Cousin Kayla Ch. 02Cousin Kayla Ch. 02


I promised a second chapter over a year ago and never delivered. A lot of stuff occurred that prevented me from returning to this. But here is at last a continuation. I want to thank those that encouraged me in the comments of the first chapter and hopefully this lives up to expectations.


It had been several days since I had sex with Kayla. In that time it got even colder and it finally started snowing. Now the city was blanketed in white. It no longer bothered me that sex with her was incestuous. Given the way she was it had been bound to happen. I honestly can’t complain. About the sex, anyway. In the days that passed I found myself missing my cousin. We talked via Facebook but I missed her presence. Just being next to her. It didn’t even have to be sex; just the warmth of her would do.

I pondered this train of thought. At first I had been hesitant to the idea of incest. But only out of morality. Really, I had wanted it for a long time. And now, I was having feelings beyond mere infatuation and lust. I wanted her with me, to be near her and just lay together…like lovers did. I could not even say how these feelings had emerged. In a short span of time I found myself feeling love for Kayla. The problem was she wasn’t exactly the kind of person to have the same feelings.

Could I tell her? Most likely I should, rather than just dwell on the thought indefinitely. Besides, she had said now that we had accepted our familial bond(or more to the point, now that she accepted it), she wanted to be close. Although she had said that as meaning close family. But since we had included sex in the relationship, perhaps feelings could be added as well. My mind made up, I sent a message asking to see her again. She replied quickly, saying I could come tomorrow morning.

After getting ready, I set out for her place. It was convenient that she lived so close. Living together would be better though. One step at a time. There was no point in rushing things when I had no idea how she’d react. I arrived at her place and knocked. She appeared quickly, inviting me inside. Today she was wearing a long black skirt with a tight black top and black eyeliner. I stared at her chosen attire. It had been a long time since I saw her wear something similar.

“What?” Kayla asked.

“I thought you outgrew the goth thing 8 or so years ago,” I commented.

“Well, I…you don’t like it?”

“It’s not that. I just haven’t seen you dress this way in a long time,” I said.

“I’m not a fan of the skirt really but it will do for now,” she decided. “Was there something in particular you wanted? Like me, for instance?”

“We need to talk first.”


After I removed my coat, boots and whatnot I followed Kayla to her room. She took my hands in hers and sat with me on the bed.

“What’s on your mind?” Kayla inquired.

“I don’t know how to go about saying it so I’ll just be direct. When we had sex, it was something I wanted for a long time, even after I knew you were my cousin. And unless I miss my guess, you wanted it too,” I stated.

“Yes, of course I did,” she admitted. Her eyes were questioning so I continued.

“At the time I had attributed our intimacy to mutual infatuation and nothing more. However, I realized that I was wrong, at least on my part. I’ve missed you over the last few days in a way one misses their lover. I wanted to be near you, to feel your warmth and be with you at all times. Not just sexually, but together. Like a couple would be.”

There was silence on her part for several minutes. It left me little doubt that I had sprung this on her too soon and she had no idea what to say. Eventually though, words found their way to Kayla’s mind.

“I didn’t realize you would feel that way. Or at least not so soon. Now that you mention it, I think I had similar feelings lately.”

“Is there an elaboration?” I asked.

“Well…I’m not sure how to explain. I haven’t escort bayan been able to have sex since you and I did. Actually, what I mean is it hasn’t felt the same. The few people I had sex with from then to now just weren’t able to get me going. I just couldn’t find the desire really,” Kayla explained.

“And that is unusual?”

“Very. I’ve never had the kind of feelings for anyone that you described you have for me. Never thought I wanted or needed them. But now…I guess I do. With you, my handsome cousin who is quite too formal and silent,” she said.

“Yes well, it did seem to be a serious discussion topic,” I replied.

“I felt like I was in a board meeting with a bunch of crotchety, boring old guys,” Kayla said, laughing.

“We both know you cause too much shame to show off like that,” I responded.

“Anyway, do you really think we could do it? Get married and all that?” she asked.

“Probably. Our features aren’t too similar aside from dark hair and eyes. No one has ever suspected us of being cousins before,” I pointed out.

“Okay. But…we couldn’t live in my crappy apartment.”

“We can always get our own place. My job at the retro video game shop is pretty decent and you have that job selling your body,” I replied, teasing her more.

“Yeah I’m just gonna ignore that entirely. What do we do now then? Go look at engagement rings?” Kayla inquired.

“Not so soon. We should focus on getting all moved in together,” I told her.

“Never seen your place,” she said suddenly.

“Let’s go then.”

A few minutes later we were in the fuck van and on our way to my place. I had told her what the street and address was and that was all my cousin needed. She knew the area as well as I did. It was a short drive but still beat walking out in the cold. Once we were parked I led Kayla inside and up to my place. After unlocking the door, I let her in first.

Kayla looked all over, checking out the fair-sized living room and both bedrooms. Then she went into the kitchen and came back to where I was standing.

“It’s perfect,” she said. “Well I mean, for just us and if we have a kid we have another room for them. We should wait until after we’re settled in and married. For now though, I’m still on the pill.”

She kissed me and I kissed back immediately. I held her close as we kissed deeply. Her hand went between my legs to feel my cock. I gently grabbed her wrist and moved her arm away.

“Don’t,” I whispered. “No teasing. I want to make real love to you.”

Kayla looked up into my eyes as I said that. At first she just stared and then she smiled. I held her hand in mine and led her to my room. Once there she kissed me again then pulled away. She took off her top and skirt, then laid down on the bed in her bra and panties. I undressed fully and joined her, pulling her close to kiss her passionately. All we did for several minutes was kiss over and over. Her lips were too good to stop tasting.

Eventually though I pulled away from her lips, kissing along her neck instead. My lips travelled up to her ear, which I licked before nibbling on her earlobe. Kayla moaned softly as she tilted her head upward. Once I was done there I moved back to her neck, biting it softly. My cousin moaned again while I bit her several more times. She pulled me back to kiss me more. Our tongues danced together as Kayla reached behind her to unhook her bra.

With her breasts exposed, I moved down to give them attention. My tongue lazily ran along her breasts, tracing the outline and then covering every inch. Afterward my tongue circled around her nipple, making it harder and harder. Kayla moaned yet again before I started sucking on her nipple. My lips pulled insistently as I sucked hard.

“Fuuucckkk…” Kayla breathed.

I continued until her nipple was swollen and wet. After licking her breasts all over again, I started to suck on her other nipple. My cousin shuddered beneath kocaeli escort bayan me and panted lightly. Once both nipples were wet and swollen, she decided she was ready.

“Please fuck my pussy…no, make love to me. That’s what I want,” she begged.

My cock instantly became hard after removing Kayla’s panties and seeing her naked body, long the object of my desire. Lifting her leg, I guided my cock inside her warm pussy and thrusted steadily. A long moan escaped her perfect lips as she stared at me with lust. The heat in the apartment was enough to make our bodies shine with perspiration before long. It made Kayla look sexier.

“I love you,” she moaned between my thrusts.

“I love you too.”

As I started to fondle her breasts, I began thrusting faster and harder. Kayla moaned over and over. Eventually I grabbed her hips and rammed the rest of my cock inside her. She screamed loudly and started shaking. It wasn’t long until she reached her orgasm, cumming all over my cock. I ejaculated right as Kayla was coming down from the pleasure of her orgasm, filling her with hot semen.

The next day, Kayla came to see me at work. It was just past 11am, so I had just recently opened the game shop. She looked around, checking out the room. Behind her were old handheld game machines and plushies hanging above the floor. Further down were the GameCube and PS2 games. On my side of the counter were NES games in the original boxes, Wii controllers, trading cards and more.

“You know, I’ve passed this place several times and never bothered to look inside,” she said.

“It can be slow for the first few hours but it’s pretty cool in here. And we have a lot of stuff for a place that isn’t very big,” I replied.

“Any more recent games?” she asked.

“PS3 and Xbox 360 games are in the next room. Also a few PS4 and Xbox One games, consoles, merchandise and collector stuff.”

Kayla wandered into the next room, which was mostly out of my line of vision. She came back about 10 minutes later and looked at me mischievously.

“So…no one’s here but us. And the only camera is behind you,” she pointed out.

“Except for the one downstairs. But we can’t do what you’re thinking of,” I said.


“I can’t lock the door since I just opened. And we can’t risk being seen doing anything.”

“Well, when do you get some time to do anything?” Kayla inquired.

“Around 2. Give or take, depending on how many people are around by then.”


When Kayla came back, there were a few people around. She went into the other room to kill time. About 15 minutes later I locked the door and taped a piece of paper to the door that stated I would be back in 40 minutes. I then went into the next room, where Kayla was waiting.

“In there,” she said, pointing to the third room where stacks of NES and PlayStation 3 games lined the shelves, along with way too many Nintendo 64 consoles.

Closing the door, Kayla took off her coat, sweater and bra. Before I could say anything she dropped to her knees and undid my belt. Sliding my pants and boxers down, she immediately began sucking my cock. At this point I can’t really say I was surprised. We did have sex in the mall washroom before, after all. Although there was no way we’d be caught here, which was nice.

It didn’t take long for my cousin to get my cock to its full 7 inches. She also didn’t hesitate to repeatedly take it all into her mouth. Her tongue caressed the head as she sucked harder and harder. Sometime later she decided to pull my cock out, licking it from head to base instead. Then she started to rapidly lick the head as she stroked the rest of my cock. The only sound in the room was our combined moaning.

Kayla resumed sucking my cock until she knew I was close, then held my cock out and stroked it hard. This prompted me to ejaculate onto her breasts, covering them completely. As kocaeli escort I pulled my pants and boxers back up, Kayla was licking my semen from her breasts. Once done, she stood up and started getting dressed.

“I’ll have a surprise waiting when you get home,” she said.

“What might that be?” I asked.

“Remember our talk after our first time together? I’m going to be having sex with Kat when you get back. You can just walk right in and join!” she exclaimed.

“I told you I was against the idea of getting revenge on people who were mean to me back in middle school. That would be childish to say the least,” I replied coolly.

“You said you were against it as long as it was wrong in some way. I’ll try to explain. I love you. And I will be totally devoted to you and we’ll get married and all that. But I also believe that part of that involves giving you everything you deserve. And you deserve those girls,” Kayla concluded.

“I’m not sure that is any better than what you had said before. There still wouldn’t be any consent,” I explained.

“But if there was?”

“That would be different, I suppose. But-”

“Great! I’ll get her to agree and then we can share her!” Kayla exclaimed. She was off and out the door before I could really say anything.

At 6pm I closed the shop for the night. Kayla had texted me saying Kat had agreed to a threesome. I didn’t know what to do. As I walked home, I resolved that the best thing to do was to just leave it to spontaneous decision. If it happened, then it happened. If not, then there was nothing to worry about. When I got home, I could hear the moaning of both girls coming through the door.

The sounds of sex were naturally louder after I stepped inside. I locked the door and removed all my outside wear. The door to our bedroom was open and I could see Kayla laying back against the pillows, her pussy being eaten out by Kat. Even with her back to me I knew Kat was just as beautiful as ever. She was 5’4″, very curvy with large D cups and long brown hair. Her ass was also large, but in a good way like with most curvy women.

Kat was on her knees, her arms around Kayla’s legs and her ass in a perfect position to be easily penetrated. In the end I decided to go for it, undressing and getting on the bed behind Kat. She moaned as my cock pushed into her ass and I humped her hard. Kayla managed a smile before screaming and closing her eyes as she rode an orgasm. When it subsided, she managed to readjust and with Kat’s help, they were now making out with Kat on top of my cousin.

I continued humping Kat, gradually getting harder and faster. Her moans weren’t very audible as she was moaning into Kayla’s mouth. Eventually they stopped kissing and Kayla managed to crawl out from under our partner and sat back to watch. Not long after that, Kat and I came at the same time. My semen filled her ass as her cum soaked her thighs and the bedsheets. I pulled out and Kayla took the opportunity to kiss me. Kat eventually stood up and started looking for her scattered clothes.

“I have to leave since I work tonight but I had lots of fun. Maybe we can do it again on my day off or something,” she said between breaths.

“Sure!” Kayla exclaimed.

After she left, Kayla and I were snuggled up in bed together. Her head rested on my chest. Of course she wasn’t able to wait long before looking up at me.

“So? Go ahead and tell me that it was a good idea. I know I’m right!”

“I guess you were. But are you okay with threesomes after we’re married?” I asked.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?!”

“Yeah, that makes sense. I should have known better than to ask a slut like you that kind of question,” I remarked.

“I’m such a good wife that I love you even though you teased me,” Kayla declared.

“We aren’t married yet,” I pointed out.

“Soon. Now shut up and go to sleep,” she replied.

To be continued…

I know I’m probably going to get criticized on the direction this story took but I don’t want it to be just another incest story. Feel free to comment. As always, constructive criticism is welcome, negative comments will probably be ignored unless you have something good to add to it.

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