Sandy’s heels clicked on the hard stone floor of the church. She walked between the isles noting the silently praying devotees prostrating themselves to God. She blushed a little as she was spotted by one of the hooded nuns in the frontal pews. She moved forwards towards the altar, the light from the stained glass mural playing on her figure. She reached the end of the isle and turned right towards the confessionals. She gulped, but it had to be done. Her bleach blonde hair tied back into a ponytail swished from side to side as she slowly made her way to the ornately decorated box. It loomed above her as she stood before one of the doors, she gulped and stepped inside.

She sat on the silk cushion and waited.

After what seemed like hours there was a click and a sigh.
“Speak my daughter and absolve yourself of the sins that weigh upon your soul”
“Father I have sinned, I have taken the lords name in vein and insulted one of my friends who I care for very much, please forgive me lord.”
“Child how old are you?” the priest asked.
“14 father”
“Very well child” he paused “child I will ask you to revisit this place at 10.00 tomorrow morning to pray for you and pray for your future, now go child and let your sins weigh upon your shoulders no more”
Sandy squeaked thanks and left beaming and looking forward to praying for her future to the god who held her heart.

The next day she arrived back at the church. She wore a set of white stockings and a pair of plimsolls along with a knee length skirt to keep out the cold. Her top half was covered by a white shirt and black wool top.

She strode to the alter not noticing the unusual absence of people praying. She knelt on the altar and began to pray when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. She jumped.

“Do not be afraid my daughter” Ankara bayan escort said the priest, “follow me, today we will show you how you can devote your life to god.
“Really? Thank you so much father I would do anything”
“It is ok my dear now come into the vestry”
She followed not sure of what to say or do, she sat in a chair.
“Now my daughter, I know your parents were killed many years ago and you love god with all your heart, I will now show you how to serve him completely, you will now live here with us, and remember never doubt gods servants or their actions for they are gods messengers.”
“Yes Father and thank you, it is all I want”
“Yes my dear that is very good of you”, he turned around his robes swishing “now as your first act, and remember to trust us in everything, is to stand up and remove your top.”
She flinched, now knowing what to do, but she remembered that priests never lie and that they are god’s messengers on earth so she must obey them.
She reached up, her hands trembling slightly and removed her top letting it slip down her arms. She plucked it off and folded it neatly on the chair. She stood straight looking expectantly at the smiling priest.
“Now my dear, take everything off, absolutely everything so god may see you as he made you”
“Y…yes father” she stammered, but her faith did not waver as she pulled her shirt over her head revealing a small bra in lacy pink. She next kicked off her shoes and began to pull down her stockings rolling them off revealing beautifully smooth and perfectly formed legs.
“Go on my daughter carry on” mumbled the priest, his gaze fixed upon her legs.
She unhooked the bra and let it fall to the ground revealing a set of small but firm breasts. Next she undid the skirt letting it slip down her legs to reveal a set of purple panties. She let Escort bayan Ankara them fall down. The father gazed upon a small and tight pussy that was glistening with moisture, obviously she was enjoying this.
“Right now follow me” said the priest sweeping through a doorway and down a flight of stairs. Sandy shivered it was cold and she wanted her clothes back. The passage led into a red lit chamber with a four poster bed with a crucifix in-between the bottom posts. The covers were rich red and looked like velvet. The priest turned and let his garments fall to the ground. He looked in his 30’s and had a trim but powerful body and black hair.
“Stand there” he commanded pointing to the area in front of the crucifix. She shuffled over, blushing at the sight of his erect member, of course she had no idea what it was, or what the feelings were that coursed through her body making her flush and feel wet down below.
He moved behind her and pushed her against the cross forcing her arms together behind her. She screamed as he tied them together with some red cotton rope, the kind they have in churches. She continued to scream and he took an incense censer and forced it between her lips and into her mouth so it muffled her screams, then he tied two straps behind her head so it would not come loose.
Content he stepped back and threw her onto the bed. He jumped atop her and forced her legs together. He bound them with more red rope and then slapped her hard.
“Stop squirming trust in the lord” he said and untied her arms; she stopped squirming and remained still. He picked her up and took her to the crucifix. He lifted her up and put her wrists into straps along the horizontal part, suspending her from the cross. He also tied her legs to the vertical beam to ensure she couldn’t struggle.
She mphhed against the gag and tried Bayan escort Ankara to wriggle free but the straps were far stronger than her. He smiled and began to caress her nipples, rubbing them, causing her to moan and groan against the gag.
He took up a piece of knotted roped and began to whip her tits till they were red and raw. She was sobbing against her gag, but her juices were streaming down her legs imitating the tears on her face.
He stopped and stepped back.
“Hmmm now time to test your faith and see if you are worthy to serve the lord full time” the priest grinned.
He moved in close and licked her face savouring the salty taste of her sweat. Then he positioned himself at her entrance and pushed in. He thrust in all the way hard. She screamed and even the gaga couldn’t muffle the whole sound. Blood started to seep from her pussy around his cock. He went faster and faster pumping deep and hard making her squeal, but then moan as the pain turned to pleasure.
He groaned and pulled out, jetting his cum onto her tits. He panted and paused for a minute to catch his breath. Then he pulled out what looked like a ceremonial sceptre in gold out of a case and moved around behind her.
She felt a pressure at her rear entrance and then the sceptre just slipped in. She moaned in pleasure at the feeling of it moving around inside her. Then he pulled out another and plunged it into her pussy causing her to moan again.
He reached into the case again and fished out a loincloth and put it on her forcing the dido’s in further and causing her to moan again. He smiled and kissed her forehead,
“You have done well my daughter; you will serve the lord well. Now I must go to pray I may be a while so I will have to keep you entertained. He wheeled and left clicking the centre of his crucifix on his chain around his neck. The sceptres in her holes started to move and vibrate. He walked up the stairs chuckling at the moans coming from below. She would serve the lord for many years to come, and in many different ways.

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