Subject: COUSIN’S THING PART 3 COUSINS’ THING –This story is fictional, and the events described on it didn’t happen. I hope you enjoy it. –If you’re under 18 or the age of viewing in your country please stop reading. –If you want to write me, feel free to do it at hoo Characters: Jack (narrator): 16 years old, soccer player at school Greg: 11 years old, also plays soccer PART 3 We entered the shower together. It wasn’t the first time we had done it, but this time felt different. It felt like something forbidden and sexy at the same time, I loved it! I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature of the water to make it comfortable. I moved and put Greg under the shower head. He turned immediately giving his back to it. “Don’t turn, Greg” I said trying to turn him around. “But, Jack, it hurts my…” “Your dick?” He nodded while trying to cover his hard-on. “Ok, don’t worry. I’ll help you” I took some soap and started washing his boyhood gently. It was rockhard, like if it was Greg’s extra bone. “Ooohhh!!! Why does it feel sooo good?” Asked him enjoying my tender soapy touch. “It’s because you are horny.” “What does it mean?” “That means that you are getting ready to shoot cum.” He looked excited about it. “Your dick looks great.” “Yours too, and it’s way bigger” He said fondling my soft prick. Greg motioned his hand as I did while soaping him and my body responded with a hardening. I always knew we were close and confident but I couldn’t ever had thought we were that close. I was feeling extra horny with the whole situation. I wanted it to last forever, but I wanted to move forward, and had to do it without scaring Greg. “Let me do this” I said going down on my knees. He was under the shower with the water running down his tonified slim body. He was looking down at me with a perplex look, probably trying to guess what I was going to do. Little Greg was still fully escort izmit hard leaving his hairless teen balls uncovered with warm water pouring on them, making his soft scrotum look shiny and delicious. I stuck out my tongue and started licking his ball sack with the tip. Greg jumped and hit my face with his boner. “That tickles” He said giggling. “Ok, what if I do this?” I said sucking both his balls inside my mouth. “Oooh, ooh, yeah, ooh” He said enjoying my mouth. He leaned back against the wall. His whole body tensed. His breathing became ragged and deep marking his ribs and abs with each movement. He closed his eyes and turned up his head really getting into the sensation. The water was still falling down his tonified child body. It was very hot, but it was difficult to breath with all the water going gown Greg’s groin, so I had to stop. “Wow, Jack. It was amazing” “What do you want to do now?” I said standing up with a raging boner. “I want to jerk off” He said rubbing his tool with a soapy hand. “Ok, ok” I said stopping him. “But you have to do it with lube. Soap can irritate your dick” “Ok” said Greg inspecting his prick and balls, probably looking for a rash. I soaped myself and washed quickly. As we were drying with our towels, I couldn’t stop looking every inch of Greg’s body. “You are fucking hot Greg” “Thanks” He said smiling at me. Greg ran to his bed, laid on his back with his 3.5 inches standing and took the lube quickly. I took the lube from him before he could open it and throw it away. “Hey, what are you doing?” He said while I was rubbing his thighs. “I want to show you there are other things than can feel good besides jerking off. You let me?” “Ok, fine” said Greg. I leaned on him and gave him a gentle brief kiss on his lips. They were velvet smooth. I kissed down his neck, his chest and went for his right nipple. I sucked it while I continued rubbing his thighs. izmit escort bayan I was feeling his boner against my abs. Gosh, it was so hot. I didn’t know what to do next. “It felt better what you did before” Said Greg. “When I sucked your balls?” “Yeah” “Want me to do it?” He nodded with an excitement look in his eyes. I went down and put his ball sack in my mouth. He really enjoyed it. His feet were moving like a drummer’s. Giving Greg, my little cousin, more than that, my little brother pleasure was one of the hottest experiences I could have. “I want to jerk off” He said. “Ok, Greg. But, do you know what a blowjob is?” “No” He said. “Do you want me to show you?” “Ok, but do it fast. I want to jerk off” “Ok” I said trying not to laugh. I stuck out my tongue and licked his head through his foreskin. It was soft and tasted sweet from the soap. Suddenly Greg made a movement and hit my nose with his cock. “Stop, it tickles” he said giggling. “It’s not supposed to tickle, trust me” “Ok” This time I put all his boyhood on my mouth. He gasped. I stood there for a couple of seconds, but it felt like hours. I went up his rod. “Yeah, ooh, OOOOH, YEAH!” He screamed. I knew then I was giving him the strongest sensation of his life. I continued with the up and down movements opening wide my mouth so as not to touch him with my teeth. Each time I went up I sucked hard feeling as if my mouth was a super vacuum cleaner. The whole time I was motioning my tongue around his shaft and head. After a few minutes he tensed, his face was crimson red and I felt his dick pulsing inside my mouth. He screamed and gabbed my hair as he shot his boyjuice on my tongue and throat. It tasted sheet and salty at the same time. I kept his prick on my mouth until he ended cuming. I swallowed every drop and laid by his side. “Jack it was awesome” said Greg while he was recovering kocaeli anal yapan escort his breath. “Sucking you was amazing too” I said closing my eyes. Without warning I felt a warm sensation around my hard dick. I opened my eyes and saw Greg sucking it. “Oh, Greg” I said. He was trying to put my 6.5 inches inside of his mouth. When he was halfway he gagged. He went up and some tears were going down his eyes. “Hey, it’s ok. You don’t have to do it” “But I want to do it” Said Greg taking my dickhead on his mouth again. He took 1.5 or 2 inches of my cock and started to motion up and down. He made a very good suction. It was really impressive for a first time. “Grab the base of my dick with your right hand and jerk it” I said. He obeyed. “Play with your tongue around my head” He did it, paying special attention to the slit. I was starting to breath heavy. “Ouch!” I said feeling a sharp thing against my dick. “Don’t use your teeth” “Sorry” Said Greg returning immediately to the job. He kept going up and down with his mouth and hand. His lips were sealed against the skin of my cock. Greg did it for like 8-9 minutes and then I felt the so well known sensation that started at my prostate. “I’m coming” I said. Then Greg took as deep as he could and I shot my load on his throat. When I was finished he took my dick out of his mouth. He had a few teardrops running down his cheek but the look on his eyes was really happy. I took his face with my hand and deep kissed him. I could still feel the taste of my dick and cum on his mouth and I’m sure he could taste his. “You’re the best cousin I could have” I said. “You too are great” said Greg. I looked at the clock. “Let’s get dressed, Greg. Family is arriving soon”. END OF PART 3 Thank you for reading it. 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