Cousin Mandy Ch. 01Cousin Mandy Ch. 01


The car pulled through the old pines and into the dappled light of the driveway. Daniel leaned forward eagerly, peering out at the wooden cabin and the lake beyond. The setting sun spilled orange fire out onto the lake.

“All right kids, we’re here,” his father Ron declared, putting the car into park. His little sister Olivia opened the door and screamed in triumph. She was only 9 years old and had chattered in excitement the whole trip down. His mother Emma opened her door last, putting a floppy sun hat on her head.

They were on their annual vacation with his Dad’s brother Dale, out in the family vacation cabin his grandparents had built. The vacation had been a tradition for as long as Daniel could remember. Every spring break, they drove south to the cabin, to meet Uncle Dale and his family. Uncle Dale and Aunt June had three kids, all girls. The oldest, named Elizabeth, had always been his partner in crime. Really, she had been the instigator, sneaking him his first drinks and cigarettes. He had always felt like his bravest, most exciting self with her. But this year, she was a freshman in college, and she had informed the family that there was no way she was spending spring break with them when she could be with her friends instead. Daniel understood but felt sorry for himself. She hadn’t even sent him a text.

Instead, he would have to make due with Mandy and Lucy. Mandy was 18, like he was, but she had always been completely unlike Elizabeth, or Liz as he had called her. Where Liz was adventurous, Mandy was timid. Where Liz was daring, Mandy was conventional. Where Liz was outspoken, Mandy was refrained. Apart from all that, Mandy still had braces and unflattering glasses. She tended to wear what Liz called “dumpy clothes,” in contrast to what Liz wore. Liz might have been his cousin, but he had often caught himself daydreaming while staring at her breasts or legs. Mandy would never get that kind of attention.

“Oh my God I’m so excited!” Lucy screamed as she ran out of the house. Lucy was 11 and had not yet begun puberty, so she still had the unabashed energy of a child. She was wearing a pink tank-top with white shorts, and her hair was up in pigtails. His sister Olivia squealed in response and ran to hug Lucy. Daniel was just glad there would be someone to keep Olivia out of his hair.

As he helped with the bags in the trunk, Daniel turned to survey the rest of his Uncle’s family, looking in vain for Liz. Maybe she had changed her mind, or her spring break plans had fallen through? But no, there was only Mandy, visible as a silhouette against the lake. He shook his head, barely looking at her.

When he reached the patio with his bags, he was startled by how different she looked. The braces and glasses were gone. She had also grown out her hair. It was the same blonde as Liz’s hair, but Liz had cropped hers short her senior year of high school. Mandy had gone in the other direction, growing her hair out down to the middle of her back. Her hair fell in perfect cascades, flashing with highlights. She smiled brightly, her teeth perfect. He had never before noticed the piercing blue of her eyes.

“Hey there pilgrim,” she said, imitating John Wayne. She reached her arms up and he stepped back in confusion, finally realizing she had meant to hug him. He laughed at himself and dropped the bags, making that an excuse for his hesitation. He hugged her tight and felt her breasts pressing into his chest. Her hair smelled fresh and feminine. He shivered involuntarily when her cheek brushed against his.

“Great to see you,” he replied. Being out of Liz’s shadow had done Mandy more good than he ever could have imagined. Maybe this vacation wouldn’t be so miserable after all.

* * *

The rest of the night passed quickly. The fathers put on a big barbecue, and the little girls ran wild. Daniel caught up with his Aunt and Uncle, giving them the obligatory updates about school (honor roll) and dating (no one steady). He extricated himself after dinner and helped Mandy clean up in the kitchen. They exchanged banalities about school, but the house was so chaotic there was no real opportunity for them to talk. It wasn’t long before his mother was putting his sister down and fussing at him to get ready for bed. The best thing about the cabin was that they all had their own rooms. It was hard to get the girls to settle down, and both sets of parents eventually had to come out of their rooms to yell threats. Then the girls passed out hard. Aunt June showed Daniel to his room and the nearby bathroom, and he soon lost himself in dreamless sleep.

He awoke to the aroma of a large pancake breakfast and the noise of frantic preparations to leave for the amusement park. This was another tradition. The first day they were all at the cabin, they left to spend the day riding roller coasters. Daniel did not understand why they didn’t save the amusement park until later in the trip, but it had always been this way. On the ride down, Daniel had proclaimed himself too old for amusement parks, but his parents had dismissed that with a laugh. The truth was that he still kocaeli escort bayan looked forward to the rides, though he felt another pang when he thought of how Liz would not be with them.

In past years, Mandy had often disappeared while he and Liz raced from ride to ride. Liz had said she was sulking, but Daniel had always figured she was off finding some way to entertain herself, since Liz had made it clear she wasn’t welcome. In fact, Daniel began to wonder if he had always been too hard on Mandy, if he had seen her through Liz’s eyes. She really wasn’t as clueless and hopeless as Liz had said. She wasn’t ugly.

This year, she took her sister’s place at his side as if it had always been her own. To his surprise, she was every bit as adventurous as her older sister had been. She screamed with delight every time a roller coaster plunged or spun. She sometimes raced him to the next ride, apparently just to tease him, since she was fast. As they waited in the lines for rides, they had plenty of opportunity to talk. She had a dry sense of humor about her parents and school, but her humor wasn’t mean. She seemed to remain the obedient, studious girl he had always thought she was. But she had a mature confidence that was new, or if she had always had it, it had always been hidden from him. He hadn’t even looked, preoccupied as he had been by Liz. This must have bothered Mandy but she had never said anything then. She didn’t mention it now. She seemed to be enjoying his company without any resentment about being ignored in the past.

The sun’s rays were beginning to lengthen as they stood in line for the last ride of the day. Mandy was ahead of him, both of her legs up on the railing. She was wearing a white blouse and blue soccer shorts, with a white baseball cap and sunglasses.

“Okay,” she said, looking over at him mischievously. “Those three guys.” She gestured discreetly toward three heavyset men. They were literally rednecks, with the permanent tans of men who worked outside. They had unkempt beards and curly brown hair and were a hundred pounds or more overweight. “You’ve got to fuck one, marry one, kill one.”

“No way!” he declared. He was shocked she had used the F-word.

“Come on,” she complained, “I’m bored of this line.”

“But making me choose which one of those guys I would fuck is basically a war crime!”

“So I’m a war criminal,” she replied, shrugging. “You can make me fuck a lesbian, but first you have to answer the question.”

Again, he was shocked that she had spoken of “fucking” a lesbian. He suddenly imagined her touching another woman’s breasts and felt his penis twitch. He looked back toward the men, willing himself to take in their ugliness to prevent an erection.

“Umm …” He faltered. “Ummm … I guess the guy in the middle there.”

“That guy?” she demanded. “That one? Why that one?”

“Because he looks like he might be gentle.”

She cackled, drawing glances from other people in line. Mandy seemed completely indifferent to their presence and to his embarrassment. She was still holding her sides as they shuffled forward in the line, closer to the boarding area. Daniel shook his head in annoyance, but she smiled sweetly at him, cupping his cheek. She lifted her legs back up onto the railing, and that is when Daniel first noticed the little hairs on her thighs. The light from the setting sun caught them perfectly, making each hair shine like a golden thread. She must not have shaved her thighs recently. Or maybe she had never even noticed the delicate hairs. If that was what the hair on her thighs was like, then the hair on her pussy might be much the same. Maybe there was just a downy layer of golden fur covering her pussy.

“Hey,” she said, punching him in the arm. “You still with me?”

“Yeah,” he replied, blushing in spite of himself. Why had he started imagining her pussy? It was this stupid game she was making him play.

“Okay,” he resumed, casting about. Eventually, he spotted three retirees behind them in the line. Each of the women wore a floral shirt the size of a picnic table, and each had a fanny pack on her waist. “Those lovely ladies over there,” he said, pointing them out to her. “You’ve got to fuck one, marry one, kill one.”

Mandy looked back at the women for a moment and then turned to face him. “I would never sleep with another woman. I would rather die first!”

“You’re a cheater!”

“I just can’t believe it was so easy to talk you into being gay,” she said, giggling at his annoyance.

* * *

That night, no one bothered cooking, because they had all filled up on terrible fried food at the park. In fact, by the time they made it home, there was only an hour left before bed for the girls. Coordinating showers in the cabin was a major undertaking, because the water heater was only large enough to hold hot water for four quick showers. Then they had to wait an hour for the water to heat up again. His mother stood outside the bathroom with a stopwatch, barking through the door at anyone who exceeded their allotted time. Unfortunately, the young girls kocaeli sınırsız escort had to go first, and they inevitably wrecked the bathroom, despite the best efforts of the mothers.

By the time Daniel had finished his shower, his parents had already retreated to their room, waiting for more hot water. The girls were plunked down in front of the television watching some animated movie. Daniel slumped down onto the couch behind them, relieved to be rid of the day’s sweat and grime.

Mandy appeared at the end of the couch. She must have showered right before him, because her long hair was still wet. It looked darker than it had during the day. Now she was wearing a pink t-shirt and white cloth shorts. “Give me a foot rub,” she said.

“You give me a foot rub.”

“That’s not the rule,” she said, hopping over the end of the couch and thrusting her feet onto his lap without permission. He noticed her toenails were painted blue. “Last one in the shower has to give first foot rub,” she continued, parroting a rule Liz had made up long ago. Mandy had never been welcome to participate in their foot rubs, but they were essential after a long day at the amusement park. Daniel’s feet throbbed, and he was sure hers did too.

“Fine,” he said, “you win.”

“Shh!” Lucy hissed back at them.

“Shut up!” Mandy growled, missing with a spare pillow. She leaned back into the couch and wiggled her toes on his lap.

Daniel reached down and took the sole of her right foot in his hands. He was struck by how small her foot was compared to his. It was somehow feminine and graceful even though it was a foot. He frowned to himself at what she might think of his feet, which were callused and hairy. Why did men have such ugly feet?

He pressed his thumbs into her sole and heard her sigh in appreciation. He looked up and saw that she had already closed her eyes. He rubbed up and down her right foot, alternating between working the muscles and caressing her skin. “It tickles!” she declared once when he caressed her ankle. After a few minutes, he switched to her left foot, repeating his efforts there. She sighed again and laid her head back farther.

Daniel continued to massage her foot as his eyes roamed over her legs. He could not see the little hairs on her thighs any longer. The light must not be strong enough in here. He was seized by a sudden urge to run his hand up over her calf, easing her knee up, and then up onto her thigh, to feel the little hairs press back against him, to prove that they were still there. But he could not act on his urge, because their massages had never extended to thighs. He did not want her to think he was a pervert.

He took one her calves in his hands. The wiry muscles there were strong and tight, like rubber bands. “You’re so strong,” he said quietly, beginning to working at the tight muscles.

“Cheerleading,” she said absently, her eyes still closed. He realized that his massage had parted her legs, such that he could see all the way up her thighs to her groin. Her shorts still covered her, but he could see the pale skin of her inner thighs. The skin looked so soft. If only the gusset of her shorts would move aside an inch, he would be looking at her panties. Why couldn’t she have a wardrobe malfunction at a time that was extremely convenient for him?

He breathed in deeply and knew that he could smell her again. It was the same fresh, feminine scent he had noticed before, but there was something captivating in it he couldn’t quite identify. If it was perfume, it was subtle. He kept drawing in breaths, trying to capture the scent, until he heard Mandy clear her throat.

He realized that he had stopped rubbing her calf, and he was sitting breathing with his eyes closed. Mandy was looking at him quizzically. He blushed, and then he cursed himself silently for blushing. “Sorry,” he said. “I think I almost fell asleep.”

“That’s my job,” she said, lifting her feet off his lap. “Now lay down and let me rub those giant clodhoppers.”

He took her place on the couch and wondered again if she would think his feet were ugly. If she did, it didn’t stop her from putting her all into his foot massage. She had strong hands for a young woman, and it wasn’t long before Daniel was lost in the warm throbbing sensation of her fingers on his feet.

* * *

The next morning, Daniel was awakened by bellowing from his bedroom door. His dad said it was raining hard and would rain the whole rest of the day, so their plans for the beach were out. Instead, his mother had decreed that they were all going to go to the mall an hour’s drive away. Daniel groaned at the prospect of being stuck with his family at the mall. “Do I have to go?” he asked.

“Of course you have to go-” his father began, and then stopped. He shrugged. “Actually, if you want to hang out here, there’s plenty of leftovers in the fridge. Just listen for the landline if we need to reach you, okay?”

“Great,” Daniel replied, and turned over to go back to sleep.

He woke again a couple of hours later izmit anal yapan escort when a peel of thunder rattled the window. Daniel had been deep in a dream and was momentarily confused about where he was, until a lightning flash illuminated the room. It was dark out even though the alarm clock said it was still only ten in the morning.

Daniel climbed out of bed, absently scratching a thigh. He was looking forward to spending the day alone. The worst thing about these vacations was that there was almost no time for privacy. By the end of the week, he was usually about to burst with sexual frustration, because he had never felt comfortable masturbating at the cabin with both families around. Today, he would have the chance to pamper himself. He was already so horny his cock stiffened as he walked down the hall. He had enough time he figured he could cum once and then recover for another round. That would surely hold him for the rest of the week.

But as he walked down the hall, he heard a feminine grunt from one of the bedrooms. The sound startled him, and he opened the door unannounced. To his surprise, Mandy was on the floor inside, dressed in a gold and purple cheerleader uniform. She had her legs spread, her arms stretched out over them as she held onto a foot and stretched. Her hair was up in a ponytail, but a loose strand hung over her face. She blew it away as she smiled to greet him.

“Finally up sleepyhead?” she asked, switching to the other foot.

“What are you doing here?”

“You think I wanted to go the mall with the geek squad? Besides, I promised my coach I would practice some over vacation. We have a new routine that’s harder than anything we’ve ever done before. Hey, come here and hold my feet.”

He stared at her uncertainly and then closed the door behind him. She gestured him forward and then took his hand, easing him down to the floor. “Here,” she said, and put his hands on her ankles. Then she rolled back and brought her knees up to her chest. “Press forward,” she demanded, and he placed his hands on the bottom of her sneakers, beginning to push her legs into her chest. “That’s it,” she said. “Harder.” He pressed harder and she rolled back even more. He looked down at the gold lettering of her uniform. The white pleats of her skirt had fallen up on her thighs, and he thought that her bloomers must be exposed to all the world. Unfortunately, he could not see them from where he was. Instead, he watched as her face reddened and she counted down the stretch. “Okay!” she said through an exhale, pushing him away with her feet and rolling up onto her bottom.

“You don’t mind helping, do you?” she asked, blinking at him.

“Of course not.” It was not how he had planned to spend the morning, but he would rather be spending time with her than by himself, even if that meant he would not be able to relieve himself. It might be fun to be her exercise partner.

“Good,” she said, “then hold my feet while I do sit ups.”

She laid back on the floor, her legs bent at the knees. Daniel stepped forward on his knees and pressed down on her sneakers. Mandy began rising and falling, counting out the sit ups. She had begun to develop a light sheen of sweat on her face, and she was breathing hard from the effort. Daniel glanced down at her uniform again, and down to the white pleats of her skirt. But this time, he was much farther back relative to her, and he could see all the way up her skirt. What he saw there didn’t look like bloomers. Whatever she had on under her skirt was gray, but the bloomers should have been purple. The fabric also didn’t seem as heavy as what would be used in bloomers, which were designed to conceal. Here, he could see the edge of the fabric stretched around the bottom of her thigh, and it didn’t look like a bloomer at all.

He snapped back to her face when he felt her stop, still sitting up. He saw that she had caught him. “Sorry about that,” she said. “I forgot to pack my bloomers, so I had to make due with panties today. They’re pretty much the same. Good enough for a cousin, right?”

“Sure,” he mumbled stupidly, realizing he had blushed again. How many times was he going to blush before her? Now he felt his cock stirring again. He remembered his fantasy of what her pussy looked like, with its downy covering of light golden hairs. His penis lurched in his pants. He had to regain control before he embarrassed himself.

“Here, hold my feet again,” she said, settling back onto her hands and her bottom. This time, her legs were shoulder-width apart. She did not seem concerned that he could still see her panties, so she really was treating them like bloomers. He pressed down into her sneakers again, holding them in place. She looked up toward the ceiling, braced her arms, and then lifted her whole body, rising up on her arms and legs to form a tabletop. To Daniel’s amazement, her skirt lifted with her movement, until he could see all of her thighs. She extended fully and he was staring right at her groin, now only a couple of feet away from his face. Her thighs were soft and white, as he had seen yesterday, and now he could see all the little golden hairs again in the light of the overhead. But he could also see the gray fabric that covered her pussy, and golden-brown hairs peeked out from the edges. Her pubic hair was darker and looked thicker than he had imagined, but he already preferred the reality.

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