he tried to have with me a few years earlier.

“Dad, look I don’t know what came over us we were stuck in there and she was pressed up against me and the junk was falling and what are the odds of getting even close to the angle for anything to even line up right but it was fine and then it wasn’t fine and it just all sort of happened all at once and then we were on the floor in front of everyone!” I was an eruption of word vomit.

He stood there a moment, parsing out my rapid fire explanation and I noticed Rachel wasn’t on her bed anymore. She was bent over slightly to get something out of the bottom drawer of her nightstand. Her ass was on full display and I saw the briefest glimpse of her pussy lips as she bent forward. She exaggerated how far she needed to go and touched her toes for a moment and looked back at me to make sure I was watching. Then she pulled out something out and waggled it in the air as she grinned mischievously. Something long, fat, and purple and suspiciously dildo shaped.

She wouldn’t… Of course she would. I was living in bizarro-world where I fuck my sister and then she went from being super normal to super horny exhibitionist that didn’t seem to wear clothes anymore and openly masturbates while I’m getting a ‘stern talking to’ from Dad and oh my god I wanted to fuck her again so fucking much!!!

“Son, I’m not sure I’m ever going to understand what happened in there no matter how much you try and explain it, alright?,” he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with thumb and forefinger when Rachel came up behind him and rested her head and hand on his shoulder.

“It’s not his fault, Daddy. Things got out of hand,” Rachel, cooed in the little girl tone that always got her out of trouble.

“I know sweetie, it’s okay, we’ll get through this. Somehow this made him frown at me even harder?

There was an uncomfortable emphasis on the way she said Daddy that had me worried (ie anxious to see what she would do next). In all the years growing up I’ve never heard her call him that. It was always Dad, or Pop, or sometimes even Old man, but never daddy. It was deliberate. It was sexy. It had taken on a whole new connotation after the boundaries between us had been shattered and she was fully exploiting it.

Or maybe I over-complicated things and I was worried simply because she was standing behind Dad completely naked.

Or it could have been because her hand was resting on his shoulder so she could brace herself so she could bend her knees and find a better angle for slowly sinking that huge purple dildo inside herself as he talked.

I couldn’t help but let out a small yelp as I put my hands over my lap so that Dad couldn’t see that the tent in my shorts rose even higher than before. She mouthed the words “watch me” before forcing the large toy deep inside of herself, causing her eyes to altyazılı sex izle roll back in her head and her mouth to hang open for a moment.

“I know you two are close, but that’s a line that families don’t don’t cross,” Dad said sternly.

“Yes sir” we said in unison, though her voice was drunk with arousal as she was steadily toying herself, the purple dildo glistening in the light of the hallway as she locked her eyes with mine. She made sure I was watching as she held onto the fake balls that made up the base and slowly plunged it in and out of herself. Dad was still talking, but the sizeable toy stroking in and out of Rachel had my undivided attention. It definitely had me in terms of girth, but it seemed just shy of my length. Despite the size of the thing she was able to work it in all the way to the hilt with each determined stroke. Tears welled up in her eyes and they shone for a moment as she clutched at the back of Dad’s shirt and leaned further into him.

“I’m cumming” she mouthed to me silently before a slight moan escaped her lips, her body shaking against him as her orgasm ripped through her. If he felt the diamond tips of her nipples pressed into his back he certainly hid it well. He just stood there, arms crossed, scowling at me. I have no idea how he didn’t notice his daughter hanging onto him completely naked, violently fucking herself to orgasm at his side.

“You’ve upset your sister, Nate.”

Holy shit. He thought she was fucking crying! Fucking bizarro world.

“I’m sorry Dad. I’m sorry Rach.” I snapped back to Dad’s lecture and defaulted to auto-apology mode.

She grinned at me and began to disguise her moans as gentle sobbing while renewing her efforts on her visibly dripping pussy. Her wetness seemed to pour from her, her mouth hanging open as another, apparently much larger, orgasm was building.

“Look, I don’t have to tell you what you did was wrong. You’re both smart enough to know that.”

“Yes sir.” Another controlled response from Rachel that sounded almost panicked and by the wide eyed look she gave me she was scared of what was about to happen here.

“And I don’t think I have to tell you that it isn’t going to happen again, am I clear?” Dad lectured on, oblivious to his daughter’s impending orgasm at his side.

“Yes, sir” This time, Rachel was biting her lip to keep from crying out as her toy blurred in and out of her, but she managed to control her voice long enough to answer. She had actually started crying as she repeatedly mouthed to me over and over “Here it comes, it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming oh god baby it’s coming ” and saw her body start to tremble, her hand now frantically fucking her pussy with her toy.

“We just need to put this all behind us. Tomorrow we can start over, okay? I love you both.” And with that he turned around and walked back down the hall.

“Ouhh! I looove youuuuuu,” rachel openly moaned now, bringing herself over the edge as Dad walked away.

Fortunately, Dad wasn’t much for emotional support, so he likely took her wailing for more crying and didn’t bother to turn back. Otherwise he would have seen Rachel collapse into my room as she let out that lust fueled gesture of affection, cresting the wave of a powerful orgasm, falling to the floor at my feet.

“Oohhh FUCK! HMH! HMH! HM!” she groaned with each thrust of her hips she ground her pussy onto the dildo which was now conveniently pinned beneath her against the floor. I sat in stunned silence as I watched her ride out her orgasm, the aftershocks causing her to spasm making those immaculate tits bounce as she shook. At that point I was convinced I was going to blow my load in my pants considering the rate we were going.

After taking a few moments to recover she brought herself up onto her knees, didlo still buried to the hilt inside of her. Her breasts pushed together slightly, nipples rock hard and pointed in my direction. Her skin shone with sweat as she held herself up with her arms just in front of her.

“We are so fucked up” She said, still panting from the exertion of holding back in front of Dad.

“Yeah,” I squeaked, not sure what to think, what to feel, or what I should do with the eight inch bar of steel in my shorts.

“We shouldn’t have done this. The closet. Me, just now. But, Nate, I don’t what’s going on, I’ve never been so fucking turned on in my life. I got off twice in the shower. I brushed up against Uncle Frank. On purpose! Now this? I’m getting sore, but I’m still so fucking horny, Nate and I don’t know what to do..” she trailed off and resumed her rolling her hips, stroking her pussy up and down her dildo.

“I-I know, I mean, yeah” and I gestured to my cock testing the stitching on the seam of my shorts. Her face was right at cock level so she could see up close what I was going through.

“You liked watching me all afternoon, didn’t you?”

Well, I mean, no–I wasn’t watching.

“Nate, I saw you watching. It’s okay, I wanted you to watch, just like I wanted you to watch me in the hallway. Just like I want you to watch me now.” And she began to ride her dildo again, slowly at first, but she soon built up into a steady rhythm as she bounced herself up and down its length.

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