Confessions Pt. 02: MichaelConfessions Pt. 02: Michael


“Bakla!” Michael used to call me out of nowhere. It’s our native language’s version of the word gay; or for the context, since it’s used as an insult, faggot.

I loathed him with a passion. No matter how much I tried to be nice to him, he always returned it by mocking me. I learned to ignore him for the most part but it was hard to do so when he and his older pals hanged around the path we take to go about everywhere. I endured their teasing for quite a while but now that I think about it, they weren’t wrong.

Something unfortunate happened when I was about to turn 19 but I found someone who made me think more about men; and soon I found myself focusing more on the long shafts going in and out while watching porn. I especially liked those where the men were aggressive and bossy. No matter how much I denied it to myself that I am gay, I can’t help wanting to be the one receiving those sexy cocks. It made me fantasize about the crotches of the men around me a lot. As my fetish for being dominated developed, the image of my bully, Michael, making me serve him relentlessly invaded my mind. Rubbing his thick cock on my face to show me how he was right all along.

However, it seemed to be just a far dream when he seemingly disappeared. He discontinued going to school one day. I drifted apart from most of my friends so I didn’t get any news about him for a while up until my last year as a senior. The guys Michael used to hang out with all grew up to get jobs; so I never got teased by them anymore. I learned that Michael ended up being a driver of a pedicab when my parents mentioned where some of my childhood friends were then. Though I never really saw him much anymore.

Most of the pedicabs in my area have the same design and appearance so for a long time I assumed that those were the general design everywhere. I learned it wasn’t when I got in college and the pedicabs there were very different. So I feel like I have to explain something; the passenger seats of a pedicab are by the side of the driver but are at a lower position. The driver could see only the passenger’s feet unless he ducks down. The cab by which the passenger’s seats were placed varied in sizes, the bigger and spacious ones are the ones I liked the most. I could just lean back in one of them and get my dick out to jerk off on the way. It was very risky but the thrill only made me hornier. If I’m feeling extra frisky, I even let my dick out more as we pass by people. I don’t think anybody actually noticed, except for those two other pedicab drivers who happened to glance a bit inside. So far, no driver has caught me or so I believe. Maybe they saw me but they just didn’t say anything.

One night, while on my way home, I was waiting for a pedicab to ride when someone called my name.

“Jason! You on the way home?” The voice was familiar. But when I turned, I almost didn’t recognize who it was. Michael looked like most of the typical dads we grew up with. No, not those kinds with hot dad bods, I mean he looked like a goddamn dad. Big beer belly dads is what I am talking about. His long hair is tied into a bun and he wore just a blue tank top which only made his belly very prominent.

“Umm, I don’t think I’ll fit,” I laughed. A couple people sat at the cab and one more is behind him.

“Oh come on, there’s still room,” he then said something to the guy behind him that made the latter scoot towards him.

i awkwardly sat at the very back of the bike, and don’t worry this is very normal in the Philippines. As long as you can find something to grab and keep yourself steady then you’re gonna be fine; even if you just stood at the back of the cab.

“I’m just gonna get them home first, alright?” he told me as he drove the cab forward. “Don’t worry, I won’t charge extra.”

I just let out a meek “okay” at him. I didn’t really think he was being nice for real. His other pals do the same whenever I ride their pedicabs, I mean why would they outright insult a customer?

On the way, the bike sounded as if it’s crackling then stops completely. Michael just pops the clutch everytime and it always came back to life. After a few minutes, we stop and the guy beside me hopped off. I then scooted towards the free space and so did Michael. My arm brushed off his broad firm back. His cologne wafted to my nose slightly. It triggered some fantasies I had of him and I moaned lightly at the prospect.

“What?” he suddenly turned his head slightly.

“Umm n-nothing.” I broke into a cold sweat. Almost caught.

“So, uh, where you’ve been?” Is he actually making small talk with me?

“Church,” I was assigned on the third service usually and it’s held towards nighttime.

“Oh, how is it?”

“It’s um, good. I guess,” I’m not really good at small talk especially with someone I have never had any good interaction with ever. However I really liked how he’s actually trying to seem to be nice.

I didn’t want to seem mean, so I ask him something, “Is this your last trip for the day?”

“Nah, It’s still pretty early. I’ve reached my quota but a Ankara escort little more cash won’t hurt.”

He then went on talking about his day while we ventured to the couple’s home. I listened to him silently, occasionally sharing something back. Something inside me still want to hold back and don’t raise my hopes up too much.

When we finally arrived at the couple’s destination, I transferred into the passenger’s seat. As I walked around, I looked at him and he doesn’t look half bad. If anything, the additional fat improved his face. It made him look very mature unlike all those years ago when his face just added anger to his insults. I notice his eyes darting away from me as if embarassed. A hint of loneliness was in them. I wondered why.

Halfway towards home, something happened. The bike crackled again but this time, no matter how much he tried popping the clutch, it wouldn’t come back to life.

I heard him curse under his breath before getting off and inspecting the bike. I get out and follow beside him. I turned my phone’s flashlight on.

“Sorry, I’ll just call another cab for you.” he said, not even turning to me.

“It’s okay. You can fix it right? I can wait.” He took a shortcut that happened to be quite dark and not very crowd heavy. I couldn’t just leave him behind. Even someone bigger than him has nothing against a mugger’s gun.

“This could take a while. You sure you don’t mind?” he turned this time.

I looked straight at his eyes and said, “Yeah, besides it’s too dangerous out here alone.”

He smiled and turned back to fixing whatever is wrong with the bike. I turned both ways to see if there’s anyone nearby to help but there was noone. At one side of the road were high grass and a few areas with smaller grass where trees stood and on the other cracked high walls that stretched at the far end of the road.

I watched him busy himself, admiring his big strong arms clench and relax from time to time. I imagined gripping on his broad shoulders as he fuck me senseless. His calloused hands choking me and and caressing my nipples while he drove his drill deep into my guts. I wouldn’t mind doing it at the road then, nobody’s around anyway. My cock shifted and bulged easily under my slacks. I usually don’t wear underwear since I always wear black pants. However, with the light from my phone, it would be too obvious if he suddenly turned his head.

“Um, I’m gonna try calling someone. We’re gonna take all night long with this rate,” he said to my surprise. I immediately turned to my side to hide my raging boner. “You okay?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

As he lifted his phone to his ear, he rested his other arm on the cab’s roof. I could see the hair of his armpits and I had to bit my lip to resist not going over there to take a sniff. I crept quietly so I could get a better angle but then he turned, “They’re not answering, shit.”

“Maybe they’re still driving?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” he sighed. “Well, they’ll call back later I’m sure. We just gotta wait.”

I paced around trying to calm my dick down while he sat silently on his bike. Lustful thoughts raced through my mind. Should I just go and grab him? Noone’s looking anyway but would he be okay? What if his friends arrive? Oh wait, they’ll have to call first.

While thinking of how I should approach him, he then turned to me and asked, “Hey, um can I say something?”

I slowly walked towards him but maintained a respectful distance, “Sure, what is it?”

“I just wanna say I’m sorry.” This took me by surprise.

“For what?”

“For all those years, y’know?” he mumbled almost unintelligibly. I let him gather his thoughts. “I was just jealous, I guess.”

“Jealous? Of what?”

He then turned to me with pained eyes, “You got the perfect life. You have parents who actually cared about giving you a decent life.”

I wanted to tell him that his parents would’ve wanted to give him a decent life too but what do I know? I lost contact with him and even when we did have it, we were not close. I didn’t know shit about his family. But even I have to admit, my life is not perfect. However I thought not to tell him that; it would just make me sound pretentious.

“Well at least you’re doing something to earn money. It may not be the most prestigious life but you’re on the right path.”

“Still, I’m very sorry. Maybe this is my karma.”

“Hey it’s alright. Past is past and the fact that you’re owning for your mistakes means that you’re life might be turning around.” I pat him on the shoulder. A moment later, he turned slightly and I realized that I’ve been gently squeezing on him. I playfully tease him that he’s gotten quite fatter to release the tension but then I said, “Besides, you’re not all wrong about what you called me before.”

He shot me a curious look. I second thought about whether I should tell him the truth. He just opened up to me so it’s just right that I return the favor right? I took a deep breath and say, “You were right about me being gay.”


“Yeah, Ankara escort bayan but only a few knows about it. You can keep a secret right?”

He smiled again, this time brightly that could’ve lit the dark road up, and hit me on the back, “Sure! You can count on me.”

We joked around a bit then he asked if I’ve been with guys.

“Yeah, a few,” big fat lie.

“What have y’all done so far?” he whispered as if anyone could hear.

“Maybe you want a demonstration?”

A mischievous curve formed at the side of his lips and he leaned back on his bike. I stood in front of him and caressed his thick neck. Oh how damn hot the look on his face was that night.

“You’re not weirded out by this?” I asked.

“You think I haven’t had my fair share of fucking already?” he pulled me closer to him and leaned over to my ear, “There’s one more reason why I used to call you a faggot when we were kids.”

“What is it?” I kissed his neck, my tongue sliding down to his shoulder.

After letting out a deep moan he backed up and winked at me, “You might wanna ask your dad about that.”

Before I could ask him to clarify, he pulled me in and our lips meet. His tongue invaded my mouth aggressively. I could smell the minty aroma of the smoke he had and a small hint of alcohol. When we pulled back, we were both gasping for air. He looked around to see if anybody was approaching but I couldn’t resist with his neck on full display. I leaned and licked it again up to his ear this time. I gently bit on his earlobe and his grip on my waist tightened.

“Really can’t imagine a church boy like you could be this freaky.”

“You need to broaden your imaginations then,” I continued nibbling on his ear. I could feel his crotch slowly humping me.

“Wait, don’t you—” he cut himself off, letting out another moan. “You have a girlfriend right? You still on?”

“We broke up a few months ago.” I paused then continued my way down, making him tilt his head. I found a ticklish spot.

“Damn, would’ve loved to fuck her in front of you.”

“I’d fucking love that!” I lifted up his top to reveal his nipples. “Too bad, you were too late.” I sucked on them right away. Playing the other I wasn’t sucking with my fingers.

Michael moaned even longer at this. “I’ve heard some of your mates at the good house did just that?”

I stood straight ready for another kiss, “Three of those assholes did, but enough about her.” I pull him this time, holding the back of his head in place. I played the aggressive one this time and even slightly bit onto his lower lip. “I’m the slut tonight.”

“Fuck” was all he could muster. Probably very shocked that the guy he thought so highly of before, now degrades himself while he kneeled in front of him.

“Please let me taste your cock,” I begged fully on my knees. I could see his crotch moving constantly.

“You’re gonna do more than just taste it,” he unzipped his pants and pushed my face towards his crotch. I could feel it pushing back at me. The smell reeked of manly odor that made me feel more submissive. “You’re gonna worship my cock.”

“Yes, daddy,” I blurted out. His sudden shift to being so dominant made me so hot inside.

“That’s right, I’m your papa now huh?* He pulled down his pants and let me kiss and lick his underwear, legs and feet. “Come on, make daddy happy.”

Sliding down his underwear, a six incher beast gazed down at me. I’m pretty sure that if Michael was fitter, a couple more inches will be added. Still I was surprised that he was packing this much. It stood straight and proud like a god standing over a slave.

I started working on his balls with my eyes locked on his glorious shaft. I enjoyed the weight of his two packages. Looks like he haven’t been able to relieve that much.

“Oh yeah, fucking clean my balls bitch,” he said with his head high in pleasure.

I held his throbbing cock and faced it to me. It had a nice girth and for a second I was worried if it would fit in mouth or not.

I played with its head with my tongue first which made him look at me. Without a word, he held me by the ears and pulled me so I would suck his cock deep in my throat. After holding me for a few seconds, he let me breathe then pull me back in. He pushed and pulled my head as he pleased like a fleshlight.

“You really are a faggot.” I could see him gritting his teeth in pleasure. His eyes showed that he had been overcome by intense lust. “Just taking another man’s dick. I bet you want me to fuck you too don’t ya?”

All I could do is grunt approvingly. I started unzipping my own pants when something loud startled us both. It was his phone ringing. I pulled back away as he answered.

“Hello?” he looked around and upon concluding that there’s still noone around gestured me to continue sucking. As soon as I take that fat cock in, he held my head with his free hand and pushed me back and forth again. I could hear him telling his friend where to see us and what to bring then hung up.

“As much as I want to, I promised Escort Ankara not to tell anyone you’re a faggot, so I can’t just fuck you in front of them when they arrive.”

I pulled away from his cock, stood up and out my pants away, “Then fuck me right here, right now.” I got a tube od lubricant in my bag and put some on my ass and his cock. I climbed on his bike and sit right on top of him. It was pretty difficult putting it in since I didn’t get to finger myself but when the head got to slide in the rest was pretty easy to get in.

We both moaned heartily in unison. The girth of his cock stretched my hole open. I moved up and down, slowly quickening up the pace. I could feel his warm shaft stretching every muscle inside me. it felt so damn good. He started sucking on my nipples and I got so overwhelmed that I practically yelled in pleasure. He was quick to cover my mouth as he continued his work.

“Does it feel good?” he already knew my answer.

“Fuck yes, daddy!”

“What are you?”

“I’m a slut, daddy,” The cab swayed in our rythm.

“Whose filthy slut are you?”

I looked him in the eyes, “Yours.” He carried me suddenly and placed me on the bike’s seat. “I’m your filthy whore!”

“Fuck yeah you are.” With him standing and me with my legs spread wide apart, he fucked my hole with controlled speed and firmness.

Suddenly though, we heard the distant sound of a truck approaching. Cursing under our breaths we immediately wore our pants back on. We laughed at how silly we must have looked.

As we waited, he straightened out my shirt which looked hideous when I realized it. In return I fixed some of his ruffled hair. Our eyes met, still very hungry for each other. I could still feel the wet lube in my ass.

“Hey, so uhh,” Our rescue arrived. “What’s the problem?”

Michael explained what happened and just a bit later the guy who was named Antonio, nicknamed Tony, started fixing. While he worked, I gestured to Michael to follow me towards the grass.

I went ahead as he tried to make an excuse on Tony. I followed whatever path I could see amidst the tall grass and lit the way with my phone. Soon enough I arrive at a pretty open space with smaller grass with a tree nearby. I heard Michael following close by. Without looking back I approached the tree and pulled down my pants. Holding the tree for support, i bent down and presented him my hole again.

“You just couldn’t resist me, can you?” he said, I heard his pants hitting the grass.

“Can you?”

“Honestly, I was mulling over whether I should fuck you in front of him or not.”

“You really have a th—ugggghhh fuccckk,” he suddenly penetrates me with all of his cock at once.

“You were saying?” he held onto my shoulders and retained his pace earlier.

“I said you really have a thing with showing everyone your fucking performance.”

“I’d fuck you in front of your parents if you want. Maybe thank them for raising such a good whore.”

“You’re fucking crazy,” I laughed but the idea made me even hornier. The idea of showing them that their eldest son turned out to be such a dirty slut awakened new fantasies in me. Although it did remind me of what Michael said about my dad.

My train of thought got interrupted though when Michael changed his pace. He now slowly pulled his cock then suddenly thrust it back in. The impact of his crotch pounding my ass made such a ruckus that I began to worry that Tony might hear us. But my worry melted away as Michael’s cock hit my prostate. It made me feel like bursting.

“I’m gonna cum!” I said to him, trying hard not to release it too soon.

Michael pulled his cock all the way out then turned me towards him, lifted me up and let me leaned on the tree. He let my hole slide down his cock. This only made me more dangerously close. i lifted my head and gripped tightly on his strong shoulders. My own cock was stiff hard already soaking wet with precum. Suddenly it cum exploded out, spraying my entire torso, neck and even reaching up to my chin.

“Fuck, that’s so much!” he said, wiping the cum off my stomach and putting them on my lips. “Let daddy see how much you like cum.”

I licked off every bit of cum he scooped with his fingers. I made sure he saw how I lusted over him, sucking on his fingers like I did his cock.

“Michael?” we heard Tony called out. “I’m finished.”

“Oh yeah?” Michael quickened his pace even more. I moaned as much as I wanted, i knew he was close. “Just give us a minute!”

He turned back to focus on me, “Are you ready?”

“Yes daddy, fill me please.”

“Hearing you like that makes me wanna fuck you everyday.” he tightened his grip.

“Then do it, Mike. I was born to get fucked by men like you.”

“You fucking—,” He leaned over, judging by the way his pace got unstable, I could say he’s standing by his toes. “I fucking love you!” He then pressed his lips into mine as he gives his one final deep thrust.

I could feel something very hot filling my insides. I moved my arms behind his neck and for a moment we were lost and unaware of our surroundings. I opened my eyes a bit and I see he’s enjoying this in a different way. His aggressive way of doing it was now gentle and slow. It’s as if he was trying to make each second last.

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