Country Store Ch. 13Country Store Ch. 13


(This is chapter 13 of a series, it will make a lot mre sense if you read them in order)


For the next few days Tracy and I went to class and I felt like a princess. I was constantly catching groups of guys hovering around us. They opened doors, carried our books, and just about waited on us hand and foot. I met a few of them and they were really very sweet. I never thought too much about if any of them were involved in the room incident with us. I didn’t want to think about that. I am sure some of them were but I didn’t need to dwell on it. They seemed genuine and I do think my “knight in shining armor” theory was starting to be true. These guys seemed to really like being there for us and they never pushed it beyond escorting and protection.

I have to admit though that some of them were pretty fucking hot. I had not been with a guy since the incident and I wondered if I ever would again. I thought about Ken and a little flash of anger hit me. I wondered if I would ever get past that. I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that I would be spending a lot of time with Tracy and maybe not ever sleep with a guy again. However, my pussy was having other thoughts as it was getting wet on a regular basis around some of these guys. I wasn’t close to ready for that yet, though. I was getting plenty of relief from Tracy and the sex was incredible. We were so in tune with each other now that I felt like she could almost make me cum with a glance.

We didn’t have any more episodes of guys trying to hurt us. I really think it was spreading around campus. I guess I should have cared about what people may be saying but I really didn’t. I was doing well in my classes, my girlfriend was hot, and I had an army of hot guys protecting me at every turn. Life was good.

Tracy and I were excited. There was going to be a concert tonight on campus and the group was amazing. We saw them last semester and they were awesome, neither of us could wait. The day went great, it was a Friday and I was ready for the weekend. I was ahead in most of my classes and I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. The concert would be a great way to start it off.

Tracy was getting dressed and I sat on my bed in my towel just watching her. My pussy was throbbing as I watched her cute little body. She dropped her towel and her ass was right there. I wanted to get up and attack her but she had made me promise no touching until after the concert.

I was going to be so horny by that time it was not going to be pretty. She slipped her lacy black panties on. I loved those panties. They hugged her ass perfectly and they were cut just right on her thighs. They were so tight I could see her pussy pushing against the front. This was going to be really hard, I sat on my hands so I wouldn’t masturbate right here.

She put on the matching bra and clasped it in the back. She turned around and smiled at me. I was biting my lip as I watched her. Her boobs looked perfect in that bra. They were covered but only about halfway. Her cleavage was so hot and I just wanted to kiss her so bad. She giggled at me, she knew she was driving me crazy.

She pulled out a black shirt, it was kinda sheer but you really couldn’t see through it, but you could still tell the difference between the bra and her skin. I didn’t think you would be able to in the dark outside. She buttoned it up and left two buttons open. The third button was stretching and her cleavage was barely visible. She looked in the mirror and popped the third button. The shirt settled and looked perfect. You could see more cleavage but not her bra. The fourth button was under stress but not too much. You also knew if that button gave way you would see the promised land. Yep, perfect.

She grabbed one of her jean skirts. She pulled it up her long legs and tucked in her shirt. She zipped it up and then snapped it. She stood in front of the mirror and ran her hands down her sides and turned to look at all sides.

My nipples were rock hard and my pussy was throbbing. My girlfriend was so fucking hot!!!!

She looked at me and smiled.

“Does this look ok?” She said and looked back in the mirror.

“Are you serious?” I said.

“What?” She looked back in the mirror with a panicked expression.

“Girl, you are fucking smoking. I am going to have to keep my arm around you all night to keep the guys away. I am afraid even that won’t do it. Tracy, you look perfect.” I said.

She smiled and walked over to me. She stood in front of me and her scent overwhelmed me. She smelled like a meadow and flowers. I took a deep breath.

“Kim, you know I am yours. I am looking forward to the concert but not as much as I am looking forward to afterwards. I love you so.” She said and kissed me.

“Now get dressed or we will be late and have to stand way in the back.” She said and sat on her bed.

I jumped up and dropped my towel. She whistled at me. I giggled and put on a pair of white lace panties. I found the matching bra and slipped aksaray escort it on. The front was a little sheer, if you looked really close you could see my nipples. It was Tracy’s favorite. I wiggled in front of her with my sexiest dance moves. I saw her face get a little distressed. I smiled at her and ran my hand slowly over my butt. She sighed. I opened my closet and found the dress. It was a white lace dress. It was really light and would feel great on a hot night. It was almost sheer but not quite. It was the kind of dress that would drive you crazy thinking you should be able to see through it but you couldn’t. I slipped it over my head.

The shoulder straps were small but not spaghetti. The top was a v-neck and my boobs looked good under it. They were big enough to push the top out and the v-neck fell perfect. My cleavage looked great but not slutty. The bottom of the dress came down to about 4 or 5 inches above my knees. I looked in the mirror and I have to admit I looked really good. This was going to be a fun night. I slipped on my sandals.

“Ready?” I said.

Tracy was just finishing putting her hair in a ponytail. That was it, a goddess. She stood up and straightened her skirt. I ran my fingers through my hair. She wanted it down tonight. She said she liked the way it fell across my shoulders in this dress. I took her hand and we walked out of our room, out of our dorm, and across campus.

When we got to the concert we realized we should have gotten there a lot earlier. The grounds were full and we were way in the back. We moved over to the side, we could get a little closer but we were on the edge of the grounds. It was dark behind us. That was ok because we could see just fine and the speakers were not too close so maybe I would be able to hear tomorrow. Last concert we were right by the speakers and my ears rang for three days. I did not want my ears ringing when I was between Tracy’s legs tonight.

She was smiling and dancing already to the pre-music. She was precious and I already saw a bunch of guys looking at her. Oh well, sucks to be them, I thought and watched her dance. She held out her hand and I took it. She hugged me and then we were dancing together. I was laughing and now the guys were really watching. Nothing like a little girl-on-girl to get a guy’s blood flowing. I stepped away and kept dancing. The music was getting louder and that is probably why I didn’t hear anything.

I felt something hit me in the back of the head and I was pushed to the ground. I heard Tracy scream right before my nose hit the grass. I felt a dull pain rip through it and I knew it was going to be bleeding. I tried to turn over and get up and then I felt someone grab my dress on the right shoulder. They pulled me up and I heard a ripping noise. I got to my feet and I was looking at Samantha. She was the girl I beat in the fraternity oil wrestling match. She was also the girl who told the boys in the room to “fuck her up good”. I would always remember those words.

I saw her hand a split second before it hit my cheek. I heard the skin slapping and then a sharp pain. My head moved to the right but I didn’t fall down. I put my hand to my cheek. I heard Tracy say something.

“Keep that bitch away.” I heard Samantha order and then I saw two girls holding Tracy by the arms.

I was looking at Tracy when the second slap hit my cheek. This one really hurt because it took me totally by surprise.

“How does that feel, cunt?” I heard her spiteful voice.

I looked at her and then down at my dress. It was ripped to the waist, the right side hanging, the left strap was still on my shoulder so it wasn’t falling off. I saw some red on my bra and chest and realized I was bleeding from the nose. I looked back at Samantha and I felt the anger start to run through my veins.

“You know, I so enjoyed the pictures the guys sent. I especially love the ones of the beer bottle in your cunt and oh yeah, the one where Tony stuck his entire arm up your ass. That was a good one. But you know my favorite was the one of your cum-drenched body on your knees on the bed. That is the one I think captures your true essence. A genuine cumslut.” She said.

I felt my hands clench up in fists. I was so angry I felt like I could have taken on an army. I took a step towards her and then I saw a guy out of the corner of my eye.

“Sam, stop.” A voice said and I looked to the right.

I shouldn’t have done that because she hit me again, this time with her fist across my left cheek. I dropped to the ground on one knee, holding my cheek. I saw legs come closer and then I looked up to see two guys holding Samantha as she struggled to get loose. She was wearing a white top and a flowing skirt that was really short. I could see her blue panties as she struggled and her skirt flipped around. I saw some red on her top, my blood. I put my hand to my nose and then looked at it. It was covered in blood. I stood up.

“What did you do slut? Suck them all off?” ataköy escort She spit out.

I looked around and saw in addition to the two guys holding Samantha there were two guys holding each of her friends and one of them with his arm around Tracy. She looked fine but she was crying. Her clothes were not ripped and she didn’t look hurt. I took a breath.

“Warren, let her go.” I said to the guy on Samantha’s left arm.

“But Miss Kim.” Warren said.

“It’s ok Warren, let her go.” I said.

He let her arm go and so did the other guy. She stepped out and straightened up in front of me.

“You must suck and fuck them every day to get them all to do this. You are more of a slut than I thought.” She said and laughed.

I just looked at her as I felt the power and strength run through me. My nose was bleeding and sore. My face hurt but my thoughts were crisp. She was way bigger than me and way stronger but I knew she didn’t stand a chance tonight.

“Do you sleep in a bed of cum every night, whore?” She said.

“Miss Kim.” Warren’s voice and he sounded worried.

I looked at him. He was right next to Samantha.

“Warren, I need you and the guys to step back. Do not let anyone in or out of this circle. Do not stop this until one of us begs you to. Do you understand?” I said.

“Yes, Miss Kim.” He said.

I looked back at Samantha.

“Because this bitch is mine.” I said and wiped my arm across my bloody face.

Samantha looked at me with a weird look.

“Seriously?” She said.

“Yes, cunt. Seriously. You are bigger and stronger. You should easily kick my ass so I thought I would give you a shot with no interruptions. So don’t just stand there cunt, you going to do something or you too much of a coward without your backup.” I said and motioned to her two friends being held by the guys.

“You are a dumb slut, aren’t you?” She said and I just smiled.

I knew she was bigger but I knew I had the advantage if I could get her to attack me. My mind was clear. I was no fighter but I seemed to know exactly what to do. I knew she was a hair-grabber. I watched her take a step and then charge me. She grabbed my hair with both hands and I dropped to my right knee. I could tell her arms were straight as she still held my hair. It hurt as she pulled it but I didn’t seem to care. I ran my right fist up as hard as I could into her pussy. I felt my fist hit her soft flesh and I felt her move up a little.

Her hands let go of my hair but I got another punch into her pussy before she fell. She grunted when I hit her the second time. She hit the ground on her back and I jumped up and knelt next to her. I punched down as hard as I could right into her stomach. Her legs flew up and I heard the air leave her lungs. She grabbed her stomach and I jumped on her chest, pinning her arms.

I grabbed her shirt and pulled it up hard. I ripped her bra up and her left tit popped out. I hit it as hard as I could, driving it into her chest. She screamed with what little air she had left. I held her shirt, holding her down and punched her tit four more times. She was squirming and trying to get up but my 115 pounds was a little too much for her in her current condition.

I slid forward and grabbed a handful of her hair with my left hand. I looked her in the eyes. I saw fear. I ran my fist right into her nose and I heard it crunch. Blood splattered out and covered her face. I hit her again in the nose and then in the eye. I was on auto-pilot and I was pounding her face over and over. I felt hands touch me and then grab my right hand before I could hit her again.

I looked down and she was out. Her face was a mess, her nose was a little crooked and blood was pouring out of it. Her lips were cut and there was a gash on her cheek. Her eyes were already black and blue. The hands pulled me up, I didn’t struggle. I had blood all over me. My dress was soaked. I looked down and my chest was red. My dress was still hanging off my right side and my white bra was now red. I looked over at Tracy. She was staring at me with her mouth open. I looked at Warren. He was concerned but I could see a hint of a smile.

“Warren, can you take us home?” I said and he wrapped his arm around me.

A guy appeared and slipped a shirt over me. I must have looked like Carrie at the prom. Warren started walking me away. I turned to the guys behind me.

“Oh, and guys, can you take out the trash?” I said and looked at Samantha.

She was on her back, her legs spread a little. Her skirt was up so you could plainly see her blue panties. Her shirt was torn almost off of her, her bra up and her boobs out. They were both covered in blood but the left one looked a little bigger than the right. Her face looked like lunchmeat. It was covered in blood and already starting to swell. I tried to feel pity but the only thought that ran through my head was “sucks to be her”.

I heard a lot of things as Warren walked me through the crowd.

“Fuck, ataşehir escort did you see that?”

“Man, that little chick is bad-ass.”

“That was fucking incredible.”

“Holy shit, did you record it?”

“Fuck yes, chick fights rule.”

I snickered a little but it hurt my cheek and I stopped. I remembered I wasn’t in too good of a shape either and my face really started to hurt.

“Who is she?”

“I think her name is Kim and she is a Sigma Nu princess.”

“Fuck, like she needs the Sigmas, that was fucking awesome.”

The crowd parted to let us through. Warren and the guys, there were about 15 of them, walked us back to our dorm. They went right into the dorm and no one said anything to them. They walked us up to our room and Tracy came up to me.

“Honey, are you ok?” She said.

“I think so.” I said and my voice sounded like a mumble.

Tracy put her hand to her mouth. I realized my lips were swollen and my nose hurt like fuck. She stood there and I could tell she didn’t know what to do.

“Timmy, grab a robe and follow me.” Warren said and turned me to the door.

I let him walk me through the door. He stopped in the hall and looked back into the room.

“Miss Tracy, give us a minute. We will bring her right back.” He said in a sweet voice.

Tracy was sitting on the bed with her head in her hands, crying. My sweet little crybaby. There was a black guy sitting on the bed comforting her. I think his name was Carl. Warren started walking me down the hall. We got to the bathroom and he walked me right in. There was no one in there as most everyone was at the concert. I was suddenly really angry at Samantha for making us miss the concert. Bitch! Oh well, she wouldn’t be watching any concerts in the near future either. I had to hold back a snicker, I knew it would hurt.

Warren stood me in the showers. He took my robe from Timmy and hung it on a hook.

“Timmy, make sure she doesn’t slip.” Warren said and I felt Timmy’s hands on my shoulders.

Warren lifted my shirt and pulled it over my head. I groaned as it passed over my face.

“Sorry, Miss Kim. Are you ok?” Warren said.

“Yeah, I am ok.” I said in my slurred voice.

He smiled at me and pushed a lock of hair out of my face.

“You know, that was amazing. You are one tough little lady.” He said.

I smiled at him but didn’t try to talk.

“This dress is a mess.” He said and pulled my left strap off my shoulder.

I looked down to see my pretty dress was ripped all the way to my waist. It was also splattered with blood. It was pretty much ruined. It slipped off my body and gathered at my ankles. I saw my white underwear was now red. He opened my bra and removed it. My boobs were out and they had blood all over them too. I saw him kneel and then my panties slid down my legs. I was naked in front of this huge black guy. I should have been embarrassed or something but I just stood there.

I figured with as much as I have been through in the last few weeks this was nothing. He turned on the water and got it just the right temperature. He moved me under the warm water and I squealed a little and jumped away when the water hit my face. I felt tears run down my cheeks, I was so tired of being hurt. Warren wrapped his arms around me and held me.

“It’s ok baby. You will be fine. I am so sorry it hurts so bad but let’s get you all cleaned up and we will make you comfortable.” He said and rubbed the back of my head.

“Warren, just hold me.” I said.

He squeezed me a little harder and I let out a sigh. This felt good, I didn’t want to go anywhere. My face felt ok on his chest and his arms were so strong I felt safe. He held me for a long time and then he moved me back in the water. He held my face out of the water and then starting rubbing my body to get the blood off.

His hands moved all over my body and it felt good. He rubbed my boobs until they were clean and then my stomach and legs. Then he stood up and looked at me.

“I have to clean your face sweetie. Are you ready?” He said and I nodded.

He moved my head under the water so it was hitting me on the top of the head and running down my face. I felt it move over my swollen cheek, nose, and mouth. He put his hands on my face and rubbed gently over my cheeks. Then he rubbed all around my nose and then my mouth. He was rubbing each little section of skin, it really didn’t hurt at all.

“There is our pretty Kim.” He said and stepped back a little.

I smiled. He turned off the water and pulled me closer. Timmy handed him a towel and he rubbed it softly over my entire body. He dried my face very carefully and then wrapped it around my hair. He grabbed the robe and slipped it on me. He put his arm around me and walked me back to my room. I saw Timmy picking up my filthy clothes.

Tracy was still on the bed but she was not crying anymore. The black guy was talking to her and she was laughing. When she looked up at me she stopped and got a real serious look on her face. She stood up and came over to me.

“Sweetie, do you feel any better?” She asked.

“Yeah, a little.” I said, still slurring.

“Miss Tracy, you need to get her to bed. Miss Hayli, here take these.” Warren said and was holding out some pills.

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