Cougar AwakeningCougar Awakening


He checked his watch, it was six thirty, and the concert was at seven. They were going to see his cousin perform in the band at school, his mother, his mom’s friend Kate, and he, Caleb.

His mom had been hanging around with Kate quite a bit the last month or so since Kate had come back to town, they had been friends in high school.

Caleb had on dress trousers and a dress shirt, a nice looking fresh faced kid with dark straight hair and high cheek bones. He was around six feet tall, and wiry, with wide shoulders, and strong looking.

He left his bed room and went into the living room to look out to see if his mom’s friend was there yet.

Kate was in her car and was just pulling out of the driveway, it was a short drive out to the Wade’s house.

Kate was very nice looking, she always had been. She was very pretty with straight light brown hair, and a well built body that she had worked to maintain. Blue eyed and full lipped, she had caught the eye of many a male in her time. At this point she was married but separated, or almost separated, in a relationship that was alternately good and bad.

She was dressed well but not overdressed, it was a school event, and there would be young boys there…

Since she had began approaching middle age at thirty five, Kate had began to notice teenage boys more and more and more. Kate was becoming a ‘cougar’ but didn’t always want to admit it to herself. In certain respects she couldn’t wait to become a cougar, she liked the image of a confident aggressive woman, knowing what she wanted and pursuing it, in other ways, she was embarrassed by it. How she wanted to get one of these hot young kids. As long as they were of age. She would plan to approach one of them for sex, but then would talk herself out of it. Her feelings would come and go. Then she would see another handsome teenager and would stand there with her tongue hanging out, and the feeling came back, like a fever.

Kate drove to the Wade’s house in ten minutes and got out of her car. She had been to her old friend Ginny house maybe twice since they had been hanging around together.

She knocked on the door expecting her friend Ginny to answer.

Then Caleb answered the door.

Kate looked at him and said, “I’m looking for the Wade’s house I guess I’m in the wrong place.”

“No, you’re not in the wrong place,” he replied.

“You’re Ginny’s son, wow!” she said smiling at him.

She walked through the door, grinned, stuck her hand out and said, “I’m Kate Ramson.”

They shook hands.

Caleb said, “You’re Kate? Wow!”

Kate felt a hot flash, he was really handsome, and he seemed very young, and he seemed interested maybe, she decided to try a flirt line.

“You’re a great looking young kid, Caleb,” she cooed at him.

She caught his glance and then smiled at him.

“Well thanks,” he said smiling back.

Kate said, “How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Caleb said.

Bingo! Kate thought.

“That’s a good age,” Kate said, then laughed.

“Really?” Caleb asked.

“Yeah,” she said.

“Mom is still getting ready for the concert,” Caleb said.

Kate said, “She was always late for stuff when we were kids.”

Kate was encouraged and decided to make another pass.

“I thought when you answered the door that you were Ginny’s boyfriend,” Kate said, “God!”

She caught Caleb looking at her, she stared at him and said, “I was thinking does Ginny ever have a hot boyfriend, Jesus!”

Caleb said, “Well thanks Kate.”

Kate looked at him, he was blushing, the kid was embarrassed.

Suddenly Ginny came into the room, “What are you two talking about?”

She was the same age as Kate, pretty, but not as pretty, and a little taller.

“Nothing,” Caleb said, “We were just getting acquainted.”

Ginny said, “Well this is my BFF from high school Kate Ramson, Kate this is my son Caleb.”

“Nice to meet you Caleb,” Kate said.

“The same to you,” he replied.


At the band concert, which Kate paid very little attention to, she waited for an opening for pass number 3, Ginny saw another friend during an intermission, went over to talk to her, and she and Caleb were standing there drinking a soda.

She said, “You know I was wondering if all the kids at your school were as cute as you are, now Escort Fatih I think I got an answer, probably not.”

Caleb was very nervous and excited, it actually seemed like this hot older woman was coming on to him! He’d heard about Cougars and MILF’s from other kids and the Internet and stuff but had never run into one. Certainly nobody like Kate Ramson.

Kate was also a little nervous, this was the first time that she had tried to seduce a young boy and she wasn’t completely sure of herself. She was completely sure that she wanted one. Caleb was totally cute and he was easily embarrassed and that seemed to turn her on even more.

Caleb was getting shy and he looked at the floor for a bit.

He looked up and saw Kate grinning at him.

“Did you hear me Caleb?” she asked.

“I love the compliment Kate, I just got embarrassed,” Caleb said.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed around me,” Kate said quickly.

About that time Ginny came back to the little group.

“I was just talking with Sara a little,” Ginny said.

In a little bit they went back to the concert.

Kate was pretty sure that Caleb liked her, and that she could get him in bed without too much struggle, still she had a little doubt.

She was determined to press it all the way the first chance she got. He was a pretty looking young kid, he seemed shy up to a point, and pretty much was what she had been thinking about. So she was going to ask him out, tonight was the time.

After it was over and they were getting ready to go home. Ginny stopped to go to the bathroom, and Caleb and Kate were standing there, Kate thought to herself, now’s the time.

Kate smiled at the young kid and then kissed him.

The young kid stared at her.

Kate’s pulse was racing, she was really turned on, and scared a little, what if he didn’t like her!

Caleb was beside himself, Kate was pretty and sexy, and she was coming on to him!

“What do you think about that?” she asked.

“Thanks for the kiss Kate, you’re totally hot,” Caleb said admiringly.

“You’re welcome honey, I like you too, in case you hadn’t noticed,” Kate replied.

She went in for another quick kiss before Ginny came back out of the bathroom.

“You know I had to do this while your Mom wasn’t around, I had to do it,” she said breathlessly.

It was a little risky, there were a few people standing around, but Kate didn’t care.


Ginny stopped at a convenience store for a bottle of water, and Kate saw another opening. She quickly put her arm around Caleb.

“Hey how about coming over to my house?” she asked, “we could have a couple of drinks, maybe smoke some pot.”

“Okay,” he replied getting even more excited, he was already completely juiced.

“When?” he asked.

“Tonight,” Kate said, “after your Mom lets me off at your house and I drive home.”

She leaned over for another quick kiss.

Kate was really getting turned on, her fantasy was close now.

“I’m not sure I can get out tonight,” Caleb said with an unhappy tone, “what excuse am I gonna make?”

Kate sighed with exasperation.

“What is wrong with you? Kate asked testily.

Caleb said nothing for a minute.

Kate said, “I thought you were ready for the big time, now I’m not so sure.”

“Give me a chance,” he said.

Kate was getting pissed off, she was so close and now this! Goddammit!

“You need start learning what’s important honey,” Kate said, “real men know this.”

Caleb kissed her on the neck, he said, “I’ll be there Kate, I’ll come up with something but I’ll be there, don’t worry.”

Kate said, “Look honey, this isn’t high school, relationships with real women involve knowing what matters, if I ask a guy to come over then I want him to come over, not have to ask his mother, sometimes you drink or spend the night after the fuck, and I want the dude to be there, a man not a boy.”

“I’ll be there Kate definitely,” he said, “absolutely.”

“Good work,” she said, warming up again.

She kissed Caleb again and then pulled away seeing Ginny coming out of the convenience store door.

Caleb said, “Thanks for asking me Kate.”

“You’re welcome honey, but remember what I said,” Kate said.

“I’ll be there,” he said decisively.

“Good,” Kate Fındıkzade escort with a satisfied look.


Kate had changed clothes from the band concert, she had pretty boobs, and now had put on a blouse to display them much better.

She smiled looking at herself in the mirror, I want him to get a good look at what he doesn’t have to miss out on, she thought.

Kate put perfume under both of her breasts, then a very short skirt and high heels.

The doorbell rang and she answered it.

“Hey honey,” she said as Caleb walked in.

“Hey Kate,” Caleb said as he walked in.

Kate noticed him staring approvingly at the tight skirt, and the juggy outfit.

“I love your outfit Kate,” Caleb said.

“Well thanks, I thought you looked very nice tonight too,” Kate replied.

“See I told you I’d be here,” Caleb said with some pride.

“Way to go honey,” Kate replied.

Kate led the way to the living room.

Kate poured some whiskey for herself and Caleb, then toasted: “Here’s to our friendship.”

“Salud,” Caleb said and they clicked glasses together and drank.

Kate put her glass down on the counter, then her arms around Caleb’s shoulders, she said, “You know what I’d like, a kiss.”

“Me too,” Caleb said very quickly and set his own glass down.

Kate was even prettier close up than she had been before, and in no time at all her gorgeous mouth was headed right for his, she had wasted no time.

Each hot lip smacking kiss brought another surge of sexual energy into Caleb’s body, his cock got harder and harder.

Kate looked down at the nice big bulge that was showing in his pants and leered at the young boy.

“This is why I thought you needed to come over tonight,” Kate said.

“Yeah,” he replied.

She put her hand on his rear, “I’ll tell you Caleb, I liked that cute ass the first time I saw it.”

“Thanks Kate,” he said pleased by her remark.

“How about taking your clothes off?” Kate said.

“Okay,” Caleb said.

“Put on a little show for me,” she said, “just like you’re a male stripper.”

He began taking his shirt off, and then spun around and turned his back, then he did sort of a pirouette, and ground his groin at Kate.

Kate began clapping and whistling.

“Yeah baby, yeah!” She said loudly.

“You’re awfully good at this, have you done this before?” she asked.

“No,” he said.

Then he ground his body at her suggestively again.

Kate felt a strong desire to put her hand under her skirt and squeeze her swollen clitoris.

Then he was down to nothing but his boxer shorts.

This was turning at least as good as she had imagined it.

“Come on honey,” she said loudly encouraging him.

“Come on gorgeous,” she said again when he hesitated.

Kate could already the big hard on bulging out of his shorts.

The kid hesitated a few seconds and then pulled his shorts down, revealing a nice big erection that stuck up like a hammer.

Wheeeet whew! Kate whistled and clapped.

Then Kate got up, stared for a few seconds and went over to where Caleb was, then Kate put her hand down and grabbed the swollen erection, she turned and went down a hallway, “Come on honey, follow the leader.”

Caleb went a little way and stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Kate asked turning around.

She leered at the young boy and slapped his rear and though spanking him.

“You have to be punished when you’ve been naughty,” Kate said.

Caleb laughed at this.

Kate leered at the young boy again like she had before grabbed his swollen cock again like she had before.

“Come on, now,” she ordered.

Kate was really turning him on! He had felt hot wave after hot wave of sexual energy, he had loved the strip tease thing she had made him do, and her grabbing his cock was turning him on even more.

“Okay Kate,” he replied.

She led him down a short hallway to a small bedroom.

Then she stood in front of him and put his left hand on one of her jugs.

“Imagine this,” Kate said, “you’re in the navy and you’ve been at sea for the last six months, now you’ve got shore leave and you’re seeing your first woman in six months, and you need to fuck!”

Caleb laughed hard at her little story and then Kate Gaziosmanpaşa escort laughed too.

“That’s cool,” he said.

Kate said, “You need to fuck honey and you start ripping my clothes off.”

Then she jammed her tit into his hand.

He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off as fast as he could, then pulled her skirt down.

“Come on honey!” Kate said encouraging the young boy.

Caleb pulled her panties down with one jerk.

Kate took the swollen throbbing cock in her right hand again, it was almost her’s now. And her breath caught in her throat. A hot wave of sexual desire hit her, and she thought about the orgasmic highs she could often get from having sex with attractive males.

She let go of his cock and put her arms around Caleb, she was happy that she had gotten this hot young boy to come to her place, Kate melted into his arms and squeezed him as hard as she could, and she jammed her tongue in his mouth.

Kate kissed him again and again, her hot tongue going in and out.

She was trying to turn him on to the top so that he would really want to fuck her!

Then Caleb finished taking her bra off and she put arms around his neck again.

Kate turned his head a bit and kissed his ear, this was excellent, she thought, so far it had been almost exactly what she had fantasized about, when she had thought about having a young kid.

Then she pulled them over and they got on the bed. Caleb waited a very little bit and got on top of her. He got close to her pussy and she guided him in.

All of a sudden he was in, and Kate sighed gratefully.

Kate was getting filled up, that throbbing aching need in her pussy was starting to get satisfied.

She ground on his back and neck pulling him in closer, and Caleb started to hear grateful sighs coming out of her.

Kate kissed his right ear and said, “Come on honey, you know how it goes.”

Caleb pulled himself up and then jammed into her hard for the first time. Her hot tight cunt wrapped itself around his cock. Ohhhh! He thought, did that ever feel good.

Then Kate felt the hot pistoning fuck start.

Her hot wet cunt started getting what it wanted, which was a nice cock pounding it. Pretty quickly fiery waves of satisfaction started coming out of her ass, Kate felt them and exclaimed out loud.

Caleb heard her and it excited him even more.

“Oh shit,” she said kissing his neck.

Caleb increased the tempo, going harder and deeper into Kate’s snatch.

“Owhhhh,” she said loudly.

Then she started laughing, “You little motherfucker,” she said.

“Too hard,” he asked.

“Are you kidding,” Kate said.

Then she laughed again.

Caleb tried with each thrust of his cock to go deeper into Kate’s dreamy hot pussy.

And each one seemed to bringing an eewww sound from her.

“”Fuck me honey,” she said next his ear, “give it all you got.”

Caleb had gotten into her good from the very beginning Kate had noticed, this was usually very important as to whether she orgasmed or not. He was hitting her pussy just right and it was responding.

Kate’s pussy had wanted to be satisfied and Caleb was satisfying it, hot bolts of sexual feeling were coming out every time Caleb’s cock went inside now. Each deep thrust brought another blast of pleasure.

Kate was an amazing girl in bed, it was an incredible fuck so, she was a magnet of female sex, Caleb was completely turned on, and not very far from cumming.

Kate shut her eyes now, and felt herself go on the orgasmic rocket that she had felt before, it was a euphoric high and she felt it start.

He felt her cunt spasm and contract, and Caleb thought she was close to orgasming.

On Caleb went deeper into her trying to find his own release point.

“You know what would be great,” Kate breathed, “a nice shot of cum.”

Caleb had pretty much liked what he’d seen of Kate Ramson, to begin with, she was a little hussy, getting him to come over to her house after just meeting her, then she had turned out to be as good a piece of nice hot ass as you could ever want.

He wanted to cum now very badly and he blasted away.

On it went harder and faster and deeper until Kate’s cunt got what it had wanted the whole evening, shot after shot of boiling male jizz blasted it’s walls. This finally satisfied Kate’s pussy and the orgasm sent her into outer space.

Caleb had a deep satisfying orgasm as he filled her up, and he heard he yell, “Ohhhhh,” from her own cumming.

He laid for a bit, then she began kissing the side of his head and neck, then she said, “Rest up a little bit honey and then we’ll go again.”

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