Convoluted TaleConvoluted Tale


This story takes place a few years ago. Right now, it’s the third weekend of the month and I am planning to spend the night making love with my mother. This is with the full knowledge and consent of my wife, who set this whole thing in motion. The plan, those years ago, was set up to make me believe that my Mom was under the influence of Valium and Ambien, as a way to make it easier for her to initiate sex with me. After Mom confessed, the entire plan continued anyway. This is how things started:

It had been a year since Dad died. Thankfully, the pancreatic cancer took him quickly, within weeks of the 6 months the doctors had given him when it was first diagnosed.

Mom (Carol) and a friend from work (Kristen) were going out and it would be Mom’s first real attempt to “get out there” again as a widow. I was made to believe that after a year of widowhood, Mom was ready to meet a man and become intimate again. As a family, we were always pretty frank about sex and from my room down the hall from Mom and Dad I could hear them having sex at least on a weekly basis. Being that I could hear how enthusiastic Mom was during sex, I’m surprised she waited a year.

Mom was 52, a bit on the plump side, about 5’2″and had had some work done about a year before Dad was diagnosed. She had been the kind of frumpy housewife for years, boobs on the large side and probably sagging (I had not seen them that I can recall), certainly not the former playmate MILF that you have seen in many of these other stories. She had lost about 20 pounds, had some liposuction, and a ‘Mommy lift’ that included a tummy tuck and lifting her boobs. They were also reduced from a DD (I had seen her bras) to a C. So all in all, despite her age, Mom was not hideous to look at. She had plain features, short brown hair and the demeanor of a librarian.

Mom was kind of a mentor to Kristen. Mom was the HR manager at a medium size firm and Kristen worked in her department. Kristen was about 30, taller, about 5’8, not very pretty, very slender, with (from what I could see) hardly any breasts at all. According to Mom, Kristen had a ‘reputation’ that was largely undeserved. I never really got into it about what the story was with Kristen even though she was a frequent visitor. She and Mom would go out on ladies nights without my Dad and would often frop off or pick up Mom on the way to/from work.

Briefly about myself – I am 25, a senior IT security specialist with a major consulting firm. I ran cross country in high school though was not good enough to get a college scholarship in sports. I really cut down on running and since high school gained about 20 pounds on my 5’9″ frame. Although I spent a lot of my work time working remotely from home, I did put in a lot of hours. Being a kind of nerd all through school, I did not have much experience with women, having had sex with exactly 2 women. I’m not terrible looking, but have never been a player and have always been awkward with girls.

Anyway, the Friday night that Mom and Kristen were going out came to pass and Kristen (who only lived a few blocks away) came over in a cab (they were both going to be drinking). Kristen really looked hot, a tight pencil skirt, and a tube top through which you could practically see her nipples. Mom was wearing bursa eskort bayan a short (too short in my opinion) pleated skirt and a short sleeve white top, through which you could see the outline of her bra.

I know Mom had a prescription for Valium and Ambien as she needed both to help her stay calm and to sleep during the worst of Dad’s illness. I was later told (falsely) she had taken a couple of Valium prior to going out with Kristen. So, they were gone by 8pm and I settled in to watch some porn and jack off, which is how I have spent a lot of Friday nights.

I was at my desk, in my room, boxers down around my ankles, and slowly stroking my hard (normal size, 6″) cock with some lotion, when I heard a car door slam, and a commotion from outside. It was only about 9 pm, too soon for Mom and Kristen to be home. I looked outside and I could see Kristen and the cab driver, with Mom between them, walking her up the walkway. I pulled my boxers up, grabbed some money for the cabbie, went outside, grabbed one of Mom’s arms and helped Kristen guide her into the house. We took her through the hallway, to the back master bedroom and was able to manuever her so that she fell onto the bed. Although Mom really seemed in need of help, it was all just an act. Looking back I can see where she was able to get up the front steps and make the turns down the hall and into her bedroom without much help.

Pretending to be asleep, her legs splayed open, the short pleated skirt had ridden up and I could easily see between Mom’s legs to her white panties. I could almost imagine what lay beyond that thin piece of white fabric and I started to get hard again. I have (almost) never thought of my Mom in a sexual way, but after having been watching porn, and seeing her laying like that, my cock started to harden, which I did not want to happen, wearing only boxers, and having Kristen there.

Kristen ushered me out of Mom’s bedroom, saying that she wanted to make her comfortable, so I left. I went back to my room, shut off the computer (which had been playing porn all this time) and put on a pair of pajama bottoms.

I waited in the living room and as Kristen was getting ready to leave asked her what the hell had happened. She told me that she and Mom had gone to this bar, which had a reputation as a pickup place for more ‘mature’ people, and immediately sat down at the bar and had a couple of shots. Kristen said she saw Mom reach in her bag for a pill and thought it might be a Valium as Mom said she needed to calm her nerves. Kristen thinks Mom took an Ambien by mistake, and that, on top of the 2 Valiums at home and 2 shots, probably just knocked her out. This was all part of a bigger plot, and none of it was true.

I thanked Kristen for her help getting Mom home safely and she looked into my room and saw that the computer was off and said that I should be careful what I have on display when there is company in the house. When she said “display” she glanced down at my crotch and I was wondering if she had seen the porn on the computer or had noticed me getting hard when I saw my mother displayed out on her bed. In either case, she left without saying anything further.

I had a quick drink myself to calm down and then got ready for bed. bursa merkez escort Lights off, house secure, Mom in bed, and I got under the covers and got my laptop to the porn where I had been interrupted earlier.

I had been stroking myself for a few minutes when I thought I heard movement in the house. I had heard stories of people on Ambien doing strange things without being aware – eating, even driving and I hope Mom was safe in bed. There was some light from the laptop and I saw the door to my room swinging open. I quickly shut the laptop and as my eyes slowly adjusted to the dark, saw Mom walking in. I wasn’t sure, but in the dark, it sure looked like she was naked.

My hardon quickly evaporated and I was just so puzzled and confused as to what was going on. This was the first time I recall seeing Mom naked and she looked good. The boob job had her tits lifted and were probably in the same place as when she was 35. She was, as I said, a bit overweight, but was curvy, with a definable waist and in the dark, I could not see any scar from the tummy tuck.

Although my big brain knew that this was my Mom, my little brain was getting hard again. In the time that it took to think these thoughts, she had crossed the room. She did not say a word, as she stood at the side of the bed and lifted the covers off me. As she bent over to reach the covers, I was almost hypnotized by her tits that were dangling inches away from me, but I was too afraid to reach out and touch them. The areolas were small, but her nipples were hard. She put one knee on the bed, alongside my hips.

It is hard to describe how I felt. I was almost paralyzed with indecision. Should I reach out, shake her, try to wake her up? After all this was my MOM! But, of course, my big brain was not making the decisions, nor did it really have time to. In the space of those few seconds, Mom had thrown her other leg over my hips and was now kneeling above me, looking into my eyes with a kind of Mona Lisa smile on her lips.

I held my breath and anxiously waited for what would happen next. Mom slowly lowered herself until the lips of her cunt were pressed against the head of my cock, which she was now holding. I could feel the moistness of her vagina as she rubbed the head of my cock back and forth until it was wet. And then, almost as if I were in suspended animation, and could not move, I felt her slowly lower herself on to my cock until I was fully inside her. I could trot out the old cliches like being in a warm wet velvet glove, but needless to say, my little brain seemed happy.

In my few experiences, I have generally (at least the first time) cum pretty quickly. In similar circumstances, if this were not my MOM, I would have cum. This was excruciating as the whole forbiddeness thing was in my head, in conflict with my desire to cum.

As I was completely inside her, Mom let out a heavy sigh, or moan. She leaned back a bit and reached one hand down to where we were joined. I could feel one finger rotating near our joining, I can only assume, rubbing her clit. I just lay there as her finger started moving a bit faster. Then faster as her breathing also quickened. After a few minutes (I can only guess, as it seemed time was standing bursa sınırsız escort bayan still) Mom stiffened, goose bumps were all over her upper chest, and I felt her vagina clench my cock and she moaned again. I felt more moisture dripping down where we were joined, a result of her apparent orgasm.

I still had not touched her.

The pressure on my cock eased and Mom started to lift up one knee to get off of me. Her weight shifted to her left side as she was now balanced on one knee. I have no rational explanation for what happened next.

As she was precariously balanced, my left arm reached up, meaning to grab her shoulder, but instead grabbed a handful of her right breast. She seemed surprised by me interrupting her departure from my bed and as I applied some pressure to her right side, she tipped over on her back, almost falling off my twin bed. Mom was now on the edge of the bed, her shoulders and one leg on it, and her right leg dangling, reaching for the floor. I continued my momentum and was now on top of her, one knee between her legs and the other leg on the floor.

All this happening without conscious thought, but there were a couple of seconds that I paused to admire Mom’s body. Breasts – full and firm, not really sagging much to either side, belly – a bit big, but enough definition, hips -full and seeming to rest on a nice round ass.

I put my left hand under her right leg that was dangling towards the floor and lifted it up. I was now standing between my mother’s legs, with my cock at full attention, with her wet cunt right at the edge of the bed. Do I really think that all this was happening without my free will? I don’t know, but it makes me feel better to think so.

I moved a half step forward and my cock was pressed up against the lips of her cunt. I leaned forward and pushed. She was so wet, and I was still slick with her juices, that I slipped right in. Now, all I wanted to do was cum. There was no guilt, no hesitation, just the primal urge to satisfy myself. She was so warm and wet and I felt so good, I just keep sliding in and out, increasing the pace until I was slamming into her. There was no thought in my mind until now to look for any response from her. I looked into her eyes and see that she was reaching for orgasm. She closed her eyes and started moaning, which for some reason made me want to fuck her harder. I was pounding her and finally felt that sensation where I knew I was on my way to orgasm. Two, three, four more thrusts and I exploded…as hard as I have ever cum before. At the same time, Mom gasped for breath as if she had just been rescued from drowning. After the first large gasp, she started panting quickly and then her whole body stiffened. I could feel the pressure of her vaginal contractions on my cock as she seemed to milk every last drop of cum out of me. I stood there, waiting as my cock slowly wilted and saw Mom’s eyes open. That same mysterious smile appeared on her lips, but she did not say a word.

I backed up, stepped away from between Mom’s legs and took a couple of steps to the side. Her right leg continued to the floor. She swung the other leg off the bed and stood up. She put one hand between her legs to catch the leaking of our combined fluids. Mom slowly walked away back to her bedroom. I heard the water running from her bathroom, and a few minutes later the sound of the toilet flushing. At this point, I was less and less likely to have believed the original story and more likely to believe that this was all just some scheme.

What would the next morning bring?? Mom’s confession!!

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